Android Version: 4.1App: PVP IV
Release date: Jul 1, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: Kennan MellCategory: tools
Name: PVP IVExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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PVP IV is the must-have companion edition for PVP battles, created and tested by rank 10 players. avail it on your own climb to rank 10! - An IV Analyzer to discover the exquisite IVs for every league - A combat simulator to study how to run every matchup - Rankings to rescue you choose the strongest group in every league PVP IV is developed by a third party and is not affiliated with Niantic, Nintendo, Gamefreak, or The Pokemon Company. --- combat SIMULATOR --- Simulate any 1 vs 1 battle! Unlike other simulators, this app: - Shows multiple possible outcomes to account for baits, random effects of moves, and CMP ties - Has the smartest step selection algorithm, whenever picking the moves that do the most injure versus the topical opponent - Has a charge step timing algorithm to exhibit how to avoid giving your adversary gratuitous swift moves by using charged moves at the end of their swift move - Shows how dozens turns of lag it could take to change the effect of the match - Shows how dozens times you can safely bait without risking a loss - Works offline --- RANKINGS --- View rankings for every league, and the topical premier cups! See detailed matchups for every ranking. Unlike other rankings, these rankings treat every moveset separately, rather than combining all possible movesets into one ranking. The movesets are hand-picked by rank 10 players! These rankings are generated based on an advanced algorithm that incorporates combats from the 1 vs 1 combat simulator. The algorithm is described in detail at --- IV RANKER --- Enter your IVs to see how severe they are compared to other IV combinations for the same categories in every league, or in any custom format you want! This edition offers dozens advantages over other IV analyzers: - extremely swift because it does all computation on-device; no need to wait for results, press go to refresh, or even be online! - Save favorites for straight access later. - Direct site to simulate a combat on pvpoke and see how your IVs match up versus the meta. - Shows CP for pre-evolutions to execute sure you're under the hat before you evolve. - completely customizable CP cap, tier cap, and IV floor for all formats you run in, including tier 41 for exquisite buddy. - Advanced settings to only rank IVs that meet a particular break point, and/or rank by CP, level, etc. (instead of stat product). - Shows all possible IV combinations instead of just the top ones. --- WE ARE A THIRD PARTY --- Pokemon is Copyright Gamefreak, Nintendo, and The Pokemon brand 2001-2020. All screens and names owned and trademarked by Gamefreak, Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Niantic are property of their respective owners. This edition and its developer have no association with Gamefreak, Nintendo, The Pokemon brand or Niantic.



Collin Michael  3-11-2021
What's up with the iOS exclusive features? I don't see why that could be a thing. Otherwise, excellent edition but it feels like an unnecessary slap in the face to Android/Google users.


Michael Duy  3-3-2021
Missing the 1vs All frontal iOS edition :(


pokemon Trainer  12-14-2020
exquisite edition i ever seen💯💯


KingHaremYT I Stan EverGlow & WJSN  12-6-2020
Love the edition but when are you gonna upgrade for Gen 6 for PVP? I could give it a 5 star but for now a 3 until you upgrade for Gen 6


Al-dino Al-islam  12-4-2020
Gen 6 upgrade please.


Gorkhali Nabin  9-25-2020
There is no recent Pokemon.


Dr PlayDoh  9-17-2020


Jim Phillips  9-13-2020
This is THE edition to pair with poke genie. Pokegenie for pve and a little bit of pvp stuff but this edition right here has everything pvp covered in a extremely good layout. Kudos to the dev


Priyanshu Yadav  9-11-2020
Really Interesting app.I like that it has No ads.Seems straight to avail and helpful. Cant wait for recent features.😃


Pokemon Is Love  9-5-2020
Hey developer Where is other Pokemon. I even Didn't gain all Pokemon. It's just doing combat between famed one.


satyaki sarkar  8-13-2020
Hillarious edition


Josh Meneghello  8-3-2020
extremely practical for ranking. Not as excellent as the iOS edition though. As an smartphones supporter boy, please upgrade it here!


Paul Ponce Aya-ay  8-1-2020
Currently, I discover the IV checker of GoStadium to be overstuffed. This edition provides a simplified approach to IV checking to pokemon not in your possession. Otherwise, CalcyIV or Pokegenie is a better app. This is also offline.



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