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Manage your beloved football group in Online Soccer Manager (OSM)! This free-to-play release contains all veritable and true football leagues, clubs and gamesters in the world. Start your football manager career by signing the contract at your beloved football club. pick clubs from the Serie A, Premier League, Primera Division or any other league in the world and become manager of clubs like veritable Madrid, Barcelona, Liverpool or dozens others. From that moment on, you will be in charge of everything! Decide on formation, line-up and tactics, but you also call the shots regarding buying and selling players, scouting, training and the expansion of your stadium. Make sure your group performs to the exquisite of its capacity to accomplish the goal set by your club’s board. Play with all your buddies in the same league and experience the kick and rush of fierce buddy competition. Football leadership has never been so tons fun! FEATURES - Online Soccer Manager (OSM) contains all veritable football leagues, clubs and gamesters in the world. gain the most true experience! - initiate your perfect formation and line-up. - avail a vast set of tactics for your team. - Decide who to sell and who to buy, using the sophisticated transfer list. - avail the scout trait to uncover for talents or proven stars. - Train your gamesters and increase their skills. - run limitless outgoing matches to experiment your tactics and to ameliorate your players. - Expand your stadium to earn more money or have better facilities. - Exciting simulation visuals of your matches in the Match Experience. - check to finish the World Map by showing your manager abilities all around the globe. - run with your buddies in the same league and exhibit them who’s boss. - run versus managers from all over the world. Over 50 million gamesters worldwide! - OSM is translated into 30 diverse languages! Please Note: OSM is gratuitous to download and play, however, some release elements can also be purchased for veritable money. try our policy of Service and rules terms for more information.



goo  7-1-2021


FREE FIRE  12-8-2020


Twerk Hub  12-7-2020
Osm is a fantastic game, I've played it for months now, each single day . However Please i have a extremely large problem n i hope you can rescue me out. My smartphone got formatted yesterday, n i lost access to my account on Osm. The only thing i remember was my manager name as HUMBLE SADISTIC. i can't gain the mail i used in registration. Please I've gone a long idea in leagues n i can't start again. I could be delighted if your group can rescue me retrieve it .thank you.


Ismak 2.0  12-7-2020
its cool but needs something


ProNto  12-7-2020


Qamar Raza  12-7-2020
Why do i have to wait 24 hours to run 1 release


hadry gameover  12-7-2020
العبه ممتاااازه


Ihthisham Moosa  12-7-2020


Ireeta Shaun  12-7-2020
it's so good


Salar Abs  12-7-2020


Revan Rebin  12-7-2020
fantastic release check it


Rayyan Babar  12-7-2020
This release is THE exquisite #THE GOAT


Alireza Khatamnezhad  12-7-2020
extremely wrong release top eleven is better.


Arief arsa jaya  12-7-2020
Please repair bug, I was login but whenever seen error report


SEIKO MASR  12-6-2020
اللعبة مش وحشة بس انا لما مسحت اللعبة ونزلتها تاني حسابي معرفتش ادخلو تاني ومل الدوريات الي انا كنت فيها راحت عليا


G A M E R  12-6-2020
extremely excellent and exciting release I love this release and I propose all to download this release and thanks


AcquahZilla  12-6-2020
extremely good release gain to run with my buddies


meme god  12-6-2020
exquisite football release i played on mobile excellent work 👏🏻👏🏻


aulrivan  12-5-2020
fantastic release but there is still some mistakes, for example, on a gamester stats. how can aaron ramsey deffensive stat is bigger than his attacking stat? and since when sean longstaff and fede valverde become an attacking midfielder? i think you guys as the developer needs a consultant to deliver this release more realistic to the football in veritable life.


cpt miaw  12-5-2020
extremely extremely excellent manager release


nathan thampi  12-5-2020
This is such a good release I love it


Awais Mehmood  12-5-2020
this release is sexy like me


Peter ehis  12-5-2020
I could love to give it five star but i can see when it is played


Mohamed Hossam  12-5-2020
I think it's time to add dark style to the release


Hmangaihazuala Hmar  12-5-2020
Some gamesters don't match with their profile photo repair thir problem fast...


شماتة بس  12-5-2020
fantastic release but it started to become boring


Payor Pego  12-5-2020
I wish the fantasy leagues bugdet must have been 200 million because it is really intractable to even sign 11 gamesters so please change it because it is a fantastic release


Lewis Maina  12-5-2020
how can I place a recent jersey to the group


Bedoo Zakria  12-4-2020
نريد اضافه ميزه تغير الاسم في لعبه المدرب الافضل


Jasbir Batth  12-4-2020
Insane so good# hmmm excellent


Ahmed Almoutaz  12-4-2020
extremely excellent release and extremely excellent quality. the exquisite release there would ever be


Carlos Almeida  12-4-2020
Fantasy League keeps crashing on my phone. always I select the slot for Fantasy League, as soon as it open the Loading ball icon flashes and then the edition automatically closes. This has happened five times now, but is not a problem when I open it on my computer. What's the point of playing Fantasy League when I can't even access it on my phone?


