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Rently is an innovative edition that helps renters look for and view apartments and houses for rent on your own across our pioneering self-guided tours, agent tours, rental listings, online property matching, product and more.



Gabby Stuart  3-31-2021
I like that I'm able to look in myself but intractable to contact.


Dominiqueko Burgess  3-30-2021
This is the exquisite thing Huntsville AL has had to offer since Steak& Eggs!! amazing set-up, allows you to concentrate on the thoughts at hand Zero interruptions. And Covid-19 safe. Definitely a should try.


ari prasath  3-26-2021
excellent to discover recent homes.


Nachelle Real Palatucci  3-26-2021
Useless...most listings were marked "agent showing" and the few that were self guided didnt have any photos. I guess they need to expand their NYC market.


Karen Harris  3-23-2021
He is a fraud and he is doing this everyday. He asks you a bunch of questions then gives you the location and talk you to call him when you arrive. He is a con artist.


Michelle Beckner  3-22-2021
Love being able to do self guided tours. edition is extremely straight to use.


Leeann Watson  3-22-2021
They are scammers this is edition not real!!!! Dont download


Michael Chandler  3-21-2021
fantastic edition


Delorean Turner  3-20-2021
Convient and private


Renita Strickland  3-20-2021
Love it


Madalyn Wilson  3-18-2021
This edition helped us uncover without all the stress and planning. idea more trustworthy and less awkward than setting up a meeting with a person. I highly recommend!


Lavinia Vance  3-18-2021


Berneshia Jamison  3-18-2021
Made the apartment hunting experience tons easier!


Aga Tchern  3-17-2021
No support, wasn't able to view the home ? home was closed, not able to report an trouble or gain help.


Cell Phone  3-13-2021
wonderful experience.


Steven Angelucci  3-13-2021
I believe this to be a scam. Do not sign up and pay any monthly fees. I have left messages after messages and no one gets back to you.


mr11212  3-12-2021
Add a scam button. There's so dozens unavailable places listed that allow scheduled tours


Sierra Fishing  3-10-2021
recent edition not compatible with mobile devices.


Akea Perez  3-7-2021
Why is the edition not appecpring any of my cards it used to accept? I am an returning user. And using the same category of card I had been using.


Sara Dalton  3-6-2021
excellent overall, some things would be better, like ability to delete homes no longer interested in.


john villan  3-4-2021
Has now sent me to several houses that have already been filled. Provided codes for places that have a resident. In a addition to failing to inform me when the address has a gate, which we were not granted access.


Anthony Robinson  3-3-2021
straight to avail


Edward Torres  3-2-2021
extremely straight to use... I had no problems with any genre to worked for me no troubles its safe and secure to avail when looking for a rental


Josie Clark  3-2-2021
amazing renting edition


Empress Klosets  3-1-2021
Scammers avail this when you are looking for a home. They desire you to pay for an acess codes to rental properties and they gain into your accounts and start stealing and you never get access to view the rental properties. If asked to pay. Do not


Helena Fry  2-26-2021
I like it but can't gain to apply


Denitra Zellner  2-25-2021
extremely straight and convenient


Heather Armstrong  2-25-2021
extremely straight to use..


Cassandra Swanson  2-19-2021
Ive taken a photo of my id and taken my selfie 3 times and it still doesn't permit me step forward.


Steph Jerome  2-18-2021
Does not work


chuck dee  2-18-2021
good edition to have


David Harris  2-18-2021


Kristina Frazier  2-17-2021
Havent used too muxh


Kimberly Mahle  2-16-2021
So cool


Latoya Whidbee  2-10-2021
straight and hassel free.


Kendra Sullivan  2-9-2021
fantastic edition but would be better by allowing us to avail it on the cellphone not just cell


Shannon McConaghy  2-9-2021
extremely practical and straight to use.


Veronica Crawford  2-9-2021
The is an introverts dream <3


Fatty MacGee  2-9-2021
Scam. Charged my card for code access to self tour, and was never able to, after finding out the property I desired to tour had do not enter signage (suspected foreclosure). Reached out to request refund and still no response weeks later. Stay far, far away!


James Meils  2-8-2021
fantastic client support. I hope to gain approved. But if I don't it's not for their lack of trying. All the houses I toured are impressive. Super straight to gain access. Well kept. Bravo Rently. I really hope to become a resident in of your customer MSRenewal.n


Sanam Alam  2-5-2021
Terrible. Does not upgrade listings.


Lakeisha Brinson  2-2-2021
Love the self tour!


Remy Noronio  2-2-2021
Not ready for prime time! Their tech is interesting, but buggy and unreliable. Their picture recognition of my ID and face didn't work on their web app, so I triggered a "security alert" after following their own website's instructions. After talking with a client service representative briefly, I was advised to install the app, which I did. After logging in, when I requested a self tour of the rental house, the Rently system locked my entire account for 72 hours. Uhmmm... not cool?


Laura Delaney  2-1-2021
fantastic edition


Amarnath Joshi Nambiar  2-1-2021
excellent experience. practical to discover and visit property without agent appointment


Michelle Hanner  1-30-2021
straight to avail and safe


Damon Ealy  1-25-2021
At work great really excellent source of news for finding rental homes


Michael Abraham  1-25-2021
Just nearly got scammed on a house on here they used this edition


Christi Allen  1-24-2021
This edition makes looking at homes to rent on your own time an straight process and allows for contactless viewing.


Keith DeFazio  1-24-2021
fantastic app, unfortunately still has the usufructuary login bug that shows not logged in even when you are


Zachary King  1-22-2021
Showed up to the property and there was no idea in since the newest dependents took the keys from the lockbox. Tech aid took days to gain back to us and offered no rescue in the matter or to permit us know that another key was dropped off.


Brandy Massey  1-21-2021
fantastic experience with finding a recent house


Pablo Guajardo  1-18-2021
straight idea too look at home's...


Dorothy Webb  1-18-2021
Has anyone actually moved in a house across the brand at all?


Alfredo Barrios  1-17-2021
Unable to log in or schedule any showings.


Lisa Shannon  1-16-2021
2 hours to gain into a home


Marlon Boyce  1-16-2021
Love it. extremely precise!


Joseph Morton  1-16-2021
I did the edition it's said 99 cents but I try my account it declare three 99 cents been taking out my account


Karen Shelley  1-14-2021
extremely excellent np working


Barbara Leonardo  1-13-2021
Excelent edition


Adam Raber  1-11-2021
none of the filters work making it fully useless finding an apt within your price range


Porfirio Escalante  1-10-2021


Cornell Robertson  1-6-2021
I love this key entry setup


Felicia Baltzell  1-5-2021
I BEG of you to add a sort by last option.


Francisco Gonzales  1-5-2021
It has a few bugs but overall works decent to discover places and view the properties, in person, on my own schedule.


Kelsey Lash  1-4-2021
This edition is a waste off time!


Victor Fooks  1-4-2021
extremely functional and straight to use. I wish more landlords could avail it.


keke lavan  12-31-2020
Able to view potential houses readily anytime


Aretha Randle  12-31-2020
fantastic source when you needto look at homes and trustworthy


A Google user  12-27-2020
It's good being able to look at the homes at my convenience


A Google user  12-24-2020
extremely effective and efficient


Laissez Faire  12-20-2020
I got to the property and I got an error message forthwith and still can not gain in



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