Android Version: 4.4App: Ordia
Release date: May 20, 2019App Rating: 5
Author: LojuCategory: game arcade
Name: OrdiaExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Ordia is a one finger platformer where you run as a recent life form taking its first leaps into a odd and unsafe world. Jump, bounce, stick and slide your idea across wealthy and vibrant environments. Guiding every unit to safeness in a primordial world packed with diversified perils, missions and surprises! With 30 tiers to complete, plus extra mission modes, bounty tiers and achievements to disclose Ordia is a unique and challenging release with hours of gameplay. Features - Simple one-finger controls - 30 tiers set through 3 worlds - Action packed platformer - Extra mission modes for every level - bounty tiers and achievements to unlock Winner in the 2019 Google Indie Contest! 🏆 "All in all, Ordia is a hell of a game. It’s absolutely gorgeous, the animations are buttery smooth, and the sound effects and haptic opinions are incredibly satisfying" - TouchArcade "Ordia is a truly peculiar platformer that knows exactly what it’s supposed to be" - 148Apps "A perfectly put jointly bundle for both casual platformer supporters and enthusiasts alike" - AppSpy



Nick Wilson  2-6-2021
Simple interface, straight to understand what's going to happen. I feel like I'm in control rather than subject to RNG all the time. When I execute a mistake I know what happened. varicoloured instead of drab. still in the first of four worlds, maybe 10 tiers each? and I'm sure it gets more difficult. but so far it's been a smooth hardship curve


Jesse Munro  2-5-2021
this is one of my personal favorites


Lazar Eugen  2-3-2021
excellent time killer, smooth gameplay


Rob Farnell  2-3-2021
Ordia is a enjoyment release but my Galaxy A70 image had a extremely annoying setup where it made launching when you were on the far right of the image so difficult that I couldn't actually finish the first time course. Haven't had troubles on the left side as the course doesn't go as close to the edge (yet). I'm hoping this is repaired and I wil re-review.


Brian Bass  2-2-2021
The recent super Mario brothers


Alex Pontius  2-2-2021
excellent idea, but is frustrating. After around tier 12, hardship disables your ability to compete a tier in under 10 minutes.


konec japonec  2-1-2021
amazing, beautiful, ideal little time killer :) can't gain enough. could definitely pay for an expansion pack, wink, wink ;)


Alan Ramirez  2-1-2021
Runs smooth and provides fantastic entertainment. My 5 year ancient loves it too.


Jimmy Davidson  2-1-2021
this release gets me excited to have my thinking challenged


Marie .L BURKS  1-31-2021
Because haven't seen anything


Kessley Baker  1-31-2021
Stopped trades on GME. That's Illegal.


David Bunce  1-30-2021
enjoyment little release excellent time killer and no ads


Jimma Wetcha  1-29-2021
A recent beloved


Kenneth Bailey  1-29-2021
It's a excellent game. Challenging at times. excellent little graphics.


Rhett Brown  1-29-2021
Artful, clever aim-and-shoot puzzler


noahhh R  1-29-2021
Not straight enough for me. I hope that it will have quickly reborn at the same place.


Dylan Orozco  1-28-2021
extremely excellent


Edu Dalla  1-28-2021
outstanding game, i really recomend it 😄


Bonnie  1-28-2021
wow. reminds me of world of goo + mario as a vertical platformer. I gain that tier of rush + creativity. truly 5/5 stars.


Eastside Farm PDX  1-28-2021
enjoyment release to choose up and run for awhile no pressure.


agohstine knoe the  1-28-2021
I'm stuck on level7and I'm laughing not to far not to slow no pause on the next fly I'm really having enjoyment thank you,play


Almi'zi  1-27-2021
extremely soothing on the beginning levels.


Andres Hernandez  1-26-2021
enjoyment game, good visuals and sounds. controls are excellent and gameplay is speedy so I can readily run this release on little breaks. hardship picks up, which is also nice!


Chris Fantauzzi  1-25-2021
great design and animation. A ton of fun. Lots of carrots for completionists.


Mario Jader  1-25-2021
This release has an wonderful graphic and sound design. extremely immersive.


Noodle Doodle  1-24-2021
good concept. Controls worthless to execute this playable. Lines don't exhibit actual path.


Artin Chet  1-24-2021
Its A Cool Simple And Relaxing release But Its Boring after 1 hour of Playing, but i love it


Dustin Perry  1-23-2021
difficult but a excellent genre of difficult it missions your timing and finger speed


kresten sakstrup  1-23-2021
addicting and difficult


Chris Szymczuk  1-22-2021
So far so excellent with this one. easy forward gameplay with simple controls. tiers aren't too long so it makes a fantastic speedy play. One handed gameplay is fantastic too, this has turned out to be a good game.


