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Release date: Mar 19, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: themaCategory: personalization
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Racing Watch Face for Wear OS! Don't have a Wear OS watch? You can still avail this watch face as a clock widget on your mobile! ⛔️NOT FOR SAMSUNG GEAR S2 / GEAR S3 / GALAXY WATCH !! (running Tizen OS)⛔️ If you have one, do not install this application. To discover aid and compatible products with your watch, please go to ★ details of Racing Watch Face ★ - Clock Widget (No second hand due to battery consumption) - pick design colors - Define a secondary timezone for digital display - Day & Month - Watch battery - Mobile battery - Weather - diurnal move count - Heartbeat frequency - Unread SMS - Unread mail from Gmail - Missed calls - Presets - Complication (wear 2.0) The settings of the watch face are located in the "Wear OS" edition of your mobile. Just hit the gear icon over the watch face preview and the settings image will exhibit up! ★ gratuitous Settings ★ - pick design colors on watch & mobile - Define heartbeat frequency refresh rate - Define weather refresh rate - Weather unit - 12 / 24 hours mode - Define interactive style duration - pick to switch between small/big/translucent/opaque cards - pick the ambient style b&w and eco luminosity - pick between 2 weather providers (Yr & OpenWeatherMap) - pick to display a leading zero on hours - Display company name or not - pick to display or not the seconds dots ★ extended Settings ★ - pick your own title in place of "X-GEN" - Switch between éco / simple b&w / absolute ambient mode - pick background among diverse styles - mix background with colors - Define a secondary timezone for digital display - Data: + Change the indicator to display on the 3 positions + pick between up to 8 indicators + Complication (wear 2.0) - Interactivity + Access to detailed informations by touching a widget + Switch the displayed informations by touching a widget + Change the shortcut to make on the 4 positions + pick your shortcut among all products installed on your watch! + pick to display the interactive areas - Presets manager: + Save your preset with all its variants (colors, backgrounds, data, features. EVERYTHING is saved!) + Load / delete one of your previously saved preset + Share / Import presets - Define manual or automatic location ★ Installation ★ Watch Face Wear OS 1.X This watch face will be installed automatically from your smartphone paired. If it doesn't exhibit up please go to the Wear OS edition > Settings and Resync all apps. Wear OS 2.X A info will be displayed on your watch, right after your mobile installation. You just have to hit it to start the installation process of the watch face. If the info did not display for some reason, you can still install the watch face by using the Google run shop attainable on your watch: just uncover the watch face by its name. Mobile clock widget Just long press on your launcher, then select the product widget to drop it on your house image of your mobile. Customize the widget settings with the application. ★ More watch faces Visit my watch faces collection for Wear OS on the run shop at ** If you have any troubles or questions, fill gratuitous to reach me by mail (English or French language) before giving a wrong rating. Thanks! Website: Youtube: Twitter: G+: Instagram:



Aden Idiris  6-20-2021
It's extremely good 👍👍. maintain it up!!


Salim Reja  6-2-2021
outstanding than some


Timothy Madden  5-2-2021
Gr8 edition


Christy Wright  4-11-2021
I love it but I feel like it must be able to be used on any smartwatch it's bullcrap


Robert Hewitt  1-16-2021
good variants for face exquisite so far


Christopher McKinney  7-22-2020
Doesn't upgrade the weather.


K GB  4-9-2020
Top notch..


kevin f  3-31-2020


Craig Ippolito  1-13-2020
Just awesome! Loving it on my OG Moto360 as well as Gen3!!


Raymond Mitchell  1-6-2020


Landen Storer  1-2-2020
The following usufructuary says thank you for your time and consideration for this serviceable post a photo and I have been working for a while ago but never forgotten the name on my own personal and confidential and may not copy distribute act on a regular


Daniel P. Courvoisier  12-15-2019
Not for Huawei. Uninstall


Hakim Luis  12-10-2019
Better than ever


Dominick Capitano  11-29-2019
A extremely usable watch and straight to see a move in the right direction , I'm pleased


Jason Johnson  10-19-2019


Debs Evans  4-5-2019 it


Patrick Romeo  3-26-2019
really like the watch face and features, unless when i tap cell battery icon, or watch battery icon they both exhibit sms messaging. if those worked properly if give it 5 out of 5 stars.


Aries Ting  3-4-2019
I have already bought extended from the edition on my phone, how come I have to bought it again on my watch?


Manuel Lucero  2-12-2019
i dig it


Eric Felhaber  1-15-2019
good Watch face! Exactly what I was looking for. The interactive regions give more functionality to my Tic Watch Pro and I like the tier of customization you have.


