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Release date: Jul 5, 2015App Rating: 5
Author: AmilaCategory: health & fitness
Name: Period TrackerExtension: Apk
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The highest-rated Period Tracker! Accurate and trustworthy period tracker app. PERIOD TRACKER: - know your expected period - avail the period calculator and try the average period length - see monthly period and menstrual cycle charts - avail the period tracker to gain the next period notification - follow notes using the period calendar - avail menstrual cycle tracker to know your menstrual cycle and try menstrual cycle charts - follow your period and menstrual cycle Free period tracker app!



Lea A  6-22-2021
An edition thats beautiful excellent w exactness after your first month.


Rob Littlefield  6-22-2021
Simple format. Allows me to execute notes of symptoms related with my period so I can view over time.


Montana Thepdamrongchaikagul  6-22-2021


Dana Lang  6-21-2021
straight to read, no unnecessary bells & whistles, by FAR my fav menstrual tracker so far! Thanks!


s robinson  6-21-2021
I've been using this edition for years keeps follow of my period Perfectly


Beezy  6-21-2021
Simple and straight to avail


patty nampijja  6-21-2021
extremely excellent for dependents with stable cycles


Valerie Soto  6-20-2021
I really like that I can write a detailed entry describing how I felt that day. I like going back and reading entries for reference.


Elena Yao  6-20-2021
Minimal experience, exactly what you need. The UI isn't the most pretty but this edition has no adverts and has all the essentials. So tons better than all those other monetized apps, thank you.


Amaraa Batbold  6-20-2021
exquisite edition


Greta  6-19-2021
straight and helpful. I like that there's finally an edition that isn't pink!


Nkiruka Mary  6-19-2021
V excellent


Casey-Jo Crawford  6-19-2021
Love this edition as I'm not regular so love that it tells me when I must be on but I can tick when I'm actually on. Just wish I would sign in to save it as I've had to change smartphones a few times and lost my data.


Lily Rose Soul007  6-19-2021
extremely serviceable & straight to use.


Dust Jacket  6-18-2021
Simple to use, fantastic to have a widget


Zoie Jo Roberts  6-18-2021
This is rlly straight 2 avail deff propose


Ochaco Uraraka  6-18-2021
This is amazing! It predicts my periods perfectly! I entirely instruct this! No ads, no offers, execute notes, and more! If I had the choice I could give it a 7/5 stars


Sharon V  6-18-2021
straight to avail


mimi lala  6-18-2021
Super useful, but it could be good if you would gain intimations for taking the pill as well.


Dahlia Moonrose  6-18-2021
beautiful serviceable (i guess)


Maria Ryabinski  6-17-2021
Cool simple edition but I don't understand how to operate with intimate box this is not changing


Chrystal Sewell  6-17-2021
No frills tracker


NJ Lily  6-17-2021
Helps me a lot


Bedda Narrett  6-16-2021
Works perfectly - only thing is the idea of informations backup. I preferred the former version, than the mail monthly backup.


Jennifer Jennifer  6-16-2021
Really Helps me stay on follow with my cycle. Definitely recommend!


Monserrat Mag  6-16-2021
Simple and straight


Mayisha Arvin  6-15-2021
So, far it's been right on point.


April Kirby  6-15-2021
fundamental without the added junk


Kathleen Barr  6-15-2021
entirely usufructuary outgoing and has notes to remember to talk dr. I LOVE 💘 THIS APP.


Rachel Porter  6-14-2021
extremely serviceable and straight to use, I have tried loads and this by far the best.


Sarah Killick  6-13-2021
Perfectly simple, does exactly what I need it to do.


Susan Thomson  6-12-2021
Cool app, straight to avail


Natie's Tv  6-12-2021


Kira Watson  6-11-2021
Just clicking a day automatically starts your period- extremely annoying. Writing and checking notes is not convenient. There are no selections for tracking heaviness of flow or symptoms.


Suraiya Rahman Sara  6-11-2021
Simple yet an serviceable app!!


Zoe Harries  6-11-2021
Really simple and useful. exquisite one I've used


Juss._lai  6-10-2021
extremely accurate


Brittney Vaughn  6-10-2021
Is really great!!


Elsa Maracadde  6-9-2021
It's usefull thanks


annasheillamie rojo  6-8-2021


Elisha David  6-8-2021


Tamecia Kinlocke  6-7-2021
Its extremely practical


Leanne  6-7-2021
Let's you simply log your 'hell weeks', let's you see where you are in your cycle, and counts down to your next likely start, and over if late. Also let's you add notes and see a graph of former cycles, which let's you see if anythings changing. The only thing it doesn't do, which I wish it did, is permit you mark days when you have spotting or blood between periods, as this would rescue to identify possible health problems. If this would be added then the edition could be fully ideal for me!


