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Release date: May 23, 2018App Rating: 4
Author: Blink Academy Ltd.Category: photography
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Here are your recent cameras! NOMO was designed to rescue casual photographers to concentrate on taking pictures, instead of all the post-production retouches. # true CAMERAS Tap on the yellow "Camera" button and the "Shop" button, you will discover all the cameras that you can purchase, download and use. After taking a picture, random analog presets -- including curves, grains, dust, light leak, vignette, sharpening, frames, etc. -- will be added to the image. It's just like what a veritable 35mm movie camera does. Press the double exposure button and take two pictures for our great "double exposure" effect. There are limitless possibilities. maintain playing it to discover. # NOMO PRO We will continuously game recent cameras. With a NOMO PRO membership, you can avail them all unlimitedly. Meanwhile, we will announce exclusive membership-only cameras. A NOMO PRO partnership will launch exclusive pro tools, including importing photos, turning off the movie development time of INS cameras, and other upcoming features.



Icah Gulay  12-31-2020
I downloaded it because of Ni-Ki of ENHYPEN


Ashley Mae Castro  12-31-2020
I desire the camere that was on version 1.5.98. Please deliver back this version. It is tons greater for the edition to have also some of the cameras that was removed by the update. Please deliver them back.


Ianah Lois  12-30-2020
I don't know man, Just saw some post that says ni-ki used this so I downloaded it🤷🏻‍♀️


Beomgyus Waeng  12-29-2020
Downloaded this edition cuz ni-ki from enhypen uses this edition to click photos :))


Bea Yuziel Andres  12-28-2020
I downloaded it because of ENHYPEN , but still yeah it's excellent .


11-D3 Octavio, JerryLee M.  12-28-2020
I just downloaded it because this is what niki of enhypen using for selfies, it's a excellent edition


Litapurbo Ningrum93  12-28-2020
Gw kesini gegara yedam.


e a  12-27-2020


Lia Amors  12-27-2020
I'm here because of Ni-ki from ENHYPEN


Amiera  12-27-2020
It is all because of Ni-ki. Saranghae Ni-ki❤️


anusha boggula  12-27-2020
Here after niki posted pics from this


nshmrikin  12-27-2020
Lmao i just downloaded this bc enhypen did


A Proud ARMY.MOA.ENGENE  12-27-2020
Hahahahaha came here just bcuz of NI-KI from ENHYPEN 🤣🤣🤣🤣


chstne mry  12-27-2020
I'm here cause niki from enhypen avail this edition HHAHAHAH


Denice Bercero  12-27-2020
I download this edition cuz theres a rumor that Niki from ENHYPEN is using this edition lol🇰🇷🤘


Jeon Jungkookie  12-27-2020
I download this edition because niki of enhypen uses it


whutt? idk  12-27-2020
I only download this bcuz Ni-Ki is using this edition , Ni-Ki from Enhypen hehehe


arisha gurung  12-27-2020
I download this edition cause of enhypen but its extremely excellent


ash  12-27-2020
i installed this edition because of ENHYPEN, k bye


Nur Akbar Amirudin  12-21-2020
force close


Wardha Niyas  12-20-2020
Idk why but my camera is coming up pink


Lindsy B  12-12-2020
I've been using this edition for a while now and bought the 135 M and 135 B cameras. It's just unfair that you have to gain the pro version before you can import photos. It's unfair and disappointing, you must give us that trait where we can import pictures without subscribing to the pro version since we also paid for the cameras.


Roy Z  12-11-2020
Thank you I like the edition I wish i all pro cam also had normal price n not whole pack


Firyal Nailah  12-10-2020
Bagus buat foto aesthetic, tapi kalau mau PAKE lebih banyak kamera harus bayar😭😭 aku kan gak punya uang... Tapi tenang aja, ada beberapa kamera yg gratuitous kok^^


Reyvina Azzahra  12-4-2020
Harus HP iPhone👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻


don't toucheu me don't toucheu me  12-3-2020
I installed this because of yedam lol HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


shiri  11-30-2020
extremely good edition can't wait to buy more cameras!


