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With Prognosis, you can ameliorate your ability to diagnose and forthwith manage key clinical presentations related with a disease, having access to relevant facts and succinct explanations behind the underlying diagnostic and leadership rationale. Prognosis is designed for practicing physicians, medic students, nursing professionals and other healthcare practitioners who love medicine and desire to thrive as world-class decision makers. After all, practice makes perfect; and practice can be fun! Our catalog spans a broad range of medic specialties, all which can be played in minutes. every case is also accompanied by a concise yet comprehensive discussion of the diagnostic reasoning, as well as and key learning points for you to take home. Prognosis cases are based on the actual clinical experiences of more than 200 physicians through 33 specialties. New cases are released regularly, often in keeping with worldwide endemic and epidemic trends, to rescue you brush up on the clinical abilities that are the need of the hour! - exquisite edition for Health & Well Being - World Summit Awards, 2012 ( - 'Dr home for Doctors' - find Magazine ( - 'One of the five exquisite editions for doctors' - Bulletin of The Royal College of Surgeons of England, Volume: 94 Issue: 1 (



Rachel Hage  12-7-2020
Needs hospice as a specialty


Dr Andree Zamunu  12-6-2020
fantastic app. Simple and concise... Please initiate more pediatric cases.


jaff didymus kidze  12-6-2020
Wonderful, fearful teaching edition Thanks for this fantastic combination of teaching and changing cases


Nasir Ahmad Bakhtiyar  12-4-2020
amazing practical edition Thanks alot dear creators


Colleen Marie  11-28-2020
I love this


Dhanush S S  11-27-2020
Appreciate the HistorY taking. Yu can investigate Yua MinD stuffs anD ManaGe the idea Yu desire to... excellent edition wiD Discussion and take house messages !


Tommy B  11-25-2020
I like it. generally excellent explanations of the cases. A little too tons USA concentrated for me as a UK person but hey


Xolani Phatwe  11-25-2020
fantastic edition for practice.


Sandeep Aghav  11-22-2020
good app...but recently removing cases!


deepak bharti  11-19-2020
Kindly add more oncology cases....if possible separate prognosis for oncology like other specialities


Yinusa Timilehin  11-17-2020
fantastic edition


Mustafa Basibuyuk  11-12-2020


Alex Lesnevskyi  11-12-2020
Clear and confident material to practice with


Fatima Zabihi  11-8-2020
Why some cases that I have read before just disappear?


A Google user  11-7-2020
fantastic & amuzing idea to experiment your knowledge . Thanks for your efforts .


Zanele Lizzy  11-7-2020
fantastic app, but why were the Psychiatry cases taken down?


R M4x  11-6-2020
This edition was the exquisite medic edition I've ever avail with more than 300 cases. But now u deleted most of them and there's only less than 50 cases left! For what? Just for money! Please RETURN our cute edition for FREE. U can execute another paid edition without ravage this one. We don't need updates. We just desire those cases back.


jaya bharti  11-4-2020
Please, Also add the cases of opthalmology, ENT like subject. Other than this it is an wonderful app, each Medico must have installed in there phones.


joann kars  11-3-2020
I like the explanations and opinions Jo


Shakil Tanvir  11-2-2020
extremely serviceable edition


Tom O.  11-2-2020
Seriously remove cases? Then ask us to pay after?


Tam Beat  11-2-2020
The cases were removed :/


Nabil Harb  10-31-2020
boosts medic news


mokhles aladham  10-30-2020
extremely practical


Mohammed Abdul-Kadiri  10-28-2020
fantastic edition by all standard... Been using this edition since 2016. But my trouble now is with the number of cases under every specialty.. Some of the cases have been taken off, I mean majority of them. could be extremely cheerful if the group can explain that. Thank you.


praful sharma  10-27-2020
good edition for clinical vignettes. each medic student should have this app. Have both common and rare cases with extremely straight and to the point explaination.


Nwachukwu Chebem  10-25-2020


dinesh saaa  10-24-2020
Kindly supply some more gratuitous's really excellent


Ishan Khan  10-22-2020


Nsaidzeka Romaric  10-20-2020


Anil Kumar  10-15-2020
3 stars bcoz u removed the hematology cases


Dr. Milind Bhoskar  10-15-2020
extremely excellent to understand things


Hadi hassan  10-11-2020


Rebecca Wescott  10-4-2020
The excellent reviews are from before they deleted all but a wee handful of cases. nearly all have been moved to their recent paid edition and removed from this one.


gagnonjc  10-3-2020
exquisite edition for learning medecine, which experiment to investigate the case, Tx and explanations. I really enjoy it !!