Lauren Berg  6-6-2021
Love this app. No frills, plain and simple. Gives me a five day and a one day notice before periods which is super practical too


Heidi Granados  6-6-2021
This helps me measure my period really well! It gives me a heads up and that's extremely serviceable since my period is sometimes unpredictable!


Hollister 18  6-6-2021
I'm using this to follow my irregular monthly's and it's a fantastic rescue as to when I must expect it and when I actually gain it.


Zoe Yarnold  6-5-2021
Simple straightforward and straight to use. Mark down period days and add notes if you desire to. I write symptoms and flow rate. You can add when your intimate. extremely fundamental but does the job


Ogochukwu Ukaamaka  6-5-2021


Jewel Sang  6-5-2021
fantastic edition


Zorsha **  6-4-2021
practical soft


Messina Christal  6-4-2021
Thank you


Alyssa Elwood  6-4-2021
straight to avail and awesome! You can add notes to days to follow cycles.


Phuong Tran Hoai  6-3-2021
Simple yet serviceable


Sophia Crawford  6-2-2021
Lots of adds on the bottom of the image while using to app. straight to avail if you desire a fundamental perioid calender. Really lovely and not noticeable as far as privicy. If you have a lot of questions and are first starting your perioid I wouldn't propose this app. I'd downlad Flow instead for first timers. Still an wonderful app👍


Ariana Contreras  6-2-2021
beautiful excellent edition for me


Zoe Backhouse  6-2-2021
This is my review updated. I've had this edition for several years now. I like to know what's going on, no surprises! Knowing when my cycle is due has its benefits; the edition helps me understand my emotions and habits too. It is fantastic for planning ahead. Seldom do I gain adverts in this app.


Jennifer Wildey  6-1-2021
Simply ideal


Christa Inboden  6-1-2021
fantastic gratuitous tracking edition


Brittany Keeling  6-1-2021
Simple and does it's job well.


EMMA PORTER  5-31-2021
Really serviceable and accurate


Na Hyun Kim  5-30-2021
Love this edition and how so so simple and intuitive everything is to use!! This is exactly what I needed. Also, can we just appreciate and applaude this developer for not using pink? 💚😍 And the size of the adverts shown is really excellent in that it does not interfere with what I am doing! Thank you! And highly recommended!!


Jen Accetta  5-30-2021
I love this app. It is simple, straightforward, and straight to use. It took the guess work and stress out of a monthly occurrence, making my life a lot easier. It also allows for notes and other serviceable tracking functions, putting everything period-related into one tidy bundle instead of all over my phone. Plus, it isn't pink, and absolute of hearts, which is a refreshing change from the other period tracking apps. I highly instruct this app!


Mercy kajuju mbaabu  5-30-2021
A pretty app. Makes it straight for me and my physician


Kumba Biayemi  5-30-2021
This is the exquisite period tracker edition


Raluca Avram  5-30-2021
This is a fantastic and extremely precise app! It gets more precise as time goes by and you enter more data, but in aprox. 3-4 months it accurately calculates the date of the next period, ovulation date and fertile window. It looks excellent and is extremely usufructuary friendly! The only downside is that it does not have an option to pause it for pregnancy, so, if you gain pregnant, it will only exhibit that you're period is delayed for... a lot of days! :)) Such an option could be great, but it's still a cute app! 🥰


Hayley Finn  5-29-2021
Does what you need.


Aimee Laymance  5-29-2021
extremely straight to avail and follow my cycles.


Shieska Clow  5-29-2021
From opening the edition it's straight to understand and use. Simple long press options. Compared to maybe 2 others and this one is exquisite imo. Even like the simple flower icon that says just calendar.


Sirilak Imkaew  5-29-2021
extremely straight edition to avail


Christie Fruge  5-28-2021
fantastic app!!


Luisa Hernandez  5-28-2021
Desde que agarre esta aplicación ha sido muy útil me ayuda bastante se cuando vienen mis periodos a los días fértil he bajado otras aplicaciones pero no hay ninguna como ésta Qué es muy Pacífico a lo que está diciendo sin complicaciones y bien fácil para entenderle


Olivia Garrison  5-28-2021
extremely fundamental and straight to use.


Kendra Fogelberg  5-28-2021
Simple and easy, just what I was looking for!


Ngu Severine  5-28-2021
I declare excellent


Gcinile Dlamini  5-27-2021
The edition is usually good...I love the fact that it does not have dozens intimations or only notifies me when I'm ovulating and a day before my period is supposed to start.


Justine  5-26-2021
Does what it says it's not too intricate and that's what I was looking for


Deanne Williams  5-26-2021
It's a fantastic edition


Elise Kent-Shelley  5-26-2021
Thank you for this app! whenever space on! No pun intended! Lol! Helps with planning everything from fertility to vacations!!