Kevin Hale  1-22-2021
it's a challenging release but has a fantastic payoff of satisfaction when you beat a intractable level. extremely clean UI and it's extremely smooth. fantastic job!


what is a boy  1-21-2021
It's a Lil buggy.. But it's enjoyment 💙


Patrik Wehovszky  1-17-2021
exquisite mobile release I've ever played. So tons fun!


Jet Lall  1-15-2021
Relaxing, amusing and challenging


Jamie Levine  1-15-2021
I showed this to my cat and he couldn't stop watching, we had a fantastic time 10/10 could run with cat again


Hi Hello  1-12-2021
Satisfying release


Mathieu Leroy  1-6-2021
cute one finger platformer. The release works fantastic on mobile and is extremely satisfying to play. There's also a fair bit of content and the whole thing is extremely polished. My only gripe with release is that even though mechanics are introduced regularly, it can gain a little repetitive if you run too tons of it as the concept of the release necessarily limits what can be done.


Pierre Reignier  12-31-2020
Pretty. Entertaining. Frustrating and tough just the right amount. Hours of fun.


levi Tiemens  12-31-2020
exquisite relaxing release I have played I think it's more relaxing then stressful but extremely enjoyment at the same time


Miles S-W  12-27-2020
Really addictive release with simple controls, charming graphics and sound design and a decent hardship curve. 100% recommend!


Jonathan Georgiou  12-6-2020
I really like the game. Super fun. Smooth animations. I love it. I just desire to know: Will more tiers gain into the game?


Yervant  12-5-2020
Started off good, a cleanly polished game. But then the hardship gets to be based on randomness. You just have to check the same section over and over hoping they timing of the moving whatever is in your favour this time. You can't gain better at it by practice, it's just luck. That was the point I gave up on it.


James Larkin  12-2-2020
this is beautiful poggers tbh


Simon Carter  11-29-2020
fantastic game. instruct dev reduces cost of in edition purchase in demo version when there's a sale on. I just bought absolute separately, and it was good to see progress from gratuitous version was carried over.


Amanda Wilson  11-6-2020
fantastic release


xBlossomAngel  11-3-2020
EDIT: Loju reached out and repaired the issue! Now the release is back to being amazing, and I definitely instruct it! ///// Loved the release until a few weeks back. It suddenly stopped working and instead sending me to the run store. Because I only run offline, it tells me to wait until I connect. So, basically, I'm no longer able to run this release offline, and can only run online. I only run these genres of releases when I'm commuting or have no connection, so this release is basically useless now.


Frank Swannack  10-24-2020
good game. Packed with ingenious ideas. Challenging and fun. Highly recommended.


Thanga Balaji S  10-22-2020
In love with this release 🤩


Stone Lawson  10-19-2020
An aesthetically pleasing game!


Peter Reynoldson  10-9-2020
so fun!


Nury MP  10-7-2020
oh my f'n god i never played a release like this before on mobile. wonderful release i wish i had known about this sooner


Dan Killam  10-4-2020
This release is a ton of fun. Beautiful, whimsical design, clever puzzles rewarding exploration and multiple paths across deceptively simple levels. A relatable but still latest feeling gameplay mechanic. Highly recommended!


Michael Dickey  10-4-2020
fantastic game. highly recommended


Teo Schneuwly  9-10-2020
enjoyment game.


YoGoH  8-31-2020
The exquisite release I had ever played 😊


Oliver Karlsson  8-30-2020
Such a fantastic game. It is enjoyment and simple to run and has a lot of content to play, as all 30 tiers actually have 3 modes + 9 extra bounty levels, which adds up to a excellent 99. Thank you for making this game.


Brandon Day  8-22-2020
Had this on my iPhone. I recently came back to Android. It plays fantastic on my Pixel 4 XL. It looks pretty on this screen. tons better on this gadget than my iPhone 11. Thanks for making this for both. outstanding developer I have purchased a few releases for them and have whenever been happy. Thanks again.


Andy O.  8-14-2020
The fact that this has only 5K downloads shows how broken the mobile release economy is. Because everything about this release is so wonderful. The mechanics, the art style, the diverse missions and ton of content. It really boggles the mind and so I only hope that despite this, it was still profitable for the team.


