Android Version: 4.1App: Sheriff of Mahjong: Match tiles & restore a town
Release date: Sep 16, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: G5 EntertainmentCategory: game puzzle
Name: Sheriff of Mahjong: Match tiles & restore a townExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Swap and match tiles on thousands of puzzling pair matching levels to gather resources and avail mighty boosters to deliver a destroyed Western municipality back to life! Travel back in time in Sheriff of Mahjong! A struggling frontier municipality in a faraway and pretty corner of the ancient West needs your rescue to be brought back to its previous glory. run thousands of tile matching levels, meet charismatic characters, track the suspenseful storyline and rescue convert this resilient municipality into the pride of the Wild West while tackling matching games! This new mahjong solitaire game is a unique and epic combination of borough residence and classic tile pairing, tied jointly with a storyline absolute of twists and turns and the gratuitous spirits and hardscrabble realities of the Wild West. You’re a talented builder who’s responded to a rescue desired ad in Colinstown, a troubled outpost in the ancient West. rescue the determined citizens revive their community after devastating attacks by the Butler Gang, who may be bankrolled by the corrupt tycoon Richard Pierce. Reconstruct an impressive municipality worthy of Wild West legends, become the recent mayor of Colinstown and thwart the evil machinations of the outlaws to ensure that fortune favors your citizens once again! On your idea to prosperity, gather achievements and gain peculiar tools, such as the Dice booster (which gets you out of a difficult situation), the Dynamite booster (which blows up multiple pairs of tiles) and dozens other innovative details that can enhance your gameplay experience! While this release is absolutely gratuitous to play, you have the ability to disclose optional bonuses via in-app purchases from within the game. You may disable in-app purchases in your gadget settings. ● run across a unique combination of tile matching and borough residence in one game ● GO on an adventure filled with the history and tales of the Wild West ● MEET townspeople, cowboys, miners, bankers, outlaws and bonus hunters on your idea to prosperity ● expert thousands of gratuitous immersive marjong, majong, majhong, mah-jongg, mah jongg or mahjongg tiers – these are the famed ideas to misspell “mahjong” ● WIELD unbelievable boosters and power-up combos, designed for matching games ● disclose a variant of pretty residences and municipality landmarks to rebuild and upgrade ● track your friends’ progress with the innovative built-in social network ______________________________ Game attainable in: English, Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Spanish ______________________________ Compatibility notes: This release performs exquisite on high-end android and tablets. ______________________________ G5 releases - World of Adventures™! Collect them all! uncover for "g5" in Google Play! ______________________________ Sign up now for a weekly round-up of the exquisite from G5 Games! ______________________________ Visit us: Watch us: Find us: Follow us: Join us: Game FAQs: Terms of Service: G5 End usufructuary licence Supplemental Terms:



dolores echols  12-8-2020
excellent 🎲 luck


Pat Stott  12-8-2020
I really like the game, i love mahjong releases and comment completing quests to build the town. The only thing that bothers me is the win to loss ratio. Sometimes i all my energy and never win one board it's extremely frustrating.


Barbara Hughes  12-8-2020
Really like this game, graphics are extremely good


Magesh Jayanthan  12-8-2020
Now only I playing this like release Interesting


chawver26  12-8-2020
could love to run this but it keeps crashing on me.


Phillip Borum  12-8-2020


Keith Earickson  12-8-2020
Mahjong sometimes easy, too easy.,.no fun. But sometimes mahjong humble you, execute you humble.


Barry Gingrich  12-8-2020
extremely challenging


Pam Champion  12-8-2020


Linda Mamona  12-8-2020


Miss Taft  12-8-2020
If you are into Mahjong, this ones great, really enjoy it. Not boring like other ones but not too occupied either. check it, it doesn't suck🤘


Sherry Fletcher  12-8-2020
Just started playing and it's fun. The format is a good difference from other mahjong games.


Mary Mckinney  12-8-2020
Only just started so far i like it.


Gulshan Bhatia  12-8-2020
In my mobile smartphone release is not working properly


Diana Hurley  12-7-2020
It's ok, some parts are intractable to understand.


Joni L  12-7-2020
I like the fact that it combines quest with one of my beloved releases to run :)


barbara stotler-dobbins  12-7-2020
It's all right release but sometimes it's too slow when I go to tap on the tiles it doesn't register or I'm going to swift for it I don't know if you can repair this or if it has something to do with my smartphone thank you


Dennis Kathy Veo  12-7-2020


Anne Bleathman  12-7-2020
excellent tutorial.Handy arrows when don't know what to do next.


Corina Tillman  12-7-2020
Like it for now


Michael Willoughby  12-7-2020
It is enjoyment to run


Tracy Lynn Sherman  12-7-2020
I uninstalled this release because it woulf lad work at all it keped kicking me off before it could even start.


Kari Meiners  12-7-2020


Mary Lloyd  12-7-2020
extremely enjoyment to play. Really like the perfect that you build the town.


Judy Evans  12-7-2020
good release I like it. check it..


