Android Version: 4.0.3App: Nostalgia.NES Pro (NES Emulator)
Release date: Jun 26, 2013App Rating: 4
Author: Nostalgia EmulatorsCategory: game arcade
Name: Nostalgia.NES Pro (NES Emulator)Extension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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This is the ad-free version of Nostalgia.NES (NES Emulator). TRY THE LITE VERSION FOR gratuitous BEFORE PURCHASING: NO releases ARE INCLUDED IN THE APP! Nostalgia.NES is a high quality NES emulator based on the most up-to-date revision of the renowned FCEUX. Features - Modern, cool-looking & usufructuary outgoing interface - Highly customizable virtual controller! You can adjust the size and position of every button to suit your needs. - release progress saving and loading - 8 manual slots with screenshots & an autosave slot. Share save states among your gadgets via BT, mail, skype etc. directly from the app. - speedy Save/Quick Load - Controls opacity settings - Rewinding! Got killed by a wrong guy? Never mind! Just rewind the release a couple of seconds back and check again! - Wi-Fi controller mode! This unique trait allows several gadgets to be connected with every other. Turn your smartphone into a wireless gamepad and run your beloved multiplayer NES releases with your friends. We aid up to 4 players! - Zapper (light gun) emulation - Turbo buttons & A+B button - PAL (Europe)/NTSC (USA, Japan) clip modes support - Hardware accelerated graphics utilizing OpenGL ES - 44100 Hz stereo sound - Hardware keyboard support - Supports HID bluetooth gamepads (MOGA, 8bitdo etc.) - Screenshots - readily capture an screen of the release any time during gameplay - avail peculiar cheat codes to execute NES releases even more fun! - NES and ZIP file support No ROMs are included in the application. Place your ROMs (zipped or unzipped) anywhere on your SD card - Nostalgia.NES will discover them. Nostalgia.NES is GPLv3-licensed and you can download its source code here: Do not hesitate to send bug reports, suggestions or questions to our email.



shaun o'donnell  12-1-2020
Overall a extremely solid and pleasing app. Works fantastic and does beautiful tons everything I could like. The only trouble I have is that it won't allow me to capture video. While other emulation editions do allow this, this one doesn't. If it could allow this, straight 5 stars.


Joshua Laloge  11-25-2020
It's fantastic for playing with my ancient roms, however, the image rewind and the load state all cause the graphics to freeze up so it makes it difficult to run using these features.


Michael Honer  11-24-2020
good app, works like a charm. And I like the customizable controls that's a enormous plus.


keluarga aditya  11-23-2020
I like the design, hollow cyan neon things. All releases play smoothly so far. Only one minus, the touch control is frustrating.


G T  11-22-2020


Nitesh Rai  11-20-2020
outstanding I just need 1 rescue I am not able to do a and b button suchlike position in landscape style please add this featured


Jamie Anderkin  11-18-2020
I wish other emulators were just like this one. It is the bar as far as I am concerned.


Brekedek Dang  11-13-2020
I had given a one-star review but his edition has been upgraded and seems to work tons better now. Thanks!


Chhotu Tanti  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back 😭😭😭😭😭


Rahul Kumar yadav960  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back 😭😭😭😭


Amit Bro  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back 😭😭😭😭


Shashikant Tech  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back 😭😭😭😭


Sk Y  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back 😭😭😭😭😭


Sty Ku  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrong edition this is not refund my money back😭😭😭


Technical Shashi  11-4-2020
This is extremely badπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž edition this is not refund my money


shashi dude  11-4-2020
wrong experience


shashi t  11-4-2020
wrong πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž experience


Shashi Dangi  11-4-2020
Wrost edition


Techy Boy  11-4-2020
This is extremely wrost edition for use. This is frud with me 😞 maine galti se purchase kar li thi aur ye refund nahi de rhen hai please mera paisa refund karo please


Gary Devilbiss  11-2-2020
exquisite NES emulator


georgiaridgerunner 79  10-26-2020
This is my nes app. Plays all the releases i desire to run


Malkijah Rashad  10-25-2020
extremely excellent app. Works as expected.


Rob  10-19-2020
It didn't work for me


jerry williams  10-16-2020
fantastic emu


Shelton Germaine  10-14-2020
excellent solid app, not ideal though


Cj Bell  10-14-2020
excellent emulator but controls need work


Simon Fernandes  10-3-2020
The a and b buttons are fully unresponsive and the layout preview doesn't reflect what actually shows when playing.


Dixon Polk II  10-3-2020
exquisite NES EMULATOR


John Schneiderman  9-25-2020
Works exactly as it sound. Two gamester aid is fantastic and on image controls are responsive.


Michael Dearth  9-22-2020
Top notch


Chromaphonic Recordings  9-17-2020
Sucks that I can't avail an S3 smartphones gamoad with it.


Derek Sparks  9-14-2020
Runs fantastic and I was able to hook my xbox controller to my smartphone and run Zelda with a controller rather than the touch controls on my phone. Can't believe I never tried that before. deliver me back to when I was 10. Thanks.


