Android Version: 3.2App: Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker
Release date: Mar 2, 2015App Rating: 4
Author: Colorwork AppsCategory: lifestyle
Name: Sew Awesome: Sewing TrackerExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Sew Awesome: Sewing Tracker helps seamstresses follow all of their sewing essentials. Sew outstanding is divided into three major categories: SEWING STUFF: Track your sewing essentials like: - fabrics - sewing machines - sewing vehicle feet - thread - sewing patterns - buddies (people's measurements) For every of the species above, Sew outstanding allows seamstresses to shop a photo of every item, along with detailed news for every category. For example, the fabrics section allows seamstresses to shop a picture, along with the name, status, width, yardage, contents, type, stretch, cafe info, brand, element number, and any other notes you'd like to keep. SEWING TOOLS: Handy sewing softs like: - inches-to-yards converter - thread converter to transform between weight, denier, and tex - ruler - flashlight SEWING REFERENCE: The sewing reference section contains pages for: - General sewing terminology - Sewing vehicle diagrams - Sewing vehicle needle diagrams and types - Sewing vehicle needle size conversions Sew outstanding allows seamstresses to capture screens either from your gallery or directly from your camera. follow all of your sewing projects in one straight place! Sew outstanding pro testers can import/export informations when changing devices. Please mail us with additional suggestions!



Jenny Willis  5-11-2021
Brilliant. Love having all my patterns and makes on my phone.


A 0  2-24-2021
Paid for Sew outstanding Pro. Now no updates: developer desires me to buy Sew outstanding 2


Neva Reid  2-4-2021
Not what I was looking for. ancient app.


Gwen McFarlane  12-16-2020
Not upgraded since 2016


A Google user  11-10-2020
Is there an upgrade for this edition for afterwards version of Android? Q version? My Feet section needs a field to indicate which vehicle the foot (or accessory) works with. Choice needs to be picklist form My Machines section. As well as feet I have been putting other vehicle appurtenances into the My Feet section - for example stitch plates, hoops, edge guide, bobbin case, bobbins, pintuck blades, thread stands, etc


Donna  9-7-2020
Love this app, just wish I had a place to organize my stabilizers too, but I still love it! Everything in 1 app!


Susan Smedley  8-16-2020
Purchased up grade and it won't permit me avail softs which you need update for. Not happyq


kate alcorn  7-10-2020
Everything's gone! I spent quite a long time cataloguing patterns and fabrics on this appear, only to have them disappear. Because there's no login component, there is also no idea to retrieve what goes missing. Do not recommend.


NC306  7-9-2020
I desire to give this 5 stars but all the photos that took me hours to load are now gone. uncover trait is still attainable but I need photos. This edition has a lot of potential, but it needs an upgrade desperately!!!


Janelle Bowers  6-22-2020
each straight to avail


R  6-18-2020
I bought the pro version. I spent days recording and photographing my stash - I was extremely excited about organizing it and having a idea to search. AND THEN . . . I broke my phone. The image does not work. So I cannot access the edition on the broken phone, to "save data" and send it to a recent phone. IT could BE practical TO KNOW THIS, and perhaps advise dependents to periodically save the informations and send it to yourself.


Debbie Perez  4-7-2020
Loved everything on this app..can't weight till I'm out to avail all the conversion charts, flashlight, and terminology!!


Heather Cumbo  3-21-2020
Works fantastic for organizing. So far I've only added machines and patterns. I love how it shops photos of everything so I can look at patterns I have when looking for fabric! cheerful I got the extended app! Well value it.


Jo Komisarczuk  2-4-2020
seems good, could like to be able to site pattern to fabric which will enable a record of makes/wardrobe. Now been using a couple of months i still do not have everything in, loads more of my stash to add, and maybe 40+ patterns to add plus buttons threads etc. A correct simple database could execute this so tons better by enabling linking fabrics to patterns to dependents etc. tell to me if you desire some rescue expanding the concept.


