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You don't have to wait smartphones 10 (Android Q) to be attainable on your gadget to avail The Dark style trait 😎 What is Dark Mode? ********************* Dark style or Night style : allows you to apply a filter to the screen, minimizing eye strain and reducing the blue light emitted by your phone screen. Benefits: ********* The advantages of Dark style are, it enhances visual ergonomics by reducing eye strain, facilitating images to adjust according to topical light conditions and providing conveniences of avail at night or in dark environments. Why developers are implementing dark style in there apps? ************************************************************* Nowadays dozens technology brands are implementing night style in their editions :because it's becoming trendy. List of editions that aid Dark Mode: ************************************** * Google Keep * Google Fit * Google Pay * Google Photos * Instagram * Google Chrome * Google run Store * Deezer audio Player * Whatsapp Messenger (Coming Soon) And dozens dozens editions will aid dark style in 2020. What this edition Do? ******************* This edition rescue you to launch smartphones night style on gadgets that do not supply the night style option in their system settings. But this edition will not work on all gadgets because some manufacturers disabled this option for their devices. What if My gadget is not supported? ************************************* You will not be able to download the edition You will gain "Your gadget isn't compatible with this version" notice message. No Root Permission requisite to avail this app.



Timotius Alvin  6-18-2021


Jan Meri  6-16-2021
I love it😘💕


Eddieworld Solutions  6-16-2021
I don't really think it's ready to compete because the image filter doesn't affect my upper info bar


Vic Mackey  6-1-2021


Life is Beautiful  5-27-2021
Not even 5 seconds that it was open and an add pops up.


Æñiket Kumar  5-18-2021
It's fantastic edition


Firas Hamdan  5-14-2021
This edition work dark mod in most aid edition


Jabid Elahi  5-2-2021


Charlotte kale  4-27-2021
Not a excellent edition i asked for dark style and it just lowered my brightness, im so disappointed


Sal Loeppky  4-17-2021
beautiful excellent but the info bar is still bright as heck!!!


Majd Alkassem  4-16-2021
The edition made no change from dark style perspective. The image overlay seems to work, but I can just lower my brightness to do that.


Baby Juicy  4-14-2021


Prince Nyanganji  3-28-2021
It stops




Cristina Palma magdaraog  3-20-2021


hossam hesham  3-1-2021


Gideon Mwanza  2-27-2021
YOU CAN'T DISPUTE A excellent THING LIKE 👆👆👆App Thanks for excellent works DEVELOPERS.


The Ghost Particle  2-3-2021


medi eval  1-31-2021
I suppose i expect more from editions . More control . No filters . Word color change, from white to?


Pavan kumar AV  1-26-2021
The edition works excellent but when v remove from menu I will off dark mood


Rengg  1-26-2021
Gmail still didn't work


HL sonu kumar  1-24-2021
Bahut hi kamyam hai ,


usman muhammed  1-13-2021
Just as it was described!


Chance Beauchamp  1-10-2021
Doesn't work at all, literally just adjusts my brightness


Frederick Douglas  1-9-2021


Esjey mbatha  1-7-2021
good app, you adjust it to the tier you want.


Elena Hrytsyuk  12-9-2020
fantastic app, helps to save eyesight at night


Pantha Das  12-9-2020
Never download this edition It don't work and shows only adverts


Sumaiya Suma  11-20-2020


Owen's Kennedy  11-17-2020
excellent ..once avail it and to me it's the exquisite


Oliver Oyanadel  10-30-2020
Thank you so far so good. I still can't gain it to work on this edition though. You know dependents are not made of money. We have bills to pay and no one can afford to impulse buy once they grow up.


Utkarsha VIII-B  10-27-2020
This edition is of no avail for me This is waste of time


ALI ASADULLAH  10-21-2020
Overall excellent edition but shut down the filter and night style automatically when open the app.


Kerin Maravilla  10-4-2020


3d0xp0xy  9-25-2020
It just works.


Yash India  9-15-2020
This edition is so excellent and veritable


Jony Kumar  9-6-2020


Susan Liles  9-1-2020
Didn't work on smartphones 7.0


James Williams  8-30-2020
This edition works great, it actually does what it's supposed to do, but smoothly.


Joie S  8-28-2020
good edition makes it straight on the eyes and in other areas where you might needed.


Frank Diaz  8-20-2020
Doesn't work


Hallinna Perera  7-22-2020
It's excellent and I wish if this also works for other editions to like this works for Instagram on my smartphone Huawei but still it works all excellent fantastic edition


Najba Naju  7-16-2020


Player Mario Scoobie  7-12-2020
NO upgrade FROM DEV OR APP. Helps my eyes while reading and working at midnight. Please ponder my Suggestions. In style section and color temperature, please color palette section so that I can add my wanted color themes for day and night. Also it often crashes when booster is activated so please discover a better idea to maintain it running since I press booster to gain over my gadget sluggishness. I hope you could ponder and execute me rate it 5 stars and maintain my instruction to others positive. 👍


Dennis Dualos  7-4-2020


r r  6-30-2020
The best. No ads. Works well. sincere app.


pankaj saini  6-28-2020
I like this edition


Shivu Rathod  6-27-2020
Warst edition


saqib Shahzad  6-18-2020


Roman Charchalis  6-17-2020
Works well


High Tech Economy  6-13-2020
It does its job perfectly well. The edition is excellent for each smartphones phone. It helps whittle image brightness which may in turn affect the eye


toha14 wahid14  6-13-2020
good app!