SuperX45  9-12-2020
fantastic app, no troubles whatsoever


leo g  9-10-2020
Love it...but how can I go and delete some releases on here,that I dont desire


Dan Nielsen  8-31-2020
run a release pro with all


Danny Boy  8-25-2020
Suck ass appπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ


JASON WARREN  8-21-2020
one of the exquisite emulator softwares I have tried in a long time. especially having the option of paying for the app. this idea you don't have to transaction with stupid adds Everytime you change out a game.


Shawn Lewis  8-19-2020
extremely well done and speedy.. edit 19 Aug 2020... Since the newest update, the emulator started sputtering. I'm in a note 10 plus and had no troubles till this newest update.


Walking Beef  8-8-2020
exquisite NES emulator for Android.


Baran Korkmaz  8-5-2020
Graphics are flickering occasionally and it is annoying considering i paid for this edition while the other nes emulators are running just fine what a waste of money go check something else.


YP Chase  8-2-2020
It's super laggy, cant run anything on a note 8...


Brandon Stewart  7-31-2020
One of the exquisite NES emulators on the run shop %)


Joel  7-29-2020
fantastic emulator, could give it 5 stars if I would activate the releases from a frontend.


Kenmeth  7-26-2020
image cant be moved


frznht  7-24-2020
fantastic app. value paying for!


Anup Vaidya  7-19-2020
B-Wings release graphic troubles and more...


Dan Loftus  7-18-2020
extremely kewl to run the ancient favorites once again


Frank West  7-16-2020
Most releases play slow. No matter what the setting. I have payed version, and deleted it.


Chris Oliver  6-29-2020
good app, in fact I prefer this over all the other NES emulators. Again, I just wish I knew where the cheats are saved to. It is a royal pain to have to manually enter them one by one. Being able to edit a txt or ini file could be SO tons easier. Anyone possibly know where the cheats are saved?


Laura Holly  6-28-2020
So far so good. Supports cheats and save states


Joseph Scott  6-26-2020
Works fantastic


Shane Hurley  6-17-2020
Got this chiefly due to some oldie releases not working in my DOS emulator release list and yep those releases and more working fantastic now. fantastic purchase decision. Kudos


Alan W  6-17-2020
exquisite NES emulator!


Billi Andara  6-10-2020
Well, I think this is the exquisite NES emulator for smartphones ...


Steve Rando  6-9-2020
Works flawlessly. No lag or stutter. straight to navigate UI. Bought the pro version because I was so delighted with the gratuitous one.


sriman lalam  6-7-2020
I really disappointed, I deeply regret why must I spend some bucks on this app. The release run of 64 in one rom unable to run entirely failed. The releases having lot glitches. Other gratuitous emulators having no troubles while playing same roms. Please solve the troubles I'm entirely frustrated for this app.


Robo Tronix  6-4-2020
Just a fantastic NES emulator I wish cheats where built in like a list you would just choose from release Name then association with that game. But even with the hassle the idea cheats work now it's still awesome!!!


Mohamed Kamara  6-1-2020
Beautiful. I love it.


David Sanders  6-1-2020
fantastic nes emu with good features! could love a pinch zoom and rom patch!


Sem Holloway  5-31-2020


Erik Neumann  5-30-2020


Jason Karasik  5-24-2020
horrible bug with the virtual gamepad. It just stops reading a and b periodically making all releases unplayable.


Isaiah Yusta  5-23-2020
fantastic emulator


Konstantin L  5-20-2020
Как Π² дСтствС!


brad baraton  5-12-2020


al andujar  5-9-2020
Graphics are on point, as is the sound. My trouble is more how roms are listed, which execute it a downer for me. If you have zipped file roms, it will list the name of the file within the zipped file, so except everything is the same name, it can execute it intractable to sort out. could like that sort of added detail to help. Also, The d-pad isn't fantastic on this, it sometimes just makes gameplay a little unplayable.


Jenna Bodeski  5-4-2020
Amazing!!! I wish more emulators on Google run shop worked like this. No going across lots of files looking for releases just to see if the emulator works. I still run this thing today and think it's amazing. If you love playing recent releases then this is one one for you.


K.C  5-3-2020
A fantastic idea to revisit nostalgia.


rasn door  4-30-2020
extremely excellent information emulator


Isaias PeΓ±aloza  4-29-2020
Works excellent on my S10+


Minny Me.11  4-28-2020
Truthfully, i cant give a high rate coz it still cant detect the rom and i still can't run my game. Even i already paid for it!


Raoul Duke  4-24-2020
Awesomeness πŸ‘


Will 255  4-24-2020
good love it. Any more in the works??


Beach Katt  4-23-2020
Can I cast to smart TV??? So far so excellent but....can i cast desktop or this edition to TV from chromebook??


Keith Powell  4-23-2020
gain the paid version and live your exquisite retro life


Ryan Sias  4-15-2020
good emulator. No ad's. value the few bucks and then some...


Brian Hudson  4-14-2020
Solid emulator, simple but does everything it needs to. I wish there were more control customizations (wider/taller d pad buttons could be nice, can only resize the whole d pad, could like to be able to shape the individual buttons), but other than that it's great.



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