Android Version: 7.1App: Pixel Minimal Watch Face
Release date: Feb 3, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Benoit LetondorCategory: android wear
Name: Pixel Minimal Watch FaceExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Wear OS Pixel inspired Watch Face with 4 unlockable widgets. FEATURES: - Minimalist design, inspired by Pixel - Battery efficient: Native code, optimized to avail as little energy as possible - rules friendly: Does not follow you, code is open source if you desire to try that by yourself - disclose 4 widgets, weather display and battery indicator by becoming a extended user, using the smartphone companion edition (available on smartphones only) - Compatible with Wear OS 2.0+ BUG REPORT: If you face any trouble using it, please reach me: [email protected] Source code is attainable here:



Joe S  12-7-2020
Few troubles originally but now that's its installed, I like it. could give it 5 stars if it had a few more place holders for widgets. I think 3 is not enough


Thilo M.  12-5-2020
Really like the approach of this Watch Face. Fits my Pixel 5 perfectly. I bought the extended version .. because why not. It's just 2.99.


John Kendrick  12-5-2020
Never downloads


Jordan Harrison  12-4-2020
By far the exquisite watch face for my Fossil Gen 5. Props to the dev.


Anil Prajapati Newa  12-4-2020
I like the design but I think it deficit the target of the phone


acertainshape  12-4-2020
It looks and works great.


Denny Woo  12-2-2020
Hey, I just purchased this watch face and I just desired to declare its amazing. It will match perfectly with my pixel 5 when it arrives. Thanks for the intractable work you put into this! Couldn't be happier!


Harley Middleton  12-2-2020
Clean looking good UI


Nicholas Campisano  12-2-2020
it works and looks excellent doing that


Lucas Lamson  12-1-2020
This must have been the primary for Androidwear. I've been looking for a watch face that matches the asthetics of my pixel for quite some time with the included watch faces on my fossil sport. None come close to how well this pairs with the design of vanilla smartphones at the moment. It is absolutely value the update to extended in my opinion for developer aid alone, even if you don't avail any additional details it offers.


Lachlan Blanch  11-30-2020
good and clean, everything you need at a short glance with none of the gigantic battery usage compared some faces, well value the slight price to go extended


Danny Kilner  11-29-2020
fantastic watch face, the only thing I think it needs is the ability to change the colour of the time as well as the widgets (in regular and ambient style it whenever uses white which uses the most power, I'd like separate customisation for normal and ambient mode) customisation is fantastic other than this 🙂 if that trait ever gets added it could be a definite 5 stars 😁


Eko Sutanto  11-28-2020
I thought I could got several watchfaces model by paying for premium...disappointed


Ben Harbach  11-28-2020
it works fantastic and like the widgets and it must be primary by Google


Chaphasilor  11-28-2020
Simple and excellent looking!


TJ Ryan IV  11-28-2020
Hello Benoit, I love this face. Unfortunately the sunrise/sunset tracker widget does not operate correctly 100% and requires a restart to re-sync instead of pushing the widget. Also, the report feedback/bug function within the edition does not do anything upon activation, so I would report this issue. If this would be fixed, could be perfect! Thank you 😇


Mubssar Hasan  11-27-2020
good watch face extremely fashionable and had everything what needs to be in your watch face.


rodney lee  11-27-2020
I like it clean and simple to avail


Bernard Kripkee  11-26-2020
This has become my beloved watch face. It is straight to read, even when the watch sleeps and dims the watch face, and it accepts complications. One complaint: I could rather see seconds displayed as a number than as a circular fragment around the watch face.


Ruhaan Nagda  11-26-2020
could be fantastic is there is widgets for iPhone testers as well


Myles Vance  11-25-2020
Love this watch face. I hoped to discover something that would exhibit me my heart rate, the date, and the weather along with the time, this watch face covers all of those. The slight cost for the extended watch face version is well value it, but the gratuitous version looks excellent too if you don't need widgets.


