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Do you like Virtual Regatta? Whether you are a beginner or experienced player, casual or addictive gamer, SailGrib for Virtual Regatta, known as SailGrib4VR, offers you all the power of SailGrib WR at the exclusive Virtual Regatta service. With SailGrib4VR, you can compete with the exquisite players! The routing algorithm considers the specifics of the release to minimize penalties subject to sail changes, tacking and gybing. It also takes into account exclusion regions like the ZEA of the Vendée Globe. When you open the app, you are automatically connected to your Virtual Regatta account. If you have several regattas in progress, select in the house page the one you want. Without any manipulation or setting, you can promptly discover your position in veritable time on the map. If a recent weather file is attainable for the game, it is automatically downloaded at the edition start. Place a purpose on the image and calculate a routing towards that target. Once the routing is done, send the programmations orders to VR, they will be forthwith integrated in the game, and your boat will track the path of this recent road (Premium subscription only). That's it! Without a subscription, you have to manually transfer the bearing of every isochron segment in the Virtual Regatta programming function. Only one watchword: instant. One credo: efficiency. Wherever you are, on the move, on public transport, in a waiting room, at the time of a recent weather file, take out your cell smartphone or cellphone and upgrade your routing. Free edition specs: - 5 day routing - Regular routing mode The 3-month, with a 5 day gratuitous trial period, extended subscription includes: - up to 16 day routing - 4 routing modes: Fast, Normal, Precise and Expert - Export of the programming to VR (up to 15 road points according to variants taken in VR).



fil  11-10-2021


Rodrigue Foulonneau  12-31-2020
extremely excellent app. Especially for having the possibility to compare diversified routes. I did not give 5 stars as it often login VR even though I previously chose to log out of VR. Not all the time but cca 50% of the times wich is annoying as it means I have to re-connect VR.


Dorian Spence  12-23-2020
the rescue is not extremely helpful...especially for those who are recent to sailing and have no clue how to avail this app?! perhaps a couple of how to clips on YouTube...which is standard for most things these days...would be practical for those of us recent to e-sailing and hopefully a clip that's in English and not just French!? maybe it's just me but I'm battling to discover YouTube clips in English on Sailgrib4VR!? Viva le France and all that...I cant converse French unfortunately...I wish ! 🤷‍♂️ thanks?


Nigel Barton  12-22-2020
could be good to see cost of premium. Just seems to talk you what you gain with no costs shown or how to subscribe. could appear that GOGGLE discriminates. Wont allow access to those in Gibraltar . Another tech enormous and its discriminatory regulations


Alison Thompson  12-19-2020
Proposes multiple gybes at 10 minute intervals and also long gybes out into lighter wind. Can send routing directly to Virtual Regatta but it needs refinement to avoid the troubles above. Calculation variants swift to precise are offered- no in-game indication but by mail developer suggests 'regular'. Which setting to avail for recent Heading Tolerance? It seems to be unclear... I don't think this routing edition is "second to none", as Dev claims, to me it's just one of a few variants available.


Philippe Va  12-18-2020
Ok merci pour l'aide rapide Suite à un problème de login.


jj n  12-12-2020
je suis très content d'utiliser sailgrib4vr edition pour gérer mes roads dans le vendée globe 2020.. en 2 clics tout est fait... une clic pour sélectionner votre destination et une clic pour envoyer votre road au jeu e-sailing VR Offshore... tout est fait pour vous... c'est facile et permets de passer son temps en stratégie... horizon 15jours... velocity


Stéphane CARO  11-30-2020
At newest the renowned and wonderful sailgrib edition has its own entirely embedded virtual Regatta version! It's nearly too straight and you will wonder how you were doing before. After login, the edition knows your boat position in the race. You can then set a purpose and the edition calculates the exquisite road with your sails, using the renowned algorithms that made the triumph of sailgrib (no-go regions included). You can then ask the edition to apply your moves for you directly within vr. Amazing!!



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