Android Version: 4.4App: Run An Empire
Release date: Oct 1, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Location gamesCategory: health & fitness
Name: Run An EmpireExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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NEW! A fun, gratuitous motivation to step further! Capture veritable world places and compete versus neighbors with each move you take. Whether walking to your workplace or running a marathon, capture the places you step across to build a formidable empire. examine further to gather resources and earn fantastic fortunes. Lead your dependents from the sunrise of time to the spot Age. “Don a pair of sneakers and play (jog, or walk) to victory” Engadget “If you’re getting bored of your run-commute, check this” Runner’s World “If you’re partial to a mobile release and desire to ease your idea into training more and logging your progress, this would be for you.” Men’s Running “Run An Empire’ fits into existing exercise routines, whilst giving recent runners an incentive to gain started” Variety _______________ ⬢ CAPTURE and own your street, your neighborhood or your borough as you travel on foot or now by BIKE! ⬢ follow and map your activity from your pocket, using your phone’s GPS. ⬢ combat neighbors and buddies to capture nearby castles. ⬢ gain STATS like distance, calories, speed and see your performance improve. ⬢ CUSTOMIZE your banner to fly over your powerful empire. ⬢ Connect with STRAVA and leave your smartphone at home. It's time to turn your activity into an adventure. run NOW! _______________ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ If you like this app, please give us 5* ✋ Having problems? reach us at [email protected] and we will check our exquisite to help. _____ End usufructuary licence Agreement: Privacy Policy: User Content Guidelines:



Nils Nahooy  5-29-2021
Unable to initiate an account, keyboard doesn't exhibit up so can't category anything.


Florina V. Jones  5-28-2021
It's more of a release than a running app, but i love it!! It does encourage me to go out to gain those hexes!!! fantastic job guys!!


Anar İsmayıl  5-16-2021
Asks for permission to location. But not working after this permission.


Andrew Saunders  5-15-2021
enjoyment and motivational. There is a bug that It won't deliver up the keyboard so I can't rename anything or execute an account


Nacht Bier  5-11-2021
Logging into your account now impossible as no keyboard is shown for the mail or password fields. Noobs


Mike Prendergast  5-8-2021
It's a enjoyment idea. And I enjoyed it for the first hour or so, but after that it lost my interest. I tried to initiate an account so I would sync it with my strava account, but the edition has a bug that doesn't allow the keyboard to pop up to category my mail or really anything. Then I went for a play with my address on and the edition active to check to disclose some more hexes (I just ran strava on my watch). When I completed my play it kept follow of my time, but didn't measure the distance. So no unlocking


ML LEVERAGE  5-8-2021
Simple coins grab game. You can't execute meaningful progress without spending veritable money.


Mae Logan  5-4-2021
I hate when editions force me to rate them


Lucas Nemo  5-4-2021
I like the way of the game, but there are quite a few problems... dozens time it just didn't save all my progress before I closed the release so I had to do a lot of clicking all over again, the hexes are idea too large so it hinder progress somewhat, and the most annoying thing for me is that the stronghold can hold idea too little resources and the update is too expensive and barely helps... I'm at a point that I don't even annoy to produce anything in the residences because I never have spot


Robert Eves  4-20-2021
fantastic release but can't connect to strava due to an error (have emailed for aid but had zero response after a few months)


John Smith  4-19-2021
fully unintuitive. The trick is overly complicated and cluttered.


David Kvick  4-12-2021
I love the way at the core, but its covered with a mobile release that is fully unnecessary. All mobile releases are designed to do is frustrate F2P testers so they buy gems, and im not participating in that. Even if thr release didn't have gems, it could be frustrating to manage a municipality when all I was looking for was conquering my neighborhood by running only. I dont care about the rest. If they would implement a separate style (classic or running only mode) I could be interested


Kateřina Fixová  4-10-2021
fantastic app, but I am not able to log in with my account because of a bug. repair that please!