A Google user  1-24-2020


Breanna Soto  1-10-2020
I was just so frustrated when I check upgrade my another editions but couldn't because of space. So I tried transfer pictures to SD cards then editions won't recognize the pictures for the patterns. You need repair that feature!!!! Enable to step edition to SD card!


ToniRae Holmes  11-7-2019
It's going fantastic but my photos maintain disappearing a couple days afterwards on my fabric section. I'm really wanting to update to pro but scared to spend for it to maintain messing up.


Linda Waldo  10-15-2019
Just installed, so far great, but I can't rotate the picture of the back of the pattern for horizontal reading view.


Amy Nault  10-12-2019
The edition interface can be a little clunky some times, but it's usefulness still earns it 5 stars. I love being able to catalog all my patterns and thread so that when I'm shopping, I can readily reference what I need for a specific pattern or whether I actually do need more of a specific thread color. I also love that it includes other notions, like feet, needles, and buttons. It's missing scissors, but otherwise covers everything!


Renee Waltham  7-7-2019
fantastic idea to maintain a follow of all your sewing things. could love for there to be an option for metres, as I live & buy in metric.


Rayna Thompson  6-30-2019
I haven't used it much, because dozens of the details are paid add-ons. However, it works just fine; I've had it a few years. I need to discover time to catalogue my fabric, thread, trims, setting vehicle feet, etc so I feel comfortable upgrading to Pro. But I will check to gain around to that some day.


Christina Zurowski  6-25-2019
A couple of things that could be useful... 1. It could be fantastic if the uncover option searched all attributes included in any given category. 2. A project planner could be outstanding


cindy moen  6-19-2019
I really love this app, have no way what I could do with out it. now just waiting for it to add a few more sections, like one for scissors, one for rulers, and Miscellaneous notions, because I have so so dozens and I love having a place to maintain an inventory of everything I have, so I don't buy it twice.


Kimberly Spencer  6-17-2019
I paid for the pro version specifically to avail the uncover function and it doesn't work. I contacted the developer and didn't gain a response. As a gratuitous edition it works better for me than any of the other gratuitous editions available, but I now have so dozens patterns that I really need that uncover function that I paid for. Otherwise I might as well put down the gadget and sort across my physical patterns where at least I can see the absolute size photo.


Jacquelynne Myers  6-6-2019
This edition is wonderful! You can maintain all of your sewing supplies and more stored in one place. This edition is so straight to use.


Lisa Coffey  5-29-2019
It's an OK app, I guess. Had a wrong experience when I had to do a factory reset on my smartphone and all my screens were deleted and I hadn't created a backup file, and then couldn't import thebimafes that had been saved to my Google pictures cloud storage. Also, edition hasn't been upgraded since 2016.


Barbara Beavers  5-11-2019
This is a fantastic edition for keeping a catalog of your fabrics. When I receive a recent fabric, I snap a picture, and put in the info. I no longer have to question where I purchased this fabric and how tons yardage I purchased! This edition has NOT been upgraded since 2016. An upgrade could be great.


Emma Polley  4-10-2019
I like it so far & I've been slowly adding my pattern & fabric stash. I downloaded the edition to my cellphone however, it crashes when using the uncover function. It doesn't have the ability to sync with multiple devices. I'd like to see an expanded uncover option to be able to uncover for woven or knit, babes or adult etc. A seperate 'Wishlist' field rather than in with my already owned elements and the ability to site patterns to fabrics could be handy


Leanne Z  3-31-2019
love for keeping follow of my stuff! would avail some updates. need to be able to uncover from all field not just name field. could like ability to add more catagories( rules, templates, scissors, cutters, interfacing, etc.) also i don't like that it saves photos in my gallery app, although I might have. messed something up with that.


Emma Lynn  3-26-2019
Decent enough app, I do like that the "yardage" and "width" fields aren't limited to numbers only as I buy most of my fabrics in meterage. could love a yard/meter converter and the ability to rename fields. Haven't tried adding pictures yet.