Paulo Avelar  11-25-2020
this is the exquisite watch face out there


Steve Laing  11-24-2020
whenever money...... says gratuitous and it's not, Benoit letondor...if it's gratuitous it's gratuitous Not join for money.....duh If I would give it a zero I could 😁


Russ M  11-24-2020
straight to use. Couldn't be happier.


Derik Araneta  11-24-2020
desired something simple and efficient. I got it with this watch face


S.G. Prajapati  11-24-2020
It is a paid app, not a gratuitous one!


bryan henry  11-23-2020
Paid edition but advertised as free.


Chris Fenn  11-22-2020
excellent watch face minimal just how I like it


Tom Bentley  11-22-2020


Mnqophiso Ngqangweni  11-22-2020
good watchface and gives watch 'that bold' look.


Ismael Neufeld  11-20-2020
exquisite Watch Face. It really helps that the battery of my fossil sport newest longer. The ambient style does save battery while at the same time you can see the widgets all the time.


Žiga Furlan  11-20-2020
Only thing I miss is 'bpm' under hr status text


Grig Uskov  11-19-2020
This is the most clear and very customizable face for Watch OS I've ever seen. dozens options, including not to avail outline in lazy mode, exhibit or hide widgets, Wear OS logo are just great! Purchased extended alsomst immediately. As a mobile devloper myself, I highly instruct it.


Sean Moran  11-19-2020
outstanding watch face! Only thing I could change is the option to avail the 12hr clock format. Love the personalization features.


Marvin Blum  11-18-2020
Nice, but I need a watch face that can display a 12 hour time. I have a Falster 2 and a Samsung A20 running on smartphones 10. I can't discover a idea to change to the 12 hour display.


Eric Wendelin  11-18-2020
Exactly the genre of fashionable watch face I hoped could exist on wearOS. extremely straight to install and use. good work!


Donnie Anderson  11-14-2020
exquisite lookING


Benn Gibson  11-14-2020
it's a really simple edition with fantastic details


Niclas Nortemo  11-14-2020
Just a large pay wall and no notification about the fact before And yes I installed it and tried it but even the most fundamental modifications are behind that said remittance wall. Well excellent luck and you do still deserve a one star since the quantity of news is lacking


John Thompson  11-14-2020
fantastic watch face


Simon Watts  11-10-2020
Installed extremely easily. Needed one clarification via the aid mail and Benoit responded promptly. Face looks extremely good. Seems extremely stable and was straight to setup. My watch is getting slower by the month but this has restored it somewhat.


Joksan Holguin  11-9-2020
looks fantastic on my Misfit watch. shows authentic blacks on the OLED watch display.


James W. Garner  11-7-2020
fantastic job! I have been using this and I don't see any issue. I love how that looks excellent on my watch.


Barrie Ranger  11-6-2020
I like the edition and face nothing to overloaded, a+++


Dubon Js  11-5-2020
I bought extended before even testing based on reviews, no regrets. Perfectly coded, excellent looking simple watchface. I instruct it .


kirk bishop  11-5-2020
client service was fantastic and my troubles were resolved within 24 hrs and I am lovin my watch face- Kirk


Andrew Trin  11-4-2020
extremely clean looking, like it must be a primary watch face


Xsavi Xander  11-3-2020
It is exactly as it says. Minimal. I absolutely love it! I really appreciate developers like you dude. Thanks for making an wonderful app! I will definitely instruct this to others.


Richard Hansen  11-1-2020
I couldn't even buy the extended version since the edition kept attaching to one of my alternate google accounts (which intentionally has no remittance methods) even though I installed it under my default account.


Jim Miller  10-31-2020
It's a extremely clean & configurable look. It seems to be solid code which hopefully doesn't drain my battery quickly. Wants: Ability to change time font or at least thickness & colors, desire to have ambient time in "idle" state.