Jazzie Partosa  11-28-2020
Is there any edition upgrade for this month?? It's nearly december hello?! 😢


Imelda Oktania  11-27-2020
b aja, tp karna yedam ak donlot


yenii miin  11-22-2020
I cant afford the other cameras hohi


Marshanda Clarisa  11-18-2020
I didn't received a code when i tried to signup, what's wrong? Can somebody rescue ?


Pichi Pichi  11-17-2020
this was such a excellent edition back then. i can't avail the other cameras anymore. everytime i press the camera button, nothing is showing up. hope they repair the problem soon.


Kingof 9x  11-15-2020
There are only a couple excellent cameras and they are locked behind a subscription that is idea to expensive.


juliet liona  11-14-2020
Don't know how dozens stars to give cause I haven't experienced it yet just desired to inform you that mine has not opened since I downloaded it please assist me thank you .I will give just one star


Akun Download  11-10-2020
it'll be fantastic if there is a timer, i really love this editions but it's to expensive for me.


Hijirita Suzuki  11-5-2020
Does anyone knows how to annul the subscription of Nomo pro? I just got charged with 25usd from my credit card.


Kaylee Drexel  10-26-2020
Cannot avail remittance method?


M. Bint S  10-10-2020
must be able to buy recent cameras with all details instead of pro version. large disappointment. Otherwise excellent


Charlotte  10-10-2020
Third Lapat made me download this edition 😄


Jean Cortes  10-10-2020
Love it


Johndary Lucmayon  10-10-2020
The edition is extremely good,but the only problem is when you crop the picture from instagram crop and auto crop it doesnt fit the whole photo.Please repair that issue.


Insane hannah  9-27-2020
extremely slowed to my gadget 🙄 I have motorola eg4 plus 😟


madnjpn  9-17-2020
Please add login manner by mail not smartphone number, also execute more cameras purchasable without PRO


jasmin shabrina  9-16-2020
Please change your remittance method, because it's too troublesome for international people. Please change it asap


Edmar Pratama  9-11-2020
I love this but so unhappy how some of cameras seems lagging even tho it's pro camera that I bought pff :(


Manish Poojari  8-22-2020
wonderful pictures from 135A n M6


cat goes meow  8-20-2020
the color of the camera is so purple please repair it


Dr. Gogu  8-20-2020
Is this a Chinese app? Why do you desire my smartphone number? And $25 a year?! And why all the cameras not just movies since it's analog?


James Walker  8-13-2020
Constantly asks me to enter my smartphone number to sync purchases, and when I tried to acquire a gratuitous element it asked me to pay £1.79. Also keeps asking for address permission, even though I don't desire to geotag pictures


Jeremy Javier  8-12-2020
lovely app!!!!!


pAoXi pAoXi  8-12-2020
I cant check to log in it says invalid number


Liddell  8-11-2020
pls do nishika n8000


KhaiserToby_  8-6-2020
I paid for some Camera,and i avail it in Lowlight by Turning on the Flashlight but it's fully Dark. Please repair this trouble Nomo.


Stephen Grossman  8-5-2020
the processing is so well done, right down to the corner softness and chromatic aberrations in the disposable cameras. my only gripe is that the smartphones version for the pixel 3 doesn't seem to be taking advantage of the camera's hdr modes, which means the end results are generally tons too contrasty, with crushed shadows and blown out highlights. side by side comparisons with the iPhone version come out extremely different. that said, it still yields fantastic results most of the time.


Cindy  8-2-2020
Not really sure why but after getting a info that I've been "offline" on nomo for months, I lost my cameras and I can't gain them back. How do I be online on Nomo? extremely disappointing to lose my fave cameras.


Emmanuel l White Eagle  7-27-2020
I like the app. The only trouble is some of the cameras that are to do vintage look like 35mm and older ones accident after shot is taken and the ones I really desired to use. Also looking to do the partnership but I do not like logos and cheese frames ruins the picture will this be taken off after trial. Can someone adress these before I commit to purchase?


Marlaine Alagar  7-24-2020
Flash on front cam won't work


broccooo  7-16-2020
wanna avail this app, but can't even sign up, i'll whenever repeat to put my smartphone number just to download the gratuitous cameras but can't access to the next step, but the verify code whenever text.


Kawtar Eilish  7-15-2020
wrong af


Jitaru Stefan  7-14-2020
fantastic edition but I flashlight option is useless. each time I take a photo the flashlight flashes twice but the upshot is a pitch black picture. Please repair this.


