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Sound the alarm! The exquisite siren and alert sounds edition is here! This edition details genuine siren and alert sounds that you can run anytime! You'll discover a variant of siren and alert sounds just like you'd hear in veritable life. From police and fire engine sirens to protection and automobile alarms, this edition has it all. You'll hear wailing sirens, and honking and beeping alarms. Feeling homesick for the city? Just run a loud, earsplitting siren noise and you'll feel like you're at house on the avenues of recent York or Los Angeles! These alert sounds sound so veritable you would even avail them to check to deter a burglar or suspicious individual lurking near your house or office. These alert sounds can be enjoyment too! avail them to pull pranks on your friends! dependents will love hearing the diverse categories of alert and siren noises. Can you identify which category of alert is featured in every sound? With this edition you'll get access to life-like siren and alert sounds that can be used for both helpful and enjoyment purposes! You can even avail these sounds as unique (and perhaps annoying) ringtones or share them with your friends!



Nikki Dent  5-26-2021
I cap TI


Aurora  2-24-2021
The noisy siren hurts my ears


Angel Palastini  2-9-2021
Kool but wont work as ringtones.


Joy Agusto  1-1-2021
nakakatakot siya


Almani gaming world 2.0  12-28-2020
I love it its amazing!!!!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌👌👌👌


Haris Voksic  11-17-2020


Tiffani Howard  10-17-2020


Rizwan Shaheen  9-22-2020
Worst add vehicle


JAMES BOND  9-13-2020


John Croft  9-6-2020
Garbage. Offered alert sound and sound was stock.


Louie M Gonzalesjr  9-1-2020
Is the exquisite thing ever


Azrael Rahman  8-14-2020
extremely extremely exquisite for a prank👍🏽


maricar rosillo  8-12-2020


supercoolguy noob  8-3-2020
I love sirens


Reine Dedeurwaerder-Sulmon  7-25-2020


John Cayago  7-17-2020
I love the sounds


Star-lord5433  7-5-2020
I love this edition but you would you put more sirens and alerts please


Dylan Woodward  6-24-2020
I just download it it is excellent


Just emma  6-14-2020
This is a stupid edition


Z-FORCE 1  6-6-2020
This is the worst edition ever you had a job


ronne gwapo  6-4-2020
It's not voice of siren it's just human I need sirens voice THE veritable ONE!!!!!!


Underground Coupons  6-3-2020
Too spooky For my Parents


chambawamba868  5-31-2020
rubbish app... It doesnt even work as an alert


Wafa Saufi  5-26-2020
I hate it


Muhd Raziq  5-5-2020
Tornado siren just like Siren Head


MINECRAFT GAMER 510  4-19-2020
I like this edition


Michelle Galvin  2-29-2020
Its excellent to gain my families attention when i need them


Patricia OQuin  2-16-2020


Domenick DelVecchio  2-4-2020


very funny ever in the world tube  1-16-2020


Game Changer  1-9-2020
It is quite excellent


Milorad Obradovic  12-10-2019
extremely excellent applicacijon Za zezanje


SYED Hafeez  12-2-2019
good edition


Anderson Fleming  9-22-2019
The star trek red alarm 😯😯😯😯😯


Derek Feldman  7-25-2019
worthless does not permit you set as info sounds junk


cheddar cheese  4-29-2019
no just dont gain it


justaweeb  4-15-2019


Sarah Ismail  4-6-2019
I think it is excellent for an alert


A Google user  3-19-2019
It was good..


Luke Page  2-19-2019
Okay I guess, but all your diverse sound editions must be in one, so we don't have to download a whole bunch of apps.. The repeat option isn't gapless on sounds it must be so is basically useless.


A Google user  2-14-2019
it's cant be download


A Google user  12-31-2018
tooooo tons adverts for me


A Google user  12-28-2018
NOT Really excellent


A Google user  12-25-2018
Emergency alarm system!?


