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This product is a gratuitous portable reference for the early 15th century fencing manual 'The Flower of Battle' as created by fencing expert Fiore de'i Liberi. Within this product you can discover absolute copies (with included translations) of all four attainable versions of this manuscript, as well as the ability to compare fencing plays between the diverse manuscript versions when applicable. Originally created for the Northwest Armizare Fencing Club in Portland Oregon, my hope is that the Historical European Martial Arts community as a whole can also enjoy and profit from this product in their pursuit of learning and studying this martial art. This product is open source, and the code can be found at For screen and translation sources used in this application, please read the 'About' section found at the bottom of the major menu screen.



Atarg Nonanosrep  2-9-2021
Its essentially Fiore in your pocket. A fantastic reference indication for beginners as well as experienced swordsmen. However there is some room for improvement: 1. Some of the screen links are broken and display nothing or they exhibit the incorrect screen from elsewhere in the manuscript 2. Having an option for the original language transcriptions could be good 3. An ability to zoom in and execute the screens absolute screen, as they are quite tiny. 4. clip or GIFs of the techniques could be good for beginners


Ivan Celant  10-31-2020
good idea to compare interpretations between manuscripts. And, to compare other peoples translations of same manuscripts.


Mitch Utsey  5-26-2020
I love this app. Fiore at my fingertips!!! I have tirned so dozens dependents on to WMMA because of this!!!!!


Calum Clark  1-10-2020
A amazing gratuitous resource, I just wish the scans would be zoomed in on, and that the original Italian was also transcribed.


A Google user  12-31-2018
a fantastic hema resource.


Eddie Rodriguez  4-7-2018
As a recent practicioner to Fiore, this edition has been a joy to avail in my studies. Thank you and God bless you.


jerikaye maria  3-2-2018
Well done.


A Google user  2-9-2018
splendid reference, straight to navigate, straight to compare diverse versions (ex: Getty vs. PD)


Twit of the Year  12-15-2017
Fantastic, a must-have.


Jeff Larson  10-26-2017
fantastic edition for HEMA followers of Fiore.


Johnny Populus  8-28-2017
FANTASTIC! I'm just beginning in Hema and Fiore, this will prove invaluable for my learning and training.


A Google user  8-26-2017


Elijah Wickander  6-9-2017
great app, fantastic companion to your library. Thank you for taking the time to do this!


Caleb Perry  5-19-2017
good variant of weapons, well put together.


ImNotHereNow  5-5-2017
My only problem is chiefly how sometimes Fiore will talk you how outstanding a step is, but never quite explaining it in detail. Otherwise, this is a extremely handy quick-reference edition for HEMA practitioners. :)


James Schwab  12-31-2016
Just spending time in the slight minutes of the day studying Fiore has significantly accelerated my learning. The ability to see identical plays through manuscripts is also extremely helpful!


Matthew Stewart-Fulton  11-14-2016
Great, convenient reference for HEMA fans.


Alan Rendon  10-9-2016
extremely interesting and well designed for any RMA practitioner


Javier Chamorro  10-8-2016
For sure rescue in these moments when you forgot the book.


A Google user  10-6-2016
Thanks! extremely handy for the salle and the tavern later...


Borislav Krustev  10-4-2016
fantastic app. The only thing I don't like is the ancient Web blue in the menus, but that is a miniscule problem. I urge the makers to execute the same with other treatises. I could love to rescue with the grunt work (taking down screens and text), I just have no programming abilities in Android. PS: The spear plays are not opening for some reason.


Aaron Uusitalo  9-29-2016
Thanks for creating this super serviceable resource for students of Armizare and the HEMA community at large. Cheers to all that made it happen.


JF Gagné  9-29-2016
This is awesome!


Michael Papadopoulos  9-28-2016
This is truly a remarkable achievement, allowing you to compare all the diverse sources of this work side by side, serviceable for the academic and the martial arts enthusiast.


Midknight The Knight  9-28-2016
I absolutely love this app. It makes the learn of Fiore tons more accesabile.


Dave Rouleau  9-28-2016
We have often gotten into a breakdown of a run and only had one or two of the manuscripts on hand to learn when we really desired to see it depicted in all of them. This will execute training so tons easier. No forgotten manuscripts and no hunting across pages!


David McCracken  9-28-2016
excellent work, and a generous contribution to our community. It looks excellent on my Samsung Note 4.


Nicholas Alexander  9-27-2016
This edition works extremely well and allows speedy access to plays one could otherwise have to spend precious minutes or even hours digging across the manuscript for. excellent for speedy access during classes or for researching and studying particular material in a timely fashion. I love it!


James Peters  9-27-2016
I have only been poking around this soft for five minutes, and I am incredibly impressed. It's smooth, laid out well, and comes with details I need but didn't even know I wanted. The ability to add my own notes in every play, as well as to quickly swap between versions of the manuscript for comparison is simply ingenious.



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