Peter Johnson  3-29-2021
Urgent patch needed for keyboard bug, keyboard does not exhibit up when click on text field. This means I cannot take part in PvP part of game!!! Otherwise I like the way of the release and the style. Need better idea of capturing tiles between routes that are inaccessible, also storage is beautiful tons useless, gain rid of it or execute it ten times larger.


sidr wert  3-28-2021
OK so am think it's a excellent release but I sent were is my address But it still don't permit me in


D. Lundy  3-28-2021
excellent so far


Joseph Dale  3-27-2021
excellent release but dosent deliver up the keyboard on smartphones


Kaspars P  3-21-2021
Becomes numb and repetative after few days. Constant micromanagemant and numerous logic or gameplay bugs. - constantly out of storage. Storage increase requires specialists or gems. Specialists are in populated areas. Areas can be visited only once. Then you need to go out of your borough with ever increasing distance. Nobody does that. Usualy you run, walk, bike in the same territory around house or work/home commute. - lots of logic problems.


prakorn supasaksutat  3-12-2021


Autumn Tiger  3-3-2021
fantastic so far! Only been playing a couple of days but so far so good. Living in a village its a little challenging to gain enough tiles to run on as only the tiles closest to the routes are accessible, the relax are private property, but it must be enough to be able to maintain playing. Love the format and the idea. Haven't unlocked turrets yet though, so can't comment on the "competitive" side of the game. I'd declare give it a go!


Platten Haus  3-1-2021
Too dozens adverts apart from that could have been a a pogo killer


Seronin Aran  2-28-2021
When is the next update? This release is absolutely wonderful and pulverizes pogo. The only God release I can think of outside of pogo and wizards.


Assen Andonov  2-24-2021
fantastic game!!


Laetitia Delmer  2-22-2021
I really like the concept and will check to persevere, but there are a couple bugs which execute it intractable to play. When the window pops up to enter a username and mail address, my keyboard doesn't come up so I can't type, and there is no idea to close that pop-up so I need to close the app. Otherwise not quite enough news to start learning the release run easily.


Ryan Kendrick  2-2-2021
I really enjoyed this release but I'm unable to execute an account due to tool keyboard not appearing on account making page. Otherwise this will be a lot of fun.


White Man  2-1-2021
I opened the app, it said that it needs address access. I allowed it but it Still showed that it needed access. This is so frustrating.


Andrew Smith  2-1-2021
Fun, gets you out and about


Søs Gaddis  1-11-2021
enjoyment with babes


Mark Hancox  1-10-2021
Motivates you to actually leave the home during COVID-19 restrictions.


Claire Hannon  1-3-2021
enjoyment and addictive!


Aleksei Kukushkin  12-29-2020
Innovative way at the core (motivating to go for runs), but implemented as typical farming release with constant inventory and production micromanagement. Requires constantly buying gems for ridiculous quantity of money to progress. Bugs, can't register on (some) smartphones smartphones which causes lots of issues, and doesn't allow to combat at castles. Time waster.


Hugh Freeman  12-29-2020
enjoyment release but never enough storage in stronghold, if it didn't cost so tons to update could definitely give more stars


Anthony Quinn  12-27-2020
Demo looks trash it don't explain anything about what the releases about. Uninstalling


John Emrys Allison  12-19-2020
fantastic in principle, high potential and some good features. Unfortunately not balanced and extremely buggy. If its developed would be fantastic. Edit, changed review down to 1 star. Changes seem to change things that work but several key troubles go unaddressed, making the release only partially playable.


Talya Bates  12-16-2020
I'm extremely recent to the app. Day 2. I like the Civ mode gameplay and lovely graphics I feel motivated to go out but I can't figure out how to turn in what I assume are quests to the settlements. I tap everywhere and still have 4/1 wool.


Charlotte Armitage  12-11-2020
This is a fantastic edition with a good, motivational idea. But I have already had two frustrating situations with the recording. One was where I recorded a stroll then pressed finished. Thought it was all excellent but halfway across the drive house it was still recording and said it wouldn't count it. Also I just did a half hour bike ride to gather more land and its recorded the time but not the distance so thing that motivated me to gain out and ride has not worked. extremely frustrating! Will check again though.


Ingress memes  12-7-2020
Simple, needs more tiers


Eeveenator Gaming  12-1-2020
This release is AWESOME!!!! 😎 For starters, you can play your own country, and the exquisite thing is, you can even claim more land! Just another game? Wrong. This release is unique too!


cyril brachet  11-13-2020
enjoyment edition to force you to go out and about!