Catherine Doan  3-26-2019
Sew outstanding is the fourth edition I've sampled for cataloging my sewing supplies and patterns. I prefer it above all the others unless for the lack of uncover options. BUT, I finally figured out that I would list the pattern category in the name type after the pattern name and number to search. E.g., "Simplicity 2288 jacket skirt top" and the edition will uncover every word. I also like that I can see the entire photo instead of only a Thumbnail. I am fully contented with this product. Thanks.


Terrie Morrison  3-18-2019
Not a wrong app, but it's tedious entering all of your informations initially. So wish there was a web version that could sync with the mobile app. I can category tons faster on my keyboard than on my phone.


Petra Vesna  3-5-2019
Cumbersome. Time consuming inputing data. ancient fashioned looking UI. Design for American marketplace not Europe. No search, no backup except Pro is bought. The only thing which keeps my interest are material info. This edition does not convinced me into purchasing it. Sewing Pattern friend UI and UX is far nicer and better despite lacking material variants but it offers uncover and backup free.


Janelle Haffenden  3-2-2019
extremely unstable. you delete 1 element of fabric and each picture of each other fabric disappears.


Marlene .S  2-19-2019
ok so far.. could be better if can save 2 screens in next update? one screen of fabric and amd onr screen of finished project? 🤔


Elizabeth Edser  1-27-2019
fantastic edition for organising my makes and patterns. I've bought the Pro version hoping that it might give me the option of changing the order that my lists appear but that is not possible. There's only chronological or alphabetical order. Perhaps one day?


Deb Goble  1-14-2019
I love having everything on my smartphone while shopping.


Jeannie Bench  1-4-2019
I'm entering screens and info, and can see that this is going to be useful; so I bought the pro version. But it's taking tons longer than it must because when I enter notification and imagrs I discover it's saved two or three incomplete versions of the entry. I gain one without the image, one with the screen and no info, and one entry fully blank. I maintain having to backtrack and correct. All this happens before I complete every entry. I hope this can be fixed! I really desire to be able to avail this app!


Sienna McMillan  12-10-2018
It's fantastic for cataloging your fabrics and patterns, asks the right questions and has a glossary. It allows you to take pictures of everything. It's great!!


Yankees Fan 3320  12-3-2018
I like the app. It is a rescue in organizing my sewing items. One thing I could like to see is on the fabic page, when you see your list of fabric I also wish you would see the quantity of yardage you have.


A Google user  11-21-2018


Chrystina Power  10-4-2018
Keeps me from buying duplicates. Gives me a finish list of my stuff!


Katrina Duckett  9-22-2018
I like it. Not perfect. The most annoying thing is the idea you have to take photos in landscape with the top to the right, otherwise you can't view them correctly.


Maureen Pierce  9-10-2018
Love having a list of my feet with me. could like to be able to add other items, like rulers though.


Arden Whittle  8-18-2018
Tried to take pictures from within the edition and it didn't work. So I took the photos then imported and the edition rotated them sideways for some reason. Annoying. Uninstalled.


Pamela Alexander  8-14-2018
I like the fact I can save measurements of diverse clients. I just wish there was a idea to list them alphabetically instead of chronologically.


A Google user  7-15-2018
Love having all my patterns with me when shopping. Like other testers have said, I wish the uncover function could uncover all the notification input, not just the name.


Lulu J.  6-10-2018
It has everything I need and more for a beginner. I love this app!


Talon Vexx  6-9-2018
I like it, the only thing it really needs is the ability to access it from multiple devices.


Debra Hurd  6-7-2018
could like to have a customer measurement chart/page...


Julia C  5-18-2018
Exactly what I needed to maintain follow of my embarrassingly big stash of patterns and fabric. much of smart options, intuitive to use. I am going to upgrade to Pro right now =)


Amber Spradlin  4-9-2018
fantastic so far


Angela Baker  4-7-2018
I really like the app. I'd like the option of sharing my Fabric stash with others a site to the gallery of fabric stored could be awesome.