KEVIN ROBERTS, JR  12-19-2018
it doesn't exhibit you the name


Dummy  12-19-2018
hahahahaha this is so hilarious well i can prank my family


Matthew Lafleur  12-18-2018


A Google user  12-11-2018
It's so cool that my hole family wakes up from it


A Google user  12-4-2018
I haven't downloaded it yet but it sounds outstanding


A Google user  11-26-2018
Cool now I can prank my hole family And other dependents


A Google user  11-24-2018
This release scared my sister lmao


TOXIC WOLF  11-14-2018
I loved it


A Google user  10-27-2018


Adam Chancellor  10-24-2018
Wake up silly


David Rochford  10-17-2018
fantastic for a alert clock


Itz_chas  10-14-2018


A Google user  10-11-2018


A Google user  10-8-2018
Its extremely convenient with metting my personal needs


Discord Shadow  9-27-2018
I just desire to avail the sounds as ringtones !!!! You had one job


A Google user  9-14-2018
It's like so cool I can like other anybody like there's a Tornado


Billy Jean jeans  8-22-2018
Can you add to where you can downloading the sound Cruz I have Youtube channel


Stephen Freeman  8-18-2018


Getestic  8-14-2018
I scared the living daylights out of my buddies and mom with this with , 6, and 10.


XxWolfieGamesxX  8-10-2018
Hehe I was like " I bet they have the purge alarm" its the first one that I played by crash XDD


A Google user  8-3-2018
I like to prank my brother and sis with it😃😃😃


A Google user  7-31-2018


Tony Tony  7-16-2018
excellent excellent extremely excellent excellent GOOOOOOOOOOD THANKS FOR edition


Thomas Jefferson  7-12-2018


A Google user  7-8-2018
I love scaring my babes with this I can't wait for them to go to sleep


A Google user  6-29-2018
I cranked my teacher ha haha😅😅😅😅😅😅😅


Ejiroghene Milford  6-22-2018
I think it could be grate to listen to it with out mobile informations being on


Zabariah Ibrahim  6-21-2018
ideal and simple. Love it. But need more sounds.


katt Abalajon  6-8-2018
Just love how dependents react with my ring tone... =)


Oliver Callowayjr  5-28-2018


Victoria Bayliss  5-19-2018
It's outstanding


Isaiah Hughes  5-16-2018


Evan Stenshorn  5-15-2018
It's a excellent time consuming edition it's whenever enjoyment to bother dependents


A Google user  4-29-2018
I like pizza steive


DAYDAY2102  4-26-2018


Jason Van Order  4-12-2018
It is excellent


fx Gamer  4-6-2018
sounds are too short


A Google user  3-21-2018
I have prank my school i put my smartphone alert this then all school dependents play when heard alert


Gucci kid  2-19-2018
I pranked my buddy with it he peed


Requiem Not Found  1-24-2018
exquisite edition yes


Rolex Hutson  1-22-2018


WomanHiker One  12-25-2017
No edition there. every button leads to an edition store.


A Google user  12-3-2017


Eric Draven  10-30-2017
excellent edition , the industrial alert sounds like my womans alert clock i avail it to wake her up on her days off its hilarious


Luke Hills  10-4-2017


Maria Tavarez  9-10-2017


A Google user  8-14-2017
So hilarious I went to asda (Market) and pranked the whole shop they said to Leave the shop and fire department came and said there is no fire so they had to pay lol.


Kari Negron  7-18-2017
I like it because i can enjoy dependents 😀


Ashton La Tour  6-16-2017
Its cool but you don't know what alert is what 😕


A Google user  5-28-2017
I like this because each time I gain mad at my sister the next morning I wake up early and wake her up with this😈😈😈


Jack Ellis  5-25-2017
My wake up alerts lol


John Laurence Cabaja-an  4-15-2017
I like this edition


icy girl .  4-14-2017
Not sure


shadowblade blade86  3-14-2017
It is enjoyment but it look veritable


A Google user  1-30-2017
so noisy and it sounds like my school fire alert in first grade


A Google user  1-27-2017


A Google user  1-19-2017
خیلی جاله


Austin Eigners  12-18-2016
My uncle thought it was veritable


Bradley Ray  11-12-2016
So excellent my mom thought it was real.


joshua ceballos  9-19-2016
Only a few thogh


wolf boy44  9-16-2016
excellent to prank dependents



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