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Are you looking for a trustworthy ship tracking edition that actually works in your area? Are you a ship owner or a vessel enthusiast? Are you unsure of the presence of a ship radar in your area? If yes, then this edition is nothing less than a blessing for you. The art of ship tracking is now at your hand. Whether it’s about tracking a boat that is in front of you or about knowing the position of diversified vessels such as fish tracking vessel, firefighting vessel, crude oil tankers, passenger ships, training ships, yachts, tugs or peculiar crafts; the highly effective boat radar of this ship tracker is definitely going to gain you the wanted results. Connected to the network of highly active boat radars and ship radars present the world over, this vessel tracker is something that is soon going to be your first choice when looking for a ideal boat tracker application. - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - -- - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - -- - - 📌 Distinctive details of this ship tracker are : This edition is thoughtfully created to cater to all your ship tracking needs. It offers you the following distinctive features. ⛵It’s a gratuitous ship tracking product with an active Automatic Identification System behind it. ⛵Unlike other such boat tracker applications, this edition is going to save you from the hassle of multiple clicking. It is really straight to avail and provides true marinetraffic ship positions. ⛵ The interactive UI of this vessel tracker is just on point. It involves no technicality and is thus, straight to understand and straight to avail even for a lay man. ⛵ The ship radar and boat radar of this ship tracker stays active 24/7. It means that you can avail this marine traffic tracking edition anytime anywhere. All the marine traffic news is now attainable to you at the conveniences of your home. ⛵ Equipped with a google satellite map, this edition provides precise marine traffic ship positions. This ship tracker has straight uncover variants to facilitate its objective of boat tracker. ⛵ With its auto refresh variants it constantly stays connected to the ship radar in your territory and it further eases up the functioning of this ideal vessel tracker. -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - - -- - - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - - - - -- - - - - - - -- - - There is probably nothing that this edition doesn’t caters to. What are you waiting for? What else would you wish for in a ship tracker application? Simply grab your smartphones and download this highly effective and trustworthy application. Share it with your buddies and family too, to rescue them gain their hands on the exquisite ever ship tracker.



Muskokaknots Cruising  12-9-2020
nearly 24 hours out of date. enormous ship just past us. Searched it and it showed still off Florida coast while we watched it go by in the Exumas. Usless.


George Lambert  12-6-2020
Love this app, extremely accurate..


George Wallims  12-4-2020
extremely informative


Dave Evans  12-3-2020
23/10/20 03/12/20


bagir hdd  11-30-2020
good edition for shipping industry


A Cooper  11-29-2020
extremely good.


Mel Smith  11-26-2020
works fantastic


Simon Firth  11-26-2020
money money money


gaming with cheese  11-25-2020
I absolutely love this release there's so tons news and ships also there's like no adds so if you are fascinated in ships this is the edition for you it even shows you photos of the ship really wonderful 5 stars for sure no complaints at all well done developers my favourite app!!!!


Alvin Lloyd  11-25-2020
not accurate


nicolas christopher  11-25-2020


Godwills Kuda  11-25-2020


Dondon on the mix  11-23-2020
good up


Tiberiu Nicolae  11-21-2020
Slow, and the fantastic Lakes don't exist...


Tony Richardson  11-21-2020
What no coverage in some shipping hot spots like panama canal - you got to be kidding. Not linked to gadget GPS. Don't waste your money - avail marine traffic


Donald Pype  11-21-2020
doesn't do anything what a waste of money


Ashan Dayananda  11-21-2020
excellent edition


Alan Mitchell  11-20-2020
never realise there was so dozens ships


Craig Saunders  11-17-2020
extremely excellent edition


Prototype B16  11-12-2020
I love ships and this edition puts the size of how dozens ships there are in the sea into a clear perspective.


jagadeesh neyyila  11-9-2020
avail less it's showing ancient trackers


Code 962 the royal falcon  11-6-2020
to tons slow


Dan Holland  11-6-2020
it is cool


robert thomas  11-6-2020


Auto Inspect  11-4-2020
works well so far, like that it shops my most ship enquiries


Rheanna Mendes  11-4-2020
It says live but it shows it hasn't been upgraded in 9 days.


