Android Version: 4.1App: Raider: Origin
Release date: Jul 25, 2019App Rating: 4
Author: 4399en gameCategory: game action
Name: Raider: OriginExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF RAIDER! [Fresh and Relaxing Operation] Too tired in learn or work? Raider: Origin allows one-hand operation. Smooth movement, smart feedback, and straight gameplay grant you rest and pleasure. [Class Change Helps Break Through] The fencer, magician… gratuitous class change and wealthy developing journeys! Just become the top crasher and examine the wonderland. [Boss Hunts and wealthy Loots] High drop rate of hunting bosses in the broad magical world. Kill world bosses to gather the precious loots which execute you tier up and power boost. [Resource Competition Grants Exciting combat ] Compete to gain more resources with gamesters from all over the world! You will be the assassin or the prey? Slay or be slayer, subdue or be conquered: who will be the leader of world?



Rusty Willams  12-7-2020
This release is pay to win and you have to pay idea more then you gain in return


PURE Alerted  12-6-2020
Its enjoyment and addicting as well as it is straight to run


Noah Maybrantley  12-6-2020
If you're bored, and you just desire to run an straight release this is the release


Penguinsummer  12-6-2020


Stormi One  12-5-2020
Draws you in.


Joe Stokes  12-5-2020
So I like the concept, but the servers are dead, no dependents on them apart from a select 10 people. keep your servers, dont execute more... also taking 20 minuets too kill a boss when you have triple the recommended power. Takes the liberty. Drop rate for aperinace tackle and pets is idea too low. I like the release but it's not good, you need too decrease boss kill time so that its easier for people. Maybe then your servers wont be so dead!


Shabir Ahmad  12-4-2020
I am trying to turn my image but it won't work and I can't run properly I could love it if you repair this.


Anthony Kunz  12-4-2020
Really not that excellent of a game, I thought it could be enjoyment but you really dont do anything but watch your character play around, you dont even really control it.


Mike Bryant  12-4-2020
Attention currency rebalance needed. The money requisite to purchase in release currency must be revisited due to the up rising MMORPG releases offering more for your money exp. The $4.99 us for 250 diamonds is broke. due to the fact you spend $9.99 us you receive 500 diamonds. Therefore this is no incentive to purchase higher worth packs like the $19.99 us for 1000 diamonds. Please revisit this aspect of the release along with the unlimited bosses.


Matt Gough  12-3-2020
Tried to log into release this morning and my server has vanished.. What happened to 1109? I Spent money and am confused by a missing server


Waka Forever  12-2-2020
**Edit after developer response**: can't access the whole release without vip4 (999 diamond). Can't participate in most occasions without a minimum top up. Also, my server, after 2 weeks of opening, has 6 active players. Remains 2 stars due to visually staggering graphics. Massively p2w, VIP based. Servers die quickly. Otherwise very fun. Deserves 2.5 stars


Tudorache Alexandru  12-2-2020
All the developer wants, is to spend your money. If you have a problem and request a refund, you will lose your account, no matter how tons money you invested. I am already report them for fraud! You have banned me, because I have requested a refund, you are deceiving dependents into recharging for occasions with 0.2 and 0.5 dropp rates. To all gamesters read carefully the drop rates, all they are trying to do, is rip you off!


Robert Kurose  12-1-2020
outstanding release so far


Alin Bondar  11-30-2020
Don't even know how the release is,but i know for sure the developers don't give a damn,i've emailed them for a refund that i already escalated with Google,they seem to not even give a damn that a 13 years ancient infant stole some money to buy they're damned virtual currency,overall opinion 👎👎 do not run the release and for the parents around the globe,if you see your babes playing this,better do a parental protection over they payments


James Davis  11-30-2020
It's a extremely fancy clicker game. You do nothing but tap diverse spots on the screen. Boring.


Dan Da Demon Prince  11-29-2020
The release is enjoyment and it may glitch or lag a little but thats normal for this genre.


Michael Diaz  11-29-2020
So tons fun!