Wenona McMahill  4-5-2018
I've owned the pro version edition for a while now and have slowly added my fabric stash and notions to it. It's practical in finding fabrics I know I have but can't remember where I put. I'd like to have 'color' field added to the notification in the Fabric section and the ability to sort by the fields in every section rather than just a uncover of the names of the files.


Kate Maddox Berrington  3-6-2018
OBNOXIOUS ((Flashing)) Ads. I dont mind ads, but these are SO distracting, plus absolute page adverts you should X out of, to where it feels you're being pressured into purchasing the Pro version. NOTE, in order to SEARCH, you should purchase Pro which I was reminded of on each page I checked out. Its got some good things about it, but Im uninstalling and may just initiate a Memento database. I have ~500 patterns so, like other pros, could also prefer something that imports pattern informations when I enter pattern numbers. The measurement log is fairly thorough. I didn't continue checking out everythin in the edition because of the adverts and the constant reminder that uncover was not available. I think thats a wrong call on developer's part. If it was available, potential testers would see how it works and possibly appreciate it. I think s/he needs to back it off and they'd have greater success. Also, its not extremely beautiful to look at... too big fonts, doesn't look/feel professional. If the adverts weren't so obnoxious, the aesthetics wouldn't seem so bad. Thanks anyway.


A Google user  2-21-2018
fantastic app!!! I love it!!!


vampin allnight  2-2-2018
The exquisite edition ever for a seamstress


Elaine Dow  1-15-2018
extremely handy as everthing is there wherever you are


Christa Sajna  1-11-2018
Love the app, but it could be fantastic to be able to uncover fields other than the name of the thread or fabric. every object (thread, fabric, button etc) in the edition has sections for colours, notes etc, but notification enter in those field doesn't exhibit up when searched, and yes I am using the pro version. A absolute uncover function could execute the edition 1000x more serviceable


Terry  12-21-2017
Just what I needed. Thanks!


Mary Jolly  12-21-2017
Just downloaded this app. Seems beautiful excellent so far. Some details that currently aren't present but I could really like to see are inches to cm converter, meter/cm variants for body, fabric and pattern measurements, A colour listing option in fabrics, and an option to directly download features of patterns and fabrics from websites to the forms. If it had the metric variants at least I could ponder purchasing the pro version and recommending the edition to buddies


Sunshine Vaughn  12-18-2017
I like it so far but could be fantastic it it had the capability to organize your fabrics in more detail. Like having informations fields for place purchased, location, design name, fabric designer and possibly color.


A Google user  11-20-2017
I especially like the tools...flashlight...ruler...terminology...very useful😄


Maureen M  11-14-2017
Pro version is value each penny when it works. My vehicle photos maintain disappearing. Fortunately, after 3rd picture failure I am now using Evermore app. So tons more reliable.


christy fletcher  11-9-2017
Really like the edition but could have loved it if it allowed you to have species for patterns,thread and fabric.


Jay Sherrill  11-5-2017
I love this edition


Jason Statham  10-13-2017
except you need a flashlight, ruler or a inches to yard app, you need to buy pro version. must just outright charge for it or have limited entries so testers can check before buying (5 listings in every category). Also needs metric to contact a bigger audience. If it can do what it seems to declare it can do, it might be value it.


Karen Minnear  9-25-2017
I have dozens feet good idea to track. This is a fantastic edition for keeping follow of all my sewing stuff.


