Android Version: 4.4App: Oxide: Survival Island
Release date: Aug 1, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: Catsbit GamesCategory: game simulation
Name: Oxide: Survival IslandExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Oxide: Survival isle is a recent release based on Survival Simulator! Here you are, alone on the abandoned island, where everything can kill you. Cold, starving, predators, enemies: are you severe enough to equipment all these dangers? Now stop, breathe and plan. move 1: collect resources and initiate tools. move 2: build a shelter and execute some attire. move 3: craft weapons, chase animals and procure food. Don’t forget about other gamesters inhabiting this island. execute allies to brawl alongside! Ready? Steady, Go! Do your exquisite to stay alive! excellent luck! Features: • Own servers, which allows the gamester to save all progress without loss and increases the number of gamesters on one server; • Expanded map: wood, ocean, gas station and bases where you can discover loot barrels; • buddies system. Add other gamesters as buddies and see when they are online; • 3 biomes (cold, temperate, hot). Attire is meant to defend not only from injuries, but also from cold; • Improved construction and crafting systems; • Diversity of weapons and ammunition; • Cupboard system: you need to craft a cupboard and put regularly logs in it in order to prevent your home from deterioration; • Improved sky graphics.



Pixelbomb Games  8-25-2021
Only giving it 3 star for now, some difficulties with controls, lag in multiplayer at times and a lack of content currently. But a excellent start for a Rust clone for Mobile


Kanishk Sahoo  8-25-2021
extremely not op release


Michael Petersen  8-25-2021
always I join a server the release just closes and the release from the franchise doesn't do this


KumarZG is Playing  8-24-2021
Please execute 3 Person release Like newest isle Of Survival Your release More Famas don't go with rust that intractable to do everything, I Hope Dev You Read my Comments ☺️


KEVIN JOSH  8-24-2021
excellent work , well its far from ideal but the core way is good. Please give us a ideal (RUST) replica. check the pubg mobile controls it could work ideal for this release as of now it bit too rigid, need a bit more realistic environment with more grass and animals.


ethan alkout  8-24-2021
I mean it would avail some optimisation but the release so far promising


rinku rinku  8-24-2021
Wow i like this release


Casey Tomlinson  8-23-2021
It's fantastic needs a few things but it's excellent


Syed Aizat  8-23-2021
Pls execute more monument more item. execute control like pubg. More smooth and gyro. This release have potential. This gonna be fantastic release like rust


Liam GAMING :] check my 2cnd account  8-22-2021


Mr 2FIRE  8-22-2021
If we can initiate our servers it's will be better for the release


Kenneth Mendez  8-22-2021
It has a potential just work on will be a excellent release i look at it. And repair some bugs each upgrade and add some anti cheat for future targets


Garyleo Penaranda  8-22-2021
Just please repair the bugs


Goku Robles  8-22-2021
You need to repair the lag pls


Enrique Music  8-21-2021
Muy buena la hermana de survival simulator se párese más a rúst. me encanto solo que el problema la sensibilidad es casi imposible mover la cámara a un jugador que te disparará o así y lo que le faltaría en mi opinión para que sea más a rúst. caballos, cultivos, mas herramientas para, cartuchos de tnt y mas variedad de animales como pájaros, o unos caníbales, y seria mejor que al Aser un server podamos elegir entre la isla nueva y la anterior de survival simulator y otro eso mejoraría mucho el juego, y también otros personajes para elegir en vez del personaje clásico y estaría bueno también la pesca en el juego


freddie carreon  8-20-2021
hope more optimization. this release need lots of upgrade and im sure soon this release is one of the exquisite mobile release


Gwapa -  8-20-2021
dependents just exploit bugs and steal your stuff. 👎👎👎


blacko  8-20-2021
Its excellent but need some ubdates


GREENFIRE 102  8-20-2021
Its fantastic but the lag is to tons it makes the release unplayable.pls repair it.


Caronne PLAYZ  8-20-2021
release is fantastic only downside is that the release lacks resources I mean it's finish but you can only see a slight quantity of it in release also need more servers on like Asia and US The sensitivity is too low even on max not enough residences with more loots, pls Add barrels with an element like scraps than can be converted to metal, and add vehicles too like helicopters,boats need more isles and add horses.looking forward for next update!


D2nuka  8-19-2021
This release is a realy excellent release buut there is a lot of bugs and mistakes i hope they gain repaired and thos becomes the recent rust mobile edition :D


Suien Kzo  8-19-2021
Lmao worst release ive ever played check playing this release ull fell like vomiting gg devs....


Khalil Siar  8-19-2021
The release will be fantastic if you execute the sensitivity swift and graphics option and a large map with a lot of loot and a option to run it offline


Adonis Redoble  8-19-2021
Finally!! A developer thought of making a rust mobile is a genius way no one have ever thought of! maintain it up devs! No skip adds for this love it!


Ashi Cabrera  8-19-2021
I enjoyed it tons i hope for a more furnitures to come!


stelth  8-19-2021
Not wrong just add more monuments and guns repair sum bugs


Shen  8-19-2021
I know its gonna be a excellent release in the future but I hope that you will add someting that can readily remove misplaced structure like wall.


