Android Version: 5.0App: Rolly Hill
Release date: Apr 24, 2020App Rating: 3
Author: tapeaseCategory: game arcade
Name: Rolly HillExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Roll over cubes to gather them and gain bigger! Avoid obstacles and holes. Easy controls, satisfying gameplay. Enjoy! :)



Hammad Zaki  12-13-2020


Harish Hari  12-11-2020


Abdul hadi faisal  12-10-2020


ਮਹਾਸਾ ਸਮਾਘਾ ਵਾਲਾ  12-9-2020
ਵਿਜੈ ਸਿੰਘ


Ruth Ezekiel  12-7-2020
Dope game✌️


AGNI Gamerz  12-7-2020


Stephanie Thiede  12-6-2020
The release just sucks


Padmashri Sankpal  12-3-2020
Om sankapal💯💯💯


Kathleen Driscoll  12-3-2020
Not the exquisite release


Anju Sahu  12-3-2020
ansh pro


Alick B mbulo  11-30-2020


Tamar Odikadze  11-28-2020
super release


Jayam Baala  11-27-2020
Worst edition


Ashok kumar Panwar  11-27-2020
extremely excellent release


Agriculture adda 90  11-25-2020


k  11-20-2020
Zoom for the offer


Jonathan Pope  11-18-2020
fearful release you start off losing badly and go downhill from there


the guy who eats burgers  11-17-2020


Sophie Martin  11-14-2020


christmas cookie teehe  10-31-2020
Guys! I just got the jackpot!! This release is amazing!!!!!


Makayla jennings  10-28-2020
release is decent but the adverts are insane


azazel cain  10-21-2020


Nicholas Parada  10-21-2020
Its soo wrong I have played this so dozens times and you can never gain to the jackpot and each time you gain large you go to 10 points or 5 and the smallest one gets you to 30 points but the large one doest


John Merlin  10-17-2020
I downloaded it only to watch a black image cuz it didn't work at all. It froze!


funny fox  10-15-2020
It's not enjoyment


jk fredericks  10-11-2020
I can't install the edition on my dad's smartphone that's what I'm playing on right now well maybe in a minute are we planning something else in like a few weeks years decades cuz that's the one y'all might be reading cuz that's that might be when you're reading it so


Brittany Eklund  10-9-2020
Not excellent st all freezes dont even gain to start release


Rahul Datimar  10-8-2020
Divyang patani 1378


Dreezy Dreamy  10-6-2020
idea too dozens adds and is just a worse version of kalimari


Real JT  10-5-2020
It is soo wrong TOO mini adverts I swear this release is so annoying it has too tons adverts any large like no thank you you would add anyway so if I was you I wouldn't download this release at all I'm deleting this release right now🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬


Carol Pollard  10-3-2020


Jade Smith  10-3-2020
I love it


ReTrac  10-3-2020
Too dozens adverts


Emmalee Urban  10-2-2020
Couldn't even run tier one, froze up and won't do anything. I tried to restart it, that didn't work either. Uninstalling


Viv Napier  9-29-2020
It was a enjoyment release but the second time I tried to run it was frozen and wouldn't start


Adella Opt Hof  9-26-2020
Sorta intractable but fun!


Asher dreemur  9-26-2020
literally just installed and it froze on me


Akanksha Patil  9-25-2020
same same steps come plzzz imprvu game..


Karthik Raja  9-25-2020
நன்றி செல்வா


Samson Odhiambo  9-22-2020


Elli Jaquelin  9-21-2020
It enjoyment this release i can't stop playing with this game.


Poo Guru  9-21-2020
I changed my mind.


suha munir  9-20-2020
ur release is ugly because it takes so tons time to even run


Lolo Lili  9-20-2020
myself getting better before Ghena 58565


Ahlai McDonald  9-19-2020
Meh... its okay, isn't enjoyment for extremely long though.


Rasmita acharya  9-19-2020
extremely wrong release


Alicia Blake  9-18-2020
You gain to the end of every tier and it glitches the image continues to shake back and forth rapidly and unable to complete the tier


GhostSkull  9-16-2020
I wouldn't know how this release plays because it launches, loads, and then fully freezes. One star.


