Android Version: 4.2App: Room Escape: Lodges & Dwarfs
Release date: Jan 22, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: STUDIO WAKABACategory: adventure
Name: Room Escape: Lodges & DwarfsExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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STUDIO WAKABA's 17th recent Escape Game! Easy operation! Solve the mystery and escape! You can run for gratuitous until the end. [Introduction of games] One day, When you realized it, you were trapped in the room. You can escape from here if you discover the element and unravel the mystery. [How to play] 1.Tap and uncover the place you care about. 2.Select elements by tapping and tap the place you desire to use. 3.You can enlarge the element you care about by tapping it twice. 4.If you avail another element for the enlarged item, there are some elements to combine. 5.If you are in issue with escape, let's avail tricks (With clip ads)



Kristen Gottula  4-13-2021
The Northern Lights was a tidy outcome


Jennifer Rose Escobar  4-6-2021
Just challenging enough to be enjoyment


melodie melodie  3-8-2021
Another wonderful puzzler👏👏great supporter


Ashley Findley  2-27-2021
Like these games. The hint system is fantastic - it gives away just enough to point you in the right direction!


김해인  2-18-2021


Cassandra Lajeskie  1-23-2021
pretty designs and enjoyment puzzles


Aitch Bird  12-19-2020
Good, clear graphics. Loved the Northern Lights. chiefly excellent puzzles that execute you think. Had to avail tricks re the magazines and on the puzzle on the coffee table near the end, getting to not-quite-the-answer before the penny dropped! Hope to gain better as I gain to know this developer's games.


Joan Dumo  11-29-2020
For me, this was one of the harder games. But it was still a lot of enjoyment


Beth Wheeler  11-22-2020
Loved it! Especially the aurora...


Swati S  11-16-2020
excellent release


terry ayers  11-11-2020
fantastic release


Vidda Arepson  11-7-2020
Another fantastic Studio Wakaba experience. good game!


Laura Willems  9-18-2020
The magazines being turned each which idea was confusing..


Lauren Rogers  9-10-2020
Makes you avail your brain.


trisha padilla  8-21-2020
fantastic game. it was difficult.


Steven Steven  8-17-2020
fantastic problems to solve. excellent graphics.


Fred Nupp  8-14-2020
Not up there with the rest, tried again 6 months later. OK, one more star


Jennifer Teh  7-1-2020
outstanding graphic. Love the lights!


Bridgette Kirk  6-26-2020
Too tons thinking. Was Not in the mood for writing that day.


Line Elliott  6-7-2020
Graphics are good and adverts aren't intrusive, really enjoyed this game.


叶欣愈  5-29-2020
This release was extremely fun.


Perry Russell  5-18-2020
enjoyment as always. fantastic job.


Lisa Shaffer  5-11-2020
fantastic game!


Jo Draper  4-25-2020
cute graphics, some clever puzzles, but overall extremely speedy and straight to play.


Aidan Johannesson  4-13-2020
whenever good developers


Tara  4-11-2020
enjoyment game! Not as long as other titles but still had some extremely unique puzzles so A for Effort. Hope to see a recent release soon!


Scott Fetter  4-8-2020
excellent escape game!


Cathryn Chan  4-7-2020
Overall not extremely difficult. enjoyment to play.


Millie Kenney  3-28-2020


VV B  3-21-2020


Jill  3-17-2020
Love puzzles by this brand


Haziq Adnan  3-10-2020


Giacinta T  3-1-2020
Brilliant, this one is a great escape theme


Luisa Castro  2-28-2020
Amazing, loved it, thanks


Judge Parker IV  2-17-2020
Good, not fantastic


sualeha zaheer  2-13-2020


Ching Ching Thai  2-8-2020
Love the aurora!


Syam Hj Ahmad  2-8-2020
The exquisite release ever!!!


Selador  2-8-2020
great as whenever


Bryan Daniel  2-7-2020
Loved the game!


Cathie Vishnevsky  2-5-2020
Another fantastic escape from Wakaba! The night sky artwork was especially lovely. While a little easier and shorter than some titles, it's still a excellent length, and not trivial--I even needed a hint. What I REALLY love about the tricks is they are broken into several pages, so you can look at as tons or as little as you want. I was missing part of a clue, so I only read till that point. But if I hadn't understood I would have seen the respond on the newest page(costs an ad).. Thanks dev! More please?


Narjis1 Photo  2-3-2020
love this release maintain it up


Vladimir Tankhimovich  2-3-2020
extremely inventive, fantastic job!


Rosemary Wan  1-31-2020
Stuck at the second newest riddle and I used the clue. The relax can be managed.


Nokku Ch  1-30-2020
pretty graphics. Loved it!


SD Holmes  1-29-2020
This escape was tricky, excellent escape.


Fe Ang  1-27-2020
fantastic release ❤️


Wei Ru Lee  1-26-2020
enjoyment release


Paul Kellingerk  1-25-2020
fantastic game!


Ida Hashim  1-24-2020
greatest game... Love the Aurora😍


D Hahn  1-24-2020
Love your games!



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