Android Version: 4.1App: Romance Fate: Stories and Choices
Release date: Apr 17, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: HIGGS TECHNOLOGY CO LIMITEDCategory: game simulation
Name: Romance Fate: Stories and ChoicesExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Romance Fate: Stories and Choices Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you love reading books? Are you looking for lingering romance? Are you craving exciting adventures? Choose an interactive tale and start your own journey. every choice matters - you'll execute your own decisions and affect your own fate in the story! In Romance Fate, you can fall in love with playboy billionaires, examine a fantasy world with vampires, and be the sea's lost daughter, a mermaid! Now, join us and indulge yourself in our stories, pick diverse paths, and have fun! Features: ✦Choose your beloved mode for major characters! ✦Enjoy romantic, amazing, and breath-taking experiences in diverse stories! ✦Experience diverse ideas of life and execute buddies with Extraordinary magazines in Stories: ❖The Billionaire Neighbor An act of kindness leads you to the recent episode of your life, Damian Knight. He's an enigmatic billionaire, a mighty CEO. He's dominant, dark, and protective. He has everything, unless the only thing he really desires - you. However, your dark past stands in your idea when you're determined to chase love. Can two diverse worlds manage to gain their delighted endings? Will he be your Prince or the Beast of your fairy tale? execute choices and pick your own path. ❖Forbidden Affair You're about to embrace gratuitous life and a recent job. The night before Day 1, you meet a hot stranger in the VIP club. He makes you desire to do things you've never risked doing before. One reckless night before starting the internship in the brand of your dreams. Nothing special, right? But what happens when you come to the office the next day and discover out that your fling is the CEO of the company... and your boss?! ❖Obsession Two magnificent brothers: a parlous mafia boss obsessed with you, and a brooding cop set on bringing him down. As you embark on steamy relationships with both of them, your life spirals into a web of lust and lies... ❖Love Practice Mr. McDreamy moves next door for a peculiar project. He was your crush back in high school, and now, he's asking you to be his exclusive volunteer to practice his wild plans. Are you ready to join his peculiar sessions? Will you be healed by his love practices this time? To enjoy more stories, please download Romance destiny and start your own reading trip now! Follow Romance destiny on social media:



stacy Noxa  12-7-2020
wonderful enjoyment release


Rochelle Jones  12-7-2020


Aaliya Clarke  12-7-2020
I like the release soooooo tons you chose what you desire romance and wonderful


Mellanie Chipperfield  12-7-2020
Its dumb it cost so dozens diamonds to pick your tale like the read hate how tons it cost to pick a excellent exciting path entirely pathetic must only be two or five diamonds


Sharon Sampson  12-7-2020
Takes too long to earn diamonds


kelli leckie  12-7-2020
Its weird .... Sorry hehe


Little Witch  12-7-2020
It was excellent but i have an issue. A large issue. When you start the release you automatically start a story, my problem is that there are no variants for lgbtq people, when i joined i thought i could gain a choice whether to have a female love intrest or a male one. Lgbtq dependents are starting to feel more welcomed by editions like this one. Please tweak this its a large issue. Not everyone is female and straight.


Hasty Tavi  12-7-2020
It is not excellent for babes


Bonniface Lewis  12-7-2020
The release is extremely interesting but some things gain challenging like outfits and significant points are extremely expensive to buy. But to be sincere the release is sweet


Lipsa Tajan  12-7-2020
This is a excellent release but it takes too dozens charge of my photo... when I started to run any episode its decreased my charge so fastly pls check to repair it cause I love it but I uninstalled it cause of this problem.😐😐


Decent Munnda  12-7-2020
Plz repair the daimonds & purchase problm😕


Noor Rahman  12-7-2020
Aap is Bugged . Bugged . I am sorry to declare . I was extremely happy, reading and completing magazines here and release starts to hang . And as I start it again I am thrown 5 or 7 chapters back . Like what the ... wasting my time , tickets , diamonds . So frustrating. As it happend in my third book today so I had to rate it. I'll wait if y can repair and I can go forward to the chapter I was reading.???????