Ivan Leong  11-7-2020
The release has lost its plot with the recent village residence details which is irrelevant to the goal of the game. deliver back the original subdue playstyle with multiplayer!


Franco Marcus  11-4-2020
Noice release


Chris Fleegle  10-29-2020
diverse from the Kickstarter days, but still good.


George Ruhl  10-24-2020
exquisite AR geo address Based release I've played so far. I like this game. But I've gone everywhere I can. It was a unhappy heart I had until this release cuz I can't run it anymore.


Samantha Da Fonseca  10-18-2020
I left this for a while and come back to it. Starting to gain tired of the ads. Do there really need to be so many? It's a excellent game, but thinking of uninstalling like so dozens aps before this.... There are more adverts than YouTube. I'm still learning about this. Is there a domain with notification on how to progress? I stopped using the app, because I started using a garmin vivoactive 3 audio and don't know if I can load the notification onto play an empire app.


Daniel Giles  10-16-2020
I don't gain the complaints on this game. If your inventory is full, sell stuff for coins. This fat guy has been running for a week straight!


Pranav Rahul  9-25-2020


Asad Dhorajiwala  9-24-2020
I really desired to run the game, but even after giving it permission to avail my location, the release doesn't allow me to go past the go to settings screen. What a disappointment. Please inform me when this is fixed.


Oliver Spearing  9-18-2020
It's a excellent release it's for you you like village releases gain


Mike Caldwell  9-10-2020
Made exercise amusing


Ethan Fleming  9-8-2020
I love it


Robert Paszka  9-4-2020
This edition is really great, but I could love to see a better motive to revisit already owned hexes.


Nicholas Kruger  8-25-2020
lovely art and concept, meager execution. Saving is buggy. No incentive to play since it's chiefly a clicker game. Hex size makes it near impossible for runners to capture a important number tiles via loops. turrets in random locations, often unsafe. Updates regularly break the game, including removing things you had bought with money. Leagues are unplayable due to cheating/bugs. Had given this a 2nd chance, deleted now.


Harm sonneveld  8-24-2020
fantastic edition with lots of potential. It really makes me desire to go outside for a play or a walk. I could love to have more variants regarding multiplayer like trading, seeing other empires and more. Thanks for the game!


Kevin Fifield II  8-23-2020
Seems fun. Just got installed it and don't know tons about it


Dragon Flames Studios  8-23-2020
exquisite release but can you guys upgrade the tracking. it worked on my ancient smartphone but i just got my recent one and its having issue tracking. but exquisite I EVER HAD😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 Also would you add a delete structure in case I didn't need one?


Ty Harris  8-23-2020
beautiful enjoyment


weigle70  8-20-2020
release is fun, but needs tricks to finish some of the stuff. My dependents desire stuff but I don't know how to finish the task.


Christopher Bone  8-16-2020
Enjoying it so far.


J Mc  8-16-2020
extremely cute. But there must be an admission on how to play. Took me ages to figure out that I have to drag the resources down to the


SHANE O'CONNELL  8-15-2020
excellent release so far sick see how it goes as i run more


Christina Byrens  8-13-2020
enjoyment idea to combine exercise with a release


Christian Mohammed  8-13-2020
Dont waste your time on this run something that's less pay to win.


Harrison Bant  8-11-2020
I think this has a lot of potential, id like to see a greater emphasis on multiplayer gameplay. I desire to be able to see other gamesters area and attack, protect my own, forge trade roads with players, initiate alliances, take over area or just loot them. Taking turrets of of other gamesters without being able to see their empire or any other interaction feels lackluster


dylan resciniti  8-10-2020
Honestly more enjoyment then i thought


Phil Lascelles  8-9-2020


Amy E  8-7-2020
Am extremely confused with the recent updates and whilst I still enjoy using it there must be some sort of explaining when they change it all.


Nicholas Tollefson  8-6-2020
SCAM! Their "updates" consistently remove or downgrade structures you've built as they "improve" upon the app. I've lost hundreds of gems from bugs and updates. Their aid mail location doesn't exist. It's a SCAM. Don't give them any money.


Kevin Smith  8-6-2020
So far, so good. I'll maintain playing and see how it pans out. I'll revise my rating, must I discover something about the release I dislike.


david bott  8-5-2020
I love it


Dillon Lebahn  8-4-2020
extremely well done!


