Android Version: 6.0App: Safe Zone!
Release date: Jul 23, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: PlaySide StudiosCategory: arcade
Name: Safe Zone!Extension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Collect! Upgrade! Survive! Collect rare weapons and endure the undead in Safe Zone, the final zombie survival shooter. Safe region puts you up versus some of the most deadly foes from the zombie hordes, including unstoppable Tanks. ------------------ UPGRADE YOUR GUNS Hundreds of Upgrades to increase your weapon power! Hundreds of unique paints to unlock! UPGRADE SKILLS Upgrade your Damage, coins get and HS rate to rescue you contact the next Safe Zone! PLEASE NOTE: Safe region : Zombie Survival is gratuitous game. Some extra elements need in-app-purchased.



Randin Smith  6-17-2021
fantastic release


Kurnia Kartolo  6-16-2021
The release is cool


Mark Richardson  6-10-2021
I can't install this release please rescue


Carson Mayville  6-9-2021
Hours of enjoyment


dee bee  6-8-2021
Uninstalled. Have been playing since this release came out but the recent upgrade wiped out my progress, most of my money, and my purchases. It's stuck at tier 328 and nothing I do raises my progress bar. I've collected several weapons that are 330 but can't avail them because I can't advance! No matter what you do, you can't progress.


Joselyn Betancourt  6-6-2021
Love the game.


Mohammed Hamza Shaikh  6-5-2021


Zaksa YdotT  6-4-2021
It's nice, work more for the animation


hello! my name is LOc  5-24-2021
A extremely cool release 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯


jaber jafari  5-5-2021
Not wrong . Just is a higt graphic . ancient mobil is a lag


Bailey Pflugradt  5-4-2021
Soooo enjoyment


Moana Mckane  4-29-2021
excellent release


TheHoloGuy  4-25-2021
All the dependents declaring they lost the progressi can understand that I had the release maxed out I had the nightmare skin and a bunch of guns but I think restarting a release you already played and maxed out gives you another target to run it and tier up


Dayton Spilchen  4-20-2021
Can't progress in the release any further can't disclose the next tier I go back and remake all the other tiers and that still doesn't work release is glitchy as well shooting at zombies and they won't die because my bullets just maintain going right across them and the zombies will just be running in place not moving and I can just stroll right across the zombies when I first found the release it was absolutely outstanding loved it and now the recent upgrade and it's absolutely garbage👎 so please repair thank you


landon hickman  4-20-2021
Cool release


naruto namikaze uzamaki  4-18-2021
not excellent at all


Lunch Box  4-11-2021
Exlent. Just right 4 my tier of run


Chris Shaw  4-10-2021
Love this release


JAMES Grove  4-9-2021


Willie Jackson  4-7-2021
I love this release


Nick K.  3-29-2021


Andy Lupo  3-26-2021
It's fun, so far. Just completed tutorial, tho...


Black Star  3-22-2021


Ugandan knuckles  3-22-2021
each single ad reward system is broken (besides the trial fabled weapon one And even THAT freezes from time to time.) It's a enjoyment game, though. I just wish there was a save informations to cloud system because I deleted the release and it restarted my progress.


Nicko niel  3-19-2021


Nugg Blazer  3-16-2021
Ok.. so far..


Lee Jay  3-10-2021
Played this release couple of years back. Seems like the releases has been streamlined, trait removed. The glitch with the adverts sux. Not the same game, extremely disappointing!!!!


Aubrey Jean Bulacan  3-2-2021
Little concerned with the adverts where you gain rewards, they flash at you but it doesn't load declaring no internet yet I have a severe connection at house or I have a severe signal for data. It's frustrating for some gamesters who likes to collects the rewards and they can't gather it. 3/2/2021 It's crashing now while I'm playing. I'm concerned.


Hung Lo Productions  3-2-2021
I'm having the same glitch as a few dependents have described on here. Started out outstanding and then with the newest upgrade I lost all my progression which at first I thought was okay because I was given a rare assault rifle but now I'm back up to tier 13 and I cannot progress anymore and some zombies glitch and you cannot kill them but they can harm you. Plus I cannot tier up anymore and I am unable to earn money. This was my go to release but except these problems are repaired I will be uninstalling.


