Android Version: 4.1App: Rummy Master
Release date: Jul 7, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: CodeHoundCategory: card
Name: Rummy MasterExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Rummy expert introduces the final Rummy release in a brand-new Online, Multiplayer version. This famed Indian Rummy release is a beloved of all card release lovers through the world. The objective of this Indian Rummy release is to form sequences or sets of cards, using the 13 cards dealt at the beginning of the game. Rummy expert is an extension of the famed American card release Gin Rummy and Rummy 500. We deliver the simplest form of this famed release into your mobile smartphones with enjoyment graphics and user-friendly release controls. Features: • LIVE, ONLINE multiplayer version of the Indian Rummy game • run with gamers all over the world with MULTIPLAYER mode • run a custom release with buddies using the PRIVATE mode • OFFLINE turn-based gameplay • Place your wanted BET amounts and win Double Rewards • CHAT Live with adversaries while playing • Rule the LEADERBOARD by being the final Rummy champion • Login with FACEBOOK If you love card releases and casino games, you will love Rummy Master. Download now for hours of limitless fun!



Santhoshkumar S  6-22-2021
Hi Team, please note this release being played by kids, teens and adults. Since babes also playing extremely interestingly, unwanted adverts which is not suitable are coming. Request to remove those genre of adverts please


Gopsing m  6-16-2021


Reshma Visakh  6-16-2021


Devarajan K  6-7-2021
Addictive game.. This edition has simple and cleaner UI than other editions in the market. Non-intrusive, allows me run as guest.. Some improvements, Please supply vibration to alarm turn. supply clear time lapse around the avatar like the one in your donkey expert app..


om saravana  6-7-2021
extremely good app. Enjoying with buddies


Karthickkuralarasan Karthickkuralarasan  6-6-2021
extremely Well release


Sub4Sub Two  6-4-2021
Vera tier release


sivakumar mendraguthi  5-27-2021
ok excellent


Kumar Kumar  5-12-2021
78923 43962


Ranjan Kumar  5-12-2021


Vallabhaneni suresh  5-11-2021
Multi gamesters option taking more time


Nandkishor Sirswa  5-3-2021


Salim 1234  4-26-2021


NandkishorSirswa Nandkishor  4-16-2021
Yas bos




Vijay Bhatia  4-4-2021
Most of gamesters r taking longer time they waste others gamesters time release is to slow plz request u time limit


A. Remesh  3-28-2021
A, Ramesh


Js Jayaraj  3-25-2021


ddasharathgid Darbar  3-23-2021
Dasharathagi Darbar


Mohammed Imran  2-11-2021


Suraj Suraj  2-9-2021
Arvind Agrhre


Michael Agyei  1-27-2021
I love it is good


Syed Ningthou Syed Ningthou  1-3-2021
I desire to rummy


Aishwarya  1-1-2021
I'm addicted to this release and this edition is my personal favorite. It allows creating a private room to run with friends. But I can't rescue warning the spelling of 'declare' everytime I see it. It's spelled incorrectly as 'decalre'


Subhash Sharma  12-28-2020
Bor release


Moeen Mukaddam  12-25-2020
good release


sebabrata pattanaik  12-17-2020
good release for passing on boredom


Mani Shekar  12-13-2020
say is spelt incorrect


saidul sk  12-8-2020
a lovEQueen


Hatiya Noyakhali  12-3-2020


This release is rascal game. release change automatic without drawl card


jince t jose  11-28-2020
excellent and good pastime ❤️


Cric Analytica  11-16-2020
Lot of bugs. Even I finished the release with one pure sequence, its telling one more sequence to finish where all are in green.


prity kumarhjdg  10-23-2020
exquisite release


Suresh Babu  10-4-2020
Semma Supwr Wow


Vijay Narasimha. M r  9-28-2020
extremely cool Vijay 💯☀️🌌🦄


Akshay Rinuz  9-25-2020


Sujith p  9-16-2020


CM-012 Nagaeswari  9-9-2020
Super training with rummy good release


Diane Lewis  9-4-2020
Lots of enjoyment


yuvaraj siripireddy  8-31-2020
talk u afterwards


THAMIZHAN FF  8-22-2020
extremely exquisite card release


JOMON JOHNY  8-22-2020
wrong game...


Pls initiate this category of dominoes edition (Create room and joint room available)


Sivadaanam Veera kalpana  8-10-2020
excellent release


Popat Nanavre  8-9-2020
Popat. Nanavare


sridhara Bisoyi  8-9-2020
I love this Game..😘😘😘


Sahil Jinwala  8-6-2020
extremely good


DE MRT భువనగిరి VANAM SREENIVASU  8-2-2020
While declaration, at the end of release if we close by clicking x button points not being deducted's a bug of release


Indu Mathy  8-1-2020
good pastime


Devandla Venkateswara Rao  7-27-2020
R ummy


Anil Patoliya  7-25-2020
So dozens bugs on the game. Some time calculations is wrong. Some time skipping choose cards.


mohammed abbas  7-19-2020
Worst edition


Sri maha Lakshmi sunkara 333  7-14-2020
Is this will have share in WhatsApp


Neha Mansoori  7-11-2020
good release


yo yo Girish  7-11-2020


Srinivas Anabathula  7-10-2020
I was played all the rummy releases but this one is the best. check it. Chosing option is outstanding


RAJESH PULA  7-10-2020
Bank transfer OK


Thala Kumar  7-10-2020


Manikandan Manikandan  7-6-2020
I like rummy extremely much. It is extremely interesting


Arivazhagan M  7-5-2020
Rummy expert extremely excellent release jolly ha eruku


Venkat Ramana Sankar  7-4-2020
This release is interesting and enjoyment


fantastic game. For good timepass. But need to ameliorate offline release for better.


