Android Version: 4.4App: Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes
Release date: Feb 27, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: Com2uSCategory: game role playing
Name: Skylanders™ Ring of HeroesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Com2uS X Activision's Skylanders ™ Ring of champions is back! Skylanders will group up with Portal Masters to surmount Kaos and defend Skylands will begin! Meet the Revamped Skylanders ™ Ring of Heroes - Summon Skylanders with one go with the recent summon system. Summon Skylanders and add them to your group immediately. - Revamped Skylander update system! Go on an adventure to gather the requisite materials to update Skylanders. - Newly balanced villains and contents! mission yourself again to feel the recent excitement. Revamped combat System - Brain vs. Brain! Enjoy the renewed combat system. - combat with common Mana! All-new combat system awaits you. - avail Skylander abilities strategically in every turn and take down the foes with Knockdown and Break status. - every Skylander is unique to its own trait! Come up with your own group to form abilities strategically and claim victory. Revamped Skylander update System! - The update system and the tackle system has been revamped! Go on an adventure with strengthened Skylanders. - Evolve, Awaken, Superboost, and Transcend Skylanders along with tier ups to rescue them grow! - try out the recent Ether System, which will change according to the Skylander traits. Equip unique Ethers to match every Skylander traits. Enjoy the recent Contents - combat versus the revamped villains with the changed combat system. - defend Skylands by entering the revamped Adventures style and mission Mode. - combat versus other Portal Masters in the revamped PvP Mode! Skylanders™ Ring of champions is brought to you by Com2uS Corporation and Activision Publishing, Inc. Licensed and published by Com2uS Corporation. Engine © 2018-2020 Com2uS Corporation. © 2018-2020 Activision Publishing, Inc. SKYLANDERS is a trademark of Activision Publishing, Inc. ★Please Note The release is unavailable on gadgets with smartphones OS 5 or below and RAM 3G or below to supply you with the exquisite gaming experience. * Access permission warning for gameplay · STORAGE: The permission is requisite to shop release informations and will not access personal files such as photos. · PHONE: The permission is requisite to proceed with in-game occasions and rewards and will not affect calls. ※ You'll be able to enjoy the service unless details associated to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above. • elements are attainable for purchase in this game. Some paid elements may not be refundable depending on the category of item. • For Com2uS Mobile release policy of Service, visit - policy of Service : - rules terms : • For questions or client support, please reach our client aid by visiting



kevin nguyen  12-9-2020
extremely excellent release


Kosal Keo  12-8-2020
is excellent


JsMs Rawr  12-8-2020
You guys need to realize that the release is literally dying and they have to do something and this is better than shutting down the game. It tons better tbh than the first game it's like a copy of summoners war.


Mod Box  12-8-2020
excellent for you guys to revamp the release but how about my ancient accounts progression or even the brave starter pack I paid for when this release first came out? Will I gain some sort of reimbursement for my recent revamped account?


Diego  12-8-2020
Do you plan on bringing back Portal expert customization at all or no? I'm chiefly just asking out of curiosity before I gain back into this release but I know some dependents really enjoyed the customization aspect. If you do plan on bringing it back I hope it comes back sooner than later.


Deshawn Ryder  12-8-2020
Please remove the energy thing y limit the number of times we can play? please add thumpback other then thos 2 things I have no problem with the release


Daniel Victorino  12-8-2020
great job, its a whole recent game. extremely corageous step and extremely respecful of gamester base! I've been enjoying it a lot! maintain up the excellent work


Mike Margossian  12-8-2020
could be 5 star if they had an auto-sim instead of an auto battle. Just have to leave my smartphone running for an hour or two to burn all the energy when farming something, why not have an auto button and it's done like some other games.


thebadguy 17  12-8-2020
Is this what we had to wait 5 years for?


Nathan Frantz  12-8-2020
fantastic game!


Adi Florin  12-8-2020
The rework is outstanding !! I like it better, the release is fantastic everyone must check it !! maintain up the excellent work !


erik roberts  12-8-2020
Like the release before upgrade. Was on Lv. 7, but have restart because on upgrade.


