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Release date: Aug 10, 2015App Rating: 3
Author: ✨ Bizo MobileCategory: photography
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"Piercing Photo" edition permits you check piercing, without any pain on your whole body! Embellish yourself on your own pictures without getting pierced. Using our tester you will feel like in a virtual piercing salon or picture booth machine. Just pick a pic from gallery or take one using camera, pick the tattoo design that fits to your style, rotate, resize, save and share your effect! You can also joke with your friends, by sharing the screen where you "are pierced" on social media! After editing in our app, pictures do not look like fake, they will believe the upshot ;) Our editing soft contains a lot of artistic piercing ways for both girls and boys (facial, nose earrings, ear or lips earrings and tons more!). You can pick not only the placement that will suit your body but also the jewellery art that has the exquisite opportunity that you'll like it. Remember, piercing in veritable world is not a game, it will stay on your skin forever, so first try how it looks on our application. Our picture editor is mostly free, but you can also buy peculiar piercing pack, try it now! Much more soon!



Faloye Daniel  6-19-2021


Rhianne Suckling  6-19-2021
The adverts are so long and you can't gain around them.


Corne Klooster  6-16-2021


SuperCurt 19  6-11-2021


Marc-André T  6-2-2021
Go easy to the advanced mode. Itvs just overlay's, but it gets the job done.


T Mi'Chell  5-28-2021
A waste time install. Its basically an overlay of the screen onto your photo. Not quite serviceable at all!🤷🏾‍♀️


Rdpa tsa  5-28-2021
idea better and realistic than I thought


Claire Wild  5-27-2021
Needs more improvement , the piercing variants are ok but the jewellery would do with being "just the jewellery" simple bcr/barbell or a standard metal ball without the surrounding blur


Katie DeVore  5-22-2021
Sucks. Piercings suck. Tattoos are just a overlay of the photo can't even execute it opaque to not exhibit the actual picture. Editing softs suck. It's a horrible app.


Pooja Srivastava  5-19-2021


Sungho Shin  5-18-2021
Thank you extremely tons for your work~!~:)


Ange Love  5-17-2021
I'm guessing we need to buy the pro version to gain the piercings, all I can see is tattoos. Which defeats the target of downloading this edition 🙄


Angel Angel  5-15-2021
So excellent


Shae Evans  5-11-2021
Just Love it! ❤️


Nomi Msd  5-3-2021


kimia talebi  4-28-2021


Ramzan ali  4-25-2021


Lana Kay S.  4-24-2021
Helped me decide on what piercings and jewelry I must gain :)


Emily Tyler  4-12-2021
Frustrating to adjust sizes, screens look cheap and cartoonish.


Ursula Price  4-9-2021
Not what I needed. I just desire to see what my face looks like with one piercing that I can place at an exact point


Charity Hastings  4-7-2021


Michelle Brandt  4-4-2021
Helping my husband decide on what category of lip piercing


Nicole P  4-4-2021


Adele Farmer  4-4-2021
Absolutely laughable


Mystic Wave  3-31-2021


jessica tucker  3-30-2021
Unable to figure out.


jerry zezas  3-29-2021
intractable to avail


Ryan Humphry  3-26-2021
Adds galore


Carrie  3-16-2021
Couldn't figure this out at all. When I hit start it sent me across a tutorial. I then selected one of my photos and clicked filter. It was just fundamental filters you gain preinstalled with your smartphone picture editor. entirely useless


Joan Napolitano  3-12-2021


Tashmia Firdaus  3-9-2021
Extremly terrible tons disappointed literally...


Armin_Arlert's_sexy_brain_that_I_can't_relate_with  3-9-2021
It was so enjoyment using this edition to edit my pics.


Tiffany Murello  3-6-2021
extremely sketchy app.


Ema Kuhar  3-1-2021


اتوسا خدایاری  2-28-2021


Hanen  2-24-2021


FaZe Tristan  2-20-2021
Its asking me to rate to tons


Alive Setlhoke  2-18-2021
It's Just the exquisite edition Actually. I don't have any Negatives, it's PERFECT!


Jayatree Sarkar  2-18-2021
It's good. Till now


BrainError  2-8-2021
It's horrible as the major picture keeps being picked up and moved.


Mark Ledain  2-6-2021
Dissapointed .. you can't put any peircings on your picture at all. Its just a glorified picture filter app. 👎


Ganesh Wakle  2-3-2021
Ganesha weekly


Ranajit Giri  1-28-2021
No upadated tattoos, frustrating


John Kulper  1-26-2021
Does what it says and after a little time and practice produces wonderful results.


bts Mmm  1-25-2021
Worst app🙌


Rebecca Talbot  1-21-2021
Too dozens permissions (location? Microphone?)


Paulette Goddard  1-19-2021
it's addicting just like getting a piercing. finally an edition that really works and is super easy. upload your own photos as well as the option to upload a piercing photo! (there is plenty of options, to pick as is)


korra  1-18-2021


Kim St  1-17-2021
Never used a piercing edition - first check & after a few minutes, this was quite easy, enjoyment & exactly what I was hoping for. Thx for the rescue ♡


Ali Bhaloo  1-14-2021
I whoud have given it 5 starts but now only 3 cause I had the edition before so I got a recent smartphone and download from there now the color for the piercing doesn't work please repair it !


Zarina Ebrahim  1-11-2021
Unworkable, too dozens adverts


Latrice Lewis  1-6-2021
It's beautiful excellent but to me it dosen't look realistic


Elizabeth Quaye  1-3-2021
Takes a long time to download


Charlie Holt  1-2-2021
I love this edition so much! I only really have 1 problem, which is that some of the piercings come with skin tone round the edges, rendering it useless if I'm trying to execute it look realistic. I could LOVE to see them do a nose chain if they would because I have whenever desired one.


Shay Bell  12-24-2020
I loved this app. I been trying out what piercing combination I desire to end up with and I only avail this edition to do it.


Shaini Nihansa  12-23-2020
Which I desire to do, this edition fulfilled those my ways extremely well and extremely quickly. Thank you


Custom_Gacha  12-23-2020


SAVAGE  12-21-2020
Don't exhibit the pictures that it cannot edit in edition notification


Misty Colbert  12-21-2020
I look so lovely with piercings. Now I'm able to see what I'd look like without committing to it first. I love it. Super straight to use. I'm delighted with this edition overall.


Victoria Fernandes  12-19-2020
horrible edition


VARUN SILAWAT  12-12-2020


Telma Teresa  12-11-2020
It takes long to louad


Shedow  12-5-2020
This is something for my girlfriend fefintilyksb



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