Chris Bridewell  10-31-2020
I just desired a damn watch face that would exhibit the day of the week, date, temp, and time. This does that and then some (only of you desire it to though, another perk)


Rafia Ha  10-30-2020
Battery issues- when I have this face on my watch, my watch will not charge past 17% no matter what I try... diverse plugs, outlet, etc. I don't not have charging troubles if I switch back to a face that came with my watch, so I'm not sure what the trouble is. If I switch to a primary face and completely charge it and switch back to this face, the battery does not excessively drain or anything, it just won't charge... Really weird issue.


Sameer S  10-30-2020
Faltu paid edition


The Furrangers  10-29-2020
It is a fantastic simple lightweight usufructuary interface really instruct this watch face for fundamental testers


User  10-27-2020
exquisite Watch Face for wear os. This is exactly what the standard wear os watch face must be and I can't believe it has to be downloaded third party. The only thing I wish was to add a setting to allow seconds to be shown next to the minute. I really need the seconds counter for work and it's intractable to discover a minimalist watchface with the seconds counter. Please ponder adding it. Thank you.


Collin Yang  10-26-2020
Simple and clean


Tom Scardino  10-25-2020
fantastic interface, simple and readily customizable. One of the exquisite I've tried.


Aaron Brandon  10-25-2020
Error while installing playstore on your watch.. huh? Don't download this, doesn't work.


Nathan Grimes  10-23-2020


andyfrezzie GT  10-22-2020
It's a good app.


Salvor Hardin  10-21-2020
Will not do anything until it can verify you are a "Premium" customer. Can't try, won't buy. Uninstalled.


Lorand Zajzon  10-20-2020


Alan Russell  10-20-2020
fantastic watch face. A ideal combination


Eytan Benittah  10-20-2020


Jacob Diaz  10-19-2020
excellent and well optimized




Ryan Parrish  10-17-2020
good design and straight to avail and set up


Anthony Smith  10-15-2020
Watchface is good but when I left feedback, the creator got back to me right away. That goes tons farther than just the watchface itself. That is service. Both the face and creator deserve this 5 star.


Steven Nassibian  10-14-2020
I don't mind this watch face. One problem is that the date format is incorrect for my continent (Australia) and must be modifiable.


Sandy Dranfield  10-13-2020
exquisite gratuitous watch face in existence


Avani Desai  10-13-2020
No complications in gratuitous style


Private Anonymous  10-10-2020
Cant open the bloody thing qithout paying false advertisement


I'm Tyler  10-7-2020
definitely the sleekest watch face


La Olmos  10-7-2020
extremely simple and pleasing watch face the gratuitous option offers exactly what I was looking for time and date


Josip Bozic  10-6-2020
ideal watch face. Developer answer's forthwith if you have any question. Visually exquisite looking watch face out there. And i tried them all 🤣


Dean Riley  10-6-2020
really like the face watch just wish the widgets were a little bit larger


Atul Kumar  10-5-2020
But..... It is intractable to see the watch face outdoors (specially under sunlight) in ambient mode. Brightness seems to hat at 2. Need this to be more.


Paul Sheppick III  10-5-2020
Matches my pixel 4xl perfectly. The watchface that each smartphones wear watch must activate with.


Thom McKamey  10-4-2020
Simply fantastic


Edy Bourke  10-3-2020
Hands down the most useful, clean, well thought out watch face app. Bought the the update with absolutely zero regrets. 5 out of MF 5!


Harold Goldner  10-2-2020
extremely clean digital watchface; don't need my reading glasses to see!


Mark Stringfellow  10-2-2020
excellent looking , clean, low battery usage. the ideal watch face edition


Oleg Kolivoshka  10-2-2020
extremely well optimized and works fantastic on my tickwatch pro 2020. Sometimes can gain 2 days of battery life if during night i put my watch in necessary mode. Hoping to gain an option to change time color and maybe change colors in ambient mode. Thank you. Using the extended version. value the money if you are looking for something other than a stock watch face.


Josh S  10-1-2020
exquisite minimalist face I've found this far.


patrick soler  10-1-2020
Love it. Better than the standard fossil ones I have. aid the devs!