Jennet Sherpa  12-7-2020
Damnn good..must download!!!😘


Eftyhia Petrou  12-7-2020
The edition ia fantastic but there are not dozens ideas to earn diamonds readily and the stories require a lot of them to execute excellent choices. If I would earn diamonds easier and faster I could give the edition 5 stars


Yati Bhansali  12-7-2020
The release is good but we have to wait so tons for the diamond 💎


madhumitha keerthini  12-7-2020
Hi I love your stories extremely tons it's like veritable I love it specially I love forbidden affair and dazzle me I love those only one is that forbidden affair is not coming for couple of weeks and then it came for one day and it went and they are displaying that coming soon so please change this problem in your stories this is the only one problem but it was a fantastic experience and it was extremely excellent ❤️


Mz Jahzaria  12-7-2020
This release has a lot of romance that I just Love it


Lacey Gordon  12-7-2020
Hate these genre of games. Havebtonuse diamonds to gain anywhere excellent in the stories. Not value my time.


Arianna Garcia  12-7-2020
I love it!!!


Gouri Patra  12-7-2020
Perfection 💘😍❤️


Kristelle Cajucom  12-6-2020


Gaurav Vardhan  12-6-2020


Sandra Calda  12-6-2020
Hi!! i love this game..but I have a question does anyone know how to execute this tale with a character on the computer where can i execute this case i desire to execute and share my made stories please talk me thank you.


Helen Megg  12-6-2020
I just started playing Romance. I like it, but I'm wondering can you gather Diamonds without having to buy them


Shannon Witkowski  12-6-2020
Cause they have no idea to earn dimonds you can just buy them .


Hendrik Theron  12-6-2020


Emerald De Leon  12-6-2020
I really like this edition but I am extremely disappointed & annoyed. The edition wouldn't upgrade so I uninstalled it to reinstall it for the updates and now it won't install on my gadget AT ALL!!!!! I have tried everything and I sent client aid an mail and they still haven't answered me!! 😡 I miss my Romance Fate!!!! 😭


Lindsey Roy  12-6-2020
Too expensive. You can't gain across these stories without spending money. It's stupid.


alwani wawa  12-6-2020
If only if the choice dont cost too tons diamond i could give 5 star


yamuna kumari  12-6-2020
good edition 👍 mostly stories are excellent and graphics, characterization excellent but collecting diamonds is intractable and sometimes waiting for the game of the chapter for certain book is also but I like this edition soooooo tons but I had patience to wait for the recent chapters N still using this edition


Lebogang Phuti  12-6-2020
I like and love it so tons but as a young lass I can't buy any diamonds so I could you could check rescue thank you but I do love the release its extremely interesting and when I'm bored I like to run it


Jaidhvi Singla  12-6-2020
This release is so romantic that I am engaged into it,but it must also have the option of watching adverts and getting diamonds, I missed dozens variants I really desired because of it


Elizabeth polastri  12-6-2020
Love Love


Cherish Wheeler  12-6-2020
Stole my gems. Froze and took my gems. Did not do what I used the gems for.


narendra challirwar  12-5-2020
I love this edition 💘💟♥️


Melissa W.  12-5-2020
I actually really enjoy the only tale that I've gotten to read in this edition but I dont understand why it's so difficult to acquire diamonds. Im not wealthy and with the topical COVID-19 we're all going across right now I'm not about to spend 100 dollars just to gain a decent quantity to go across the tale the idea I'd like to. There must be another idea to execute decisions when faced with a situation. That alone makes me desire to delete the edition all jointly and that's a shame.


Mari Pape  12-5-2020
The releases is outstanding but I have a question , whats with the timer on the resume button for the tale forbbiden affair mean


BŔÅŤŹ ĐØŁĻ  12-5-2020
I'm giving this 3 stars bc you guys have so dozens stories but you take so long to update. Please upgrade faster!


Erika Dean  12-5-2020
It is ridiculous that each significant choice you have to spend diamonds. You can only earn 1 gratuitous diamond with an ad and only at the end of a chapter. Also, if you do purchase diamonds the only choice is 30 diamonds and all the decisions are super expensive and cost more than half of that. I made it to the 3rd chapter and then quit because I am not going to constantly purchase diamonds to maintain the tale interesting.


Gangadharan Kottarath  12-5-2020
I don't like it


Hellokitty _dubstep  12-5-2020
My my😏


Tasmiya Ali  12-5-2020
good game.


saber59 beloved  12-5-2020
Enjoy the storylines but it costs. All the excellent responses cost so dozens "diamonds " so you have to purchase elements in release which can gain expensive or it will take 1-2 weeks to finish a chapter. Not enough ideas to earn gratuitous diamonds to gain across storyline. If I ever complete the first book I think I'll delete app. I dont desire to maintain spending money and I dont to spend weeks trying to gain thru a storyline. If you can repair this issue; may be tons better. V/R DC