Tyray Smith  11-29-2020
The release is excellent I'll just wish it was more occasions more pvp Arena that's it Also better elements


Roberto White  11-29-2020
I love it


Mathias Johnsen  11-29-2020
Banning your account if there is any form for refund. Asked me to initiate a recent account, spend 29.99$ on the recent account, give them the ID, then they could ban the recent account, and unban my ancient account. This is scam, everything about this release is a scam, and I'm surprised that they are allowed to have this release on the Google run platform. DON'T run THIS release


Ami Yoshi  11-28-2020
I love this release


Sasha Martin  11-28-2020
For big spenders only. except you're investing atleast $200 a month, its extremely difficult to run and grow. Those that spend a lot also tend to control the release and execute their own privacy or bully you. release makers do not care.


Youtube Pejoratian  11-28-2020
I give to the needy and not the greedy. Uh huh, that's right mam. And I'm out the door. You either like it or you love it. But your whenever going to ask yourself if we must maintain going up it.


Andre Colberg  11-28-2020
beautiful tons pay to win could be 5 star if it wasn't grand pay to win and also their also gonna be someone to ravage the fun.


Gamer Bonez  11-27-2020
excellent release


Daniel Burke  11-27-2020
brilliant release ever.


Sam Hawley  11-27-2020
It gets boring, too tons auto, I like a challenge!


Troy Smith  11-27-2020
What is this ? , a cartoon with no plot. It's definitely not a release . Time to uninstall this informations munching software .nuff said


Raphael Rosseto  11-26-2020


Adrian David  11-26-2020
No one sayd anything wrong about top up, i top up myself 1k£ but all important occasions on the release are for cash, relax of the occasions dosent give you any veritable rewards just some crappie items, it was about mergeing frail server where the strongest gamesters are 60mil power (2months server open) and put recent enmies wich are 300mil power(8m-1year server open) makeing the release impossible to compete even if you had spend those 2 months, and is not only 1 gamester that is 300mil, im 1st on my server 64mil:))


Jockulas Gaming  11-25-2020
Strangely addictive


MasterMnM  11-24-2020
This release is trash. I got reset charactrr for no reason. I was linked my google account and it got reset my character. Great, I will never run this again for wasting my time!!!


Rand All Thor  11-24-2020
This is a really meager clone of the Forsaken World game. Just forthwith auto combat in a really high pace. If you enjoy just staring at your image flashing in a bunch of colours and just klick equip now and then. I guess this is the release for you. I uninstall and go back to Forsaken World.


JOAN FLOWERS  11-23-2020
One word terrible


George Carroll-French  11-23-2020
Love it


Silas Garner  11-22-2020
Were is the donation code at?


Gerald Burdine  11-22-2020
No trick on a confusing release that seems to play itself


bouncey and friends  11-22-2020
It was enjoyment up until the point where is lost connection and it made me relogin to my account so I did that but when I logged in I was reset and so it was 135 tiers down the drain Edit: nvm its repaired now I just had to uninstall and reinstall the edition and my original character is back


cjsdaddy555  11-21-2020
I'd give more stars but just plain tired of the glitchyness of the game. whenever having problems not being able to gather rewards from email that sit there forever and do me more good. DO NOT INVEST MONEY INTO THIS GAME.


Samuel Nauman  11-21-2020
aid group is unresponsive to players, and multiple players, including myself, are randomly banned from the servers for "illegal acts" or "illegal recharging" when they become less active for a few days. So the release will simply ban you once they think they've stop making money off you, so excellent luck! Don't waste your time


bond james  11-21-2020


Owen Baxter  11-21-2020
wonderful for going AFK


NOXI FlameZz  11-19-2020
Really like the release I could declare it's better than the adverts


Lek Littel lek  11-19-2020
Still so far will see


Brian Christenson  11-19-2020
This is an outstanding release and it is really enjoyment to run also.


Christina Drury  11-19-2020
HATE IT the release is bug false ad p2w just ugh and god just it is atoe run god why


James Ondish  11-18-2020
Went to bind temp account and character got deleted. I submitted mail to developer and will change my review if they rescue me out. Edit to reply: I went to Facebook and got no conform as of now a total of 5 days. This release needs to allow a temp account to be linked to an email, without erasing the temp account. Especially once money has been spent. Even 1 day wasted on a server starting will out you behind everyone else. I got my refund and was instantly banned, and I'm OK with that.


