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The Jets edition will become your indispensable Jets companion with up-to-the minute roster information and content you will not gain anywhere else. The Official recent York Jets Mobile edition includes: - absolute Schedule of Games - Roster/Depth Charts/Injury Reports - Live clip of Press Conferences - All the fantastic exclusive stories, videos, and pictures that only we can provide Please note: This edition details Nielsen's proprietary measurement program which contributes to marketplace research, like Nielsen's TV Ratings. Please see for more information. * Continued avail of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life



Joseph Lassiter  6-8-2021
I need you to put the radio icon on your edition please.


Brad Kundert  5-24-2021
I was born in 1960 the same year the Titans, Jets were formed in recent York as a part of the recent American Football League the first release I saw was the Colts losing to the Jets one of the biggest upsets in football history. What an introduction.! I was promptly a supporter for life. Joe Namath became my beloved player, it's not whenever straight being a Jet fan. You seize a lot of flak . But that's football and I'll never waver from my beloved team. recent GM, and trainer Saleh, Mark a much-needed recent beginning.


Apocalyptic Alien  5-23-2021
It's a excellent edition only motive why I'm not rating it a 5 star is because it's slow sometimes.


Elizabeth Kramer  5-1-2021
When does this edition gain better? I had it before it was slow and garbage, so I switched to Twitter. Faster and more efficient. I recently re downloaded this and everytime I click on a info it doesn't load or it takes like 10 hours. I'd rather go back to Twitter.


Frank Sanchez  4-28-2021
Didn't open


Ronald Thompson  11-2-2020
As a supporter here in Arizona its all I got to stay inform on my group


raymond johnson  10-19-2020
Need to know what wrong step is next


Mike Cohen  9-23-2020
99% of the time the clip doesn't run just like the group on Sunday! I don't need a crappy edition to talk me how crappy the jets are! I've been a supporter for 58 yrs and it's just about over! This is the most sick PREPARED group ever thnx to Gase.


W F Moodie  9-21-2020


Michael Boyd  9-19-2020
Not enough news


Rafael Lebron  9-11-2020
I gain everything in need here


Thomas Borum  9-9-2020
excellent notification


JOE CUZ  9-9-2020
This is a fantastic chance for all of us JETS Fans, You are going to love it.


Rich Dodd  9-3-2020
Go Jets


gregory anderson  9-1-2020


carlton vogt  8-31-2020
Excessive communications


Tony Wooles  8-31-2020
No group clips again! But it will scroll across each advert vid just to maintain u hoping ul gain to watch content.. Cmon not excellent enough!


Glenn Zingarino  8-26-2020


Steven LaFiura  8-16-2020


Jesse Villaran  8-15-2020
Ny jets supporter


Jerry Tomanelli  8-8-2020
The exquisite edition ever


Richard Hernandez  8-7-2020
JET NATION necessary


Tyrone Nibbs  8-5-2020


James Dopico  8-5-2020
Some articles are repeated,it's was like they were trying to take up space,they did not have enough information to report.


Raymone Gibson  8-4-2020


Duane Geyer  7-24-2020
Easter themed filling easiest NFL quarterback.


GARY MOORE JR  7-23-2020
It would ameliorate with some recent details wallpaper upgrade with the gamesters and uniform when open product that's why'd I gave a 3 started need wallpaper and ringtone easy to the smartphone


Nicolas Prado  6-20-2020


David Lucas  4-25-2020
Freaking edition is slow as molasses in january


Ray Carter  3-9-2020
great, gain the clip and information I desire about my beloved team. Let's go JETS


Richard Bowe  1-8-2020
Parking pass left in limbo the newest release vs pit. I would not gain the parking pass it was in limbo. So I bought my p.p. from another vender so I'm telling u I've been a season ticket holder for 20 + yrs and a die intractable supporter since the titans so when I pay my pal. It will be minus the 52.00 for the emplacement p.p


Chris christopher  12-21-2019
I love Jets.


Jeffrey Mathurin  12-3-2019
good fantastic edition


Craig C  11-26-2019
Unable to down load edition had to go to the ticket window.


John Tydings  11-22-2019
extremely difficult to navigate.


Veronica D'souza  11-18-2019
I have had the recent York Jets edition for years and I love it. I try all the group updates as well as order Jets merchandise and try and view my season tickets too.


Donald Kephart  11-18-2019
Radio don't work on release day


Paul Haloulos  11-9-2019
This edition is garbage. Going to my first release tomorrow and I cant access my tickets today because the edition keeps crashing when I I check to view them. Tomorrows gonna be interesting if this thing doesn't start working. Why go absolute digital if you cant assure it is going to work? This is the problem with brands trying to gain lovely with going digital.