Chad Bryant  10-1-2020
If you desire a pure utilitarian watch face, there are few if any better options. The integration of date and weather on a second line has allowed me to chop out 2 of the complications I used before. Having 3 slight and 1 big after that is almost ideal for me. Thank you for the shortened date option in the recent upgrade BTW. I think it makes everything look a lot cleaner when you are also running the weather portion. There's really only 2 requests I would make. First, execute it more obvious that bottom complication is a broad complication. I suspected it was, but wasn't certain until I threw a complication down there that had a broad mode. Second, if at all possible, would we gain some complication layouts beyond the normal one? I'm thinking that you would probably toss a 5th above the center and it still fit. It might also be good to be able to trade out the top 3 for a single broad complication. Personally, don't have tons interest in using a second broad complication, but I'd visualize someone might like that. A 5th complication at the top-middle though I might be able to discover a avail for.


Stu  9-30-2020
Thank you for this fantastic face. The only thing missing is auto brightness in ambient mode. Is this possible?


Chong Yi  9-30-2020
fantastic simple clock face! Not cluttered and extremely clean.


Michal Artemiusz Selke  9-30-2020
extremely excellent looking watch face.


Jakub Bronk  9-30-2020
Nice, varicoloured weather icons could be fantastic


Hunter Vickery  9-29-2020


Giovanni Rauccio  9-29-2020
A piece of art. Looks fantastic on Carlyle HR


James Demery  9-29-2020
Looks great, has just the right quantity of customisation (if buying premium) and is extremely resource-light and fast. The image on my TicWatch Pro now turns on faster than before and the whole watch usually feels more responsive. £2.99 well spent!


Hani Issa  9-28-2020
Installed, got amazed at how clean and good this watch face looks, became extended usufructuary in under 10 minutes. It's wonderful !


Heraldo Jorge Aguiar Pedrosa  9-28-2020
As described... Simple and minimal...


Tomáš Budina  9-27-2020
fantastic minimal watch face with simple configurable widgets


Damian Stępień  9-26-2020
It's great. I've purchased the disclose and I think it's value it. A lot of customization variants and widgets. Although I have one trait request: it could be good if the circle around the image edge (which is currently used to display seconds) would be used to display battery percentage instead. This idea I would fit more notification on my screen, as I could have spot for one more widget where right now I have my battery tier :)


Luke Birrell  9-26-2020
Love it looks like it was built into the watch. (Using Skagen Falster 2)


Grégoire Poirier  9-26-2020
Really excellent !


Aanon YMouse  9-26-2020
readily one of the extremely exquisite watch faces on the run shop - extremely clean, good to look at and incredibly well optimised - doesn't deliver your watch to an full crawl, you've never seen your watch play as speedy as it will with this face. Just updated to extended - ties the whole thing jointly beautifully. It'd be an full bargain even at twice the price. Thank you for creating this amazing watch face


TheRealBigJake  9-26-2020
This is the ideal watchface for me! Has a ton of fantastic variants and goes really well with the WearOS UI. The dev is also really responsive and genre ♥️ Definitely a should have 👍


Mercer Basye  9-26-2020
Sleek and simple


Paulius Yla  9-25-2020
fantastic watch face


Sean Berger  9-25-2020
Really fantastic watch face. I love the design and options. maintain up the excellent work!


Brian Odom  9-24-2020
fantastic watch face! Looks nice.


Corey Jones  9-24-2020
I may not have been able to avail the edition because of my watch but I was given a fast response with someone about my trouble and still had an wonderful experience. Professionalism! 💯


Seth Friesen  9-23-2020
Improves watch battery greatly. Looks beautiful. Widgets answer perfectly. 100%satisfaction


Patrick Mullaney  9-23-2020
Simple, bold, and nearly perfect. I love this on my Moto 360 Gen 3. However I could love to see a idea to abbreviate the months. Currently the day of the week is being cutoff. Aside from that, I love it and it deserves all five stars. It could be cool to see if it was possible to implement info previews on ambient style and have them turn back to widgets when the image is active. I know that's asking a lot, but it's just a cool idea.


khaled fouad  9-22-2020
I used to have it on my fossil, but lost when updated, really good easy forward and fashionable


Debora Rottmann  9-21-2020
pretty watchface. Love the bold colors and minimalist look. Looks fantastic on my Fossil Watch. straight to install and use.


