Android Version: 4.4App: Penguin Isle
Release date: Aug 26, 2019App Rating: 5
Author: HabbyCategory: game simulation
Name: Penguin IsleExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Raise your Penguin Isle. gather a variant of penguins by creating every their own habitat. Cute and miraculous penguins are waiting for you. Enjoy the tides with relaxing music. Game Features - lazy GameΒ that with relaxing and healing gameplay - straight and simple - A variant of penguins and arctic animals - lovely animal animations - pretty polar scenery - Comforting song and the sound of waves Contact us at [email protected] Facebook: Instagram: @penguinsisle ***********



chung nyet mei  12-8-2020
Is sooooo lovely it's genre of straight to be ones. Im like a supporter of Penguin,


Carter Young  12-7-2020
outstanding release but the price of the little places you can buy are beautiful high I hope you would raise them down more


Die-cho UwU  12-7-2020
I love the penguins on this release I like how lovely they are and I like the diverse categories of phases that they gave you on the lands, and how tons work.


Natasha Daniels  12-7-2020
Penguin supporter will LOVE this


thepeanut  12-7-2020
enjoyment for a few minutes and then the release keeps shutting down. It could be enjoyment if it worked. Edit: After fresh upgrade the release works great. I even purchased the Christmas occasion rewards pass, but I didn't receive any of the gems or items, just the diurnal challenge rewards. Help?


Hennry Magnuson  12-7-2020
The release is prety excellent ther reely osint anything wrong about it


Charles Smith  12-7-2020
repair THE rubbish adverts THAT accident THE release


toni lewis  12-7-2020
I really instruct this release it is super cool excellent for infants to my 10 year ancient love it's that tons she doesn't put her smartphone down even at dinner I do instruct to maintain them silent to


Lynnsey Schneider  12-7-2020
A cute game, with suchlike mechanics to Hay Day, but tons more relaxing to play. Penguins seize fish, grow flowers, and swim in a hot spring, while you accumulate hearts and gold coins. They can be avail to develop the island, and initiate recent habitats. The colours and audio are tranquil, and the whole experience feels unhurried and soothing. My favourite part is tapping on delighted penguins to gather hearts. Oh, and you can take photographs of them gardening, fishing, and just waddling around.


Kristin Treadway  12-7-2020
upgrade 12/7/20: Pixel trouble seems to be resolved. It's a enjoyment game, although it gets rather repetitive and tedious. It could be good if there were some diverse challenges. 3 stars Having troubles on my Google Pixel 4. edition keeps crashing. I saw a note stating they are working on the trouble so I will adjust my review as soon as it's resolved!


Asad Waseem  12-7-2020
Well this one is enjoyment to run and gets exciting on each penguin disclose


Libby Hamlin  12-7-2020
I have ben only playing this for 3 days and it has really calmed me down


Un4 wiE  12-7-2020
HABBY!!!!!!! When I upgrade the release it reset all my progress and I am furious and mega angryl!!! You need to repair the release and give me back my progress and then I will give the release five star. Also give me back my progress KNOW!!!!!!!!!!


SiyOtter 24  12-7-2020
It's excellent but I wish there were more decoration slots. Also would you execute it so that always you buy a chest a confirmation message pops up asking if you really desire to buy it because dozens times I accidentally waste 200 gems misclicking on a treasure chest. I noticed a glitch in the release where I need to finish crafting for one of the Christmas task but right when I finish crafting an element it doesn't count towards the task. Its happened twice so far.


Sheridan Murphy  12-7-2020
cute edition I love penguins


Bryan Heng  12-7-2020
This is the most calmest release i played, extremely interesting and lovely


Owen  12-7-2020
It's a fantastic chill release to unwind with


Paw Khin  12-7-2020


Nyamta Mem  12-7-2020
πŸ’Œ I've been playing this release for a little over a year, thank you for your intractable work!


Boycho B  12-6-2020
I love the app. No need to pay. I could just ask for little more gratuitous Christmas stuff.


Hyper_ Mood  12-6-2020
extremely relaxing and calming. The occasions are really excellent and straight to do plus the penguins are really miraculous and enjoyment to watch.


Eeezy _rapid  12-6-2020
enjoyment game. extremely relaxing.