Annette Berg  9-1-2017
Does not seem to function on my Samsung cellphone


Adriana Grosch  8-14-2017
Simple edition for pattern tracking. could give it 5 stars if the pictures won't rotate. Makes it harder to read pattern notes and descriptions


Gloria Blakley  8-3-2017
Love this just hope sometime soon I can gain it on my iPhone I can't hardly believe someone came up with this so handy


Sebrina Walter  7-19-2017
For someone with hundreds of patterns. I don't have time to take pictures, upload every and category additional details. If this worked like the "fooducate" edition where it had a scanner it could probably go viral. Scan, and save with the testers notes.


meaghan norby  7-18-2017
Really liked this app. I have a business where I execute custom orders for dependents and it was straight to uncover across all of my fabrics that I had in the edition instead of looking across my whole collection for what I needed... however my dozens HOURS of work uploading photos were all deleted when it was updated. So disappointed. Not spending more time for this to potentially happen again. Waist of time. Don't gain this edition


Kalli Tysoyo  7-17-2017
One of the exquisite sewing editions out there. Allows you to remember everything you have and what you desire to do with it!


Lora Waloski  7-8-2017
It's super basic, but with some development is the soft I'm looking for to maintain my sewing room organized with my stash at my fingertips. I'd like to see some filtering attainable for fabrics - knits vs quilting cotton vs performance fabrics, etc that could execute it easier to look at things at a glance. This seems to be the only smartphones edition attainable specifically for sewists organizing though (there are a few for iOS), and for that I'm willing to aid this developer.


Tonya Carden  6-16-2017
I love this app! I am renowned for buying thread each time I buy fabric for a recent project, the newest thing I desire is to gain house and not have the right color. I have all of my thread logged now. I didn't take a photo of every spool, I just took a photo of the top of the spool, so I can see at a glance which manufacturer I am searching. I am going to log all of my embroidery thread and patterns next. I just started loading informations on the edition newest night, so I look forward to starting my next project, and hopefully not having to buy thread at least!


Brenda Johnson  4-2-2017
So far this is what I'm looking for. It's intractable to take a photo upright. I did update because it has most of the details I needed.


Shanna Wieser  3-19-2017
Absolutely love this! At the moment I have no recent ways for improvements.


Natasha Cline  3-1-2017
So far so good! I wish there was a desktop site, but I loved the edition enough to buy the absolute version. straight to avail and a extremely simple interface.


Laura Coleman  2-6-2017
good organization tool. Money saver as you don't have to guess what you have at home.


Debbie Blake  2-3-2017
could be tons better if adapted for UK ie: cm & metres. Yardage chart isn't tons avail to me nor is inches to yards chart. Also, sizing chart has US & European but no UK. If these things were included then I could give more stars


Darren Pearce  1-26-2017
You need sub folders in fabrics to team catagories and a uncover function could be good. When you can have over 150 fabrics a uncover or sub type could be ideal


Barbara Spencer  1-12-2017
Need to gain pro to avail most details


Teresa Fiorentino  12-24-2016
I bought this edition about 6 months ago. I haven't used it to it's fullest capability, but it does what I wanted. I had contacted the developer with a request. I never heard back from him, but my suggestion is now part of the app. I don't know whether my suggestion is what prompted the function or not.


Daveda Howell  12-5-2016
I do wish I would add my own pdf or screen to charts


Cheryl Pieri  11-27-2016
I LOVE all of the improvements to this app!!!!😍


Bonnie Fricke  11-21-2016
fantastic idea to maintain follow of fabric, ribbon, buttons, and all of the miscellaneous things sewers/crafters collect! I've updated to the "Pro" version!


Lori Fields  11-11-2016
Just what I was looking for. A good additional trait could be a "my projects" selection to be able to input a pic, category of project (craft, clothing, accessory, etc.) ability to put notes about specs of said project, etc.


Tenarri Iris in The Storm  10-26-2016
Takes forever to set up the inventory, but once it's done the edition is a godsend. The charts and softs are amazing!


A Google user  10-22-2016
I have been searching for an edition like this for a long time, as I have much of fabric, notions, patterns and sewing machines. I desire to be able to look at the fabric and patterns I already own so I can plan projects and not duplicate purchases.


Marimuthu16 Ahil  10-18-2016
Regular Mazdoor


Susie Stafford  10-14-2016
fantastic to have a stock list but could like a my projects section too like on knit buddy. Please.


