Android Version: 5.0App: SBU LaundryView
Release date: Oct 9, 2018App Rating: 5
Author: The Mango HutCategory: lifestyle
Name: SBU LaundryViewExtension: Apk
Downloads: 500+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Now you can discover out what machines are attainable at all times from your phone! Be notified when the vehicle cycle is finish and never lose follow of your laundry again. Some locations are currently not attainable but will be added extremely soon!



A Google user  1-27-2020
fantastic app, horrible choice of fruit, three star


Srinija K  10-21-2019
Such an wonderful app!


Brandon G.  9-10-2019
extremely good interface, accurate, and reliable.


A Google user  2-19-2019
works great, extremely convenient


Jason Hu  2-19-2019
as a sordid humanities major, i approve.


Marisa P  2-17-2019
client aid is 100000000/5


Benjamin Huang  12-5-2018
I never knew I needed this edition in life until now. This has raised my GPA by 2 points!


Matthew Ng  12-5-2018
Man what a excellent app. The creator is so cool.


Jason Hu  11-23-2018
This edition puts a grin on my face after getting depressed quotidian from Stony Brook University. This is the only thing keeping my sanity in SBU after constantly getting my ass cheek clapped by Stark, Rispoli, president Stanley and wolfie. You have legit saved my life with this app. I now have one less thing to to clap my ass in SBU. Thank you.


A Google user  11-23-2018
This edition is killing it. I can't believe how tons it changed my life! Without this edition I wouldn't have found my cute wife, 7 figure job, and love for jesus.


A Google user  11-23-2018
An wonderful app. This is a should have for any SBU student who is dorming. It gave me the chance to discover my ded who went to do the laundry 13 years ago. This edition was truly life changing! <3


Max Wertheim  10-21-2018
Thank you mango, extremely cool!


Porapat Senryu  10-14-2018
Holy Moly! This edition is life changing. It stopped making me stress about my laundry, and gave me more time to concentrate on my studies. My GPA went up by 2.0 points(from a 0.0 to a 4.0). Thanks a lot fam!


t7shaheen Abuser  10-12-2018
wonderful app, I no longer have to wait for 20 minutes in fear that someone will toss out my laundry if I leave and come back at a afterwards time


Jessie Dai  10-11-2018
Radical app! So tons better than the ancient one! I love the design!



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