Android Version: 4.4App: Smash Karts
Release date: May 13, 2021App Rating: 5
Author: Tall TeamCategory: game racing
Name: Smash KartsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Smash Karts is a 3D driving release where the objective is to gather surprise boxes and endure using whatever you discover in them: Bullets, grenades, even rockets?! Buckle up, wear your helmet, reload your guns and eliminate your opponents! You can even customise your vehicles! Can you newest longer than all your playmates in this crazy, action-filled Mario Kart-like racing game?



Evan Sarver  5-24-2021
Before I thought you would only run on computer but then I played it on crazy releases on my cellphone and it took forever to load. But then I found out they it had a mobile edition and I was willing to check it out. But the only problem is the controls.


Josh Guzman  5-24-2021
This release is a blast and receives regular updates. fantastic job Tall group 👏


daboss 007  5-24-2021
excellent release


Rohit patil  5-24-2021
Nive release 😃👍


Haris LaLa TV  5-23-2021
exquisite release


Nabhuday Singh Rathore  5-22-2021
It's a fantastic release but sometimes it is extremely intractable


fun and education with sd  5-22-2021
Nothing to declare abt this game. This is the best. Earlier I played it on my pc and I was pro in it. Some members like me, ganpathjaat, favyoutube, you, favourite etc whenever secure the first position. But after the upgrade and after it's mobile version I found that the completetion has increased a lot, means more fun!... And ya.. I am gonna hero really soon🤣🤣


Vaheeda Ashraf  5-22-2021
I first played it on poki in pc it was fantastic


Sergio Luiz  5-21-2021
Aplicativo é tão bom quanto o web, mas aparecem propagandas em vídeo entre as partidas e anúncios em cima dos botões. Fica horrível jogar com essas propagandas que atrapalham a partida!!


Tap water  5-21-2021
extremely goooood release


Ikjot Kaur  5-21-2021
I like this game. This is extremely enjoyment and I run it with my friend. I love how you can initiate your own room with your buddy and I love how when you join a release online you can invite your buddies with a code.


Frank Wagner  5-21-2021


Max Seefried  5-20-2021
I love the game. The bots are my problem. Sir Botsalot was Sammy, BottyMcBotface was Ollie, J5Alive was Lily and Ronon Robot was Aldo, all in blue and red karts. Can you edit the changes please? The animals should be in Retro form. would you check and give BottyMcBotface a Jamaican hat? Thanks! Pitchykoo Botsalot P.S. Can you add a list of exquisite gamesters in the homepage with a high score? P.P.S. Can you check and add more arenas? P.P.P.S. would you add a front view camera setting?


MrBilly  5-20-2021
I can't believe this edition was 5.0 star rating so I'ma give it more, I've been playing on computer but now I can run anywhere I want! gg bois


Shashank Samala  5-20-2021
Super...pls execute more maps if possible


Suraj Limbu  5-20-2021
I first played this release when its first attainable on Poki, and I really enjoyed it, gameplay is excellent and extremely enjoyable.👍


Jeev Sandhu  5-19-2021
This release is wonderful wether you run it on PC, Phone, tab or chromebook. This is a ideal release you would play. I love this release so tons that I played it when it came out. And don't forget to join the Smash Karts discord server.


Akhil Roni  5-19-2021


TooSweat  5-19-2021
This is fantastic i can now run on my smartphone


Twins Gaming  5-19-2021
I love this release a lot and I rate it 5 stars but there is 1 trouble that I think there are hackers because I see dependents going across the walls and etc.


Jamarr Hadley  5-19-2021
It is one of the exquisite releases i have played


Amit Jyani  5-19-2021
Love it


Pro Atharv .A.K Gaming.  5-18-2021
extremely and extremely excellent release i wish this release come exquisite maintain trying fantastic release


Reymundo Rodriguez  5-17-2021
I love this release


Damien Groome  5-17-2021
exquisite release ever, I can't believe a release of this calibre was created. release of the Gods.


aby Joseph  5-17-2021
It is fantastic I started to run this in PC then I changed to this still its excellent


Jeffrey Mathew Vaidyan 12B305  5-15-2021
Really a excellent release for a enjoyment loving dozens weapons.......but adverts after every release is so annoying (I'm cheerful atleast it is skippable)....... I'm sure one day this release will become renowned like among us......keep working and give us amazing release like this......Hatsoff to the group who brought this release to us.


mslasic1  5-14-2021
extremely enjoyment release !


Goodino Gt  5-14-2021
excellent release I played this in school


Brian O'Donnell  5-13-2021
Really enjoyment combat mode release like mario kart combat style



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