Anushka Jain  9-30-2020
outstanding edition


Shahad Yasir  9-29-2020
Love it


Dr. Mazhar Qaiyum  9-26-2020
fantastic app. It is good for practising, I could declare it is excellent to be gratuitous but it is free.


Waleed El Shatshat  9-25-2020
V. V. V excellent to refresh your memory


Thet Naung  9-25-2020
The exquisite edition for pg as well


Sabbavarapusivaparvathi Siva parvathi  9-24-2020
good one


Ahsan Khan  9-20-2020
I'm so unhappy that you guys decided to remove most of the cases and start charging for them. It was excellent while it lasted.


Michelle Miss Mikiver Eckert  9-18-2020
18 September 2020 Prognosis gadget Computer App. is not an actual release it may be considered academic in nature orientated towards a correct audience. This App. is not one of enjoyment and releases fun rather one of academic product of existing knowledge abling the usufructuary to increase their helpful experience. Patients depend.


Hadi Okati  9-18-2020


Jerry Durkan  9-15-2020
excellent app. Some treatment instructions are outdated, but overall a excellent idea to stay sharp clinically with both common and uncommon diagnoses


Jacob H phom  9-15-2020
exquisite edition for diagnostician. My genre of edition


Judith Reich  9-12-2020
Frequently useful. whenever informative but dozens times case problems are just too straight to diagnose & treat. It's either that or my 40 plus years of extremely varied experience have been extremely excellent for me! Treatments have changed over time & since retirement this helps me to maintain up to date.


ik any  9-11-2020
fantastic edition for medics. Highly recommended


Teymur Mirzabeyli  9-11-2020
Super !!


hell rider  9-11-2020
Exceptionally fantastic edition


Life Spring  9-10-2020
extremely practical and satisfying


Daud Kisoli  9-9-2020
excellent edition ❤❤


sachin kumar  9-9-2020
Facing problem while registering Not able to register


Sajib Ahmed  9-9-2020


M W  9-8-2020
Don't like that cases are disappearing so you can put them behind a extremely expensive paid wall.


iresha upuli  9-6-2020
👍 fantastic


Mohamed Hussein  9-5-2020


Sanzhur Tursunov  9-4-2020
fantastic edition


A Google user  9-1-2020
Still practical and practical.


AB Travelers  8-30-2020


Abdullah Karapinar  8-29-2020
The edition started crashing earlier today. Not really sure if the problem is on my end or theirs but it's simply impossible to avail the edition right now.


Baruch Kunievsky  8-18-2020
good edition


Koushalya Murugavel  8-16-2020


SR Production  8-16-2020
REALLY practical and exquisite edition for all genres of medic consultants


Krishna Kambalekar  8-16-2020
The exquisite


Kwesi Borsah  8-14-2020
For a gratuitous app, it's beautiful awesome.


Pseudo Nym  8-13-2020
enjoyment idea to stay sharp on medic treatment


Arvind Gajjar  8-13-2020
extremely serviceable


Mohadese J  8-13-2020
I can't download the cases what's the problem?


Aslack  8-11-2020
I have no words to declare how practical this is and engaging this is, Will this be gratuitous like it whenever is? Please don't execute this subscription based , thanks a lot for making this,


Orgil Altankhuyag  8-10-2020
Enjoy the diverse cases extremely tons .


