Android Version: 4.1App: Pacific Warships: World of Naval PvP Warfare
Release date: Aug 31, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: GDCompanyCategory: game action
Name: Pacific Warships: World of Naval PvP WarfareExtension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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⚓Pacific Warships: World of Naval Battle⚓ Play gratuitous shooter and become an armada commander! Welcome to the future world of warships battle warfare! Try PACIFIC WARSHIPS in a gigantic torpedo and missiles warfare. Call your crew, ready your ships and blitz the Seven seas rim. Pacific fleet meets tactics and action in naval battle. much of navy weapons, artillery and battleships to shoot your foe with a tsunami of missiles and torpedoes in a REAL-TIME group PVP.🚢🚢🚢 Collect your navy conflict machines in a port and form the exquisite fleet of conflict ships from Atlantic to Pacific rim. To brawl foe in ocean warfare, blitz your fleet across sea ideas where oil tankers used to sail. Be the hero of the seashore rim! Action-packed PvP shooter offers you recent realistic navy wargame about future warships. 🛰WORLD ONLINE PvP Battle with armadas of top gamesters from around the world in naval PvP game 🛳CALL ARMADA FLEET Detailed battle gunships such as Arrow, Avenger, Spearhead, and Eclipse, divided into several classes from lightweight destroyers to battleships, dreadnaughts and aircraft carriers which look like floating fortresses on duty! 🌐TACTICAL BLITZ Armada of diverse gunships with drones! choose ones that match your tactics and fight. The goal is to space and sink foe ships. Blitz and torpedo them in close combat, barrage them from afar like a juggernaut or avail air force to drop bombs and torpedoes on foe fleet. Build robot drones to balance your ship. 🔫FUTURE WEAPONS Arm your warship machines with lasers, artillery, torpedoes, missiles and robot drones to win in naval battle. avail it wise in a gigantic blitz battle! 🛠UPGRADE FLEET Upgrade battleships to be the top! Build a variant of robot guns, missiles, lasers, chassis and deck upgrades to forge your gunship into an final conflict machine. All upgrades change battleships’ look and armor! 🤖ABILITIES Get aggressive in your warfare tactics with cool battleship abilities. Be invisible and sink gunships at point blank, avail energy shields, fix during combat, avail EMP to demolish torpedoes and burn foes with laser. expert shooting to become the top commander of the future wargame machines! 👨‍✈️CAPTAIN’S BATTLESHIPS SKILLS Improve your stats by researching a skill tree. It’s not only about top conflict ships - the squad matters too. study recent action abilities and sink foes more effectively! 🏝CONTROL NAVAL AREAS Team with more points wins! Form alliances with teammates' battleship conflict machines and don’t permit foes capture your rim area! avail torpedoes or active abilities! subdue the world! 🤼ADVANCED MATCHMAKING All combats in the wargame are created automatically, just tap "FIGHT". groups will be picked up from around the world so you can start having enjoyment fast! 🎮EASY CONTROLS Intuitive control and straight release UI will permit you blitz into combat easy away and expert the PvP! 🎁AMAZING GIFTS AND REWARDS Log in the release for rewards, upgrades and gifts! Blitz quests and missions for rewards. 💻STUNNING 3D GRAPHICS Future is here! The most realistic naval PvP release for mobile. run the top wargame to try it out! The release runs even on a budget device! ⚓GRAPHIC variants FOR frail DEVICES Weak device? pick the graphics option for frail devices! ★★★Our navy release is fully gratuitous to download! Perfectly drawn world textures, pretty sky and isles rims, vivid sea, drones. We created a next-level top action wargame. Regular updates and recent content are waiting for you in combats of 2020. Not sure what to play? Choose⚓PACIFIC WARSHIPS⚓ navy conflict shooter Note: Dear users! We are constantly working on creating recent content, improving the game, graphics and optimization! Please write a word to us if you discover bugs or issues. Want to ask about the Pacific Warships release or discover friends? FB: Support: [email protected]



Tyler Walker  12-7-2020
This release is outstanding the graphics are wonderful and the release is so enjoyment to run I instruct you getting this release


Jay V  12-7-2020
recent upgrade frighter jet and that it


Muhammad tanvir Topu  12-7-2020


Saida Shaikh  12-7-2020


FORSAK3N '  12-7-2020
fantastic game. Graphics are good just like veritable time play, it could be even more better if y'all can put more release modes like death match or monarch of the hill ands stuff. Overall it's fantastic (I could appreciate it if u can a in release group chat so u can talk ur group colleagues where to go and what to do so the coordination can be tons better)


I'm Your Death  12-7-2020
In this release there are so dozens hackers That's why I am giving 2 stars please repaired


Venkatesh Kalkin  12-7-2020


N C  12-7-2020
extremely excellent release


Geetha Geetha  12-7-2020
Chandan .B


Alwin M Varghese  12-6-2020
When we sell ship we will gain only some ruppes


Nick Wade  12-6-2020
fantastic game, visually ! But complex pay to run right from the start!