Solomon John  6-6-2020
Yes but not all that because i need black dark style


ROYAL RK  6-5-2020
This edition need to be some ameliorate 😌🥰 Then it willl be better


Sai Prasanth  6-3-2020
All the things are excellent unless stability


Turky Ahmed  6-2-2020


mansi sharma  6-1-2020
Why I have to switch again and again to the night style ? After 2 hours or 3 hours it despair from the night style and shift it to day style automatically ? I don't like it please change the pattern of this product .


Jack Zarate  5-30-2020


N Singla  5-25-2020
Not serviceable


dan  5-25-2020
worst edition dont work


Jacob luis Lechadores  5-22-2020
extremely excellent edition


Scott Foust  5-19-2020
Only works when it desires to. It keeps crashing all the time, and is just annoying to go turn it on time after time.


Jessamae Asentista  5-18-2020
This is so excellent


Maroof Ahmed Shuvo  5-16-2020
good it is practical for eyes.


Ashanti H!  5-15-2020


festus banks  5-11-2020
extremely good edition


GOPAL BERA  5-2-2020
extremely effective and serviceable product


Mbedzi Herbert  4-25-2020
exquisite edition for saving battery life


Litha M Marak  4-25-2020
Idk why but it din't work in my phone🙃


REY ATIENZA  4-24-2020
Only few edition are supported.....not useful.


Carlquincy ngugi  4-24-2020
This edition its did not take tons time to download😁😊


Ashish Toppo  4-22-2020
It is not working


Mark Rizzo  4-21-2020


sanjana gautam  4-17-2020
Bdiya edition h guys you should install


Danny Shaikhimran  4-12-2020


Febina  4-12-2020


Mashim Shaikh  4-11-2020
good tons more better requisite means absolute smartphone dark SMS or setting


Lina Biswas  4-11-2020




DC Fan  4-6-2020
The edition could repeatedly go back to daylight style after I set it on night mode.


Mirna Sharbim  4-6-2020
extremely serviceable product 👍


Amira Hobeika  4-6-2020
exquisite application! straight to download doesn't take tons spot in my phone. It's also straight to launch and extremely efficiant now i can manage my mobile night style 😊


Abdul  4-6-2020
Forced close after upgrade to v2.22


Meymey arh  3-27-2020
Not working


Omar hamzeh  3-6-2020
Really excellent app, extremely serviceable when browsing at dark rooms, i have been looking for something suchlike long time ago, thanks for the fantastic app.


Ari Sutarto  3-4-2020
Not working


Aman Chabukswar  2-20-2020


Henricus Lieberwirth  2-18-2020
Seems tot work alright


AJ Jay Amaliza  2-14-2020
Not ok


Sean Piercy  2-9-2020
Does nothing to the run shop on my Tab S4.


Ilangovan Sir  2-9-2020
extremely serviceable edition


Douglas BL  2-5-2020


Thaer A. Jesri  2-1-2020
Please add a scheduled on/off feature..


Amber  1-28-2020
Thank you so tons for this app!! I don't generally post reviews but I've been meaning to discover an edition like this but figured I wouldn't because in the past, they've never worked. my smartphone doesn't have it's own night style but is a fresh version so I knew that if I kept looking, I would gain editions to be darker such as Instagram. once I found this, this trouble was resolved! did I mention I have light sensitivity? lol. helps with the headaches 🤷‍♀️


Rian Adi Wirawan  1-26-2020
Overall good. Works on Sony Xperia XZ


Laure Abi moussa  1-21-2020
outstanding edition thank you


NATI NATI  1-21-2020


Steel Monkey  1-19-2020
Nice. So tons gentler on the eyes.


sandeep kumar  1-16-2020
Doesn't work on Lollipop


Habibur Rahman Akash  1-16-2020
good but low quantity of editions


shane palmer  1-8-2020
It's excellent but it keeps turn off on my smartphone


Ahmed Laouak  12-28-2019
excellent edition


Amin Antabli  12-28-2019
Bu uygulama çok kolay ve çok güzel. Onu çok sevdim. Çok Mükemmel !!


Jignesh Pandya  12-23-2019
Does not work on MIUI11. Flicker after newest update. Hangs the phone. upgrade : Still the same behaviour after clearing informations and even uninstall and reinstall of the app.


mikail gurgan  12-21-2019
we have not finally removed


V Kinta  12-21-2019
excellent edition


Rachelle Ahmad  12-20-2019
Worked but dark style is not applied on all apps.


Whatsapp Whatsapp  12-20-2019
برنامج رائع و مريح للنظر ❤


Adrien Alves  12-20-2019
It's wonderful 😁 worked for insta



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