Android Version: 4.4App: Pepi Hospital
Release date: Feb 13, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Pepi PlayCategory: game educational
Name: Pepi HospitalExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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move into a PEPI HOSPITAL and become doctor, patient or just a curious explorer! Our recent addition to a wealthy family of PEPI run releases offers a vast medic middle with much of items, activities, and ideas to play. Join our characters in their workplace, soothe and treat patients, initiate Your own stories, find and understand the quotidian routines of a occupied hospital. MEET THE PEPI BOT We're happy to introduce a medic Pepi Bot, our recent character built to accompany little gamesters in our games. Pepi Bot is a cute, versatile buddy able to track you around the residence and supply immediate help, to You and Your patients. Armed with the fresh tech, Pepi Bot is a ideal sidekick to Your interactive stories. The little droid will supply medic softs and even carry a wardrobe for all those moments when you feel like playing in style! TONS OF ACTION Experience the diurnal life of a hospital absolute of action - from the slight and cozy cafe to a occupied pharmacy store or the operating room, there are diversified experiences for gamesters to toy with. Ambulance automobile will arrive regularly with recent patients to take care of and recent buddies to meet. Only the most curious gamesters will be able to discover all the ideas to treat their patients. This offers an wonderful chance to set up diversified scenarios to take part in. FUN & EDUCATIONAL Even though the release is dedicated to a young audience, everybody can and must discover a idea to join in. The release encourages parents to run jointly and avail the releases educational values - while your infant is discovering the opportunities throughout all 4 floors of the hospital, you can rescue him by moderating their experiences, creating and going across character stories, explaining the nature and avail of items, expanding a child’s vocabulary and fundamental medicinal knowledge. HUNDREDS OF INTERACTIVE OBJECTS Enhance your gameplay with hundreds of interactive objects that can be readily transferred across floors. medic instruments, toys, and even yoga balls can be given to the dwellers of Pepi Hospital for the most unpredictable results. Not to mention dozens opportunities to dress up your beloved characters! COLORFUL AND unique CHARACTERS PEPI HOSPITAL has a broad variant of characters. many of cute, glad and unique humans, pets, monsters, and aliens are there to have enjoyment and join your playful exploration of the Hospital building. FEATURES • Vast medic middle packed with much of elements and machines! • Multifunctional companion bot. • play your own lab — measure blood pressure, perform X-ray scans and tons more! • gain comfy in a customizable dentist chair. • Become a physical therapist, initiate your own fitness routines! • Be among the first to welcome babies into the world. Weight and take excellent care of them! • Listen to Hospital dwellers talking on the phone. every in his own unique way! • run with fishes while waiting at the reception. • Ambulance regularly delivers recent patients.



Natasha Alexis  12-7-2020
I. Like. The. Game.


U5t Sfg6  12-7-2020
I love this so tons and I know my math so I got everything gratuitous :D


Aralive_ Channel  12-7-2020
This is excellent edition when i'm boring


Victoria Contreras  12-7-2020


Baby Lemon  12-7-2020
I love it so tons


Arif Mehmood  12-7-2020


SUBODH MISHRA  12-7-2020


Clara ching  12-7-2020
One word fantastic no hate on this


Vijendra Naik  12-7-2020
X I'll w the


종성체언 직스럽kim jonkook  12-7-2020
The exquisite game😍😍😍😍😊


nonhlanhla K  12-7-2020
Iove your app❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😊


Masefako Mataboge  12-7-2020
I love to run it


Aya Almamori  12-7-2020
اللعبة كلش حلوة


abhay lal  12-6-2020
Palak extremely excellent release


Aswini Venkataseshan  12-6-2020
I really like this release a lot but I wish you could not have adverts and also wish in the thing were you can give the the mom birth to the infant and I don't know how to give birth to the infant so I wish you can execute a tier were you can permit the mom give birth to the infant


Angeline Bautista  12-6-2020
Can't stop playing this!


K Ware  12-6-2020
It's okay


ساره الشامسي  12-6-2020
I LOVE THIS release 💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋👌👌💋💋💋💞💋💞💋💞💞💋💞💞💞💞💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💋💕💕🥰🥰🥰💕💕🥰🥰💕💕🥰🥰💕💕🥰🥰😍😍😍


Layla Guillemette  12-6-2020
i like the release but i do not like how you have to buy stuf in the release


Maria Tiqui  12-6-2020
I really like them and its so awsome


Herbert Brooks  12-6-2020
This release is horrible for me. It has no black girls and barely even two rooms.


Leona Ward  12-6-2020
Hi it is excellent


Masana Leatitia  12-6-2020
This edition is the best. I love everything about it. I can't wait to disclose nw stages.