Sweet Juice  9-15-2020
Won't permit me run it


꧁ღ.shibaunicorn.ღ꧂  9-15-2020
this release is unplayable. like it will be frozen and i literally cant run the release


Martin Dave Recibio  9-14-2020
Its so wonderful permits download and run


Enrico Reinjak  9-14-2020
I don't know what you dependents are talking this release is fantastic I saw a comment declaring that he or she paid for no adverts and it's so rare for an ad to come up you dependents probably have iphones you need samsung it doesn't even lag that simple.


Paul Panlilio  9-13-2020
too dozens adverts


da guy  9-12-2020
Im sorry but no for some motive i can't gain passed tier 3 and i need to under stand how do you equip skins i equip it and its not equiped! (Not sure if im spelling equiped right 😂) but there is another bug i just go across the color crums thing. And i need like NEED the adverts to work i watch ad to gain 100 gems doesn't work! (Sometimes it doesn't work) but when it does work i can't equip it! (Still confused if im spelling equiped right or incorrect 😂)


Caleb Robinson  9-11-2020
excellent release


Lingesh Waran  9-11-2020


Rebekah Northcutt  9-10-2020
I enjoyed plaing it while it could permit me unfortantly it froze and i had to uninstall excellent start though...


Katherine lolhiii  9-8-2020
DO NOT DOWNLOAD this edition as soon as I downloaded it I went to go run it and I would not even do anything on it it was frozen, SO DO NOT DOWNLOAD. I am extremely disappointed


Nayiah Mungin  9-8-2020


imelda luna  9-8-2020
excellent release making maintain working


kayden McMillan  9-7-2020
I love this Baldi whoever made this God made you brother I love you God


Oneyda Montes  9-3-2020
No vusiona mala es periensa


aimo doll  9-3-2020
so wrong release when i open the release it stucks so tons i can't played it 😠😠😡😡


jacub rodregez  9-2-2020
This release is terrible


Brian Lee  9-2-2020
The releases fantastic but 😡....There's no idea to the jackpot if u got close to getting it it will execute u accident one time i nearly got it and It crashed me btw to tons adverts Nobody desires To have so tons adverts 77 round u basically watched 77 adverts 😳 this release is the worst 😡


habibi  8-31-2020
This experience sucks I can't even step it just frozen I tried everything I can it's still frozen! Don't download it its terrible


KPD Bell  8-31-2020
You gain to see colored blocks


Mathieu Rose_morris  8-28-2020
I installed this and it didi not evan start


NOUFAL N  8-28-2020
wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong


Babita Monga  8-28-2020
It's not work in my mobile


Brian Sickels  8-27-2020
fantastic game!!!!


Kasie Probst  8-27-2020
Wont even permit run it loads and wont run i jave unintalled and reinstalled and it now wont run tier 1


Yugiman94  8-27-2020
Installed it because it looked fun. Got on it it loaded and then it just froze. Wouldn't even permit me run the first level. Do NOT download this game. Doesn't even permit you play.


juice WRLD1234  8-26-2020
It is ok but it glitches to tons


ass cheeks  8-26-2020
For first i thought it could be a excellent release but turns out the release frose fully and i cleared it and it still didnt work this is a dum release dont run it or you will have the same problem like me😠


Mad Max  8-26-2020
It wont even permit u run


Jay G  8-25-2020
when i opened the edition i was just easy up frozen so i rate it 2.5


Trina Brinkman  8-24-2020
Because each time we gain close to the jackpot and we touch it we gain 30 instead


flying  8-24-2020
adverts everywhere


Caleb Brawner  8-24-2020
There was an add each two seconds


Man Sinha  8-24-2020
Worlds worse release


Tai Turner  8-24-2020
Its a boring release the only thing I see is no ball the skins section and the no adds button that's it, it freezes and I can not run it do not download this release you might gain nothing like me it just freezes and I gain a opportunity to run it SO dozens ADDS and permit me talk you this is a notice to dependents reading this DO NOT DOWNLOAD its boring lots of adds and lots of freezing


naruto uzumaki  8-23-2020
So laggy i deleted it after tier 1


mysti malott  8-23-2020
Wont load pos!


ferlia lubin  8-22-2020
i.m excellent at the release


Cassandra Moore  8-22-2020
I installed this because it looked interesting but I dont need another edition that collects all my informations for no excellent reason. forthwith deleted it.


Jacob Wiese  8-21-2020
idea too hard.