Margaret Simonsen  12-6-2020
I like the action. I with there was a telescoping option though


S Srivastava  12-6-2020


Zuhriddin Mirzaqobilov  12-6-2020


Ajay Mishra  12-5-2020
fantastic release


Rakesh creation's RP  12-5-2020


TheLoneWolf  12-5-2020
Ive been playing this release for a while and Ive been encountering hackers lately. Theyre using hacks that makes the release very laggy and the music is a distorting so much. Please take more concern to this issue. The release is very fun, just not with hackers.


Tahsin {Arikito} Ahmed Quraishi  12-5-2020
Its not bad....u can gain some outstanding matches. But i'ld rather run conflict Thunder naval if i have more time to spare. But if you're in a rush, run this one, it takes 5 mins


Madhu mala Kumari  12-5-2020
exquisite release


Buinen Mikhael  12-4-2020


M Thom  12-4-2020
What vehicles avail sea mines. I need to know


Gerald Raj  12-4-2020
I'm playing this for the past few years, now it becomes a Cheating release and pay to win. I have almost opened multiple containers but still the bar was not absolute to open the mega container why can't you put numbers, worst release cheating pay to win 😡


Tanmay Bhowmick  12-4-2020
Network slow


Ravi Jain  12-4-2020
100 points for graphics good gameplay


Rangeeta Verma  12-4-2020


alaa teliba  12-4-2020
it's a extremely difficult release and I think it's significant that they be able and they


Sridhar Sri  12-4-2020
Dear developers please add voice option to tell for more interactive


mukesh Kumar  12-3-2020
Not wrong


Pecific Diotheme  12-3-2020
Don't download this release release because hackers playing this release


Lollipop Definitely  12-3-2020
wrong game, don't purchase anything


Roman Daniel  12-3-2020
me like dis release creater freind me in fortnite me name is hulkman 41


々ÆŹ ÇÚŔĆĘĐ Øp yt  12-3-2020
#Great#but we need VI ships to buy from credit......otherwise it's a excellent game, fantastic graphics and release play, I like it extremely much...........


Jayferd Posadas  12-3-2020


Parth Rastogi  12-2-2020
Please whittle the cost of ship update


Shekhar Yadav  12-2-2020
exquisite 👌 👌👌 releases


Jimmy Mitchell  12-2-2020


Muzamil Nawaz  12-2-2020
I love Allah!


Anindya Sarkar  12-2-2020
Times information Network and Bangladesh and two years and youth sgm in bangladesh unemployment situation hand


Snow Wolf  12-1-2020
Yeah, where did ALL of my ships go? I had almost 15 ships, upgrade hits, and I am down to 4. Even lost a gold, maxed out ship (Constellation) and a semi-upgraded golden destroyer. I like the game, but what the hell.


Mil J  12-1-2020
(WHAT HAVE YOU DONE)... Exorcist Carriers when powered up are too mighty and unrealistic ....and the other updates are ridiculous. You had a well balanced game)...What next... is it time to step on and discover a recent game?


Evan chowdhury  12-1-2020
This release is extremely good


Rathore Gaurav singh  12-1-2020
good 👍


Wow the so cool i can gain my ship


Dark_Void  12-1-2020
Alright, ive been playing this release for 4 months. Graphics are great, gameplay itself is good everything is really good.... BUT.... whittle the ships upgrades cost. each ship from the level V classes are 4 million. I can't gain that number if the overall combat loot is idea lower than it suggests. Do something about it! Common, i also run world of warships and a lot of their ships doesn't cost that much... repair it please...