H3adl3ss  8-4-2020
gotta be the exquisite release ever


Deniz Biçer  8-2-2020
extremely well made game! I love the graphics, sound and tier design


Bernardo Guerra  7-27-2020
One of my beloved releases


Ethan McCarthy  7-19-2020
wonderful release readily my favourite smartphone release I have played this year. I love the simple controls and the bright colors. It is extremely addictive it has heaps of tiers to maintain you entertained. The release controls really well and runs really well on my phone. It is a extremely relaxing game. I highly instruct this release 10 out of 10.


Chloe Del valle  7-16-2020
I rarely rate games,but this is a release that will maintain u playing even after quarintine.So tons replayability.


OverripeKiwi  6-26-2020
wonderful game, simple controls and fantastic tier designs. Props to the developers!


Joseph  6-14-2020
Finally a excellent mobile release


Cargill Seiveright  6-1-2020
Wow. Beautiful, the graphics, the sound, the gameplay, the objectives. It's so enjoyment and heart racingly challenging. absolute points.


Albino  5-27-2020
excellent value the money lol


Nicky Chapman  5-4-2020
exquisite release ever!!!!!!!


Dieter Vogts  4-23-2020
good game. Deceptively simple gameplay and pretty graphics. fantastic client service as well. A quality application this. check it, you won't be sorry.


Yoni G  4-11-2020
fantastic game. Only weird thing, I started getting a message that my version is not genuine, although I bought the release across the run store.


Aladite Crystal  3-12-2020
This is the edition I generally enter to unwind and calm my stresses, the calming music, the simple yet magnificent character design and backgrounds soothe me. The release run smoother than butter and it just has a nostalgic feel. Thank you so tons for this wonder. I can't wait to have an upgrade with more tiers because this release was definitely value my money. (I'd even offer to rescue design a bit of the audio or the character designs and plants if I would :) ) Regardless, I think it is the exquisite release I have


MikePlays  3-11-2020
A excellent challenge!


dEsisiht  2-9-2020
It's a beautiful excellent release but any release that begs for ratings gets 2 stars max


Michael Carr  2-5-2020
The more I run this game, the more I realize just how tons polish it has. Ordia runs fluidly on my mid-range device, feeling silky-smooth at all times, and it's simple art mode and color scheme ensures that items pop even in harsh lighting. I discover Ordia to be challenging while having a simple control scheme that's straight to gain used to - to the point that it feels natural. The time trials are merciless and will demand perfection to complete, yet the act of trying again is so fast and effortless that you might be tempted to maintain going for many of minutes. I haven't reached the end of Ordia yet, but it's one of the few phone releases I know I'll enjoy journeying all the idea through.


asd asd  2-4-2020
fantastic game. Unfortunately meager design tier with those "wall blowers".


Ben Alexander  1-22-2020


Popsy Plays  1-21-2020
It's a fantastic release but it's really short and I kinda don't think it's value that tons money😢 I could really like if you added a few more worlds and sorry to sound rude if you are already on it😊🙏


nate half  1-18-2020
Loving it, just like they declare it feels like a vertical platformer thats really enjoyment but challenging to expert with hidden collectables, extra missions and even time trial and intractable style which I generally hate but this release does it right. Its not a casual release where you see how high you can gain and end when you hit a highscore wall. Its a tier based release with diverse enviroments, enemies, achievements, secrets, slingshot controls, and other mechanics that feel fantastic and run fun! value the price


Fekete Ádám  1-17-2020
extremely polished experience. extremely excellent and amusing game! One of the few excellent releases these tays that you buy once and thats it. No microtransactions, thats fantastic attitude! :)


Luiz Gustavo Arantes  1-15-2020
cute graphics, love the attention to diverse haptics in moments of the release to add emotion, defyingly amazing.


Stephen Caie  1-9-2020
Love it! It's so excellent that I regularly miss my train stops, bump into people, and stroll into lamp posts. When I start playing I can't put it down!


Matthew Panetta  1-9-2020
A fantastic game. One thing I could like is a brief summary of how I went on the level. I have to touch the former tier to see if I got all the yellow things.


Dan C. Parkes  12-31-2019
A beautifully fashionable platformer oozing with release feel and only needs one touch so ideal one handed. Short tiers that newest a few minutes execute it ideal for short commutes but wonderfully moreish to binge through.


Sirack Hailu  12-30-2019
Pure joy! Thank you


Gamer Rohit  12-30-2019
Wow, I just played the demo first and was truly intrigued to know what is going to happen next so bought it and it's value each penny. This release is definition of how mobile releases must be made. The replay able worth is insane here. Now I know why Google And Apple both give awards to this game. The gameplay is smooth, graphics and animations are minimalist. Truly I could instruct this to everyone.