Roldan Dacles  3-2-2021
extremely good


Iris Mogi  2-27-2021
Too tons ads. Can't kill some zombies. Can't go to tier 13. Time to uninstall. Know of a suchlike game?


AliReza Tarkhan  2-26-2021


halbend paulus  2-25-2021
wonderful release


Marian Danut Cojocaru  2-22-2021
Only 12 phase end 13 phase no


Usman Akram  2-21-2021


Earl Lanz  2-13-2021


Michael Hewett  2-6-2021
Finally y'all gt it right well played. Plays better but still having problems with the clip that don't like to run, when it shows the run clip it makes a sound and no clip to gain the guns and ammo is the same way, my golden guns are 7500 the ones from the crates are idea lower than whatnm shooting. That needs a fix,


White.Boyy. 1Hunnid  2-4-2021
Insane to run tbh....


Roodly De  1-27-2021
outstanding game. No need wifi.


Tara Armentrout  1-24-2021
exquisite release EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM ADICTED, entirely 100 PERCENT RECOMEND TO ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!


soran ghafoori  1-22-2021


Austin Espinoza  1-20-2021
excellent release to knock out time and kill zombies


Emuejevoke Akpokere  12-29-2020
I love this release for its simplicity and the graphics, sounds. I just love everything about it, including the adverts


Ibrahim Shakir  12-28-2020
extremely excellent release


David Surrency  12-23-2020
fantastic release


Ducky May  12-22-2020
Love this release thank you extremely tons


Alex Wu  12-21-2020
must include bazooka and all other explosive weapon. More fun. But quite enjoyment and intractable in this game.


Xavier Armando Figueroa Lopez  12-16-2020


Eddie Brown  12-5-2020
excellent release


wonderful graphics according to the size and extremely interacting and loving release


Donnell Jackson  12-3-2020
enjoyment zombie game. Grinding isn't too tedious if U update right. I restart from the begining from time to time. I gave 4 stars because I had to execute a purchase to maintain the sound from going out after adverts or upgrades.


maricelle cool  11-26-2020
Love it


Sergio Gonzalez  11-21-2020
Whew.... what a game...


Chris Carr  11-20-2020


Jerri JoAnn Jarvis  11-19-2020
Love this release


Thomas Wright  11-13-2020
release is enjoyment but still glitches and freezes even with the update..


Jebonne Christian Cabardo  11-11-2020
excellent concept, fantastic zombie game. Though I could minus 1 star because the clicking in the menu part is laggy. Also the sound will be gone when I click the upgrades.


Felix Blume  11-7-2020
excellent fun. enormous problem though: I'm at rank 189 with 120bn of cash. Suddenly I got set back to the first phases and the higher phases are locked again. So I am constantly oneshoting all enemys and could have to promotion across all the phases again. How can I repair this?


Branon McGillivary  11-7-2020


Johnny Hidalgo  11-5-2020
enjoyment release


一条花火  11-2-2020
When trying to open chest with adverts it dont work! repair please!


Professor Digory Kirke  11-1-2020
Downloaded release yesterday, played a few times, extremely enjoyable. Unfortunately, had to uninstall as sound keeps going. If repaired I will download again.


Allen Zent Jr  10-27-2020
upgrade is glitched, some zombies cannot be killed, I'm at tier 12 and completed it twice and cant promotion to tier 13. It is now 8 months afterwards 10-27-2020 and nothing has changed, im about to uninstall. Cannot finish some things because those zombies do not exist anymore. gain it jointly safe zone!!!!!!!!


wellok then  10-26-2020
The sound is whenever going in and out the money does not add up and i cant open the boxs all this happend after the update. Can you guys please repair this ongoing problem


Pedro Gonzalez  10-26-2020


William Bishop  10-24-2020
Needs gratuitous lvls


Worley Reed  10-23-2020
good with some minor problems. They give you missions for critters and quick zombies, but they do not exist in the release anymore. When you check to change the challenge, the release blocks you from doing so by stating that it cannot connect to the internet, which is not true. Otherwise, this release is enjoyment and addictive. :-) same problems as of 9/19/2020. Now it is 10/23/2020 and the internet connection/ nonexistent critters and quick zombies still exist. Q: DOES THE DEVELOPER READ THIS?