Heather Morgan  12-7-2020
I love this release it remains me of house 🏡 in the mountains.


Jonathan Spedding  12-6-2020


Carolyn Arnold  12-6-2020
lovely release


Kera Atchley  12-6-2020
outstanding game! I really enjoy playing this game!


Connie Pachmayer  12-6-2020
I love this release


NaImah Matthews  12-6-2020
It's fun!


Ulysses ThePagan  12-6-2020
I'm not a supporter of mahjong, but I swear I saw a add for the same tale release but match 3. However, I can't discover it. Did you execute a release like that, with the same municipality and characters? I rather run that.


Leonard Martinelli  12-6-2020
enjoyment release


Marian Zake  12-6-2020
I love it


Asante Jackson  12-6-2020
enjoyment release


Sandy Wright  12-6-2020
A lot of fun.


Bill Kunz  12-6-2020
The release is enjoyment but I wish there were better recommendations on how to run and the objectives.


Wendy kastenhuber  12-6-2020
outstanding release


Laura Thomason  12-6-2020
I just started playing the game. Like it alot Thank you!!


Pamela Dyce  12-6-2020
So far it is ok.


Erika Airhart  12-5-2020
Just recently started playing... But loving the release so far! There are a lot of quests and it seems to gain a little confusing trying to track quests for the same character... And to know which must be finished before other...


Shikin Tasya  12-5-2020


Lorrie Wade  12-5-2020
excellent wish it had a selection of diverse tiles


Natalie Mcmackin  12-5-2020
It makes majong better as u have to interact with the release


Wendy Wadkins  12-5-2020
I could like to see more of the diverse categories like freeing the ghost tiles.


Caroline Mecham  12-5-2020
enjoyment alot of diverse areas


Frances Strahan  12-5-2020
I have whenever liked mahjong games..I have played them for years! This is the first one in tale form that I have ever played, and am enjoying it . The graphics are great!


Vicki mcclintock hertel  12-4-2020
It's ok


Cathy Honeycutt  12-4-2020
I just started this game. So far so good. I'll permit you know how I like it as soon as I decide.


meatball brown  12-4-2020
enjoyment helps pass time


Lonnie Bell  12-4-2020
extremely excellent release


Lerma Ferrol  12-4-2020
good release


Kah Long Ho  12-4-2020
extremely excellent


Cynthia Stewart  12-4-2020
extremely relaxing


David Ross  12-3-2020
Its ok


Debbie Foster  12-3-2020
Enjoyed release


Shanessa DeWitt  12-3-2020
I absolutely love playing. Its so relaxing and fun.


shirley langdon  12-3-2020
excellent release


karen glynn  12-3-2020
fantastic release xx


Laurie Kommer  12-3-2020
This release is enjoyment


Brenda Sigmon  12-3-2020
Love this release


Valerie Raynes  12-3-2020
My release crashed and image is black I can see all my quests inventory journal store and and everything but everything else is black


John Bell  12-3-2020
It brings the history of the wild West into the release


Jordan Dunleavy  12-3-2020
It's excellent so far, and I like the graphics. I will change my stars depending on how it goes afterwards on in the game.


Barbara Ridge  12-2-2020
Interesting enjoyment version .


Patricia Williams  12-2-2020
Its stuck


James Lillie  12-2-2020


Bobby Kollm  12-2-2020
I'm recent to the jt so far


Ada Bannister  12-2-2020
Just started excellent so far


Rayna Thompson  12-2-2020
Interesting game! It looks a bit complicated, but tips you across everything. I don't understand the scoring yet and boosters, but I'm sure I'll seize on as time goes by. I was actually going to quit early on, but after 20 levels, I realize that could have been a wrong hasty move. I'll stick it out for now and see how the tale progresses.


Susan Freiermuht  12-2-2020
excellent release 👍


Ask Why  12-2-2020
Looks like a enjoyment release but there is no idea of turning the noise off


Retta Shaw  12-2-2020
Was liking release till it keeps crashing on me


Julia St. Cyr  12-2-2020
I'm enjoying it so far.


patricia alcaide  12-2-2020
This is enjoyment and easy.


Tara Dennis-Pendarvis  12-2-2020
Graphics are vibrant and extremely well done !


Trish Sanders  12-2-2020
enjoyment release


Jackie Nalevanko  12-2-2020
Love this game!


Wanda Stankowski  12-2-2020
Having enjoyment so far


Goddess of the Garden  12-2-2020
Lots of fun!


lisa H  12-2-2020


cheryl thayer  12-1-2020
I like this game. I played one time before but ddidnt gain extremely far and i didnt understand it. So i am here to check it again. I do check to run alot of releases trying to discover one i could like to stay with to the end. I hope i have found it.


Karen Sefers  12-1-2020
The release is enjoyment and engaging


Sharon Mock  12-1-2020
fantastic release


Elsa Rubio  12-1-2020
It's definitely addictive! I'm in love with it!


Devery Morgan  12-1-2020
I think this release is a enjoyment way to execute a tale along with the game! Its enjoyment and entertaining!


