Android Version: 11App: Pour Decisions
Release date: Nov 18, 2021App Rating: Not rated yet
Author: Eris B.VCategory: game board
Name: Pour DecisionsExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Be a vintner set on making the exquisite wine they can in this digital roll-and-write board release app. Aim for the highest score you can by balancing diversified processes in winemaking – from growing your grapes, to harvesting them, from crushing the grapes, to fermenting them, and finally pressing the wine to bottle - every process takes diverse dice and changes your wine in diverse ways. Roll the dice and place them in the diversified processes, every with their own rules. One process might only allow ever higher values from your dice, while another process only allows particular numbers. As you fill spaces, fill entire lines, or even over time as your wine ages, you score emblems representing your wine’s characteristics, such as acidity, body, sweetness, and tannins. every of these characteristics has their own scoring track, which means that points gain added or deducted differently per the category of emblem you score. Each of the processes are connected – doing well in one process makes your life easier down the line, but it’s just as straight to put up roadblocks for yourself. every process contains several spaces that are linked to other spaces in other processes; fill one such space, and automatically fill the other. Fill a connected spot with a difficult value, and you might accidentally lock yourself out of progress in that process! Finally, there is a fairly pressing matter: if you haven’t pressed your wine before the end of the newest round, there is no wine to score! Balance your efforts in the other processes with the dice you put into pressing your wine, the ultimate round starts before you know it, and you might be left without the dice needed to finish! (Then again, press your wine too early and lose out on precious points.) Depending on how the dice fall, gain ready to execute Pour Decisions.



Joshua Gouge  11-25-2021
Haven't played much, but so far I think I'll like this roll and write a fantastic deal. Will re-rate after playing a bit more. Sometimes the dice aren't as straight to select as I could ideally want, but this is the only minor trouble I have found with the game. I wrote the developer about this extremely minor trouble and heard back from them within hours of my original message. fantastic client service!



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