Atish Sinha  12-6-2020
Cool 😎


Alexandre Angione  12-6-2020
extremely excellent


Stanley Nugroho  12-6-2020
Relaxing ...πŸ‘


EveryGamer 14  12-6-2020


R Balden  12-6-2020
I love this game. The penguins are to die for.


ANKIT KUMAR  12-6-2020
fantastic release


Rainey Day  12-6-2020
Soooooo relaxing! It's a fantastic release and pretty art


HT Siin  12-6-2020
The client service was excellent when I came through with remittance trouble also the clarification to the problem was made extremely clear to me. fantastic job.


Annie Beerman  12-6-2020
Haven't even played the gain yet, but from these wonderful reviews, I can talk it's gonna be a excellent oneπŸ™‚


Jhemelie Pico  12-6-2020
I love this game!


Gian ZDrox  12-6-2020
Eh muy bueno pero desde hace algunas actualizaciones atrΓ‘s no sirve de nada jugar sin internet , literal no lo podes avanzar casi. Me gustarΓ­a que vuelvan a arreglar el problema asΓ­ puedo volver a jugar.


corpse kikuo and corpse miku  12-6-2020
I think I will I like it


Shane S.  12-6-2020


Mary M  12-6-2020
Love this game! So enjoyment and keeps your interest.


Jess H  12-6-2020
Well, I kept hearing about it and finally tried it out. It is charming and cute, and relaxing as well, it helps my anxiety somewhat. But after some progress you just genre of gain stuck. And I assume that's what happens when you refuse to execute in-app purchases in lazy releases when you gain far enough. I just don't feel I'm making tons progress anymore and I don't wanna have to pay to progress so... :/


Aquinas Celestial  12-6-2020
Personally its for me the audio the release is excellent an all however me raging off a release then coming on to this one the audio calms me down and puts me in a mood to run for hours excellent release


Andrew Krois  12-5-2020
This edition is so relaxing. I love penguins, and they all look so cute! It's beautiful tons Abbyserym but only penguins. It's extremely straight to run and you dont have to buy stuff to have fun. Thank you to the creators!


Cheyboy The ugly boyfriend  12-5-2020
outstanding i love everything in it!


Erin Preston  12-5-2020
I love the game! I love that every penguin as it's own Job! And its funny!


Belle N.Y.B  12-5-2020
Super enjoyment


AmSeven27  12-5-2020
It's a excellent release but that graphic is uh uhπŸ˜•, medium and high execute no difference... And another thing that dozens developer mistaken for this 2 language "Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia" is absolutely difference on what world must know, Example: "Punggung (Malaysia)" in English that mean "butt" but in "Indonesia" is "back of your body"... I know World only know Indonesia is one finish map in "THE MAP" itself , but at least exhibit some honor for my country.


Diane Bostick  12-5-2020
This is so lovely !!!!πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ€©πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜


Joey Kidd  12-5-2020
I love this release all these little penguins everywhere doing little things it's so cute!


WiZi  12-5-2020
Really good infinite release for rest


John Laura  12-5-2020
I love these little penguins. And one miraculous bison. It needs a mate. I played a suchlike release to this with fish. And another with animals. Like deer and wolves. I am playing it now. Just desired the chance to rate.


Ronnie Bennett  12-5-2020
So relaxing i can run this forever


ilovemycatmeowmeow joshua  12-5-2020
I love Penguin island i love the penguins


tum athaporn  12-5-2020
This is sooo lovely and really straight to play. It's really execute me feel rest !


Phillip Maguire  12-5-2020
Quite a chill experience spoiled by intrusive ads.


Lynne A  12-5-2020
I love this game. Its really cute, but also excellent at increasing my frustration tiers lol.


Renny7777  12-5-2020
This release helped me gain across one of the toughest and mentally exhausting jobs I have ever experienced. The peaceful background audio with the lovely design for the penguins and habitats allowed my mind to forget the stress of long days and weeks. I hope that you can also discover joy from raising your own penguins :3


another human  12-5-2020
This release is so lovely and healing i love it


1err6  12-5-2020
I love this release its so calming(:


Sch. Video  12-5-2020


Mitch Chambers  12-5-2020
I love it sooooo much!! I spend my gratuitous time in this release Also some amoung us but this is 100 to 100 a tie I love it soooooo much! The penguins are so cute. There is nothing incorrect with this game! Its relaxing and smooth and most of all NOT that dozens adds!!! Love it πŸ˜›πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ˜


Jas Mint  12-5-2020
3rd update: I used to like this game, I even did in-game purchases but it's becoming too expensive. I really appreciate the developers working to ameliorate it, but for the nature of such relaxing release the cost is unjustifiable. Especially when top on with adverts to clear fundamental quests. It's too money grabbing at this point. I beginning to wonder if I must put down this game.