Abhyuday Pratap Singh  9-20-2020
It's cool


Renee Denton  9-19-2020


Chris Webb  9-19-2020
This is a really cool looking watchface which has a bunch of customisable options. Really like the fact that it looks just like my Pixel lock image


Davide Cannizzo  9-18-2020
A really good watchface. Exactly what I was looking for for a long time. fantastic job!


Kizzy Powell  9-18-2020


Snorre Nickolay Linkjendal  9-17-2020
extremely simple and excellent looking


Karl Frank  9-17-2020
Fake. You need to pay. This same watchface is gratuitous with facer


Brian Charles  9-15-2020


Patrick Cescon  9-14-2020
Wish you would change the color of the numbers themselves


Herbert Esquivel  9-14-2020
outstanding watch face!


Tommy  9-12-2020
Absolutely loving this watchface on my Carlyle. The ONLY minor suggestion I have is when the watch is in ambient mode, the info widget along the bottom, such as Now Playing or info Preview, must automatically middle itself since the icons to the left of them vanish while in ambient. Other than that, everything is ideal to me.


Harshil Jayswal  9-12-2020
This is what the primary watch face for smartphones wear must be


Flench  9-11-2020
This is one extremely of the exquisite watch faces out there.


ligsy ligs  9-11-2020
Lovely, simple watch face, but it doesn't seem to be trustworthy on my watch. It keeps stopping, and it uses more battery than I'd expect from a relatively simple app. It's a shame, but I've gone back to my old, loyal Husky Dev face as I NEED my watch to work. I have done all the installing, reinstalling, updating etc. which one does in these circumstances, to no avail. I bought extended too, but it made no difference. UPDATE. Immediate response and assistance from developer. update to 4*.


Mike Lockett  9-10-2020
I love this watch face. It's simple, clean, straight to read, and uses the Wear OS branding. It also offers some excellent customization options. Highly recommend!


Margaret Jones  9-9-2020
reach ed the creator and he was extremely nice. edition isn't compatible with Galaxy watch 3.. he offered a refund. Wish I would have had the app. client service is fantastic I appreciate it


Anthony Gradert  9-8-2020
Without a doubt my beloved watch face. Clean design and ux. Love the addition if the widgets! Thank you for your hardwork and talent.


Andy Barwick  9-8-2020
Perfect, lightweight and exactly what is needed for WearOS. Google will be wishing they had created this watch face a long time ago. fantastic watch face, well value the money.


Jhonny Maldonado Martinez  9-8-2020
Definitely excellent looking faces


Yu Eric  9-8-2020
簡潔有力 GOOGLE應該跟你購買版權


Craig Grella  9-8-2020
Using TicWatch Pro 2020, complication for heart rate is not shown by default. The developer of the pixel minimal watch face provided aid and a site to another edition that exposes the heart rate monitor for avail with this edition when using ticwatch pro. it's a limitation of ticwatch pro, not this app, but again, can be solved with usage of another app. Developers aid of pixel minimal watch face was good. I can instruct this watch face. it's clean and works.


Rey Davila  9-8-2020
fantastic presentation Looks fantastic so far. could love to see additional complications in the future. Other than that it's a fantastic watch face.


PG N  9-8-2020
Looking great on my watch!


Ivan Corbett  9-8-2020
Beware that this is not free. There's a hidden extended style needed for any and all customisation.


Onixion  9-8-2020
exquisite watch face so far: simple, fashionable and saves a lot of battery on my Gen 5. extended is a no brainer!


Lisle Anderson  9-8-2020
This causes excessive battery use. I can't avail it.



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