Teodora Todorova  11-18-2020
extremely god


PokiTheGodEater ,  11-18-2020
Lost all my progress when i switched gadgets releases was excellent until then gg im gone


Mike Warnrka  11-17-2020
Little long of a load image but it's kinda like my beloved release by blizzard called diablo really enjoyable


Larry Binnion  11-17-2020


Theo Beckersvandiver  11-17-2020


Jonathan Gardner  11-16-2020
Ok release


V J  11-16-2020
Absolutely boring and laggy gameplay (I have an lg velvet) and they even have the audacity to lie in their trailers. Claiming that recharge packs start at 1 cent. I can't discover a single pack that cost less than a dollar. Don't waste your time on this, they claim to not be a pay to win release but from my limited experience with it that's clearly all they are.


Sivart Rehsif  11-16-2020
Ok, so basically they desire you to spend money to claim rewards, that desire you to spend more money just to open... This release would be called Greed: Origins no joke. The release is enjoyment but exactly for that motive you gain a D in the B and a hand in your wallet... Go ahead Devs, declare some dumb copy paste response and talk me it's not exactly how YOU morons know your release is lmao... How about chill the Fork out, lower the damn prices so the rewards are actually value the money.


Desiree Noel  11-15-2020
Don't bother. Can't gain anywhere except you sink all your money into it, literally.


Daniel Lykke  11-14-2020
Overall wrong designe and frustrating designe and wouldn't instruct even if it was the only release left in the world


E Constantin  11-13-2020


Fox sage  11-13-2020


onepikeike  11-12-2020
Satisfying :-)


Abeenr2  11-11-2020
P2w release


TARXAN  11-11-2020
release lasts 2 weeks in a pay to win race then servers just die out But it's extremely addictive


Carl Wakely  11-11-2020
fantastic graphics


Jordan Foster  11-10-2020
Giving another go let's see how it goes


joseph lantz  11-9-2020
The release is garbage!!


racine Liddle  11-9-2020
extremely laggy, company recent s20 and it runs like full rubbish. Ended up playing, swiping my card as its the only idea to progress this game, now it doesn't load at all, just sits on loading screen, time to look into refunds.


Mad Hawaiian  11-9-2020
Pay to run


jon Halstead  11-9-2020
No reason, in center cross combat play out of diamonds. And bam logged out and banned what genre of release is this.I solution playing this game. After a week or two the servers will be dead, And will sink . More money into. THE release lies when it says its not paying to win. And one can become Top, Thats only after all poeple leave and your all by your lonesome. I going be starting a class act lawsuit versus this release for unethical practices and false advertisements.


panda gamer  11-8-2020
This release is outstanding


danial gregory  11-8-2020
Love this release just go at your own pace and enjoy


BlackNugget06  11-7-2020
I've been "playing" for 10 minutes but have zero way what the point is you character just does everything automatically there's no strategy no motive why they do what they do just noise and rewards each few seconds no mission at all looks good though


Noah Heal  11-7-2020
Cool and enjoyment release run


Breana Pope  11-7-2020
ACTIVE release


Eazy Makaveli E  11-6-2020
change my rating from 5* to 1*, dont run this game, I've played 8months and after a while you will warning alot of problems with the game, bugs etc and when you report them the developers just blame it on your gadget or network connection and they never repair the problems, the lag is so wrong you can hardly run and you whenever getting kicked off the game, most times when your doing an occasion so you loose out. I used to love this release but since there are 1k servers, it's broken the release 😡😡


Nathan Odom  11-5-2020
Hack and slap but keeps in it


Maxine Salkey  11-5-2020


Leslie Smith  11-5-2020
Love the release but hate the glitchiness. Am reinstalling now to see if it fixes any of the issues. Update: reinstall did not coreect issues. Cannot access map during expedition cross. During battle in expedition, character goes into grey image and cannot exit without leaving the territory. At that point, there's no idea to return, since cannot access map. Random disconnections throughout game, mostly during battle situations. These troubles have been reported already, to no avail.