Jesenia Nieves  10-10-2016
Love it! Love that i can maintain clients measurements!


Candice Lichtenberger  10-8-2016
This is a fantastic app. Looking forward to using it.


Emma Cipolla  10-5-2016
I love what is already here and quickly paid for the absolute version, but I also have a few future "wants" that could be awesome. 1. Ability to uncover by particular fields (Type, Company, Status...) 2. A place to maintain follow of topical and future projects (paying/donation/fair, due date, client info...) 3. Fields that expand to accommodate longer bits of news instead of scrolling on the line. This edition has given me 1 place to maintain nearly everything organized and on hand. LOVE IT!


Tracy J Thacker  9-19-2016
Thank you love it


Val Good  9-13-2016
You can load all of your stuff but you cannot choose fabric, a pattern, and thread then step to a workspace to see how they all work together.


Sara Howard  9-10-2016
edition crashed when I tried to save data.


Ashley Gonzalez  9-9-2016
I got this for my compliance logging & my stash is still quite small. I have a few suggestions. FIRST: A designated place for a price per yd could be great. 2nd: Being able to execute folders for the categories of fabric.. because I'm sure once I have about a hundred they will be difficult to discover ;) 3rd: address bought as well (but I'm using another line for this & that works) FORTH: PLEASE!! Please please execute it auto-capitalize the first letters loly biggest peeve!! & lastly... it won't permit me category anymore :/


Anna Smith  9-8-2016
Paid for update and it doesn't operate as it should.Update 9/8/16 : Contacted the developer months ago and they couldn't or didn't talk me what was wrong. I thought it was my smartphone so I left the situation alone. Few months afterwards I gain a recent phone; assume that edition will work. No go. Contacted developer who did not resolve the issue.


A Google user  9-6-2016
Looks to be a fantastic app. However could it be possible to execute a site for Amazon in the UK? I could not be the only person to be thrilled if you would sort this. dozens thanks. Perry.


KSCOTT  8-27-2016
Even the most fundamental details require purchase. Oh the ruler is free, but I have plenty of those thanks. Disappointed.


Lynette Patrice  8-22-2016
I was only able to save photos of three patterns so far. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong. I did update to pro right away, hope I didn't execute a mistake....any suggestions?? Thank you so tons


Donna Combs  8-8-2016
I love this app!


Julie White  8-4-2016
Only imperial measurements. store - Amazon (I don't). Needs to have more flexibility (there's dependents outside of the US who have smartphones too).


Jeanne Laurie  8-1-2016
Love knowing what feet I have for when I go shopping. Also like have my Fabric's photos so I know what to buy and what not to buy. fantastic app.


A Google user  7-21-2016
It's *exactly* what I need/needed to maintain all my sewing kit and fabrics in order - carnage was ensuing, and this will rescue massively when it comes to keeping stuff organised. A tiny ideas to go with visuals & functionality, and a few bugs to work out, but still - eminently usable and value paying for to aid the dev.


Tricia Lock  7-20-2016
How do i gain the pro version? I am afraid if something happens to my device, all of my intractable work in putting all of my news could be lost. It could be fantastic if i would work from either my cellphone or phone. Its so straight to put in all of your information. So cheerful i found this app. Really desire the pro version before i go any further!


Irene Carter  7-9-2016
Well but if you pay for it, it registers the same as the free, you don't gain the extra content. Also if you change phones, you lose everything.


Kat *  7-1-2016
I LOVE that you can shop your buddies measurements this trait really comes in handy when sewing for my family. I also love having access to my patterns on the go! This helps me not buy patterns I already have which I apparently do a lot. I'm not a enormous supporter of the manual input for the patterns but currently this is the easiest idea to maintain an accurate inventory. It takes a lot to gain everything all set up adding fabric and patterns. But overall the time investment is fully value it!!


