Android Version: 4.4App: Phrase Wheel
Release date: Dec 13, 2014App Rating: 4
Author: Gany GamesCategory: word
Name: Phrase WheelExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Kylieanneh  3-8-2021
Rip off from the Pocket run Pty Ltd game. This one is lacking details like paying to remove the bankrupt and miss a turn on the wheel, no tournaments, no playing versus another gamesters or versus the computer and the time limit is ridiculous. I lose interest extremely quickly with this one. I'm now uninstalling it cause I don't run this one anymore. There's nothing keeping me coming back for this one.


Helen Weiners  1-23-2021
Helen Mary Hwoie 1


ivan rahardian  1-15-2020
Gamesnnya Sangat Bagus Banget Deh


Pinski 1808  7-6-2018
could be tons better if there was a chat trait to chat with other players.


Carol Hickey  6-6-2018
I like this release extremely challenging


Frank Smalling  8-16-2017
The release is repaired twice it landed on a thousand and then moved to bankrupt it's repaired


minh duong  8-12-2017


Betty Cornett  3-27-2017
Too primitive. excellent graphics, but need to be able to have multiple gamesters to invite, and choice of timed or not timed.....and choice of categories.....


jennifer watts  9-3-2016
fantastic release the likenss of the other although no prizes one was just as good.


Chasity chassion  8-1-2016
It is so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Moesha McNulty  11-23-2015


Katy Baby  10-16-2015
Is cheesy,not value the time to download


Betty Sinclair  10-12-2015
fantastic release


masterx gaming  9-14-2015
But wish there was a voice ! Kinda like the show.


Sharon Robinson  8-31-2015
fantastic challenging release


Shanau Hamilton  8-26-2015
Wont download


Steve R  8-22-2015
If you lose, it will not exhibit you the answer...just displays an ad. Uninstalled!


J Starks  8-13-2015
I like the other Phrase Wheel better. This one sucks. Can't connect to Fb. The wheel is too slow. Etc...


Tan Guven  8-9-2015
good and clean design.


jeanna maines  8-1-2015
If wheel spin was better and words were spelled right it could be a 5 star. Just so you know guys choose a latter is incorrect it's choose a letter


Shaina Ruhr  7-17-2015
This is so tons fun. I gain flustered on the time limit. Well it's gratuitous and avail to think I was excellent act.I guess not when it's me being pressured.FUN


Skylar Lewis  7-15-2015
When i avail a vowel it keeps me there , even when i play out of vowels to avail it just makes me sit there & play all my time


Katrina Parker  7-12-2015
Needs more competition


Janie Villalobos  6-27-2015


Roy Singletary  6-24-2015
Love it


Tonya Deaton  6-21-2015
But it is a fantastic release other wise.


Debbie Posey  6-17-2015
When you lose exhibit what the respond is. It could help.


Dean Vanover  6-15-2015
Love it


pat reudelhuber  6-1-2015
fantastic little time passer and it's free.


Nicole Clark  5-17-2015
Puzzles are spelled wrong!!!!!


Joanne Mcmillan  5-14-2015
The only problem i have is that ads eve time after I have played a release


Josie Tiffney  5-1-2015
really gd release and fully gratuitous which is whenever a bounty


Joanne Hernandez  4-18-2015
Helps maintain me mentally awake


Shel Henson  4-12-2015
Hated it!!!


Bixth Cute  4-7-2015
extremely enjoyment


A Google user  4-6-2015
Lost all possible patience


Alisa Sokel  3-29-2015
Love the app! Wish it could reveal the right respond for the ones you gain wrong. Otherwise, enjoyment game.


Melissa Hawn  3-23-2015
Never Playing Again


Trevor Ingram  3-22-2015
Its s bit dull and slow!


Faye Cullin  3-20-2015
I love this release because when I saw this release I was really cheerful


john harvey  3-6-2015
Over half words been misspelled


James Bounds  3-6-2015
Used JJ GH NBL he hog husband the same time


Denise G  3-1-2015
This is a fantastic idea to unwind and have some enjoyment with words. wheel spin is a bit awkward to me, but still fun.


Jan Morehead  2-15-2015
Errored me out and lost months of progress. Wont permit me download and open the app.


Mary Wilson  2-4-2015
I like the recent releases


Malvina A. Marie Odle  1-26-2015
I like it extremely tons I give it a five star


Robin Roberts  1-22-2015
I love this release


Morgan Oller  1-12-2015
Wish it had 3 rounds and a bounty round.


Tammy Branham  1-9-2015


Imran Haider  12-27-2014
fantastic release


Jon Weimer  12-27-2014
Crashes too much. Intrusive adverts


Osman Kalkavan  12-15-2014
Is fun, snappy and responsive. Like it so far.



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