Josh Blade  8-19-2021
Pls execute this release playable I love the concept it will be awesome. For now it is not so playable but I can't wait for it to be 😁


IvanmarkG Cabotage  8-19-2021
I like the release but need some optimazetion on graphics too laggy even I have excellent smartphone with 8gb ram and more I hope this release is better than newest day rule


Mahruaii Khawlhring  8-18-2021
good gameplay, but too tons lag and wrong control... I hope it better gaming performance.


BAY J  8-18-2021
good release maintain it up


Luke Deanmar  8-17-2021
exquisite release in the world


R C  8-16-2021
fantastic I HOPE WE CAN execute A PRIVATE ROOM


stan palisoc yt  8-16-2021
Can you repair the lag im lagging so tons And pls add when we are in release Can add alies trait pls cause i maintain killing my buddy with my sniper


panhareach 1  8-14-2021
This release is excellent but the animals play so swift I can't kill with axe and I need gun to kill


Lucas Roberson  8-14-2021
I kina could like to be able to drink the ocean water (possibly with side effects) but otherwise fantastic love it will be with it though updates


Joshua Hebard  8-13-2021
I was kicked 18 time for false speed hack this release can suck it


Sparrow  8-12-2021
I've only played for about an hour, and I do honestly love the game, however I could love the option for character customization and to be able to change my characters gender and hairstyle. If that were added I'd readily rate this release 5☆!♡


aungsan win  8-12-2021
good \(^o^)/


Please repair the hunting rifle i cannot reload thought cause im wasting my time crafting those bullet like seriously whuttt even assult rifle can reload but not hunting rifle also repair all genre of glitch and bug okay also add some more settings in it like graphic or resolution all genre of settings that you need to add i really appreciate that your release is excellent just like rust so repair it as soon as possible okay thank you.


Simple _Sandbox2 the AirRaid  8-11-2021
Dev i thought you are no longer making editions but your here i love this release so muchhhh! I will gave it 10 stars 🤩


Flares.  8-9-2021
excellent job developers! This one has a really fantastic potential! maintain it up!


Taniafaye Nielsen  8-8-2021
Definitely better from the newest love how you can now break walls serviceable when raiding but some things would be changed or added to spice it up and execute it fair 1. If we obtain enough elements we must be able to execute transport maybe a helicopter or automobile and it must be able to carry at least 4 gamesters this is an opinion it must avail metal fragments,planks and other elements I enjoy the release though it needs transport vehicles.


Ahmed belal  8-8-2021
Add residence update and some recent animals and steel doors maybe some recent idea to discover cloth and execute more monument here is my feed back BTW plz execute server wipe execute that u can change names because I spelled my name incorrect


radha Bansal gaming radha  8-7-2021
Hello release is excellent after upgrade but one problem is if you have no hatch, axe etc for cutting tree it's a large trouble for us pls add a variants we can chop tree from hand , in release have no map so it's difficult to discover house pls add map when next upgrade is come


Sooraj S  8-7-2021
excellent release


Zone D Gamer  8-7-2021
Offline style add now


Rakasha Stallmann  8-6-2021
Its a really excellent however the lag makes it nearly imposible to play. I was attacked by somthing that wasnt even showing up on my image at one point.The graphics would avail some work aswell and execute more categories of trees and change the grass color in certain places because it makes it look weird with the repeated pattern.Things that would be opened or looted must exhibit a mark when you look at it and trees must have a health bar or somthing. It would avail a tutorial. Overall fantastic potential


SY AM  8-6-2021
Please repair the lag and add more animals and grass i love your release its a fantastic release 🙏 its a request from a supporter


Derpie Kittie 17  8-5-2021
This is a fantastic sequel and update from Survival Sim! 1. Please repair the lag! always i stroll far distances i gain teleported back to where i was. 2. permit us initiate our own servers 3. More Biome diversity perhaps and put in more rock and trees, the forests look awfully bare and i can barely discover stone. 4. Add some recent animals! Crocodiles, Wolves, Fish and some sort of large Cat could be fantastic additions. Also I think a weather cycle could be so cool! Thx! Sincerely, Crow.


Charles TV  8-5-2021
I dont know how to execute server because there is no other button to click for making server just shot the other servers and friends...this gmae sucks just like before


K S.  8-5-2021
Got potential


Roy Taylor  8-5-2021
Was laggy as hell please repair overrule goid release


gabethe potatocat  8-4-2021
I like the consept pls ameliorate sensitivity and add more TREEs residences and lootable locations ameliorate the log quantity u gain from trees most definite...and add a 4 times scope also think its a wrong way to have rocket launchers.


Mihir Gupta Gamer  8-3-2021
Worlds exquisite release Please activate your some more recent release your supporters is waiting


Adrian Kueh  8-3-2021
excellent release but still a lil laggy. I see it's just like survival simualtor but just the upgraded version. And I see this release is not pay to win because u cant buy stuff. enjoyment release but lonely and pls upgrade survival simulator



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