Ineeleng Phiri  12-5-2020
This release is ideal but i gave it 1 star because when ever i run the release it kicks me out everytime and it takes it nearly 7 minute to load 😤😤😤😤😤 So please repair this 😫problem before it is too late and wont permit me run it even for a divide second :/ 😬


Basudev Nayak  12-5-2020
Not for babes


Lets Thebe  12-5-2020
This releases is wonderful


Vanshika Hinduja  12-5-2020
Plz plz game *I am the storm * 😩😩😭😭


Saroj Gupta  12-5-2020


Kashma Joshi  12-5-2020
I love this release


Símran Änchal  12-5-2020
The game😅 was enjoyment 😘♥️but you must delete😤😤 the dimand avail variants 👌🏻👌🏻🤗🤗🤗🤗


Jerome Damisil  12-5-2020
I like it


Nimya Santosh  12-5-2020
I like it


Lallithambika K  12-5-2020
sir plz rescue romance destiny edition is not downloading and i cant go inside edition also plz rescue me


surinder singh  12-5-2020


Trisha Danappagoudar 10th B - K.V.Dharwad  12-5-2020
How am I supposed to run when I am not able to go to the major menu? The only thing I am able to see is dazzle me poster and it is also not loading properly it is loading only till 20 percent


Apoorva Mahindrakar  12-5-2020


Mehraaz Singh  12-5-2020


Samantha Williams  12-4-2020
In order to have a excellent tale line it costs idea to tons money. extremely disappointed with this app.


Nicole Anderson  12-4-2020
I give it a five-star rating


Easha Imran  12-4-2020
This is a excellent release butt we can not execute it interesting becsuse of diamonds if we watch adds then we can not see the next chapter gratuitous oterwise it's a excellent romance tale release


Medan Salvation  12-4-2020
excellent release Makes me feel sexy.


konika Ghosh  12-4-2020
I don't like this release I thought it could be a excellent tale release but the tale getting worse. I hate this


Sarmistha Kalia  12-4-2020


Aryan Singla  12-4-2020
Entrain a lot 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


awesome avneil/adiza  12-4-2020
I just loved the release


Leah Omasdang  12-4-2020
Love their stories💗


dream's of coco,emily piper,txu  12-4-2020
Hate only half no kissing


Archana Krishnakumar  12-4-2020
Shahi Annan


Nagendra Naidu  12-4-2020
How to gain diamond from facebook please tell. And please cost diamond less For diamond I can't rate 5


Jennifer Hayden  12-4-2020
To tons reading and conversation circumstance not enough gameplay for me


Vasunthara .A  12-4-2020
I hate this release 🤮🤮🤮🤮 extremely ugly 🤬🤬🤬.


Md atif alam atif atif alam  12-4-2020
I love it and its stories is outstanding


Rashi Garg  12-4-2020
good release and stories but gave 3 stars just because of lack of diamonds. They are so costly, and i think atleast they must supply around 100 diamonds in the start of the game.


soumya Sharma  12-4-2020


Nalu4ever  12-4-2020
I like it extremely mature and the storylines are fantastic


Crystal Twinkle!  12-4-2020
The exquisite edition


ruth payot  12-4-2020
good stories, I read 6 magazines already and all are written in romance, I just wish some decisions are no need of diamonds especially when the characters decide who to end up with


Yadu Totawar  12-3-2020
Worst nightmare


Alayjah Daise  12-3-2020
The only thing I dont like is that u have to pay for these diamonds.


Loretta Patrick  12-3-2020
The stories are excellent but most of the choices cost to tons dimonds at one time, more than u earn and you cant earn enough dimonds.... Also even when you go to buy them they cost alot of money and personally is a rip off...


Rickeya Rogers  12-3-2020


Jeanmar Lagang  12-3-2020


Purnima Biswas  12-3-2020
Did not like it 😕 👎 release costs gems 💎...why so?all the excellent variants come with gems...please do the needful....very unimpressed 👎


KatieKoo- KooHead  12-3-2020
I love the way of this but hate that certain variants that are the obvious choice I have to pay for and why do I have to pay for clothes and hair? It only gives you 20 diamonds which is basically nothing because just the hair is 16 diamonds. By the time you gain to the clothes you can't even gain lovely clothes. But what did it for me was the question "should we have a bon fire" was asked and basically the "bon fire? Sounds great!" Option you had to pay 16 diamonds for


Gimena Alvarado  12-3-2020
I love this release so much.


Casey Carlone  12-2-2020
So far, I installed it off an add with no name for the story...and it did actually take me easy to the one I installed it for. Makes it fantastic so far in my book!