Hirens  12-28-2019
I have to give large props to the developers for the attention to detail and the slight things that this release has! The minimalist art style, the low power feature, the color blind feature, the controls and tier design are all super outstanding and something that I wish I saw more of in mobile games. And it has no freaking adds!! Devs, maintain up the excellent work! You deserve my money.


2 PAC  12-4-2019


Navaneeth Shenoy  12-1-2019
outstanding casual game. Can choose up anytime and okay


Patrick Ogurick  11-28-2019
Update, 5 stars for Dev response and gameplay once able to gain the edition up and running


Kenneth Schaijk  11-24-2019
This release is amazing, the vector artwork, the idea it handles super smooth. fantastic release all around and value the price!


Gokul Babu  11-24-2019
Well designed and enjoyment game. I 100% instruct it.


Nate  11-23-2019
outstanding game! Nothing like it! Please execute more levels!


Sirichai Chan.  10-17-2019
** upgrade 18 Oct still sound problem In smartphones 10 sound is not working right. please repair (Oneplus 7 Pro OTA upgrade to 10)


Khunnith Meng  10-17-2019
This release is absolutely awesome. I wish there are more phase and level.


Jeremiah Johnson  10-14-2019
I really like the game. The simplistic art mode is great. From what I've seen, the mechanics shown (while not innovative, but still cool) are enjoyment in combination with everything else. At first I was questioning my purchase, but after a while I was fully sold. I looked at the map, and the release looks short, but with such a cheap price tag, you are not going to gain that much. The controls feel fantastic and work incredibly with a touch screen. There's more I'd say, but there is a character limit.


Daniel Delgado  10-12-2019
It's wonderfully designed and well built. Love the tiers and exploring the environments.


Levente Varga  10-9-2019
This release is highly overpriced - there are only 30 not too short, but not extremely unique levels. For 5$ I expected tons more. Anyway, I love the art style, the fluid gameplay, the sounds and everything, unless the price :/


Király András  10-6-2019
Amazing! Simple concept with ideal character, motion and sound design. The balance of mission and joy is also ideal.


Hoger Ameer  10-5-2019
Challenging but fantastic release


Mansoor Bawazir  10-4-2019
good game, extremely enjoyable and enjoyment


Diego Opazo  9-29-2019
unbelievable game. ideal for short and long run sessions. Recommended.


Kenobi Shinobi  9-21-2019


Joseph Shenton  9-21-2019
Love it


Casey Blakeston-Lodge  9-15-2019
A enjoyment proto-slime flinging game. I'm enjoying the challenge. The polish is delightful with cute sound design and responsive control!


Cael  9-6-2019
wonderful game, fluid gameplay and good control, it's just fun!.


Jonathan Thayer  9-2-2019
So cheerful I discovered Ordia. Finally a signature release for this smartphone and my beloved addiction since Rolando and furious Birds. I love the graphics and the audio and the tasks are challenging without being impossible (so far). (Please don't execute them impossible.) I'm still completing the mushroom level, and going back to discover Ords I missed, but I'm looking forward to seeing recent levels. I hope we'll see one one with volcanic/thermal vents. And another in outer space. Thank you! (And for No Ads!)


Michelle Hurwitz  9-2-2019
So simple yet so absorbing


adi saavedra  8-25-2019
Just not being an IAP gets this release five stars. On top of that awesomeness you gain really excellent gameplay. Toward the end the release run gets beautiful challenging and you have to run them a lot in order to progress so it reminds me of ancient school gaming days.


Rick Baue  8-21-2019
pretty and clean design. good mechanics and progression from beginner to master.


Tomáš Nezkusil  8-18-2019
Really smooth and engaging


Stuart Davis  8-7-2019
excellent game. Progressive and challenging.


Phil B  8-1-2019
Fine until you gain to the tiers with the wind machines on the wall then.. I mean, when will release devs realise having to do the same task over and over to proceed is NOT FUN. Wasted my money.


meisterじえろ  8-1-2019
Quality at its finest. Editor's choice worthy.


Rachel Montanaro  7-31-2019
I absolutely love this game. extremely relaxing audio and well designed graphics. Obstacles were creatively and intelligently placed by the developer. extremely addicting. I hope more tiers are added after tier 30.


JAMES MIIKE  7-30-2019
This is the exquisite release ever! The release run is intuitive and fun. The graphics and audio immerse you deep in the game. Definitely value the money!


KreeperKriminal Television  7-29-2019
I LOVE THIS APP! The only thing is that there are not enough levels. Thirty tiers + bounty and intractable style is not enough!


Leo Shneyderis  7-21-2019
This is a masterpiece!! It's the most pretty release I've ever seen. And the sounds are AMAZING!! One thing that could execute it literally ideal is procedural tier generation.



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