Android Version: 4.1App: Pack Opener for FUT 21
Release date: Oct 2, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Smoq gamesCategory: game sports
Name: Pack Opener for FUT 21Extension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Pack Opener is back with recent upgraded 21 version! Open packs and gather all the cards! Open the exquisite pack, build an final Draft, finish crew residence missions and run online tournaments. Now you can buy and sell cards on the Transfer marketplace for in-game currency. You can open limitless number of packs. Will you have the exquisite crew and win matches versus your buddies or will you rather become wealthy by putting gamesters on the transfer market? It's all up to you in recent version of Pack Opener for FUT 21! FEATURES ● Open packs and scratch cards ● gather final group Cards and Badges ● Transfer Market ● crew Builder ● crew residence Challenges ● Build a Draft ● Online tournaments with friends ● challenges for peculiar Cards ● Simulate online matches ● Position change cards ● Achievements, records and statistics ● diurnal rewards ● absolute gamesters database ● peculiar secret codes for super packs ● and much, tons more... :) This application’s sole target is to rescue testers study how to build the exquisite FUT drafts and squads, discover out about fresh FUT gamesters and updates, and grow the mobile FUT community.



Oscar Szarlat  2-5-2021
Overall probabky the exquisite pqck opener ive played but theres not enough packs so for example add pack sbcs or higher rated gamester packs so that recent and ancient gamesters can gain some better stuff


Frankie and Oliver FC  2-5-2021
wonderful release extremely enjoyment to run and I highly instruct it to anyone who loves football


MR BAINZ  2-5-2021
I dislike πŸ‘Ž the points other then that its decent fut 20 is tons better tho


Jacob Tiger  2-5-2021


Bremerton  2-5-2021
extremely excellent and amusing


A Google user  2-5-2021
I absolutely live this release and instruct it to each football supporter


Aaron Ashmore  2-5-2021
I could rate it this because it is a excellent release but there is alot of adverts


EpicsR Gaming  2-5-2021
excellent release


Team Fuzzy  2-5-2021
The release is really excellent and enjoyment but I have to declare when I do scratchcards, and gain Alexander Arnold for example, when I go to my group to gain him in, I couldn't discover him.


Amr BIRE  2-5-2021


Sharkboy0909swea playz  2-5-2021


Basher Beast  2-5-2021
fantastic game, but I don't like the fifa points system


Ψ§Ψ¨Ω† Ψ±Ψ³Ω†  2-5-2021
افآل Ω„ΨΉΨ¨Ψ©


Barley Lynes  2-5-2021
Really cool release no actual money is spent on it and gratuitous codes on there insta gain this guys it's insane


Rafaa XD  2-5-2021
Absolutely wonderful release


Spookyfn  2-5-2021
I really like it just you must be able to buy dependents with cash on th marketplace and not just points


ryan ward  2-4-2021
fantastic release


Josh Blades  2-4-2021
It is a excellent release but it is long


paul sweeney  2-4-2021
I couldn't believe my luck when I packed ronaldo and TRENT ALEXANDRA ARNOLD in the same packπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ…


mohamed mezouri  2-4-2021


hady serhan  2-4-2021
Need more ubdates but extremely excellent and they need to hive severe gratuitous packs.


Ψ§Ω… Ψ§ΩŠΩ…Ω† Ψ§Ω… Ψ§ΩŠΩ…Ω†  2-4-2021


mysterious 1  2-4-2021
Its a excellent release but can you guys please execute the trading higher than 94 like change it to 99 or something


TNB Chumy  2-4-2021


Andrew Bellwood  2-4-2021
enjoyment release


Selma Shirazi  2-4-2021
ABSOLUTELY DIABOLICAL unfair taking out TOTY from our crew from packs if you download this your setting yourself up for disappointment


Miguel Fonseca  2-4-2021
Is it online online drafts or can I do offline aswell


Simon Pithers  2-4-2021
cute release


Fraser Davies  2-4-2021


Thomas Orrin  2-4-2021
Maybe u can execute points and cash the over idea round


Aa AS  2-4-2021
extremely goooooood


just harry  2-4-2021
It's not excellent


Jenson Wright  2-4-2021
It's a excellent release but it's intractable to pack toty


A Google user  2-3-2021
excellent release but can toty be packed in any pack


use code alken my name is ronan  2-3-2021


Jordi Romero  2-3-2021
I like it


horatio mott  2-3-2021


Peter Read  2-3-2021
It is so excellent i packed a icon value 252,000 cash who was veron 90 rated it is also up to date with fifa 21.


