Android Version: 4.1App: Princess Dress Up 2
Release date: Mar 18, 2017App Rating: 4
Author: Svey DevelopmentCategory: casual
Name: Princess Dress Up 2Extension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Dear girls, could like to gain into a fairy story and become a veritable princess? Are you into fashion and salon games? Then you will enjoy this recent makeover release for girls where you dress up pretty princesses! 4 magnificent princesses await you in this interesting dress up game. There are many of fancy dresses, tops and skirts to choose from, as well as hats, necklaces, handbags, gloves, flowers and belts. All princesses can have their unique costume to match their beauty. Dress up each princess as you like! Girls will definitely like this wonderful dressup release because nothing is locked in it and each is free! Dress up your princess for a ball, a stroll in the park, a party with lass buddies or even for a royal wedding! Get more gratuitous lass releases for aspiring fashion designers and fashionistas of all ages by following the "More from releases For Girls" link!



Prachi Sawant  6-22-2021
I love this release 😍💙


Kalpana Chhetri  6-21-2021


Opeyemi Gold  6-19-2021


Lachu Mol  6-14-2021
Super release


Sunita Dadri  6-9-2021
great release


Sarfaraz Sharief  6-7-2021
I really like it but it does need more dresses and better hair


Nayomi Henakaarachchi  6-6-2021
So pretty


Mohammad formully  6-4-2021
I think that this release is excellent but it doesn't have excellent clothes nor face . Pls execute it better by giving more dress and face.


Subash rokaya Subash rokaya  6-3-2021


Okotie Ramata  5-23-2021
Love it


Quinn Graham  5-22-2021
Qunn ryleigh


Saima Ghufran  5-16-2021
good release and pretty dresses.


Md Alishan  5-16-2021
good release dress


Savita Savita  5-11-2021
good release


Mk Kh  5-7-2021


Rajendra Prasad Verma  5-2-2021
good release just wow! I like this release


khalid Meer  5-1-2021
This release is excellent but this will not have dozens dress....thats the bigest problem and 2sd bigest problem is that the princess faces is also not good.And 3d bigest problem is that background is also only four.WHY????????This is the bigest problems..........., if you run then you r bor in only 5 mints and you uninstall this app.😤😤😤😡😡😡😡😡 That's why i am give this edition rating only 1


Free Fire Andhra Army  5-1-2021


shoon Pyae  5-1-2021
It's excellent 😍but i give 1 star because dress are not extremely pretty .


amir aslan  4-26-2021
سلام من هلنااصلان هستم بازی خیلی خوبی👋👋👋👋👋👌👌👏👍


Elvira art Fernando  4-14-2021
Elvira Artus Gernaangdj


deepak bisht  3-20-2021
exquisite edition this peales like


Sadeem Toor  2-7-2021


Tomas Ivaba Pemba  2-6-2021
this geme is excellent for babes


dar b dar Roghi  2-3-2021


MohanRao Reddy  12-3-2020


Mireille Jansen van rensburg  11-27-2020
Really excellent


Nurun Nahar  11-20-2020
It's really beautiful 🤩. But I give one Star , because there dress are not so tons good. Otherwise there girls character is not good.


Cleta Boctoy  11-18-2020
excellent morning guys


edwin gurion  11-6-2020
exquisite game! To the developers:can you execute a mermaid dress up? Please....


Noel Martin  10-19-2020
I hate you gogle usufructuary 😡😡😡😡 and this one is for the release i love this game🤩🤩🤩 i love this game🤩🤩🤩


sonuma love riyaz  9-30-2020


Meilinda peberiani  9-18-2020


Keighza Ganancial  9-12-2020
Love it but maybe you can add more dresses, shoes, and hairstyles


kaydee mollett  9-8-2020
Boring i hated it i could only recomment for extremely slight chill.


sanju Singh  9-8-2020
good this release and i hope this is interesting release


Nurto Nurto  8-5-2020
This release rocks people🥰🥰🥰


Raticoochie Smith  6-25-2020
It was just a black image


Yehya Alamine  6-21-2020


Armita Tahmasebi  6-9-2020
برنامه خوبی بود من راضی بودم فقط وقتی اینونصب کنی باید بقیه بازی هاش هم نصب کنید


Tingpai Konyak  6-3-2020


Sahana Geddapu  5-19-2020
This release is not opening also extremely bad...


Purva Patil  5-16-2020
good game......... But add some more english clothes.


Sangeeta Poudel  5-4-2020
This edition is excellent


Meredith McCracken  4-11-2020
I tried to download the release and it is a black screen.


shivani garg  4-7-2020
Worst release ever


Atta Malik  2-26-2020
Princess drees up release 2


Rewan Hemadan  1-22-2020
This release is extremely interesting


Jaykishan9955 Jaykishan9955  1-10-2020
pretty princess release


Anushka karlekar  12-6-2019


Rajani Jain  11-11-2019
Mad release when I dounloded the release it was like only the black image I thought that these reviews r stupid but when I opened this it was only showing the black image I felt wrong never dounload this release Ppl .


nikhat Moliko  10-21-2019
good release


Gugue Gugue  10-14-2019


Agv H  9-2-2019
Wow it's really excellent i run princess dress up 1 and it's wonderful and i run a princess dress up 2 i really delighted now tanks becuse this releases it's powefulllllllllllllll


Grace Josua  8-22-2019
I love your release but you should put diverse people.


Amelie Stone  8-7-2019
it is wonderful but I could like more charcters


Emma Yearwood  7-8-2019
love it hate it now


Gad Bihabwa  7-1-2019
wrong edition


Meenu Bhardwaj  6-18-2019
ye release der me chalta hai 😡🤬👿😈👹👺💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩👊👊👊💪💪💪


uma sharma sharma  5-23-2019
good game........But most of the clothes are arabic type,I'd propose to add some more english clothes otherwise the release is extremely well.👍


Azan Pervaiz  5-18-2019
i like this



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