Santosh Prasad  12-6-2020
This is a nace release


Beatrice Lee  12-6-2020
Like this release


samira rezaei  12-6-2020
خیلی ممنونم از سازندش عالی عالی عالی بود


Cooking With *SANIYA*  12-6-2020
excellent but it is avail us for riddles


Kizzy Phiri  12-6-2020
I love pepi games😍😍😍


Vannah May Yap. Juntado.  12-6-2020
I loveeeeee this release it makes me desire to feel like in my dream its sooo good i like it wait i dont like it i love it pleaseee install this release i only deleted this release for like a month now cause im running out of storage so i hope you understand this release is cool download it🙏🥰


Latha B  12-6-2020


sunu ramesh  12-6-2020
excellent 😃😃


Eshal Sen  12-6-2020
excellent luck with the exquisite ❤️💕💗👍 release 👌


Olinkie Olivia Sethosa  12-6-2020
Naledi sethosa 2020


Bhumika Sarkar  12-5-2020
This release is awsome. Now I can disclose and run all the floors.😄😄


extremely excellent release


Anna Hairston  12-5-2020
What is the babe lock? Do I just avail any number or?


Marilyn Mahaffey  12-5-2020
Pepi scared my infant to death.... if you design another release please execute it less spooky to 4 year olds


Makiyah Royal  12-5-2020


Tim Elvis  12-5-2020


abolfazl alajegerdi  12-5-2020


sarina Omidi  12-5-2020


Husny Abdi  12-5-2020
Lower 9p


I love this release extremely extremely tons pls do pepi release ..very excellent release good .👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍


Rose Rosela  12-5-2020


M.R Renjith  12-5-2020


Consuela nobles-Williams  12-5-2020
there is a glitch in this release there was blood there's you need to repair your release I'm talking about right now today not any day today this was a babe release I really thought this was cake release like no no no no no no no no no no no no no it's 8 circumstance so if you desire me to run ancient releases choose some please and we do do we have to pay do we have to pay to go on stuff no we didn't because how you ain't going no zero in there no no no no no no no no know what I send a report y'all release right now and so y


Lori Berncich  12-5-2020
This release is enjoyment and we need more releases like this


selva kumar  12-5-2020
Super release


abhilasha sahu  12-5-2020
extremely good release


prince john licuanan  12-5-2020
ang ganda


Anne marie Rutene  12-5-2020
Hate lt not even enjoyment


Darlene Durham  12-5-2020
I love this release


Anuradha Gauba  12-5-2020
I love This release


Anastasiia 777  12-4-2020
Better than Toca hospital


A Google user  12-4-2020
I am in love with it


Sonali Roy  12-4-2020
Aakash yadav


NG8 Creative  12-4-2020


Ariana DavisCato  12-4-2020


Golden plays  12-4-2020


lily manning  12-4-2020
I feel like it is a little bit boring but I like it when I run it I have to have dinner after I run on it


Rashmi Singh  12-4-2020
So sweet release i never seen and I like the nurse 🥰🥰


Dempal Chaudhary  12-4-2020


lele booo  12-4-2020
execute more things gratuitous


Fatin Mia  12-4-2020
This release is extremely best.


Emelita Dela pena  12-4-2020
I love these because is have babies and i love the release i love this so tons


aysha ikram  12-4-2020
excellent job


jory mans  12-4-2020
excellent game👍💟


Zahera Jror  12-4-2020
love it


Lady Zyanna  12-4-2020
I super like it but i wish i can execute the other lass be pregnant pls.... But im super loving it😊😊💟💟


Mulia A.Rahman  12-4-2020
greatest 😍 i relly love this release


Dattatray Moharir  12-4-2020


Hemanth C k  12-4-2020


Surendra Yadav  12-3-2020
Dede yet yh3h


Ntombi Ngcobo  12-3-2020
I have learnt how to take care of others dependents


pemanfaatan teknologi informasi bkn12  12-3-2020
It excellent and edictive i like it


Christine Faith Alban  12-3-2020
It may be better if you unlocked all of the rooms.......


T-P Pham  12-3-2020


Amal Saleh  12-3-2020
I love this release it's so tons enjoyment and I also love all the other Pepi releases aswell.


ghazala rashid  12-3-2020
I like this release but can u execute it bigger and have more beds for patients


Parimah Abrari  12-3-2020


Freshta  12-3-2020
excellent 👍


Aisha Srambiakkal  12-3-2020


titi Dihyan  12-3-2020
Soo wrong


Alejandro Amaba  12-3-2020


Sumitra Shetri  12-3-2020
This release is extremely bad. I don't like this game.



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