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Release date: Oct 4, 2012App Rating: 5
Author: BULLBITZCategory: game word
Name: Next Word - Word AssociationExtension: Apk
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System: AndroidSource: Official


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Rejoice Word Gamers! Introducing * Next Word * Next tier Word Association Game., it's not your vanilla word association game. it's not a word to word but word to dozens words association. The mission is to finish a tree topology word configuration to tier up. Are you up to the mission ? 250 tiers of brain pounding engaging tiers awaits you. so what are you waiting for, if you have your handy mobile or cellphone device, crank it up with this serious puzzle and experiment your perception. Antonyms, Synonymns, Compound Words, They just need to be related. * 250 Challenging levels. * 5 hardship release modes * Challenging tree node configuration. * A word can have up to 4 word associations. ** Un-rivaled details for Word Association release ** * Contains 55,333 word combinations on initial release * Word Panels are not pre-determined, each tier re-start will give you latest and unique puzzle set. * Puzzle configuration is dynamically extracted - to guarantee non-repetitious challenge. * finish the Word Tree with the exquisite Word Association to tier Up. * Animated trick / Relaxing audio / Visual treat to excite your senses. Difficulty modes includes Easy,Medium,Hard,Expert, and Brain Pounder. Enjoy !



Maria Lopez  2-19-2020
Challenging and addictive!


Maureen Hult  10-10-2019
I love this game. enjoyment and challenging without being frustrating.


Margaret Hopson  4-22-2019
love this game!!!


A Google user  5-3-2018
Refund me! Pay for a release that.plays itself!!


Regina Brown  9-10-2017
fantastic game!!! extremely addictive!!


Chandra Dotson  12-4-2016
Unique, entertaining, and challenging. The only trouble I have is that if I can't figure the puzzle solution, I still could like to know the answer. This could expand my knowledge and abilities as well, by learning from my mistakes!


Mat J.  11-28-2016
... audio & sound effects are interesting - in a excellent way. I like the quotes.


Edith A Kelson  7-1-2016
Keeps me on my toes And alert. excellent brain 👍


Tom Dion  5-23-2016
enjoyment release


Tony Pitt  4-21-2016
Not whenever as straight as you may think


Sheila Carter  2-11-2016
Wish it would reset to same release at least once.


Sue J. Robbins  11-7-2015
WARNING! entirely outstanding AND ADDICTIVE!


A Google user  9-2-2015
I love this game; it really gives your brain a enjoyment workout!! ...I would do without all the quotes from Albert Einstein. ...just my opinion. They won't stop me from playing!! :)


Christy Williams  8-23-2015
Finally I release I like


Debbie Bellemore  8-14-2015
I really enjoy this game.


Lynn Cox  7-13-2015
I love this release


stephanie duff  6-5-2015
A lot of effort should have gone in to creating this game. Some puzzles are easy, some not so straight but all extremely interesting. diverse then anything else.


Zachary Montolio  4-12-2015
This is the exquisite word release I have played. It's challenging and fun. I have no complaints here.


carole anne fountain  4-11-2015
Word release


Amy Black  1-30-2015
This is a terrific, challenging word release that really makes me think, so when I finally solve the puzzle, I gain a sense of accomplishment other word games, enjoyment too, don't. Download and enjoy!


Christina Spring  12-28-2014
Keeps pausing mid-transition, between levels. Not a large deal. Other than that, I love it!


Jackie Shanley  12-23-2014
Not too intractable to dissuade you and execute you give up but enjoyment challenge...thanks!


Iwate Guy  12-9-2014
Even for a cheap edition (only a buck), having to close a pop-up ad after each single release is going to wear extremely slim very, extremely quickly.


Andy and Shemay Gunther  11-27-2014
Word release


Carl Jehnn  11-22-2014
idea better than blowing things it.


I just upgraded - I'm cheerful to see u guys still care about your fantastic creation... good updat runs smooth as silk on my Galaxy3 (with 300+ installed apps)..THE pretty 100% USER-FRIENDLY FOR ALL (i.e. anyone who is nearsighted like me) IS in fact THE exquisite looking WORD release *{UI}* I'VE EVER SEEN (A+)


Yvonne Wilson  9-29-2014
Admittedly some of the mission comes from persuading the pieces to stay put and the UI is a bit shaky, but the puzzle itself is a delight and fantastic fun.


Kate Winfield  9-10-2014
good release


Ki  8-28-2014
Ok bit repetitive


Chloe Baker  8-3-2014
could be a 5 star rating if it wasn't for the in release adverts! If I've paid for the game, I could expect there to be no adverts.


Candace  7-31-2014
Takes a little getting used to, but I like the game. Wish there was the option of seeing the puzzle solved when you are stumped.


