Android Version: 8.0App: Otter Dive
Release date: Jan 15, 2022App Rating: Not rated yet
Author: Sterntaler StudioCategory: game casual
Name: Otter DiveExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Playing as an Otter, you lead your other otter buddies in a combat versus the sea urchins. The urchins attack towards the left of the world to check to demolish your kelp base. You rescue protect and update your buddies as they execute their idea to the right, where the sea urchin cave dwells. Can you and your otter buddies surmount their base and save the day? -Drag and pull to activate your character. -Defeat Urchins and get points. -Help your buddies execute it to the other side -Spend points in the pause menu to buy upgrades such as: Increase your size and speed, give your buddies more health, Increase the speed that your buddies spawn, Increase your buddies movement speed.




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