Kimberly Coomer  8-21-2020
It gliches idea much. It takes to long to start and it doesnt gain any harder


Lamin Kassama  8-19-2020
The release doesn't work


Diana Feliciano  8-19-2020
this release is wrong when i go on it all it shows is a black image do not gain this


the boss Kennedy  8-18-2020
It's so laggy and it makes it intractable to run


Gio  8-17-2020
This is far too casual that it got boring quickly.


Jubaidah kim  8-17-2020
The worst!!


Kennedy Riddick  8-17-2020
To tons lag as soon as i opend my smartphone it crased bc of this release


V Gr  8-16-2020
It was just like the worst thing I would ever see


Aiden gamer  8-16-2020
I joind it and I can't run it


fire fox girl  8-15-2020


A Google user  8-15-2020
Don't install this release just delete the release because it could not permit me run the release I repeat don't gain this. 😠😠😠😠😠


JF Booysen  8-15-2020
Works fine the first time I play it, but when I exit and play the release for a second time and it's stuck on the title screen. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it and it doesn't work. Lost interest in the game.


gopal ram  8-14-2020
gunjan djiesxvbjjfdxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


sean segear  8-13-2020


Klay Virgaux  8-13-2020
Doesnt work at all


Damian Goble  8-13-2020
release sucks. Didnt even gain to run release never loaded. Uninstalled it 3 times and everything. Dont even desire to give it 1 star


Tyu Gamer  8-13-2020


May Tawfik  8-12-2020
The release is so laggy the first time I opened it, it couldn't even start and it glitches I couldn't run anything not even check it, and no the problem is not in my smartphone because my smartphone is recent


Åsh  8-12-2020
Laggy/glitchy wont even permit me run do not instruct if you ate looking for a release to run all the time because after a certain quantity of tim you cant even run anymore


Gamer_Unknown 0709  8-11-2020
This release is soooooooooooooo boring DO NOT INSTALL IT


Hayden McKnight  8-11-2020
I downloaded it and it wouldn't even load it was just the bugging image that said tier one and all the other things.


Mandy Randolph  8-11-2020
It made me agree to share personal news and then wouldn't even load the first tier or any menus. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS.


A Google user  8-9-2020
It doesn't even deserve this one star it the worst release I have ever seen when I desired to download it at first I was so excited but when I downloaded it and was just showing photos and it is the most annoying release I have ever seen in my life


itz_KkzDay!  8-9-2020
This release is horrible! It's really glitchy. I got creepy ads!!! There are adverts after each single level! Don't download this game. It's horrible.


Tanya  8-8-2020
Don't download it has too dozens adverts and cheats you it makes your score go down at the end


Tiffany 19  8-8-2020
I couldn't even run the release after installing it


Qwelyn Official  8-8-2020


Neo Jenkins  8-8-2020
It wont permit me run


Cassandra Church  8-8-2020
fully frozen, ball doesn't load can't click on anything it just doesn't work.


Shantelle Uslton  8-7-2020
This release working each time when I gain on it it freezes and I don't know why but can you please order it out it's really annoying please and thank you check to figure it out.


Chautawna Hill  8-7-2020
I installed it and it loaded and then I couldn't Doo anything


S L  8-5-2020
This release is terrible. I went to open the edition and after it was done loading it was just frozen. I couldn't even run the game😤i wouldn't instruct this edition to anyone.


Tashyah Solas  8-5-2020
Its good at first but when you contact tier 9 it start to freeze so i cant annoy with it anymore


quackity  8-5-2020
The release is good, It just bugs me when it doesnt permit you gain all the blocks but overall I like it I reccomend downloading and it's enjoyment 😌💅


Kimber • Briann  8-5-2020
I download it, open it, and it's frozen, I tried a few more times, same thing. I can't even play.


it intelligentco  8-4-2020
The release is really excellent , it can entertain me gor legit hours. And there's not a lot of ads. You can also gain diverse skins for your ball that you have which is enjoyment to change it once and a while.


Kori Kage  8-4-2020
It freezes every time I go on there and there are to dozens ad's


Rosa Lopes  8-4-2020
That release is rubbish dont download it i never permit me run the release when i load it up it just freezes each time even when i redownload load it so just dont download it it is a waste of spot


Jessikatt  8-3-2020
Jacob and Manchester


Amara Amakom  8-3-2020
intractable to play. I didn"t even at it. Zero out of 1



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