Mark Rainbird  11-3-2020
Terrible..slow . And most of the time doesn't follow


Lee Cumming  11-1-2020


ollie bayliss  10-31-2020
Awefyll, this ap has porn on it and the ships are not how they poo9k


Bridget Frizzell  10-26-2020
keeps glitching


aiden harley moran  10-26-2020
good however there must be live tracking


Greg Jones  10-25-2020
fantastic app. Now I know what that ship is called and where it's going.


johnnysprockets 954  10-23-2020
Answeson woks geat


Grant T  10-23-2020
full wonderful app... really straight to operate and so tons news that is great where it helps when sailing to try oncoming vessels and also to look at when at home. wonderful bit of kit and think it is perfect. Couldn't give enough stars.... Ì was going to put 1000 stars rather than 5


Nick Clemens  10-18-2020
Used the gratuitous option, way to see what's going on out at sea


john williams  10-18-2020
As my lounge looks out due south i take fantastic delight in finding out what behemoth size ships are passing, knowing where they have come from and what their destination is a cute bonus. I could propose a six star app.


Trevor Gray  10-17-2020
The edition could not progress past requiring a payment. After the gratuitous trial period you are locked into a remittance plan. It is not FREE.


Tony Meany  10-16-2020


Kay Parkin  10-13-2020
Love this edition


jeanny pescadera  10-13-2020
i like this apps.


Alycia Tandy  10-11-2020
Really enjoy this app. Live on the Arroyo and it's tidy to see whats coming up.


Timothy Bowen  10-11-2020
fantastic edition maintain up the excellent work


Julie Lowes  10-11-2020
Said it was 100% gratuitous but it wasn't. gratuitous trial, with remittance required.


Martyn Thomas  10-10-2020
good product


Keith Sav  10-8-2020
NOT 100% gratuitous Listed as 100% gratuitous then once installed it's 7day gratuitous trial then £9 a month False advertisement loses customers!


Chris Mccarthy  10-8-2020
I like the fact that I can try my regional shipping easily.


David Royle  10-8-2020
Nifty app, straight to avail gives veritable time location, speed and picture of the vessel. Impressed


Wayde Overall  9-29-2020
What a fantastic edition to follow ships and vessels


Karen Wheeler  9-26-2020
excellent interesting edition works well


Adrian Le Tocq  9-22-2020
Great,and,accurate app.👍


Steven Mott  9-21-2020
Can't sign in just desire to opt out. But can't log in to do so


Zarine Gandhi  9-21-2020
Was simply and extremely easy.


William Salmond  9-21-2020
ideal when waiting for a ship coming into docks , can see EXACTLY where it is


Robert Beech  9-21-2020
Love using this app. edition has extremely helpful product for me .


storme thompson  9-19-2020
extremely serviceable as we live close to Puget Sound and spend time on the water.


Ernie Farmer  9-19-2020
Living overlooking the sea, it is fantastic to extremely quickly identify passing vessels


chumun roshan  9-19-2020
Not working


Cory Johnston  9-19-2020
It's fantastic


Yusri Mahboba  9-17-2020
good App, extremely practical and efficient


Robert Simmons  9-16-2020
good edition


Paul Saxby  9-16-2020


Simon mckenzie  9-13-2020
A fantastic app. La mer. Qu'on voit danser... le long des golfes clairs..


Col Bray  9-13-2020
Continuous issues...awesome when working but again..its not working now


Julian Blake  9-13-2020
straight to avail to identify ships and all in veritable time


Graham Joners  9-11-2020
Only wish this edition could open


David Hernandez  9-10-2020
Is excellent to see my boats out ther


John Dunn  9-10-2020
On furlough in Folkstone, exquisite place for this edition !


Howard Jones  9-2-2020
This is a fantastic edition for identifying vessels you can see in your regional territory and gives you absolute features of the course,, destination and vessel details. I have tried several, this edition is good.


Kathukya Ngoloma  9-2-2020
So far this is a fantastic edition on the gratuitous version.