Jakey Mar  12-1-2020
2020แล้วเกมส์แม่งก็ยังมีโปรฯ. ถ้าโปรฯลงเครื่องจะกระตุกโคตร


Lorne Vanrooyen  12-1-2020
good maintain it 💯


Mera Albani  12-1-2020
I really enjoy this release i like battleships and cyber stuff can you add more aircraft carriers 🏆


bloody-killer890  11-30-2020
fantastic release but wish yall had more ships and more release modes


Manisha Yadav  11-30-2020
I love this release it is great


Kailasa Padhi  11-30-2020
absolute of bugs and UI issues. Total waste


Landkreuzer P. 100 The Ratte  11-30-2020
is there a idea to restore informations cuz i waste all of my money!


Ezeldin Fayed  11-30-2020
updated: release is tons better now than earlier, i saw a good details added and a better overall structure specially gamester advancment gifts for better ranking up and upgrading capabilities, still there's no reporting system vs cheaters, must by something like point and click to report.


Dreyas D'Ordin  11-30-2020
This is an wonderful release with really fantastic controls. Onky trouble is sometimes i have problems firing, like i have no ammo but its loaded. Other than that this is a release sick aleays keep.


FURY ACO  11-30-2020
Why not give us the option to run Rating combats all the time instead of paying 2K Gold to gain more Rating Match Tokens? I hate this upgrade


Deric Klein  11-30-2020
I like the true feel and how it's set not too far in the future so it feels believable


Sudhir Verma  11-30-2020
good release I love .....


John Maico Calingasan  11-30-2020
The recent upgrade is ok high graphics and recent Battleship but the things that this release turn to worst is that god damn cheaters the upgrade is post recently but the cheaters is already pass across on this release I'm sorry but to give this release just a 2 star rating


Onam Pertin  11-30-2020


jamesdarren escobar  11-30-2020
I love this release its so enjoyment shuting bouts and cool weapons and so robotics ships😍😍😍


M. Salifu  11-30-2020
It is excellent but a lot of the time my lasers on my III consolten goes across the oppositions ships. Overall is is extremely excellent game. I think that it must be harder to sell ships because I accidentally sold my ragnorock I just when desired to see how tons it was worth. Futhermore, my name on the release is Overkill and if you can, please gould you add my ragnorock back it could be gratly appreciated.P.s you can take the 4 million credits away I got from selling the ship.


Jason Jones  11-30-2020
Love it!


Robert Melendez  11-30-2020
This release is outstanding


Paul Historia  11-29-2020
From my experience it's cool, but the problem is the cost of upgrades in your ship can you execute it cheaper, it's so unfair that it's so expensive even though the rewards is really slight compare to the update cost also what's the point of maximal reward if the reward is not even 50% of the reward itself. I hope the devs will warning this and execute an adjustments in the release reward system and update cost system. Thank you.


millionaire life  11-29-2020
outstanding release and wonderful graphics.


Dominic Lyngdoh  11-29-2020
wonderful release


Carlos H Pirkle  11-29-2020
I bought the recent ship Archangel and at the time someone was hacking the release and I didn't receive my ship but it took my money from my account now I could like to have my recent ship r my money back. P.S you need to do something about the hacking are you will start losing dependents my release name is {REV}


david smith  11-29-2020
enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment


Marissa Capistrano  11-29-2020


Rubelie Sarona  11-29-2020
Its excellent


Shahrukh Khan  11-28-2020
Guys don't download this game, because admin Diotheme along with his hacker freinds inbuilt 'spy hacking soft in your mobile when you will purchase anything they will steel ur money from ur valet, so please uninstall this release


Abu Ehtesham Rashed  11-28-2020
Thanks for the recent update. Plasma weapon is exquisite for cruisers. Cruisers was the weakest ship. But now I can first blood with those most of all time. Hope it will upgrade more.


Saif Ali  11-28-2020
Hey guys don't download this game, because here admin execute some hacker admin, who is stealing money from your valet if u will purchase anything, be careful


Rupesh Chandera  11-28-2020
Super duper


Hadif Adli  11-28-2020
excellent ganme.....


No lIfE GaMEr  11-28-2020
Please remove the one day timer for donation exchange. ameliorate the match making gold league gamesters gain diamond and expert league gamester as enemies.


Alza Cafe  11-27-2020
This release is not good, don't download, wasting time, everything needed purchase


Abdul Kadir  11-27-2020
Don't download this game, because admin 'Diotheme is hacker and he execute another guy admin which guy name' Stoopid ', he is also hacker, if you will purchase anything, they will steel money from ur valet, so please be careful, don't purchase, be safe


Anuradha Bisht  11-27-2020


Hosein Jalalian  11-27-2020



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