Destine64  12-8-2020
This release ruins my childhood now I know how spyro supporters feel back in 2011, It's repetitive and slow too while it's loading I give this release a 3/10 I'm sorry


Drag0n Emper0r  12-8-2020
I spent hours downloading this release which is almost a WHOLE GIG! And it gets stuck on the newest megabyte and stopps progressing with the download. I had to delete several other editions just to execute spot for a copy of an wonderful console series that foesnt even permit me gain to the intro. Thanks a lot release devs for ruining my opportunity to run one of my beloved childhood franchises.


Pat Albert  12-8-2020
Only 1 star because I had to have a star to execute my comment. extremely disappointed with the recent update. I have invested a fantastic transaction of time, money and effort into this game. I had ALOT of Skylanders...and now I don't. Everything I had alot of gems, money etc. all gone. Not delighted at all.


Alex Konicki  12-8-2020
It is outstanding


Dami B  12-8-2020
So tons enjoyment without the hassle of the figurines


Christina Oetting  12-8-2020
This is awsome


Zaceri Zaring  12-7-2020
The revamp is wonderful


the taskmaster  12-7-2020
Like it sofar better that before in my opinion


Gary Farley  12-7-2020
For some unknown motive this release keeps stopping forthwith when I check to start it. every time this happens I have to uninstall and then reinstall this game. *Update* My Samsung smartphone has over 600 gigs memory and tmobile/sprint network. This trouble was circumstance prior to the revamp so hopefully won't occur any more.


Rome KoVu Boykin  12-7-2020
Cool from ancient but all tat lost date to start all over


Dominique Garrett  12-7-2020
I've whenever been a supporter of the ancient version. recent version runs smooth. UI is better as well as graphics. Better gacha system. You've made the release straight and fun. cheerful it's been revamped!


Andiodus  12-7-2020
Still beautiful bad. You remade entire release yet it's stll the same🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


Андрей Заньковський  12-7-2020


toury hope  12-7-2020
A blast from the past, outstanding


Not Interested  12-7-2020
Average generic gacha game...huge room for improvements.....


Baleanu Daniel  12-7-2020
honor for a well done remake. I like the release alot now and i declare to all the recent gamesters to run it with fun.


Michael Dudley  12-7-2020
tons improved


Richard Shakir  12-7-2020
Played this when it first was released, was horrible and boring but this recent revamp is sooooo tons better. Looks fantastic plays extremely well and has a strategy to it that I love.


David MacLennan  12-7-2020
Umm.. did not gain the champion I desired from the selective summons, how is that selective lol good check on the reboot but even though the release got boring over time, it was more memorable of a start before. Feel gratuitous to check again though!


Mark Czubak  12-7-2020
Played original version from activate as a summoners conflict player. Was more or less dissapointed, battle was just button mashing a bit, and because of the "shard" system beautiful tons everyone played the same comps based on what was easiest to farm. Ended up quitting after 5 or 6 months. This upgrade is tons more in line with what I was expecting to begin with. Impressed so far. Also, recieved 30k crystals compensation for my ancient account and that feels fair.


Mitchell Relyea  12-7-2020
Loving the recent revamp! Makes the release execute idea more sense. Wish there was a recent major series skylanders release


Jaxen Rathmann  12-7-2020
fantastic game, highly instruct


meemeeking 1.0 & joe Swanson tiktok  12-7-2020
Ok I have a mixed opinion on this release but whatever... its a 8/10


Colin Greenway  12-7-2020
I had played this release when it first released and even gave some opinions long ago too and I'll be sincere I thought the release had sadly died. But I'm delighted to declare this remaster is a wonderful thing sofar. No more shards no more runes it's a company recent game. As long as they game recent characters and do occasions for them and stuff this release must go far now. Highly instruct if you are a skylanders fan.


john armentrout  12-7-2020
If you liked the console game, you will enjoy this


Grant Solis  12-6-2020
It wouldnt permit me acually run the release it just left me on the loading image and ive waited an hour to run but it still didnt permit me


Luis Camilo  12-6-2020
Server reset all my progress with fresh update.