Bethany Cruz  6-20-2016
Loads of features! Really helps maintain me organized. No more duplicate element purchases.


Karen Finnegan  6-20-2016
Works pretty


W. Dwyer  6-2-2016
I love this. I was just about to start listing my stash by hand...but this makes it straight peasy. I'd have liked some quickstart instructions, but it's quite intuitive. I updated to pro wiyhin 5 minutes of trying it. A ideal 'stock control' tool.


Mickey like the mouse  5-30-2016
fantastic app. Only wish there was a place to shop pics of completed projects.


Sharon Rushworth  5-28-2016
The links to Amazon etc are to the USA sites. Needs a choice of country and links within that country.


Emily Clifton  5-23-2016
straight to avail and understand, tons better than digging across boxes and losing slips of paper with measurements. Biggest bonus? Taking my cellphone to the fabric shop with me and having my whole inventory at my fingertips! I also like being able to give input to developer for more fantastic things and the price for pro is nice, too!


Khi Wee  5-10-2016
This edition is fantastic for the budding sewer and potential hoarders :-). The developer seems extremely keen on updating the kinks and expanding features. It still has troubles though but I hope it will gain better via the developer. Some kinks: I can't figure out how to delete pictures in My Patterns if I put the incorrect one in by accident. The uncover trait only checks the name and not the other fields... You can't rotate screen once loaded and the one in My Needles doesn't work.


Nurazleen Daud  5-4-2016
So disappointing


Kimberly Miller  5-2-2016
Instead .... Found another headache with broken promises... Downloaded edition pulled out my 1st fabric to gain started and took several pictures, none of which appeared in the picture box. Theses no trick so I can't positively declare I was doing it right but can't see how I would do it wrong. My hearts broke...


Lisa Skelton  5-1-2016
This might be excellent if you don't have tons stuff but unfortunately with almost 500 patterns, I'd desire an edition that recognises them by number rather than manually cataloging them. I've also got far too tons fabric to start getting it out and measuring it. Thankfully my head is still working so I'll rely on that for now as the time spent setting this up could not be an investment in this case.


Julie Cox  5-1-2016
Thank you for this application. It fulfilled my need to inventory my patterns and fabrics, and with a little imagination on my end I can avail it for my knitting, crochet and beading patterns and items.


Hazel M  4-28-2016
Cracking app. Been looking for some idea to organise my stash, machines and sundries. One main problem though, the time it will take me to input all of my stuff AND I can now see how tons I already have! Which means my family are correct, I really don't need more fabric ;)


allyn barnes  4-22-2016
fantastic app. Tried numerous, nothing compares to this one. (Except the database i created, that wont play on phone.) Unfortunately i cant justify spending the $5+ just for me to be able to sort everything. I only piece quilts. I just put my needles in the "machines" tab. Because i only have 1 machine. All of my inspirational pics / drawings and pics of the completed quilts go in the "patterns" tab.


Julie McCready  4-13-2016
Is an outstanding idea to try and track! I'm sure it's not for everyone, LOL, but neither is sewing! I never realized how dozens duplicates I was sitting on (machine feet & needles) and what a fantastic way to snap a pic to file with info. Well done.**updated my review after using for a while**


Maxine Broadstock  4-10-2016
I love this, a extremely excellent idea of keeping a record and photos of your stash of all sewing fabrics and when you bought them and how tons it cost you. And where you bought the elements from


Naomi Miname  4-10-2016
Love this app, I had decided not buy it because of the lack of notions like zippers or trim, but looking at the comments I can see all I need to do is send a request and they'll check to accommodate. You're awesome, take my money!


Lisbeth Redden  4-7-2016
This is definitely going to go a long idea toward helping me gain my stash as organized. Wish it had a desktop front in or idea to import from other softwares but won't complain to much. Since this is extremely portable and can have it with me while shopping.


Devona .McKay  4-4-2016
It took me forever to discover this app, and I have tried others. I WILL be purchasing the absolute version.



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