ARUNKUMAR P K  7-3-2020
good and straight to run with family, but in private with points, pool rummy will be more enjoyment to run


Biju CK  7-3-2020


jayakumar chelliah  7-2-2020
Sometimes cards rotation is incorrect.. and points goes to another gamester who lossed or left the game. And getting stuck


Ratan Biswas  6-29-2020
Time fass


BINENDRAN K  6-27-2020


Srinivas Chamarthi  6-27-2020
Doing excellent


alen jolly  6-16-2020
പൊട്ടാ കളി........


jaya prakash  6-13-2020
please upgrade dozens more times stuck.than compared other edition your is super edition .


Shakti Singh  6-9-2020
excellent space


Arun  6-7-2020
Worst game... my phon hanged up for 3 hours


PKG தமிழ்  6-6-2020
extremely worst and error space bugs


Harshada Raut  6-5-2020
good release


Janaki Shankar  6-2-2020
Super rammy release i will extremely enjoy the release


Sudhee krishnan VP  6-1-2020
great and outstanding


rahul verma  6-1-2020


Pran Raj Mundadan  5-31-2020
excellent edition


Rajitha Malathi Tallam  5-30-2020


BK karthi  5-29-2020
Don't like this release


Siva Prathesh  5-29-2020
extremely interesting release


GOD NEWS  5-23-2020
release is excellent but some bugs are there . Automatically not working while playing. And please give option select how dozens dependents play.


Info Gaming Malayalam.  5-23-2020


Manoharan Manoharan M M  5-23-2020


Kalaivani .M  5-22-2020


ramesh kumar  5-21-2020
excellent pastime


Prathmesh Jadhav  5-19-2020
Too dozens bugs and error.. otherwise release is tons enjoyment to play.


Haritha  5-19-2020
I love this release we can run this release with our frnds also by sharing our code gud timepass I jzt loved it


Ananth Petchimuthu  5-16-2020
Sometimes Our turn is passed to next person. deliver exquisite of 2 style game.


shanker Gudimetla  5-10-2020
1.Rummy with 2 deck will have only 2 printed jokers pls remove extra 2 jokers. 2. In private release can run with 6 gamesters but it allows 5 gamesters only if this changes done it will be excellent app.


Prajakta Nikam  5-8-2020
Speed and looks should be improved


KANNAN D  5-6-2020
enjoyment release to kill time.


Dinesh R  5-6-2020
Worst....worst.... getting disconnected everytime.....also for each time, we have to join.....


Sharmila Devarajan  5-5-2020
I liked, I love rummy


ROSHAN S  5-5-2020
Love it


sanjeev prasad  5-3-2020


Shankar Kannan  5-2-2020
Lot of bugs.. straight to win cash using edition bugs


Vineeth K  4-28-2020
My internet connection is stable but still it says your gadget not connected to internet


vani madagoni  4-27-2020
delighted to run this release with friends👭👬👫 and family... But only trouble is network problem otherwise edition is god


Bibin vs  4-26-2020
Ilove this release its interesting and addictive outstanding release in card's


Ekendra Thounaojam  4-25-2020
extremely good


Kishore Sanapala  4-25-2020
good app. Can you please add configuration to set number of dependents to run in private group.


Ritesh Kondekar  4-24-2020
excellent games, but few bugs would be avoided


Archana Ramprasad  4-20-2020
All of sudden...inspite of having is disconnecting...better clear this bug. Thats y I m uninstalling this game.


Shuman Dakua  4-17-2020




a.k mansoori  4-16-2020
Nyc release


Shanti Kodukula  4-14-2020
enjoyment playing


N.ramesh N.ramesh  4-12-2020
Little interest


Praveen Reddy  4-12-2020
Love this game.Still there are bugs, when we discard joker card (joker symbol card) it showing as kalavar 2 for others.. then can choose it up and avail as kalavar 2. It's incorrect with this game... please rectify it.. Why can't the edition calculate points when we run private release ?


arun kumar  4-11-2020
We can run private


Chinna J  4-10-2020
exquisite Rummy Private Table aap, but release must have 1.Option for Joker settings All or Opposite 2.It must have variants to play, Pool rummy 101 or 201, with 6 gamesters in Private Table 3.In Private Table Drop, center Drop option must be there for 101 Pool Rummy 4.Automatic points counting and Multiplayer score card 5.If Internet drops release must continue with auto play, after getting back for the gamester 6.Increase run Time option 30 sec to 1 min 7.Display all discarded cards by all gamesters


Madhukar Redy Jalapally  4-10-2020
1. If Internet drops the gamester was dropped from game. repair this. If internet drops release shall be in Auto style untill connection revive and gamester must be allowed to run after come back. 2. In private table points chart must be displayed for all players. 3. In Rummy release 2 sequences should with atleast one pure. But in this release after one pure sequence Trills set were considered without second sequence. repair this.


LIJO SHAJI  4-8-2020
There is set sequence attainable from getting only pure sequence no second sequence required. Why this happens? Is this correct?


Harish Joshi  4-8-2020
extremely nyce release


Raj Music  4-8-2020
Rummy expert I like release | automatic next round countin starts plase update........


neha mumtaz  4-3-2020
extremely super release


Raz Indian  4-1-2020
Why I'm winning most of the times though I don't know release tons and playing with 4 player's. Is it designed in such a idea to encourage end user's?


Ramakrishna Reddy  3-31-2020
Need to ameliorate more there are few bugs..


adhwaith pn  3-30-2020
extremely good


Dhana Ramamoorthi  3-25-2020
Rematch variants shall be included in private releases



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