Android Version: 5.0App: Seven - 7 Minute Workout
Release date: Apr 18, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: Perigee ABCategory: health and fitness
Name: Seven - 7 Minute WorkoutExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Getting fit has never been so straight – or so tons fun! Seven workouts are based on scientific studies to give you the maximal profits of exercise with only 7-minutes a day. With personalized workout plans, Seven makes sure you gain the most from your training. desire to gain Fit, Lose Weight or gain Strong? Just pick a goal and fitness level, and permit Seven take care of the rest. WHY SEVEN? - Work out anywhere, anytime. No tackle needed. - initiate a habit of training with our diurnal 7-minute workout challenge - Compete with buddies for extra encouragement and support - initiate workouts tailored to your needs and preferences - Sweat with our personal trainers the Drill Sergeant, Cheerleader and more! JOIN THE 7 CLUB - gain faster results with workout plans adapted to your fitness level - Access over 200 exercises and workouts to vary your training - Receive exclusive aid and guidance from our certified personal trainer Download Seven and gain results in just 7 minutes a day!



Emilee Bradshaw  12-9-2020
I love this edition so tons


Peter Montell  12-9-2020
fantastic edition to maintain you going on you workouts. Thank you Seven


Olakunle Popoola  12-9-2020
7 minutes of excellent workout. fantastic edition


Yan T  12-9-2020
Suddenly changed the original absolute body workout I've been using for years! Why the sudden change? Please deliver back the 7MW I know and love, or at least maintain the individual exercises (wall sit, move ups, triceps dips) so I can rebuild it as a custom workout for myself.


Justin Cayer  12-8-2020
This used to be an good edition for the scientific 7 minute workout. Today I discover that the original gratuitous "Full Body" workout had been changed to include diverse exercises. When I attempted to customize it back to the correct exercises it blocks me at a pay-wall. Please restore the former absolute body workout or at least offer the option for either the original or "new" version.


Oun Naa  12-7-2020
good edition


Yogesh Rathi  12-6-2020


chaz fahrner  12-6-2020
Wow! Exactly what I was looking for to start my day.


winter fall.  12-5-2020
The edition really makes you loose weight and keeps you fit!


liza law  12-4-2020
it's simple and they really do have gratuitous workouts. They have the paid version which includes more but I really have found the gratuitous ones I am trying to be awesome.


Sienna Stedman  12-4-2020
This edition is soooo simple and straight to use, the only problem is, is that you have to pay for nearly everything unless for custom work out.


Sanjay Mishra  12-4-2020
extremely ousfull edition


Life of Jay  12-3-2020
This edition helps a lot, but you can't just avail this edition and expect to lose weight, you also have to eat healthy.


Sachin Mahanty  12-2-2020
good app.


A. Abhishek  12-1-2020
Too tons unknown workout is given due to which our body parts gain loose.


Mohamed Salman  11-30-2020
fantastic program with dozens categories of exercises and detailed demonstrations. It would tons better... One trait that is needed is asking user's physical ailments or injuries and customizing exercise to:- A) Not exasperated condition. B) rescue remedy or ameliorate it. An example in my case is my knees harm while I exercise and found some choices almost impossible to perform. There is also an trouble I found with a herniated lumbar disk causing sciatica that was made worse by some choice & better by others


Glee_KPOP Stan  11-30-2020
First off, the animations are straight to understand, so even if I don't know I certain workout, I'd still be able to track it. It's also extremely effective. I lost 5 pounds in 3 days! That's absolutely insane! If you're looking for swift results, this is definitely for you.


Kanna Showri  11-30-2020
straight To use,.,.Very excellent edition


Abhinand K Ravikumar  11-29-2020
fantastic app, but team workouts must improve. If you miss team workouts even by a second, you'd have missed the whole thing. Please add a buffer of about a minute before the workout.


MAURICIO DAVID Perez  11-29-2020
In this pandemic situation, the team live sessions are really a rescue because rescue you to maintain active indoor (or outdoor as well), and also socialize with other dependents that have engaged in that session, which rescue you to maintain the spirit high as well. I really discover that a excellent rescue in this difficult times and I really instruct everybody from young to elderly to avail it. In those live sessions, diverse exercise sets are used, and one can experience most of them in that way. But if you desire to customize, you need to pay. For gratuitous there is only one exercise set (full body) which is excellent enough to exercise most part of your body in that session. One can also avail freestyle or personalized sessions which allows customization to a extremely limit extend but are in any case useful. I mostly really enjoy the live sessions!