Via Moko  10-22-2020
magandang laro sa tablet ko itong laro naro


ian castro  10-17-2020
Sound goes mute after leveling up or applying upgrades. 3 stars for now, but if you repair the issue,I'll give 5 star rating.


Marraki  10-15-2020
enjoyment little action title but you gain SO dozens more goodies from watching adverts than shooting zombies that I didn't feel like I actually had to run the release to gain anything. Burned out fast.


Kevin Hessler  10-12-2020
outstanding enjoyment


Joe H  10-8-2020
tru to watch an ad for a reward, "not connected to the internet", even though i have hi speed wi fi, I complete a tier an AD PLAYS, AUTO JUST FINE, (no reward), 20 second level, 30 second ad w/no reward, gain your stuff jointly devos


Ahmed Arsham  10-8-2020
Need more updates and more graphics


Elaine Guthridge  10-4-2020
Loooove this release finished tier 12 its showing a tier 13 but its still locked or even if the lock itself is gone it is still faded and wont permit me it still being made and also are there additional tiers coming...hope so!!!!


B. A  10-2-2020
The experience bar is not moving ,seems to be stuck. I'm at tier 208 gamester , but it's not moving up anymore. Also the money seems to have stopped working as well. So I'm just playing for nothing as it's not going to the next level. Can you repair this.


Moroni  9-30-2020
This release is AWSOME its so enjoyment and does not have a lot of ads. Im so addicted to this game!!!!!


37 SOUTH EAST  9-27-2020
Download the edition B4 I beat you 🤕😎


Benjamin Resnick  9-21-2020
To tons time between challenges


Musa jutt  9-21-2020
outstanding 💯


Shayea  9-17-2020
extremely good😍


david casper  9-15-2020
It's ok


Domain Damount  9-11-2020
A little lag but it will maintain you enjoyment all the time. speedy release for ya.


Anil sharma  9-6-2020
It is a good release .But there is a problem . I can't watch adverts to trial a legendry weapon for difficult tier .


trueblue21000  8-29-2020
This release was enjoyment but not so tons anymore since the fresh upgrade you can no longer equip more mighty guns as it will not update the weapons can you sort it out getting bored now any opportunity of an upgrade any time soon


Satesh Kumar  8-23-2020


Jeneen Soliday  8-21-2020
genre of cool intractable


santanu bera  8-18-2020
wrong Graphics. Cannot stop gamester from moving ahead to the horde


Darrell Taylor  8-14-2020
This release is exhilarating, enjoyment and exciting. So I give five stars


Get 10-bz  8-13-2020
Ad clip not currently attainable Please try your internet connection. How is that when adverts pop up after ever game. Google site to spend coins works extremely well.


Christopher Capraro  8-13-2020
excellent release


Josh Franklin  8-12-2020
enjoyment game. good graphics and feedback. fantastic time waster


Justin Tharp  8-11-2020


Rodreco Richardson  8-10-2020
enjoyment I wish you would avail the grenades offline but still excellent enjoyment


Dark criminal  8-5-2020
release is excellent but so dozens lagh in this release


Sile Angel  8-2-2020
excellent release


Dexter de Leon  7-31-2020


Dot Shivers  7-28-2020
20 bucks a month for subscription and still have to watch adverts for power ups and rewards? AND have to purchase vault access? Rip off


ONYOS ONE  7-27-2020
If you like watching adverts download this game. Like seriously there is a ad after each freaking level.


chaz wale  7-25-2020
intractable to change weapons and grenades during tiers but its a cool game.


Andreas Pavlis  7-25-2020
A excellent game!!


Alaku Ay  7-23-2020
So far so good. It's a simple and enjoyment hit e up release


alberto hdz  7-20-2020
extremely excellent


Maximo Atienza Jr  7-20-2020
excellent game. I enjoyed playing it. adverts are such a pain in the a** so i have to pay for no adverts just $2. Not wrong at all.


Draven Boatright  7-14-2020
outstanding great😃😃


leakista mccoy  7-13-2020
I gave it 1 star for the fact you can't gather loot after every brawl offline. It says try WiFi, when I'm connected. repair please! Oh yes you can be online to gain fabled weapons. But you won't gain them. release takes them back. Getting ready to delete this game.


Kristian Brown  7-11-2020
Non stop action! Decent reward system and excellent difficultly curve.


ÀMÏŘ ÇØĐ  7-9-2020



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