Android Version: 4.1App: OOTP Baseball Go!
Release date: Jun 10, 2021App Rating: 4
Author: OOTP DevelopmentsCategory: game sports
Name: OOTP Baseball Go!Extension: Apk
Downloads: 1,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Take the favorite Out of the Park Baseball series with you wherever you go. The endless Baseball Sandbox is now in your hands wherever you are in the world! Manage teams, control any franchise throughout MLB History, build and draft your ideal Team, and so tons more! run what the pros play! You can oversee your league at a high tier or run out every release in the magnificent 3D release mode, managing run by run or even pitch by pitch. OOTP has it all covered! Play Your Way · Franchise Mode: A single-player oriented style where you can play your beloved MLB, international or fictional baseball organization. · ideal group Mode: Build a dynasty in this online style that focuses on PvP and managing your completely customized team. Manage MLB History · get access to historical MLB leagues and rosters from 1901 - 2021 · Simulate any and all MLB scenarios and releases that you have dreamt of · Manage all on-field decisions and strategies Official MLB & KBO Licenses · absolute rosters from both MLB & KBO franchises (2021 season requires in-app purchase) · Pit MLB and KBO rosters versus every other · Includes absolute MLB minor league rosters Create Your ideal Team · initiate your final group to pit versus gamesters around the world · absolute cross-platform compatibility with Out of the Park Baseball users · Pull and gather gamesters from the vast gamester pool that is attainable for use · Compete in tournaments versus other gamesters to see who has the exquisite team OOTP Go comes with three historical MLB seasons for FREE! play any franchise from the 1996, 1977, and/or 1921 MLB seasons. All other historical MLB seasons (1901-2021) and the KBO are attainable via in-app purchase. Major League and Minor League Baseball trademarks and copyrights are used with permission of main League Baseball. Officially Licensed application – MLB Players, Inc. Out of the Park Developments © Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved * Access permission warning for gameplay · STORAGE: The permission is requisite to shop release informations and will not access personal files such as photos. · MEMORY: Recommended system minimum of 2 GB RAM · PHONE: The permission is requisite to proceed with in-game occasions and rewards and will not affect calls. · CONTACTS: The permission is requisite to sync your buddy list and Google Account. ※ You'll be able to enjoy the service unless details associated to above authorities even if you don't give permission to the above. "Consumer Information: • Language support: English, 한국어 • elements are attainable for purchase in this game. Some paid elements may not be refundable depending on the category of item. • For Com2uS Mobile release policy of Service, visit - policy of Service : - rules terms : • For questions or client support, please reach our client aid by visiting



Nick Ritt  6-16-2021
Do you like Managerial Games? Do you like the Out of the Park series? Do you like baseball? Yes to any of these and that will be your respond onto whether you must buys this or not. outstanding first crack at the mobile OOTP version!


Stephen Wasnuk  6-16-2021
exquisite authentic baseball GM experience. Gameplay with the 3D models look fantastic and a fantastic comparison to the PC version.


Kyle Flores  6-16-2021
Waited 3 years for this to be released, just for it to accident consistently. I personally enjoyed the former titles simplicity vs it's PC counterpart. This feels like they're trying idea too hard. With that said, the details in this release are great, a bit confusing except you're familiar with OOTP on PC. But with all the time they've had, and testing time to execute sure these things don't happen, they absolutely failed.


The Manns  6-16-2021
Not a gratuitous game! You can't really run without paying $5. Feels shady that they call it gratuitous when it really isn't. On top of that you have to download 300mb of data... that you can't access without paying. Uninstalling.


Kris Dyer  6-16-2021
It crashes each time I gain to the first release of the season.


rko cjay  6-16-2021
fantastic start to the release so far. Definitely can't wait to put in the Time for this game. It is still missing a few things but I trust the developer's


Scott Winn  6-16-2021
Definitely the premier sports sim on Android! This is runs off the exact same code base as the desktop game, and the seasons actually sim faster on my smartphone than on my laptop! extremely fair prices for the historical seasons, and they offer 3 seasons through diverse eras for free. It's been years in the making and definitely value the wait!


Anthony Rivers  6-16-2021
Unplayable except you spend money. As a longstanding OOTP gamester on PC I was happy to receive an mail declaring that the release is now attainable for free. Yes, you can download the release bit cannot run except you purchase rosters, finish deception.


oof o  6-16-2021
extremely enjoyment OOTP experience on mobile.


Bmore Riseup  6-16-2021
peepee release


Chris Sneed  6-16-2021
This works nearly as exactly as I had hoped it could on my chromebook!!!!! The keyboard works nearly exactly as it does in the PC game. For whatever motive it won't play via Steam on my chromebook (OOTP 16 does). So this was my saving grace. Bravo! Can't wait to see what's next.


Izaak Hobday  6-16-2021
Love the release but it is recent


matt baxter  6-15-2021
Been wanting this for a long time. I've played on PC for years but I've had a intractable time getting too deep into it as i'd rather run The exhibit if I'm dedicating release time. This allows me to enjoy the exquisite text sim ever while chilling with family or watching TV. The only thing I discover weird is I don't see any portraits which breaks a bit of immersion. Maybe I'm missing something? Seems like a weird omission.


King dreamy  6-15-2021
For some motive my image is messed up like my image too slight


Harris Turner  6-15-2021
Owner of each version of OOTP baseball since initial game of Season Ticket. The version of OOTP GO is nothing short of a dream come authentic for me. Everything is there. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to maneuver inside the game. I can honestly declare good purchase. Baseball don't gain any better than this. Thanks to entire group at OOTP. Simply pretty 100 stars through the board


Andrew Lauer  6-15-2021
The client service is extremely rude if you question anything about the game.


BULLETCLUB 72  6-15-2021
Why does legit everything cost money? Kinda ruins the enjoyment since you know, I can't do anything, so Idk how the release is, probably excellent but I wouldn't know....


Derek Wisner  6-15-2021
So far so good!


Michael Murphy  6-15-2021


Adam Pridham  6-10-2021
Purchased the 2021 rosters, tried to play, and when I check to actually run the first release of the season, it crashes. OnePlus 7 Pro Update: after clearing the cache of my install, it works fine.


Karl Kiwi  6-9-2021
extremely swift and smooth experience. The exquisite sports sim attainable on Android!


Christopher brisebois  6-7-2021
issue with crashing , ive started 3 diverse franchises and it whenever crashes and then I can't continue my game. I have a Samsung s 20 is there something I'm doing incorrect ? I am a long time supporter of ootp and absolutely love this release , onto the 4th check , and rebuilding the pirates Is no straight task lol


Jerry Krahn  6-6-2021
Awesome. Ad-free baseball. upgrade made my PT unplayable. Can't click off/past the congrats banner for passing rookie league in PT. It's just stuck there.


Ontario Winn  6-1-2021
By far the exquisite baseball experience on a mobile device, and extremely CLOSE to the desktop version (which is the monarch of all sports sims in my opinion).


Jonathan Berg  6-1-2021
Purchased a season and it locked up my NOTE 20 Ultra making it unusable for 15 mins. This happens anytime OOTP Go is run. I love OOTP 22 - but the Go version seems to be bugged


John Bowen  5-30-2021
Awesome, basically a absolute version of one of the exquisite sports sims you can gain on pc for your phone. Been waiting for this for a long time. Give it a check even if you don't know a thing about baseball, it's that good.



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