Joni Latham  12-1-2020
So far, beautiful good.


Rebecca Hanson  12-1-2020
It an straight time kill and allot of enjoyment


Zahirah Sofea  12-1-2020


Elizabeth Price  12-1-2020
It's enjoyment and I will run for a long time.


Meka Nash-Shortie  12-1-2020
I really like this release and it is enjoyment


Amanda Patel  12-1-2020
No problems so far unless I went to do the G5 account and it says my mail is already in use. I'm beautiful sure I don't have an account already


David Wolff  12-1-2020
I love this release so tons it intractable to put down I only wish more dependents could also desire to run it.


Dorothy Crist  11-30-2020
outstanding release and extremely enjoyment to run !


Michael Page  11-30-2020
Relaxing release mildly challenging.


Elizabeth Csanki  11-30-2020
Like the graphics and release so far.


Bernadette Maynard  11-30-2020
It's as enjoyment as the others I do


Brenda Burrus  11-30-2020
I have eye problems, so it is intractable to see which piece is available. After I gain my recent glasses I will redownload it.


Laura Quintus  11-30-2020
enjoyment game, not to intractable and I'm having enjoyment playing so far.


Kathy Jo Poling  11-30-2020
I really love this release and I'm not large on Mahjong.


Betty Smith  11-30-2020
Love it


Doreen Cross  11-30-2020
Not wrong


Rosa Mahmood  11-30-2020


Faith Wysong  11-30-2020
fantastic release so far


Stephane SantaMaria  11-30-2020


Christine Clegg  11-30-2020
Its interesting.


Monj Jimenez  11-30-2020
I would really like this game. But I know nobody that plays this game. Consequently I'm getting penalized because I can't complete filling out my G-5 friends. I guess I quit. Thats too wrong cause I was liking this release


Khai Terwillegar  11-30-2020
Matching game. Can't turn off tutorials


Angela Cottrell  11-30-2020
Love playing this game!


Terry Harding-Springirth  11-29-2020
Love this game. Graphics are great. Like the scenery. release is well set up. Only one thing, when you leave the release for a week, you have to start at the beginning. Why can't you start where you left off.


Vanessa Brunson  11-29-2020


Jeff Wagstrom  11-29-2020
I really liked this release untill it started crashing. It started crashing right after I paid money. Go figure. I uninstalled and re installed, nothing. It could not start. I guess you got my money. Not excellent


Lorie Savage  11-29-2020
Lorie brutal s air port rd 2019agail.con save senda


DK Phillips  11-29-2020
Love it! Terribly addictive.


Scott Foehrkolb  11-29-2020
fantastic release for the whole family can't stop playing


Kathy Tarkington  11-29-2020
each time I gain to a sorting leave it desire load I uninstalled it and reinstalled sill desire load I love this release haven't been able to run for nearly two weeks that sucks I could give it a 5


Michele Boulton  11-29-2020
I like mahjong releases this one diverse i will c if i maintain on liking this one so far so excellent


Amanda Powers-smith  11-29-2020
So far it has been surprisingly enjoyment and challenging fantastic release


Elonna Hensley  11-28-2020
extremely addicting release can't stop playing I love it


Sandra Jackson  11-28-2020
So far having fun.


George Lucas  11-28-2020
Still playing I love it


chris crick  11-28-2020
Although it takes a while to load when you first start playing it really is a enjoyment game! I could definitely propose this release for anybody that likes to build things and these categories of releases to definitely download! It's a lot of enjoyment


Daniel Valiao  11-28-2020
Nothing peculiar


Jodi Whitaker  11-28-2020
I maintain having to start over.


marlyn harwood  11-28-2020
extremely excellent and straight on the eye


Monique Simpson  11-28-2020
It's ok


Lorraine Miller  11-28-2020
excellent so far


Carmella White  11-28-2020
So far so excellent


msshay shay  11-28-2020


Terry Sameron  11-28-2020
fantastic release


Amy McAlpine  11-28-2020
It's a enjoyment and relaxing game.


Stacy Kloppel  11-27-2020
I really enjoy this game. fantastic graphics and tale line.


Jacqui McCrorie  11-27-2020
extremely slow but a fantastic release


Helen Randell  11-26-2020
excellent release but addictive


Carolyn Fish  11-26-2020


Clyde Sexton  11-26-2020


bianca trotter  11-26-2020


Rosetta Hightire  11-26-2020
excellent release


Marie Louise Rothwell  11-25-2020
Love the release


Lori Hall  11-25-2020
fantastic game! Storyline is excellent and visual is good.


Lise Frappier  11-25-2020
Thank you for your response. I do not have the money to buy anything, which makes it harder to go forward. When I do win, the elements go into "inventory" that I have to pay for in rubies that I have earned or have to buy. I spend a lot of time looking at adverts to gain some elements that really don't rescue that much. I really enjoy playing this release but I discover it overwhelmingly stressful.


anne layug  11-25-2020
it's wonderful


Roshan Beebi  11-25-2020


Suzie Wren  11-25-2020
Love this release although extremely challenging



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