Andrew Dennis  8-3-2020
Tried, terrible graphics and greedy developers.


Steele Walker  8-2-2020
This is a fantastic concept I havent seen yet but could like some more conflict aspects.


Angel San  7-31-2020


The Alldaddy Kraken  7-30-2020
This release is great,I'm a cable technician so I am whenever on the step and all over...I do have a few suggestions that are mostly cosmetic. - civilization skins. You see Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, mongols...why not permit dependents choose their civilization? I love the Viking/medieval feel. every one having their own decorative structures -time periods. Maybe you don't desire a super advanced civilization, be able to choose your residences skins as they unlock. maintain it up, love it.


Nicholas Kostiuk  7-28-2020
I'm enjoying this. It's a latest take on GPS games. could be cool outstanding if the storehouse held more than 16 element at the start. It's feeling like a grand grind at the start.


James M McCormick  7-28-2020
It keeps asking me to rate it so before I know if I like it I guess I will.


Darkwear GT  7-28-2020
In order to gain land u need to go out , thats not a really excellent way during this period of time


Zachary Abbott  7-27-2020
Just starting out but so far its actually really neat.


Kadun Budge  7-26-2020
Noice and diverse release


Matt  7-25-2020
coins grab. Seems like everytime you do something the release asks for gems. It looks really interesting, however the constant asking for gems kills it for me.


shaun oreilly  7-24-2020
Just downloaded the release and initially rejected the address access then enabled did it now it won't permit me run it keeps telling me to enable address access even tho I have and now ive uninstalled reinstalled cleared cache clears storage disabled and reinabled permissions and it stillll won't go past the enable address screen.


Space Man  7-24-2020
STOLE MY MONEY. spent money on the edition to gain gems and some upgrades then spent weeks grinding. Today it asks for me to login to my account and it reset me to the beginning of the release nothing was transferred over like it said it could either. WILL upgrade IF ITS repaired


Zicarlo van Aalderen  7-23-2020
execute sure you don't cycle too fast. The release will think you cheated. You shouldn't go faster than 25km/h or so, so execute sure you stop at a cafe or something.


Louis Sanger  7-23-2020
excellent release when gain to know it


Shalltear BloodFallen  7-20-2020
The first day is fun,, but on the second day I got two thousand subject waiting on the palace. When I desire to see them, the edition got crashed. Damn.... Please repair this issue, I really like this game. repair this, then I will execute it five star


Dennie Moore  7-19-2020


AusSpartan Fallon  7-19-2020
so far so good, a bit far between though


Bogdan Gabriel Onete  7-19-2020
So far so good. good release and mechanics. Loses 1* for lack of correct explanation of a few things: how exactly to fortress combats work (how do i replenish, when can I attack, does it stay replenished, if my warriors upgarde will the garrisons as well), and also how dozens characters i have (lumberjacks, and miners especially, but also a few others). The only ones i know how dozens i have are those for storage. A cooldown counter for when can i attack again is needed. And explain the "this hex" right


Benjamin Osborn  7-19-2020
Wait, I can wander around and gain Empire? Oooooo...


Tom Doughty  7-19-2020
So far so excellent


Megan Silveira  7-18-2020
Developers maintain significantly reducing stronghold storage. They expect dependents to pay money for gems to avail to increase storage, but they will take it away and won't conform to emails. Literally what you buy in the release is taken away like it never happened. Also the release is hardly about running and is just farming. Do yourself a favor and don't bother. They even took away over 200 gems from my account and left me with a negative gem balance! Outrageous!


Adrià  7-18-2020
Too "pay to win" but wonderful way


Koz Kosmider  7-18-2020
enjoyment and time killer


Daniel Carnagey  7-18-2020
Used to be good. I have played this release for years. But lately each recent upgrade makes exercise tons less significant and purchasing gems the only idea to advance. This release has become a money grab, and the exquisite part is that if you were to purchase gems today and spend them on some improvements, the next upgrade will just chop your improvements in half or fully nullify them! After following the directions in the conform below, no compensation or even a reply. I could rate this even lower if able.