T Leit  11-3-2019
Terrible. Wouldn't have it if not forced to as a season ticket holder.


Richard Price  10-21-2019
Pure garbage. I am going to start rooting for the Patriots it's so bad.


Brian Buchalski  10-17-2019
Worse than the team.


Dan Arm  10-16-2019
The edition won't install on my smartphones J7


D James  10-6-2019


George Tsolekas  10-1-2019
fantastic app!


b c  9-27-2019
meager content, shorts


David Desimone  9-25-2019
Hate this app. Just send me the tickets


Jacqueline Garcia  9-23-2019
I love this edition


Nick G  9-22-2019
Claims I can watch the release in network across the app. Go to "where to watch" in the edition and it says I need to download the app... The only things it has is highlights and box scores. Not useful.


Joyce Barton  9-22-2019
could not permit me respond questions prior to snap and now image is just black


Anthony Varela  9-22-2019
Junk. edition constantly crashes. The 'I called it' function rarely works. They force you to avail this edition to avail tickets.


Robert Quimby  9-16-2019
This edition sucks


EugeneGNM CD Roberts  9-16-2019


T J Maiorano  9-16-2019


Joseph DeStefano  9-16-2019


Jerry Kozak  9-16-2019
outstanding edition


andy leeds  9-16-2019
Hate it.


dave barrett  9-14-2019
horrible I cannot access my tickets


Chris Reynolds  9-14-2019
I love the app, but the new change in the menus is beautiful trashy. Needs a better UI.


Mitchell Levine  9-12-2019
Too buggy. Won't stop telling me that the Jets edition has stopped working and needs to be closed even though i don't even have it open.


Aj  9-11-2019
Hopefully the group performs better than this app. The edition keeps crashing and won't permit me sell my tickets.


tim cavanaugh  9-11-2019
The edition works for what it does but apparently keeps running when you don't desire it to. I know this because it crashes throughout the day even after I force stop it. Quite annoying. Also uses a ton of data. The edition may actually be worse than the Jets this year


Jim Tsakounis  8-31-2019


George Buchanan  8-30-2019
The tickets only work if you have internet connection so i was stuck outside trying to gain a signal looking ridiculous


Edward LoTruglio  8-30-2019


Marshey  8-27-2019
As life long supporter I rely on just about anything that keeps me "close" to my Jets whilst I'm out of state and im extremely disappointed in the quality of this app. It chokes... Media is constantly shutting the edition down and it doesn't even properly load on my Note+. Love the Jets more than this edition but gain it jointly and check again.... please!!


jscott20002278  8-24-2019
Keeps telling me it need my address permision to open but it has my permision


Anthony Rodriguez  8-21-2019


CrazyA _  8-19-2019


Benjamin Zinckgraf  8-18-2019
worse edition ever! slow, poorly developed and not what I ever desired to do. A smack in the face by the jets to force us into using this cheap edition for our season tickets exspecilly with the prices we paid and ripoff psl they made us pay as well and they couldn't give us tickets or permit us avail our card.


John Maiden  8-17-2019
keeps crapping out when linked to the ticketmaster edition


Vince H  8-13-2019
Since the upgrade I havent been able to see live broadcast


Rodney White  8-10-2019
lousy, nothing but ads. updates r intractable to download. Ordered tickets for green & white scrimage, got to gate NO TICKETS!!


Edd Mashahkem  8-10-2019


Ivan Carrillo  8-9-2019
I'm in Latin America and I need access to watch the games. The NFL desires to sell me packages of all NFL games, and all I desire are the Jets games. execute it happen. What I desire is an option where I can select a release or number of releases and buy them so i can watch on my smartphone oe cast to my TV.


Michael Popowchak  8-7-2019


Ray Ray Alfonso Ramirez  8-4-2019
my group


george braxton  8-4-2019
put me in coach, everything I need to know is here, put me in lol, fantastic edition


Elton Dennis  8-4-2019


Maverick Maynard  8-3-2019
extremely excellent


Lewis Urvetzky  8-2-2019
clunky, buggy no straight shares to fb teams


Idrees Karim  8-2-2019
permit me avail the edition a little longer!


Victor Ortiz  8-1-2019
As a lifelong NY Jets supporter this edition is a dream come true. Makes me feel more connected to my Jets.


E Migs  8-1-2019
j e t s jets Jets Jets


Carlton Green  8-1-2019
fantastic notification


Dennis Benvenuta  8-1-2019


Daniel McLaughlin  8-1-2019


Kevin Huntley  8-1-2019
official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x. n.


Eric Diaz  8-1-2019
Its great!!!!


Sydney Jones  8-1-2019
love it


Louis Torre  8-1-2019
it's fantastic absolute of news


SmkScreen2  7-31-2019
very contented



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