G Nkwonta  7-13-2020
Too expensive


jyana Yap  7-10-2020
Registration is not working


Raul Alvaro  7-5-2020
used to buy some camera, reinstalled and did not receive any message or call for the verification code.


sharon Laluan  7-1-2020
i like the camera filters.. but i have a problem signing up my number? it says signed out something like that..


Rachel Liew  6-27-2020
ok excellent


K M  6-26-2020
Love this app, exquisite Polaroid edition out there, it gives such a realist filter and frame for the Polaroids, I love it. The other cameras on this edition are also super wonderful and give extremely realistic results to your pictures.


Ann Luy  6-25-2020
No bias but Nomo has the exquisite ancient movie filters ever. I enjoyed them so much! Thank you! I'd surely instruct this edition to my friends. We love vintage so tons and Nomo has everything I've been looking for. ❤️


Jennifer Pompeu  6-24-2020
I love the app, it's the only edition that really plays analog pictures and this is amazing. The only trouble here is the option to includs picture from the gallery, anyone who buys an camera must include this option not only NOMO PRO, that's not fair.


ainun  6-22-2020


MeLdErNm  6-21-2020
Most accurate representation of a movie camera I can discover on the run store, I was truly blown away. One wish, one that I really want. It could be an advantage of there was one or more presents attainable to the user.


giuvidotto  6-18-2020
rules terms popup longer than screen: cannot close. please repair


Nieve -  6-14-2020
must have a choice for trial before purchasing the idea FIMO does. That's a idea to attract customers. extremely pretty filters, however, if one can't pay... large loss.


Alma Perry  6-14-2020


suwdaa urtnasan  6-13-2020


Sanjay Chaubey  6-13-2020
extremely excellent hee


John Curry  6-8-2020
Its not bad, the filters are quite good. The worst thing is the price, its a lot to pay out in one go. I'd pay for pro if it was cheaper, as others reviewers have said, buying the camera's individually could execute more sense.


Eshevictor  6-6-2020


solada  6-5-2020
The filters do a excellent job imitating the point and shoot camera look but all I desire are preview pics of the fresh cameras.


Lera  6-1-2020
Good, but not all are gratuitous - hasn't got a zoom


Mo'men Samir  6-1-2020
We lost all paid cameras. the edition logged us out. we can't login cuz the developer is sleeping. this edition used to be fantastic but now extremely meager what a waste of money.


Husnul Khatimah  6-1-2020
This far i like the results of the photos, it looks natural


Wilham A. Putro  6-1-2020
Quality at it's finest. Nomo brings you the brilliant picture quality to emulate ancient movie camera and movie looks. Also it have per year subcription where the price is very affordable, it is value it if you have a hobby taking pictures and love vintage ancient camera looks. Lot of options, Insane screen quality (almost like the veritable camera did), affordable price for a year subscription. 9.5/10.


Ethel Llama  5-26-2020
No longer works, unless the primary camera. Can't access other cameras (a shame, they were great), can't sign in with smartphone number. Is this edition still supported? Be cautious about making purchases.


Fadhil Ramadhani  5-24-2020
I desire to sign in, but I don't know why after entering my smartphone number, it says "network error", even though my internet is running smoothly. Please repair it!


Atharsh Bodke  5-23-2020
Nostalgic and retro mode camera NOMO team, maintain it up ♥️


Ahmed Waheed  5-17-2020
Registration is not working, I never received an SMS to verify and I'm not the only one with this problem, the devs are not listening to the clients too...


wan rokiah wan ibrahim  5-15-2020
I can't register !!! My wifi connection was stable !!! Please repair it !


Rosé Pink  5-14-2020


andesiahl  5-12-2020
I cannot open it! (╥﹏╥)


Milo Pischedda  5-11-2020
wonderful edition but when are the updates are coming


HAL collect  5-7-2020
well good but you have money


Saffa Nadiah  5-3-2020
buy a filter/ camera. I thought that I will gain to import my photo from the gallery but sadly, no. you need to buy the pro version to import the photo which I don't understand. quite disappointed on that.


Sold Gold  5-2-2020
I hope there's a timer attainable for all cameras, especially for selfie style



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