seb vabgheluwe  2-3-2021


Lee Burgess  2-3-2021


Itsmealex  2-3-2021
excellent edition only problem is I've been waiting for a lightning round for ages:)


Mohamad Shaab  2-3-2021
Freck your release so wrong and so rubbish because when i run Draft i allways lose even if my rated and camistry are better than my opinion so thats why your release is rubbish


Ismail Mohamed  2-3-2021


Raka Satria  2-3-2021
exquisite edition ever WOOOOOOOOOOO


Stanley Ray  2-3-2021
Its is a excellent release


joey_ gamerboy  2-2-2021
The recent pacybits but I think they must add more mini releases like bingo and more codes please otherwise the exquisite release


Pacific Clan  2-2-2021
extremely excellent game!I could really instruct it!!!!


Cxllum D456  2-2-2021


Sol Aguirre  2-2-2021
exquisite release ever


Aidan_ wall4511  2-2-2021
extremely excellent


Debbie Hawkins  2-2-2021
ABSELOUTLY ❀️ IT. exquisite FIFA everπŸ˜‰πŸ‘Œ


dennnis nuker  2-2-2021
I love it but the pack animations need changing also the drafts whenever go on extra time fic it in next upgrade I also hate the pack luck on the release cash must come back not points


Summer Paull  2-2-2021
exquisite release


Bradley Watson  2-2-2021
wonderful I just packed toty Ronaldo


epicsongs yHough  2-2-2021
Super excellent love these releases


Leon O Connor  2-2-2021


Delirik  2-2-2021
Love the release so much! Getting TOTY is the exquisite feeling in the world. I got Lewandowski and Alexander Arnold


__ogcerby __  2-2-2021
I am addicted to this release please rescue


Alexander Aparicio  2-2-2021
One of the exquisite mobile pack openers/ draft been since fifa 18 where a brand made a excellent draft simulation


subscribe to pewdipie jefff  2-2-2021
Eh πŸ˜…


Lee Conner  2-2-2021
extremely excellent pack animation decent release don't run the release now because it gets boring but excellent release value the install


Jimmy Maughan  2-1-2021
Its a excellent release but u have to buy gamesters with points and the chanpions league the goal keeper knows where your going and when your the goal keeper it knows where your going and when your in the 1st round and so on there is no second legs but there pens


Kai Bordacs  2-1-2021
this release is the exquisite ive packed 95 maradona and 92 ronaldo two times




Leighton Gradwell  2-1-2021
fantastic release


Kevin Toibibou klombardo  2-1-2021
Flfa 21 ps5


Sabba Saeed  2-1-2021
I think it is a excellent release had enjoyment trying to gain excellent gamesters and it is extremely addictive thank you who ever made this release


Musa Bostan  2-1-2021
its like fifa 21


Harry Day  2-1-2021
excellent release trade card for card or even cash


lizzie jack  2-1-2021
I love the release but it's to intractable to gain pepe and Ronaldo and messi


Bayern. Munich  2-1-2021
This release is wrong but packOpener FOR FUT 20 was the exquisite version


Boakes Building  2-1-2021
excellent release


Vectorsvector  2-1-2021
I love this gaming experience greetings and sariations to you all


Adam Morley  2-1-2021
I like this edition because igot messi


Louis Pridden  2-1-2021


Kian Dixon  2-1-2021
This is a excellent release but it is intractable to gain group of the year cards


Taylor O'Malley  2-1-2021
Absolutely wonderful release one of my fav ever i pla


Gamer X  2-1-2021


Manisha Sanghavi  2-1-2021


Beqa tsveroshvili  2-1-2021


EPIC GAMER  1-31-2021


Kyle Williams  1-31-2021


Khotso Nxumalo  1-31-2021
I love this release


David abbo  1-31-2021
I love this release the ucl is enjoyment the exquisite gamesters and icons are cheap and I have the ideal crew πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ’―


Abu Bakr Naeem  1-31-2021


Rhys Barrett  1-31-2021
Its so wrong my brother got 8 group of the years and i can't gain 1 so thats y i am thinking about uninstalling it not except i gain a group of the year


Carine Mutaka  1-31-2021
Wat I hate is that it doesn't upgrade on it's own (automatically) u have to go on run shop


ibraXcadabra  1-31-2021
I like it


tinkkyy thaaqqi  1-31-2021
Lojshumemir pravoπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡


Marcel Salloum  1-31-2021
The besr release


Matt Thomas  1-31-2021
wonderful game.but since the recent upgrade im struggling to connect to other gamesters in friendlies


ZenzyRL  1-31-2021
fantastic game!



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