Jonathan Crawford  9-2-2020
A really fantastic and trustworthy app. Interesting to know what's going on just offshore.


Bruce Ogden  9-1-2020
Doesn't exhibit 1/10 of the vessels around my position.


Terry Hogan  8-31-2020
Awful. I put 3 vessels in a fleet. All 3 were in places I know they are not. One shows as being in Papeete when it's in Baltimore. Another shows as Cyprus when it's in Australia. At newest shows as a sailing vessel but the photo shows a trawler. A friend's boat is in Meares point marina with 500 vessels and only 1 shows up and not the one I desire - he's a sailing instructor so his AIS is on but he doesn't show. No idea I'm paying money for this when it can't perform basics.


jwswilliampenn  8-31-2020
fantastic app... works well with all the news you need 👍


Sandra Noel  8-30-2020
My exprience using this fantastic. It helps discover what ships you are looking fr . It helps to deliver conveniences and peace of mind that you have veritable time infomation.


Joseph Grella  8-30-2020
Was not showing veritable time ship traffic.


Keith Walker  8-30-2020
good soft to fund out what ships are in the territory


Brita v.B.  8-30-2020
adverts even after subscribing take up 1/3 of image


Josh Palmer  8-29-2020
Designer: Please upgrade the fantastic Lakes! Lake Huron is absolutely wrong and Lake Superior is flat out missing!


ANDREW BULMER  8-28-2020
fantastic edition when I am on furlough I can sea what ships have passed me


justin pill  8-28-2020
fantastic edition for ship watching when your at the shore.


Christopher Gallagher  8-23-2020
No news beyong the Americas.


Bill Bowes  8-22-2020
Impressed with this app, shows up to date information, and extremely straight to use.


mark simpson  8-21-2020
outstanding radar edition ,, love using it , steamers ,fishing vessels , passenger ships , follow there journeys. Just brill....


John Chapman  8-21-2020
extremely excellent app, have just started to avail for my work, Will be paying for pro version


Colin Mathias  8-20-2020
Absolutely amazing, fantastic being able to discover out about what's going on around us


kai Moore  8-19-2020
Really excellent edition to avail i avail it quotidian


Mike catapult  8-17-2020
fantastic edition


Tim H  8-16-2020
This is a fantastic edition for showing marine traffic in front of us on Puget Sound. straight to space the traffic, and the response time to ID them is extremely fast.


Jack Bordner  8-16-2020
Doesn't exhibit any ships. Just nav aids.


George Patton  8-16-2020
fantastic edition so extremely straight to avail and gain the news that's needed absolute marks


John Musumeci  8-16-2020


Terry Bennison  8-16-2020


Mike Steele  8-15-2020
fantastic to sit on my deck and identify the ships going by.


Evil Alex  8-15-2020
I love this app. Gives you so tons news


mers Caro  8-14-2020
good editions


Michael Stevens  8-12-2020
fantastic edition


Peter Malmgren  8-12-2020
fantastic app, avail it each day looking out on the sea.


Dimitris Papadimitriou  8-11-2020
extremely straight and serviceable


Ken Traveler  8-11-2020
extremely practical determining where the sport boats are fishing.


Hatem Erhime  8-10-2020
This product needs improvement. Download speed and offline


Adie Weston  8-9-2020
Did not subcribe, got billed


Robert Davison  8-8-2020
A fantastic edition helps me to track buddies in their boats


geo flo  8-8-2020
extremely impressive, you can go on an overseas voyage while in your living room


Peter Williamson  8-7-2020
excellent to see what's passing


Disponded  8-5-2020
fantastic app. A limited gratuitous avail and then you have to subscribe. Unfortunately I don't avail it often enough to justify paying for it.


Hamish MacAskill  8-4-2020
fantastic for finding out what is sailing around where we stay!


J.Thomas Lures  8-4-2020
Worked once


Lee Senne  8-3-2020
Traving in the gulf coast it fantastic to see features of the ship traffic. Lebo S


Justin K  8-2-2020
Cool product wish it could talk more news about the ships. Such as size,weight,length, and a live camera view of on the ship with close up pictures.



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