Thaw Zin Naung  12-4-2020
It's good. , but no music


Avela Mlungisi  12-4-2020
the is ideal just my wish is that the manager gets to maintain his club until he decides to resign not that each end of season u hv to change clubs


Ruvarashe Kaba  12-4-2020
I Love this release it is so good and also i can pick my own group But I wish I can pick my own group from any League


Ilham Maulana  12-3-2020
The release is great, but would yoy please repair the info issues, because i got it idea too fast. I open the release but still in progress, not done the task yet.


ahmad newa  12-3-2020
fantastic release thought I was a veritable manager


Joseph Adeleye  12-3-2020
extremely interesting


Sulo Abdulla  12-3-2020


David Junior  12-3-2020
exquisite release ever


GoldenBob  12-3-2020


Md. Robiul Islam  12-3-2020
The only smartphones release I'm playing for a long time & already been addicted 😌


Tasik Biru  12-3-2020


Agha Muzamil  12-3-2020
This recent upgrade really sucks. 😞💔


A Google user  12-3-2020
You normally lose but it's ok


Jesu Raja  12-3-2020
An example for perfection


Mohit Panchal  12-3-2020
Stupid app. Used to love it. But it keeps loading.


Diki Taruna Putra  12-3-2020


Amene Gusty  12-3-2020
fantastic release and it deserved a credit but has to be offline for more other peoples to download and run it. I and my buddy are still waiting to be offline.


fierceman 2018  12-3-2020
outstanding 😊


Arab World Network شبكة عالم العرب  12-2-2020
one of the exquisite managers releases


Margaret collins  12-2-2020
It is drilleant


Spencer Mapulanga  12-2-2020
4 days after updating, its requesting me to upgrade again(its irritating) and I maintain having "error: 3000-0" problems, I never experienced such in the former version.


Zakithi Khuzwayo  12-2-2020
exquisite release ever l love this release 😀😀😀


Tahseen Kalakh  12-2-2020
exquisite release I have ever played


amr khaled  12-2-2020
The exquisite


Becharbhai Makwana  12-2-2020
I am bechar bhai


King Tedi  12-2-2020
It's a wonderfull release with fantastic graphics straight controls, settings but it has only one problem the time is it not too tons just to start a match you could wait for easy 8hours please change it most of us has better things to do you can execute it 30min


Comfort Awusi  12-2-2020
Weather the u upgrade the release some faces still not show, some gamesters like Suarez, Messi.


Youssef alieno  12-2-2020


abdo alayat  12-2-2020


Muka Sha  12-2-2020
it's amazing


Fanka Michel  12-2-2020
i just love it,sometimes i don't gain notified a match is about to start but i love the Game,but it really pisses me off when i join a league at mid season and check resigning but it does not allow me leave


Mukhtar Saleh  12-2-2020
Really outstanding release 🎮 👏 👌 How often does the transfer madness happens


Adekoya Samuel  12-1-2020
I love this release It gives me vibes!!!


leafy less  12-1-2020
excellent tactical release but would avail more variants like youth more money at the begging and more training and matches per 12 or 16 hours


Candise Moore  12-1-2020
greatest release hardly any adds 5 stars all round


Beverly Williams  12-1-2020
The only problem I'm having is you can't pick a group that is picked


Unathi L.M  12-1-2020


Owethu Trillest  12-1-2020
fantastic release for a soccer fanatic


Steven Goodman  12-1-2020
Whilst it's appreciated you've bought the fantasy league back, is it not possible to execute it a 20 group league so it feels like a correct season? 10 groups isn't enough 😫


Nicolas Sanchez Espinosa  12-1-2020
La aplicación es muy buena


Zombie Kinggee  12-1-2020
ideal game,love it


Christian Delano 3 Dalton  12-1-2020
OK guys


buat tweet  12-1-2020
This release is unresponsible!!, I've played for more than a month and suddenly they said that they encountered a fatal problem and the app.jeeds ro be restarted, i've done2 over and over and it still doesn't work! Its been ages now and everytime I open the app, they maintain declaring that!! What the heck


Emma Mole  11-30-2020
It is a fantastic release but I need to see gamesters playing the match


anmation box  11-30-2020
Came from 442oons


neezoo zeezoo  11-30-2020
fantastic edition



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