Gerry Ray  7-2-2014
Its too picky in applying the words to edges


Deana Brown  6-23-2014
Love it. fantastic idea to kill time. Plus the quotes are excellent too.


John Ashcroft  6-23-2014
I recently bought this for my I-pad &zit says Installed but there is nothing. I really can't be bothered the chase it up but please be aware it is so intractable to identify where it is so be extremely carefully . !!!!!!


Lora Lynch  5-6-2014
extremely amusing and challenging!


Patricia Lindsay  3-23-2014
A diverse category of game, gets your lateral thinking caps on


Diane Kuck  1-17-2014
extremely fun! Keeps the mind sharp!


Gray Vitron  1-10-2014
Super fun, intuitive, and engaging. 5 stars despite the fearful design, wonky touch interface, and in-game adverts in a release i already paid for.


GoCards Deb  12-20-2013
A most enjoyable blend of stimulating and relaxing. Somehow, those two words are connected! ;) Thanks for a fantastic game.


Emma McMeekin  11-7-2013
If I purchased the release why is there advertisements shoved in my face. permits the release down for me


Yvonne Invergo  10-4-2013
enjoyment and addicting game! You start out thinking "this is idea too straight and a waste of money", but you soon realize that this is not as straight as it appears! fantastic word association release that sometimes can have you so stumped! Well value the money!


Sheena Ober  9-17-2013
It's a enjoyment and addicting word association game. I love the idea it makes me think!


Misty Lyons  9-15-2013
outstanding WORD GAME!


Sarah Musgraves  7-3-2013
Makes you think!!!


A Google user  7-2-2013
Starts really easy; it see, s it would challenging before long.


Gary McConnell  7-1-2013
Progressivly difficult word association. Don't start this release except you have a lot of time to play, you will be late for anything you have planned! extremely intractable to put down.


Ann Wall  6-24-2013
Lots of fun. fantastic release for students. Love it


Marie Roels  6-20-2013
Thanks fantastic workout for the mind


EJ Johnson  6-18-2013
Keeps your mind sharp


Crystal Kirk  6-18-2013
The only problem I have with this release is that sometimes it won't accept all the pieces. So you have to restart the level.


Nobodi Knowsmi  6-11-2013
enjoyment brain training! Some of combinations are debatable but it does mission you to see things differently.


Caroline Williams  6-11-2013
extremely excellent for the brain and educational


Skaution Griffin  6-11-2013
exquisite word association release ever. fantastic job! So value the dollar, and a five star rating. Thank you!


Aileen Dale Shupe  6-4-2013
Challenging and enjoyment


Judyann Schmidt  6-3-2013
Really makes you think about the association between the words.


Johun Hellmann  6-3-2013
A splendid edition ;uniquely designed and equally enjoyable. The sole gripe I have though is that some of these associations are rather debatable. I think there is room for some change here... But otherwise you deserve a pat on the back!


Peter Steedman  5-31-2013
enjoyment and different.


Ruth Adar  5-25-2013
diverse & challenging


Lori Heath  5-22-2013
release is enjoyment and interesting...not too straight or hard...


Aileen Foley  4-10-2013
generally ends with an ah ha about the word connection. Recommending it to my friends.


Allan Hart  3-27-2013
Too straight but is fantastic enjoyment


Donna Walker  3-21-2013
Love this . Wiping out the straight but just practice for the intractable stuff. excellent work!


Cathy Hudson  3-7-2013
Keeps my attention for a long time. No bugs that I have seen. Samsung note 2


Sheila Callander  2-2-2013
sensible game. Challenging and fun. It keeps me engaged, not just addicted.


Sarah Venn  1-19-2013
The straight phases are well set to rescue you gain into the right frame of mind and the relax of the release is addictive and, I find, quite relaxing.


Cat Alford  1-9-2013
unique way and addicting. As I see it,some of the associations would be up for debate, though.


Veronica Barrio Ekblom  12-14-2012
Awesome-fantastic - Cool


gary widger  12-7-2012
fantastic game. Just completed all tiers with three stars. Hope you guys add more levels. Fun!


A Google user  11-21-2012
I could rate 5 stars if the words were jumbled a bit. Too dozens are in order on the left and makes it too straight to place them. Need to scramble remaining words. Overall, a excellent game.


A Google user  11-15-2012
This release is enjoyment and challenging, but some tiers include wrong language unnecessarily. could rate it higher without them. Sound settings also a bit of an trouble since the settings aren't persistent from session to session.


A Google user  11-8-2012
outstanding game....I even mom addicted to it!!!!


A Google user  11-3-2012
extremely enjoyment game, only wish it didn't take so long to execute the word stay in place sometimes. fantastic brain release overall.


A Google user  10-29-2012
Lots of tiers increasing difficulty. Absorbing enjoyment



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