Android Version: 2.2App: Puzzle Magic!
Release date: Oct 22, 2016App Rating: 4
Author: Luis MedelCategory: puzzle
Name: Puzzle Magic!Extension: Apk
Downloads: 500+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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The puzzle release to top all puzzle games, Puzzle Magic! A release of fiendish perplexity and diabolical puzzles, Puzzmagic is set to take the world by storm! Just position the blocks and execute them dissapear. Stranger Things will happen! Sounds easy? Puzzle magical is a one-player release that is simple in execution and yet amazingly difficult to master. Addictive gameplay as you have never imagined. • Gameplay inspired by Puzznic • 1000+ puzzles to solve • Simple but addictive puzzle experience • Increasing hardship tiers mission gamesters of all ages and skill levels • Puzzle magical takes minutes to study and years to expert



Always 1904  5-21-2021
Can someone rescue me! I've nearly completed the release but theres 3 puzzles I've been stuck on for months! I love this release and I desire to finish it. Someone PLEASE help! Ch. 1 tier 58, Ch. 16 tier 42 and Ch. 18 tier 50. PLEASE! Lol


Crystal Wimpfheimer  8-13-2020
fantastic release just wish there was a idea to turn off the sound


Lee Danby  3-8-2020
Decent clone of Puzznic. would avail a rewind/undo feature.


Arthur Rallis  2-5-2020
ancient classic arcade and amiga release outstanding !


Dave Scott  1-9-2020
Eeh, is 1-58 actually impossible?


Scott Wetherson  1-4-2020
I see some dependents referring to this release as "brix". The newest time I ever played this release was on 8bit Nintendo and it was called "Puznic". Was a fantastic release and extremely challenging, which I hope will be the case here.


breakdancer forever  9-30-2019
This is awesome, it really tests my brain. I'm currently on 1-41. I'm love it


Clive Orgill  9-18-2018
Cool redo of an ancient amiga favourite


Graeme Gunn  6-28-2018
Oh my GOODNESS it's Brix! In 2018 on a phone! I really hope you add in everything from the original release (crumbling blocks, flip levels, etc.) Thank you so tons for this.


Flex Seal Man!  10-18-2017
How tons $ for solutions?


Bernhard Helbling  9-30-2017
Really a good release I know since dozens years ..... the "Game-Field" is too small, especially for phone a. How can i stop the ugly music?


John D  3-17-2017
Amiga Port. All the audio is Tim Follin. upgraded and repaired bugs 5*'s


Heather Bonsky  3-1-2017
Changed my review from one to 4 and 5. At first it didn't work but after an upgrade to my phone's software, it now works and I love it


Scott Lynn  12-25-2016
Having this release to avail on my droid gadget means a lot to me. This release in its original for was called Brix & part 2 called Brix 2 Deluxe. This is one of the first releases that I remember having on a Packard Bell 386sx in my house as a kid. I loved playing it. I still have it today and pull it out from time to time. Side Note: I wish this had some of the details like the lasers, flipping puzzles, and moving blocks. I also remember some puzzles having crumbling brick that you had to gain bricks over. Any plans for updates in the future? Did you think of making an add on pack that you would sell for a 1.00 per pack maybe. I'd buy it. For what it's worth, thanks for the intractable work in putting this together.


martin doyle  11-6-2016
But crashes when picking level. Please repair as I'm sooo looking forward to this. Then I'll defo 5 star it!



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