Arilus Monfils  11-5-2020
exquisite release ever


R Taji  11-4-2020
Its awesome! Im tier 300 and i kill bosses in one hit! I love this game! ♡


Daniel Kay  11-4-2020
One of the exquisite I've played ever.


Cobra Dementă  11-4-2020
First time I open it up "become a VIP" - I didn't even open the release because of that.. Pay to win= large F 👍 That's what I call pay to win


The Dawg  11-4-2020
Paid to win. Pay to run really. Please do yourself a favor and do not run this. Edit: I'm VIP 6 In your game, the release generally runs 4+ hours a day on my device. I am not "No 1" I am not even close.. It takes a lot of money to gain VIP 6. As you know, it's your game. Your occasion drop rates are the worst out there! Been playing for over 2 months.


Melissa Shelley  11-3-2020
If i would offer the DEVS a sack of DICKS to eat i could for how wrong there client service is!


Ethan Marshall  11-3-2020
idea too pay to win


Cory Voce  11-3-2020
Its not even a game?? It just plays itself at an unbelievable speed and then you just "upgrade" things sometimes?? But the upgrades and money dont even mean anything. Id declare the art work is kinda cool but at the same time everything is going by so swift that you dont have time to appreciate it.. theres 2 characters but youre obviously gonna pick the fat tiddy b.


Allpro Ballista  11-2-2020
It isn't meant to be a PayToWin, the instant rewards from paying is there but you can progress just fine without it. It doesn't seem to be a hands on game, it's extremely tons a "play on the toilet or when traveling" category of game. It rewards you for coming back to it everytime and I could declare that's fairly nice. Overall the gameplay is simple and the UI is simple, it needs improvement in some aareas but it is a fantastic little release regardless.


Cameron Haywood  11-2-2020


Serenity Kage  11-2-2020
Not that enjoyment to run I'm just watching her step on her own and fighting automatically. Plus couldn't choose to be a female fencer instead of magician.


Nathan Mitchell  11-2-2020
Overall beautiful fun. Helps to pass the time.


Larry Brewster  11-2-2020
Where are you supposed to put the code in at?


Juan Torres  11-2-2020
I've just downloaded this release and it's so excellent and addictive.


Jeanne Doyle  11-2-2020
Here we are one week into the game. I don't mind if it's a self-controlled release because there is control by the player. Kudos to you, DEVS. Thanks


Jose Perez  11-1-2020
Awsome. Really like this release


Jarett Lapierre  11-1-2020
It ok but cool alot of graphics


Cool Moe  11-1-2020
Truly the exquisite rpg of all time a should play!!!!!


Jamie Cooper  11-1-2020
Love the game,nothing else to declare about it


Vlad Stoica  11-1-2020
Is excellent but extremely expensive But it is excellent


bloody-killer890  11-1-2020
Can't discover my account on here lost all of the money I put into this release not value it if you lose all the money and your account on the release for no motive


DIS CONNECTED  10-31-2020
It's gets old. swift


Fortnite hub Me is cool  10-31-2020
Do NOT download this edition it is a virus you will gain not excellent dependents text you so so NOT Download THIS APP!!


Stephan Chaffin  10-31-2020


khoda salam  10-31-2020
Anout the release i can declare this is a really enjoyment and fantastic release to run but the major isues is the release is compeletly p2w othetwise its outstanding release but this p2w ruine it if you wanna go dungeon u should be vip even have anothet bosses for vip gamesters give them so tons element and material repair this and this release be the exquisite release in mobile history


mini Purple Crewmate  10-30-2020
I could rather toss my Minecraft diamonds into an abyss than ever run this, and just a word of advice: STOP. SPAMMING. THE. ADS.


Alastair Lumby  10-30-2020
Fun, brilliant, and straight to understand


Donna McCole  10-30-2020
this release has been carefully balanced to take advantage of dependents who can't control their spending. there's no competition around playing well or being clever or working hard: it's all about outspending the other guy. most dependents figure this out and leave beautiful quickly. The release leaves a trail of sad testers behind it, but that's okay because the publishers just start a recent server with a recent batch of players.


Mohamed Savage  10-29-2020
tidy it's cool



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