Bikranta Kharel  8-8-2020
This is a should edition or enjoyment educative release for each doctors and medic students. Thank you so tons developer ❤️


Morteza Chehrevar  8-6-2020


milos milenkovic  8-5-2020
They are removing cases from edition


مهتا مهتا  7-28-2020
I cant download the cases Please rescue me


Melanie Barnes  7-27-2020
I like the balance of going across the finish diagnosis and treatment, but not bogging down with details. It has kept my critical thinking abilities alive during COVID, where as a medic student I was not allowed in the clinic.


pradeep joshi  7-27-2020
Academically sound one


Riyaz Ameerudden  7-26-2020
extremely tons interesting and informative


Khalid Mohammed  7-26-2020
Spectacular, that is what can I say. Love from Ethiopia.


lawrence agbortabi  7-25-2020


Doctor Strange  7-25-2020
good app...Like a game...enjoyed


Dnock Marvado  7-23-2020
extremely serviceable app, please maintain adding cases


Omkar Gogate  7-22-2020
Bored to run


Mohmed Nabil  7-21-2020
It's a grat edition , making the clincl presention tons more easer


Caleb Cotner  7-20-2020
tidy cases and excellent format. A clean looking app!


Shek Md. Zubayer  7-18-2020
Awesome, practical, extremely academic, practical


Susmita Basu  7-18-2020
A gratuitous edition which is just awesome.


Ekta Mishra  7-17-2020
i love this edition


ishfaq ahmad  7-16-2020
always I discover time I open this app,its extremely helpful,but recently you have deleted dozens cases from it,plz restore deleted cases,each and each case is extremely informative.


Mohammad Shahid Raja  7-16-2020


Ahmad Morad  7-16-2020
excellent but why can't I back up my files including the downloa.ed cases . I don't desire to download the cases again .when formatting my mobile. Takes time


Atharva Abhyankar  7-14-2020
Hi guys, I absolutely love your app, but I recently checked it after quite some time and found that quite a few cases had been removed (I really desired the one on Henoch-Schönlein purpura). I hope y'all are going to post them back up soon. Otherwise, this is a really amazing app, kudos to the team.👍👍


AudainZ Tranchant  7-14-2020
Like it, straight to avail and extremely update.


Eitan Negri  7-12-2020
good practice cases


Hero Jahin  7-12-2020


SMS 2000  7-11-2020
Hi guys, what happened to the majority of the cases?! There were almost more than a 100 cases by itself in Medicine, now all i see is 73! Is there some problem in my phone? Or have the cases been retracted? Please help. Edit: Thanks for the fast reply. All the more power to your team! Hope you maintain coming with more cases:).


Osama Al Habbal  7-8-2020
Amaizing app, please maintain it free, even with ads.


natasha gull  7-6-2020


Sahereh Esgraghi  7-5-2020
extremely excellent


Sajad Teimoury  7-2-2020


Method Mwilike  7-2-2020


Haroon Akhtar  6-27-2020
fantastic Effort. Highly instruct 👌


MITASHA BAWEJA. 71  6-26-2020
a excellent one ...could be made exquisite by adding some graphics to it..


Dhruv Shetty  6-24-2020
extremely informative.


Faster Lyngdoh  6-24-2020
So practical


Toni M.  6-23-2020
Enjoing so far. 2 cases in


Shivali muffin  6-21-2020
Super More of such editions needed


Mark Owen  6-21-2020
fantastic medic app. Second to none so far as I am concerned. If I have ten stars I will give you.


Awj Khoury  6-20-2020
As a Med student, this edition is everything I would have asked for and more. It is fun, challenging and very informative. Definitely instruct it!


Keerthana Reddy  6-20-2020
It's extremely serviceable 😊 thank you for this edition


Alisson Navarrete  6-19-2020
Is so useful!


Rupkothar rajkonna  6-17-2020
extremely interesting case


p Skinner  6-16-2020
fantastic learning tool.


Cristhiam Santos  6-14-2020
good app, excellent explanations and easy to the point.


Mihad Ahmed  6-14-2020


VonHumpeding  6-13-2020
Cool edition enjoyment to run


hasti nisti  6-12-2020


muhd khairul  6-8-2020
extremely excellent app. gratuitous & straight to use. Hope the exquisite for the dev group 👍🏻. *Btw, already install other edition of the dev group put out. It's as excellent as this app. Kudos.


Luisa Tuapati  6-7-2020
Superb‼ highly instruct this shii


Chirantha Kuruppuarachchi  6-6-2020
I loved the edition and loved all the explanations. But you guys have not upgraded any cases in 7 months now. What's happened to the app? Edit : outstanding to hear that. Love the work you are doing. Thank you so much. maintain it up


Dinesh Babu  6-6-2020
outstanding app.. learned more from it


sanjay kumar sah  6-6-2020
exquisite edition



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