Michael Hofmann  11-28-2020
I really enjoy doing the workouts in the morning after getting out of bed. Especially during lockdown it helps to maintain in shape. In comparison to my regular gym partnership costs are also reasonable. My two suggestions to ameliorate the edition are to also allow metric creatures as well as sync with Samsung Health.


Yalla Yaswanth  11-23-2020


Rodney Martin  11-22-2020


Liver field  11-21-2020
This edition is outstanding


Mike Cordingley  11-19-2020
Love this app. Really disciplining. I would do with a reset on achievements Still loving the edition three years afterwards than the lines above


DMG  11-19-2020
Can't complain. Enjoying the UX and UI as well as workout regiments.


Christina Stormson  11-18-2020
fantastic edition to add to my healthy living regime. straight and fast.


sydney mclarrin  11-18-2020
fantastic app!


Manas Patra  11-18-2020
exquisite edition for workout in morning for a little time...


Catherine Ivie  11-15-2020
The edition does not seem to have a idea to talk it what fitness tier you are starting from. My first 2 workouts had several activities I couldn't do


Zachary WareJoncas  11-15-2020
Limits you to literally one workout on the gratuitous version and then I did the freestyle workout and it gave me 4 jumping jacks and 3 pushups out of twelve work outs.


Haris Daniyal  11-14-2020
All things are purchasable, only 2 genre of exercises are allowed to watch and do.


Joou Nen  11-14-2020
1-The animations are fantastic in most exercises 2- It will genre of indication you of how to train. 3- It does not tell tons during the exercises which is good. My wish is to offer a 3D Man 👨 for doing the animations instead of the lady or give the usufructuary the ability to chose.


Rachel Fox  11-11-2020
fantastic edition


Raquel Andrade  11-11-2020


mr sarwar  11-10-2020


Daniel Wedderien  11-10-2020
Weight and height are only in imperial and not metric measurements. Overall the subscription is idea too expensive. Why do I have to subscribe anyway. One time remittance is idea better.


God of Thunder  11-8-2020
good 🙂


Masoud Khorsandi Kolur  11-6-2020
excellent and applicable.


Mike Hynds  11-5-2020


Ryan Hobenshield  11-5-2020
gratuitous version has a fantastic fundamental 7 minute series. Well made, animations execute it clear what you need to do and they don't execute you have any equipment. Love it


Bhavna Shrivastava  11-5-2020
good usufructuary interface speaker as a designer muself, gives an easy, satisfaction towards exercises


Jordan23 Quintana  11-3-2020
I worked 2 days and I feel like Lebrom !!


Kanchan Tiawri  11-1-2020
This is extremely exquisite edition for lose weight


Nenad Jovkovic  10-31-2020
This edition is amazing; I was searching for the one which could work for me and finally sealed the transaction with 7. I'm a occupied men and with just one 7 min exercise a day I've seen wonderful transformation of my body. Kudos to 7 developers! Just one minus, doesn't sync with external gadgets i.e. my Samsung watch, Google fit only hence 4 stars. PS. I recommended it to my wife, and she started using too.


Pro Player  10-31-2020
extremely practical


Ali Ahmed  10-31-2020
The exquisite edition


Nakul Tewari  10-29-2020


Salwa Ali  10-29-2020
excellent edition


Jeremy Brown  10-28-2020
fantastic edition keeps me motivated


Divyansh Kumar Sharma  10-27-2020
exquisite for teenagers and for who don't have tons time to do workout


Amanda Gonzales  10-26-2020
Love this app..


po po  10-25-2020


Paulina Ramos  10-24-2020
Honestly, this has been my favourite workout app. In other editions I followed the 30 minutes routine and I didn't even sweat, but in the 7 minutes workouts of this edition I truly feel like my body is working.


none none  10-24-2020
I love this place about you guys you are the exquisite buddies of the time off to be a fantastic time for severe dependents to execute your life easier to be with your tim job as well but thank u and I lo you and your wife will not have any issue getting a little lass back on this ship this weekend with you too my buddy system will not go to the end


ABDUL BASITH  10-23-2020


Anni Shishir  10-22-2020
Thanks class


Guillermo Candelario  10-21-2020
Is really excellent to maintain up with the program.