Shaunye Dunbar  12-2-2020
This edition is great,but when I went to my account I realized that two of the stories that I have been reading have restarted. Its like I wish that this did notnhappen,not happen, I'm not sure if I must reading them again.


Queeny Alida  12-2-2020
Ok this is an update, so the release itself is enjoyment and extremely interesting you will like it. BUT don't install it if you don't have money lol. You can readily spend $100 per chapter, too tons for me. I wish we had a idea to watch adverts to gain germs but...


Courtney Smith  12-2-2020
Take to load up right


mslysa  12-2-2020
This love tale release is fantastic💖Always have cute scene/part, execute it more interesting when i playing also execute me desire to know the next chapter. But this release only have one little problem.Too dozens diamonds desire to use..I think in one chapter nearly each dialogue need to avail diamonds but with no choice i need to pick the one that no using diamonds.Even i desire to buy diamond,i need to gain a postcode,its never appear in message to give me the postcode.Please repair this problem thank you:)


Vegas Tullis  12-2-2020
I think it beautiful excellent but my smartphone wont download the release


Destiny121 1  12-2-2020
I don't like how all the significant choices cost diamonds


Nahid Jamal  12-2-2020
Please continue with "a pretty mistake " Has been waiting for it since weeks


Mariam Oreagba  12-2-2020
The release whenever hangs and goes back to my phone's major image I cant screenshot it because there is no idea to exhibit you how it hangs


Meet Meet  12-2-2020
excellent edition at all..🤘🤘👍🥰


Felicia Andry  12-2-2020
At first it all excellent and i already spent some money here but its already been about 3 weeks i open the edition and it maintain stop loading at 50% i don't think its because of my internet connection because other release i open it work. I've sent an mail to the developer but i got no reply. I also check to restart my smartphone and maintain uninstall and install this again but its the same.


Love it


Leena Rebello  12-2-2020
Please execute ticket time less I can't run


Sampa Roy  12-2-2020
cute tale


Swetha Anand  12-1-2020
It is a fantasic game👍👍👍


Shyam Dewangan  12-1-2020
Unable to dresses in you recent upgrade .. pls repair it .


Champ Ningthouza  12-1-2020


squade leader  12-1-2020
Plies repair a problem ihave to avail wifi and if iuse wifi said error so idiside to not to delite this but if your not repair the problem igonna dilete this pliess repair it


Morgane CELLE  12-1-2020
Yesterday, I purchased twice 120 diamonds. I only received 1 time 120 diamonds. I have both receipts, but the opinions option within the edition does not permit me reach you. I will upgrade this review once the problem is solved.


siva chandran  12-1-2020
exquisite experiences


Habre Sannicolas  12-1-2020
Its ok im only 12


Ameya Bhoomy. Reddy  12-1-2020
This _ Game..,is absolutely fäsçįnãtîn'g and fąńtåstįc & ĀddÏctivĘ.....🙃👍🏼🤩🥰🤗😍😗🤓👏🏼🥳😇💖👌🏻💌😇


Tulasi tulasi  12-1-2020
Can you please download it swift


Peter Bethea  12-1-2020
Can you guys upgrade the release system for more diamonds your to expensive on the diamonds especially if we buy the30 day bundle for 9.99 and they only give you 50 diamonds and 10 diamonds a day it's not fair to the usufructuary because we all love this release .ps I will only give a 5 star when you guys exhibit more improvement with us on the diamonds or else your loosing a lot of credit from the world


Victoria Molefe  12-1-2020
I am in love with the edition but you need to increase your tickets and diamond


Babita Kabi  12-1-2020
extremely sexy and hot release check it


Bhojani Gaurav Patel Gaurav  12-1-2020


Understand feelings  12-1-2020
I like the edition but time taken to restore the ticket is enormous Can you work on it


Mmabontle Sthandiwe  12-1-2020
Love the app. The stories are so interesting but it takes too long for a next episode to come out.


VICTORIA FARI  12-1-2020
the stories & graphics were good, the only negative thing about the release is how u avail really money to buy gems (which u end up only using them in one turn), after a few times, that becomes expensive. & because of that i had to uninstall the release


Priya Vuppuluri  12-1-2020
Not excellent


Rastafarian Targaryen  11-30-2020
I like the content. I Wish the stories had branches. Like maybe some diamonds at some point must step the characters in diverse directions. Providing diverse endings. ALSO the time that we live in... I'd like and honestly appreciate the some diversity. Granted I can change my character. But All the protagonists love choices are of caucasian descent.



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