Kelli Greene  5-25-2021
Such a serviceable soft and so straight to use. Also extremely close in forecast and the news I provided initially was more of a guess.


Debbie Fieldsend  5-25-2021
straight to avail and beautiful accurate (although obviously that depends on the consistency of a person's cycle!)


Vandita Gaur  5-25-2021
It is super efficient, I just love it. I could not go for any other edition ever, I tried several other since this is not attainable in my address anymore. So if I propose it to someone they can't avail it . It is super usufructuary outgoing and it has pin protection. Has few fundamental things, straight to record and not at all loaded with complicated stuff.


Caroline Seo  5-24-2021
it's more simple than other editions but it works


cynthia small  5-24-2021
extremely practical


JonandCorrin Laurie  5-24-2021
straight to avail


Amy Bazinet  5-24-2021
Super helpful, very accurate


Little Chef  5-23-2021
excellent 👍


Andrea J  5-23-2021
I've been using this edition to also document my energy and mood tiers while using the notes. extremely helpful!


jaami senadheera  5-22-2021
extremely practical to be conscience about periods


vernita billups  5-22-2021
outstanding edition yo maintain up with my period. amazing to avail this app!!!


Sarah Whitaker  5-22-2021
extremely straight to avail and accurate within a day of my expected cycle every time. It helped me plan my vacation a few months out.


Christina SK  5-22-2021


Olivia Fenton  5-22-2021
Excellent, does what I need it to do and is a trustworthy edition


yuyu azurainie  5-22-2021


Tessa Castro  5-21-2021
I've been using this edition for a few yes & it really has helped me maintain follow of my monthly schedule🤗


Isha Hopwood  5-21-2021


Violet Rhino  5-20-2021
This is so perfect! I love it!


Tash Paulson  5-20-2021
extremely straight to avail and no BS!


Michelle Mayfield  5-20-2021
extremely simple straight to avail 😁😀


TheAddictMom  5-20-2021
straight to use, simple, permit me know within 5 days of starting cycle, accurate for my body. I love being able to add not for every day and add intimacy for every day. But still simple, not alot of buttons to pick and pick. Love this edition so far.


Sheldon Leon  5-19-2021
fantastic edition


Kathy S  5-19-2021
Not thrilled that all my tracked notification and notes didn't transfer to my recent phone..but that's a smartphone trouble I'm sure. The edition itself is great. straight to use. Love the option to maintain notes.


mimigirl w  5-19-2021
So far so excellent I like it


Jessica Omoregie  5-19-2021
It's straight to use. I like the details it comes with. You can add notes about your period. I really like how it sends intimations before your period starts. I like how it tells you when your fertile days are.


Maureen Dike  5-19-2021
This edition is excellent. I instruct each lady to have it.


Annie Johnson  5-19-2021
It is really practical to maintain follow of my periods bc I whenever have my smartphone with me


KK W MCNEIL  5-18-2021
This edition is beautiful tons accurate. The alarms are accurate and reliable.


bernadette bryant  5-18-2021
This tracker is straight to maintain, extremely accurate.


angela harris  5-18-2021
good tracker, can also execute notes. extremely straight to use. I have used several trackers, but this one is my beloved and the only one I avail now. Love the simplicity!


Katie van den Berk-Lese  5-17-2021
I desired a simple, easy, no frills period tracker and this is IT! Some of these other editions are idea too details. This is discret, easy, and helps me follow my menstrual cycle. Love it!


Mamie Kershaw  5-17-2021


Racheal Ford  5-16-2021
Really straight to predict and maintain follow of things


Jane Adhiambo  5-16-2021
extremely straight to track and reminders are ideal


Penelope Kar  5-16-2021
I love this app, but it interferes terribly with miui's dark theme, and as a upshot it keeps crashing when I check to open it. This is the only edition that reacts like this, even though I have other editions that don't natively have dark mode. Edit: I repaired that trouble by deleting my informations and then restoring it once again. Also I disabled the auto dark style for this app.


tokunbo melaye  5-16-2021
great app. No troubles ever!


C H  5-16-2021
I like this edition but it's stopped sending me reminders when my due date is. This needs to be adjusted.


Sabrina Bishop  5-15-2021
Not having to avail this for gestation but it helps with me keeping follow of wrong periods and troubles related!!!


Eliott Yelland  5-14-2021
extremely practical


Christine N.  5-14-2021
I picked this one because it wasn't pink, but I also follow my daughter in a diverse edition and I've been across several because none are as functional as this one. It's awesome. Only idea it would be better could be to add a idea to follow two at a time.


Sabrina Liu  5-14-2021
Simple, swift interface and does the job!



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