Heather Moller  10-18-2020
Lots of profits at the gratuitous level. Works smoothly, and the fact you only need 7 minutes makes it straight to track across on my excellent intentions.


Jamilu Damuwa  10-16-2020
Im so delighted to see this edition Plz share this edition to other idea


Himanshu Sharma  10-14-2020
Good....but require more time to download excercise .....overall it is excellent


Esteban Castaño  10-12-2020
La edition es buenísima, los ejercicios son muy variados. Pero tengo un problema, es que la edition ya no me permite hacer ejercicio porque me dice que debo descargar las rutinas primero, y la descarga siempre falla. Ojalá lo arreglen rápido


Kipras Vazalinskas  10-12-2020


Chethan Srinivasa  10-11-2020
fantastic all to rescue initiate mini habits for fitness.


Molly Mas  10-10-2020
Really fantastic at burning me out! Really simple and really efective.


Anoki Youssou  10-9-2020
extremely good,but please can the download time is shorter?So I don't need to wait for a long time,because I waited for like,35 minutes.


Lauren B  10-7-2020
The Aps 'extra' details (like being able to attain diverse instructors) makes it more enjoyment than some of the other Aps I've tried.


reem atta  10-6-2020
This workout was excellent 💪🦵


Kylie Read  10-5-2020
exquisite edition ever


Aniruddh Karekar  10-5-2020
Its excellent edition but i'll propose you you to be careful while doing cardio and aerobics workout because it takes lot of energy and this edition is not giving enought relax time between those intense workouts. So don't shove yourself too tons for cardio and aerobics workout.


Bader Khalid  10-4-2020
Good, but I desire to switch from lbs to kg how?


Ike Lindley  10-3-2020
great, but you have to pay to disclose its absolute potential.


Innocent lover  10-2-2020
extremely experienced and skilled edition


Santiago Alfaro  10-2-2020
I have never worked out regularly nor do ever go to a gym. The gratuitous version has been fantastic for me.


Tommy P  10-2-2020
Competition is a fantastic motivator. It's outstanding to compete with dependents around the world with Leagues and Challenges.


Renee Born  10-1-2020
Does what it advertises plus some, I like the missions with diverse "anouncers." The martial arts one is a fantastic workout if you do 2 back to back!!


Mr byron Pillay  9-30-2020
I love seven i do so mant exercises i even am paying for it now😀


PRATAL WARADE  9-29-2020
good edition for exercise


EliteTamago  9-29-2020
I gained lots of fat while using this edition


Aditya Vishwkarma  9-28-2020
This edition is excellent for workout but after workout is over there is no cool down process


Learning is Fun  9-27-2020
fantastic initiative 👍


Teril  9-26-2020
exquisite workout app! Actually working and really good community anchivemets and good design!


Tania. C. F  9-26-2020
unbelievable app.


Srihari Dande  9-24-2020
serviceable edition for morning exercise


Assaf Levy  9-24-2020
It describes an in-app purchase and a gratuitous edition but after the first workout you have to pay annual or monthly subscription.. I had the most lame workout and then I need to start paying Not even a month trial to gain me hooked.. Sorry but this edition is trash!


patricia hernandez  9-24-2020
Loved the 1st 7 min work out. Notifies me of the 2nd and 3rd but they won't download so... 3 stars for the work out only.


Nikita Vaizin  9-23-2020
No dark theme fall 2020


Sergi Kupreishvili  9-23-2020
I don't understand why google made this edition featured. This is shame cause there are tons better editions on store.


Risabh Bharadwaj  9-21-2020
exquisite edition for fitness and health. No other edition is as excellent as Seven - 7.


Science explained  9-18-2020
A wonderful edition


vivek jain  9-18-2020
splendid edition


Tara Elizabeth  9-17-2020
Love the morning reminder and 7-8 min workouts are really doable!


Claira Blink  9-17-2020
Its quite a excellent app!


Gt Rao  9-17-2020
It is an good edition for ideal workout.



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