A Google user  10-30-2018
Uninstalled edition and installed again - everything work fine now 👍


Jose Rivas  10-26-2018
It loose the red color after some weeks


Simon Neale  10-19-2018
Sorry about that, I jumped the gun! Google should be having a slow day! Now I have extended Access it's a fantastic watch (as all Thema faces are) I now own 6 of his creations and this one doesn't disappoint! fantastic functions, solid and trustworthy so far!!


Faisal Almutawa  6-16-2018


Ezzat Eddy  6-13-2018


Bruce Wayne  6-9-2018
Sucks.. Need to buy extended version to avail properly


Mihir Chawda  4-7-2018
Initially had problems getting extended version started. The conform to my query was prompt by thema. On a whole...good job !!


Will Ingram  3-21-2018
I think if you paid for extended access you must not have to pay the same price for each watch face. I will probably just stay with the primary watch faces.


Mussawwir Naik  3-10-2018


Mike Shuma  3-2-2018
I just paid for the extended but it will not permit me first off gain it on my watch won't permit me choose diverse colors if you would please rescue me with this I may give it a better rating but for now not excellent


James Webster  2-18-2018
fantastic face. Love it. Go extended its value it.


Randy Guidry  1-12-2018


Leonell Howell  12-30-2017
S edition has everything in need, this is the first edition which allows me to put Jamaica time on my watch face. I also on a Tissot touch this watch face is extremely suchlike where I can pick to set my alarm, timer stopwatch calories ECT. should have


Arry Ferrari  11-17-2017
Does not upgrade anymore


Ous Nz  11-15-2017
permit me avail the dame thing first before you ask me for an opinion you edition daaa.


Michael Saunders  9-16-2017
Rubbish! Difficult to use. And stole my money.


A Google user  8-27-2017
Not working


Tim Tawlks  6-19-2017


d c  6-6-2017
Looks cool and works well on LG urban


Steve Fice  6-2-2017
fantastic looking watch face and loads of details that I never thought I'd need - being able to set a timer with just two clicks for example, so handy! /u/UKDarkJedi


Tres Boston  6-1-2017
excellent looking watch face. Tresboston


Ryan Hartwell  5-27-2017
good "at-a-glance" layout, and fantastic color choices. Looks fantastic on my Huawei - rybread613


Jarett Bailey  5-17-2017
I love the details on this watch face. The ability to customize its widgets is perfectly designed. Appearance customizability is exactly what I'm looking for. And the Dev, Thomas, has been extremely practical and speedy to answer with technical questions.


Steve S.  5-15-2017
I've been looking for the ideal watch face for my Huawei watch. This might finally be the one! fantastic layout with dozens serviceable details readily accessible. fantastic work! - wrxr7


Mihai Radu Ionescu  5-13-2017
MitchTheRad here from reddit, fantastic watchfaces as always. Go thema.


Claes Klingvall  5-12-2017
fantastic looking watch face with speedy access to dozens serviceable watch apps. excellent work! Reddit: klingsurf


Johnny Ortiz  5-12-2017
pretty watchface, cute on the Huawei Watch (Reddit Kolma528)


Luis Leal de Faria  5-12-2017
Lfaria123 - Really like the overall look of it specially on my Huwawei Watch


Shane P  5-12-2017
AW2.0, 4 shortcuts, 3 widgets, lots of customizations, and battery tiers are shown. ideal quantity for a watch face!! -spectradawn77


Adam MacAulay  5-12-2017
fantastic face, looks good on my fossil q Marshall (from Reddit)


Sean Pearson  5-12-2017
Came here from Reddit...good, clean face on my moto360... Username is Juggalofr33k.


Ivan  5-11-2017
Really cool edition (reddit: eltigere)


Andrii Kolesnichenko  5-11-2017
fantastic watchface! (Reddit:dotter_ak)


Mobile Marine Services MMS  5-2-2017
OK will maintain you posted


Edwin Geerling  4-25-2017
This is fantastic edition with extended being even greater. A question..... As I like most of what you are creating, is there a idea of making them all extended with an umbrella price? ...


Raj Maniar  4-23-2017


Ethan Osmundson  4-16-2017
I love the watch


Jermaine Scott  3-31-2017
It didn't work at all


Chan Vincent  3-25-2017
extremely good watch face! Love the quantity of notification you can place on the watch face, such as having watch battery, smartphone battery, and 3 other widgets. I've a question though. What's the difference between the 4 prices for premium?


Gene Fish  3-24-2017
fantastic watch face! Even better if you gain premium.


Neerkamal sharma  3-24-2017



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