Zack Bochman  7-17-2020
Was thoroughly enjoying it got the first week or so, it gave me a motive to change up the road I generally stroll my dog and have me a motive to stroll in diverse places. But I went from having 76 spaces in my inventory to having 40 the next morning when I logged on for no discernable reason, and that genre of forced backwards progress kinda soiled an otherwise enjoyment release


Brittany Pearce  7-17-2020
Love the concept and have really been enjoying the release as it incentivises me to vary my runs. But, the tracking is beautiful off (often within seconds of starting an activity it will declare I've done 10km!) and I'm routinely asked whether I'm using transport. Nope, just meager tracking. Gripe with the lastest upgrade is that it halved my storage capacity.


Cole Rein  7-17-2020
interesting concept


Anton Machkasov  7-16-2020
5 stars for outstanding way


Jon Bowen Aspera  7-16-2020
A gamester attacked 4 of my turrets then he already 4 cannon creatures per turret in one run, while me I can only put one creature per run, wew what an unfair release


Leon Borucki  7-16-2020
They're on to something here and I'm here for it!


Martin Chen  7-16-2020
Can't even run the game, recently installed it and I was suppose to tap anywhere and it came up a loading logo and gain stuck there.


Casey Kirkendall  7-16-2020
Its a excellent idea to gain out and excercise esp during the cova-19 crisis


Ricardo Rodriguez  7-15-2020
My genre of fun.


leslee tangunan  7-15-2020
excellent release


Nichol Brian Calo  7-15-2020
A motive for me to gain out


Eduards Sarma  7-15-2020


Cak Wi  7-14-2020


Dariusz Piszczek  7-14-2020
fantastic release


Christy Knockleby  7-14-2020
You can purchase gems or watch adverts to gain them but then you spend them to update your storage and these developers repeatedly chop everyone's storage back. Go to sleep with 200 storage spots and the next day you only have 100. Incredibly frusturating.


ejat azmi  7-14-2020
First time I download but cannot open. Need to access my location. Need to repair this problem


Remwulf  7-14-2020
Not usable by car, lame... please add.


Jesús Durán Franco  7-14-2020
This is a really enjoyment game! And keeps you walking! good job guys!


Asih Santos  7-13-2020
fantastic release


George Bryan  7-12-2020
better release than expected


OutOfBlue  7-12-2020
Love it!


Andrzej Gandecki  7-12-2020
A good release


Pranav Pamidigantam  7-11-2020
It's a enjoyment release but lately it hasn't been working with address well. The edition wasn't updating or tracking my location, so I had to rely on importing from Strava. And now, the loading keeps getting stuck on asking for the address permission even though I have it "Always Allow" so I can't even gain into the release anymore!


pinhaserez  7-11-2020
lovely release


MoonStone Games  7-11-2020
Awesome, fantastic for exercise, supper exciting and whenever stuff to do


Dylon Hunter  7-10-2020
enjoyment little game!


seontonppa  7-10-2020
Won't stop asking for rating


Benjamin Hitzelberger  7-10-2020
So far so good. Will return to update.


Maximilian Y.  7-10-2020
A could be great edition ruined by wrong monetisation


Kenneth Clark  7-9-2020
Caused troubles with a USB moisture detection on the phone. Galaxy S10+. Removing the edition repaired it.


Stephen Wallace  7-9-2020
beautiful enjoyment so far. I like releases that rescue me be more active


Denis Saliaj  7-9-2020
I AM DISSAPOINTED! deliver the ancient version back. Where running really matters and loop territories. You were peculiar the idea you were now it looks like forge of empires or clash of clans. You must have updated/focused on the territorial and ages point NOT on clicking on things and waiting.


Andreas Varotsis  7-7-2020
I was really enchanted by the prospect of this game, but it's over-reliance on traditional "farming" mechanics, rather than the physical activity it's supposedly based on, really kills it - the release really relies on you going to your municipality and "clicking" on things to gather them, then eventually buying gems to increase your storage, rather than just residence a satisfying release loop around strategy and encouraging fitness. With a transparent pricing model and a concentrate on the actual leadership and fitness side, this could be fantastic. As it is, it's just another Clash of Clans/Farmville clone in a sea of competition with a running add-on.


Ryan Siders  7-2-2020
Really fun!


William Gibson  7-1-2020
wealthy empire-building environment harmonized with physical exercise, stable play tracking serviceable for monitoring, progressive capabilities, enjoyment



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