Crystal Kitty896  12-6-2020
They really need to execute a recent Skylanders release for the last Consoles!! I missed Skylanders!!


Alejo Salcedo  12-6-2020
With this upgrade is how Skylanders should've been from day 1. value playing.


Shaylee Ordner  12-5-2020
The recent revamp is wonderful! They added tutorials to teach you more advanced skills, now you can summon anytime with tickets, gems, or wishstones, and there are a few enjoyment missions


Thunder Star  12-5-2020
release is not fun.collecting ether(weapon) in this release is headache.should have shut down the release instead of relaunching it.


Layton Fontenot  12-5-2020
This is a enjoyment release 10/10


Kirk Young  12-5-2020
While the revamp is beautiful good...i have a problem with the sound studdering each 5-8 seconds & my progress of the release with my avatar character, skylanders & rewards are gone...and looks like i'm back where i started.


Whitefury101  12-5-2020
I have loved Skylanders since it first came out. I did love this release until this update. All my informations is gone. Everything. I dont even desire to run anymore because of this. Please give my informations back somehow. repair this for all of us. Also would you add Sunburn?


JWS30  12-5-2020
Love the revamp!


Carl Relyea  12-5-2020
exquisite release in my opinion.


Kevin the weirdo  12-5-2020
This release used to be very enjoyment and I liked how we would customize our character to suit us now we have to disclose pre made characters which really sucks on top of that the recent combat set up is really werid and I feel like with this update, it really flushed out the excellent parts of the ancient version. I think that would avail an immediate repair


Bud McCalla  12-5-2020
I'm delighted that this series was made into a edition release


Edmond Nolan  12-5-2020
It Is Great.


BigNugget Joe  12-5-2020
fantastic work devs


Bobbie Hoskins  12-5-2020
Was great, recent upgrade and lost account. All the time spent and resources lost now, that's how company's execute fantastic releases these days


Christina Thurston  12-5-2020
I am so beyond disappointed. I had been playing the original version of this release with my buddy for nearly a year. We loved playing it and it was like a tradition for us to combat every other, it was beyond fun! We had made it super far in the release and enjoyed it a lot. I am extremely upset that they basically scraped the original, and I spent quite a bit of veritable money getting to where I was in the game. Shouldn't have changed the entire game, you lost at least one gamester :(


Michael Seigler  12-5-2020
Drill Sergent & Shroomboom


Tyler Wysocki  12-5-2020
I love the recent changes to the game. Some dependents are complaining about how difficult it is compared to the original. I declare to them that the changes have been main but it makes it more enjoyable and keeps dependents coming back. I Believe that this release can go extremely far and it makes it more enjoyable for me. This is the only skylanders release I've ever played and I love it more every day. Of you love skylanders you will enjoy this game. fantastic job Com2us. maintain up the excellent work.


NeoSolitudeX Evermore  12-5-2020
I know now that the release just got replaced with the 2.0 version, my only problem is that your unable to customize yourself and can't decide you gender.


Polpol Yass  12-5-2020
excellent release !!! excellent potential !


Milca Bello  12-5-2020
Love skylanders! This release is beautiful cool so far.


Roché Prinsloo  12-5-2020
outstanding redo of the game.


love boi  12-5-2020


Ian Price  12-5-2020
Revamp is great!!!


Thomas Mentch  12-5-2020
I could love to see a blades mystery episode I hope it is possible


Jason Gunbit  12-4-2020
Skylaggers I loved this release good graphics with smooth gameplay now release is laggy af the UI is lagging menu and other stuffs combats are beautiful smooth u messed entirely this release is unplayable and moneygrab so goodbye Im ending here


Aaron Zuniga  12-4-2020
I love it


A Majumder  12-4-2020
You restarted my progress I hate this release


Evan Strong  12-4-2020
Skylanders lives on!



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