Mariangel Sierra Jaller  12-5-2020
It's so cool


Seth H  12-5-2020
Ahh, the relaxing experience of watching lots of adverts and being prompted to pay lots of money... This is just another cynical attempt at psychologically manipulating dependents for financial gain. The fact that these dependents even mention relaxation means that they are targeting dependents under psychological strain. Screw this garbage.


Angie Fernandez  12-5-2020
THIS IS THE exquisite release IN THE WORLD SO MEANY lovely PENGUINS 🐧 😍 πŸ’– πŸ’• 🐧


Ben Van Dierendonck  12-5-2020
lovely and cute release to have on in the background. A fair quantity of adverts but it feels value it to watch them. Doesn't feel overly aggressive asking for microtransactions and it's rewarding to watch the isle grow.


Bob Aaron  12-4-2020
Legit the exquisite release ever it's so fun!


Henry Stone  12-4-2020
Only adverts when you opt for them


Bram DieudonnΓ©  12-4-2020
I love it, no other commentary.


Mama Fraser  12-4-2020
This release is really enjoyment and cute, excellent thing is the developers are listening to the community which is fantastic because of a new upgrade some poeple couldn't run and when I wrote a review the replied and repaired it right away. 5 star game!


Amy Kook  12-4-2020
extremely cool


Matthew Grape  12-4-2020
really love this game. cute, addictive and beautiful nice-looking. exquisite release in "Idle" category genre, i guess. truly recommend!


Brandon Schobert  12-4-2020
release is a lot of enjoyment at first. Once you gain the hot air balloon, you might as well quit playing. Advancing in the release is impossible at that point and it becomes a veritable drag.


Aires Nexus Sete  12-4-2020
excellent release


Wynchell Abanes  12-4-2020
fantastic upgrade as usual! And the astronaut penguin is super cute! Looking forward to the next craftable creature.


Herman Hassan  12-4-2020
Please add more capacity for decoration..


Christina M  12-4-2020
Fun, cute, and addictive to play. I've maxed out most things on the game, so I'm hoping for more tiers soon.


Sizhong Ang  12-4-2020
So dozens ads.


Jean Kinary  12-4-2020
I like the game, been playing it for years, now it wont permit me upgrade it !!!


Kim Boman  12-4-2020
Penguins that are hilarious AND cute? What more would you want??


Joe Dan  12-4-2020
Relaxing.. u can do stuff fast, but you'll end up watching adverts to gain results


Janis berzins  12-4-2020
good and straight release ;)


Kevin Fitzell  12-4-2020
Seems lovely but won't stop crashing :/ -Pixel 3 XL EDIT: The upgrade did repair the issue. release is indeed super lovely


Omni  12-4-2020
I like penguins


Isaac Aime  12-4-2020


Jhennifer Sookram  12-4-2020
I am consistently impressed with the quality and complexity provided by the developers, while the release itself remains simple and relaxing. Edit: Months later, still playing. It remains my beloved casual game.


Kat's Music  12-4-2020
Absolutely love this game! Started playing it when it was a lot less developed just for enjoyment and it has only gotten better and better!


lost pixies  12-4-2020
So I'm stuck with this tapping finger sign and I don't know how to gain rid of it, it stays there even if I restart the game. How to gain rid of it?


Lauriel Valence  12-4-2020
It was okay, but release is not for me.


Steven Rossi  12-4-2020
Simply love it.


Jonathan Jesse  12-4-2020
Super relaxing and enjoyment


Kashtin Apsassin  12-4-2020
Your micro deal business model is beyond asinine. You are the problem, developers. No, I don't expect a gratuitous lunch. I'll gladly pay for the game, but this is easy up unregulated extortion from vulnerable demographics, namely children.


Rat King  12-3-2020
I just started and I'm already in love with these wee penguins :))))


Yareldy Pacheco  12-3-2020
This is my beloved release ever



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