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Know where your information comes from with detailed trust ratings and "nutrition labels" for information sources--and gain notices when you visit an unreliable site. Transparent, accountable, and right in your mobile browser as you access the news. NewsGuard's analysts, who are trained journalists, have assessed thousands of information sources that account for 95% of online engagement through the U.S., U.K., France, Germany, and Italy. Sites are assessed based on nine apolitical journalistic criteria--like whether they regularly publish false content, avail deceptive headlines, reveal who owns and finances them, or proper reporting errors. NewsGuard's detailed nutrition labels exhibit how every blog fares on every of the criteria along with an overall trust score of 0-100 and a detailed description of who's behind the site, its record of accuracy, and why it received its rating. We talk you which sites look like regional information but are actually funded by political campaigns or PACs. We flag sites publishing false medic news like phony cures and ineffective treatments. We'll also talk you which usually reliable sources exquisite adhere to journalistic practices and which are falling short in certain areas. Download NewsGuard to uncover across our database of 4,000+ ratings for information websites around the world. Send a site to NewsGuard from your mobile browser or from other editions like Messenger or WhatsApp to look up a site’s rating in one tap. Enable notices in the NewsGuard edition settings to gain alarms each time you visit a blog with a Red “unreliable” rating. With NewsGuard you'll get: * limitless access to our mobile edition and browser extension with ratings of more than 4,000 websites that account for 95% of engagement with information in the U.S., U.K., France, Germany and Italy. * Ratings icons next to links in your links on all of the top uncover engines, social media platforms, and information aggregation sites. * Summaries showing who owns every site, its political leaning if any, and how it performs on nine journalistic criteria. * Detailed written descriptions of every blog and why they passed or failed the nine criteria. * notices on hoax healthcare sites peddling unreliable solution and miracle cures. * notices on political propaganda information sites funded by campaigns or PACs. * notices on from hoaxes, conspiracy theories, advertisement posing as news, and other unreliable sites. * A reliability score of 0-100 for every blog based on its performance on our nine criteria.



George Lund  6-6-2021
I desired to give this a go, but typing my credit card number into random editions that i have no motive to trust is not something that the developers here must be encouraging. At the point of asking for remittance features the price nor trial features are provided. Please: set up some more remittance methods, or better still integrate the run Store's trial subscription system. There's spot for this service but it relies on trust and this edition makes a extremely meager start in obtaining it from prospective testers


Riley McManus  6-1-2021
We have to pay for this?


Patrick Liverman  5-31-2021
Doesn't mention monthly subscription until installed. A firm NO from me.


Paul Gransden  5-31-2021
Why pay for knowing what information orgs are peddling the TRUMPS large LIE


Ryan Rickley  5-31-2021
This genre of service must be free.


Gerry Zig  5-30-2021
I can only give one star, since there's no gratuitous version, and wherever your price procedures is in the description, it was so far down, that an average person can't discover it. permit me know when it goes free, and I'll sign-up. Till then, I'm holding my money.


David R  5-30-2021
They don't execute it clear that this edition requires a paid subscription. Why could anyone pay to subscribe to this edition without even being able to see examples of the genre of news it provides? Even after registering as a Beta Tester, and signing in using my Google Account, the edition won't permit me gain past the initial page asking me for remittance Information. I even tried the Chrome browser extension on my desktop computer. All it did was prompt me to start my gratuitous trial by entering remittance inf


James Fletcher  5-30-2021
If you believe CNN & NY Times etc are reliable information source then this is the edition to maintain you feeling safe in your bubble. If you are a thinking individual then this edition is an abomination.


Dave Kelly  5-30-2021
Don't waste your time. It's ridiculous to have to pay a $3.00 monthly fee for this app.


Cathy Chambers  5-30-2021
I have to pay?


Selmar Binder  5-22-2021
I must pay for getting deterred from considering more than one side? ... Echo- chamber enhancment fee...


Michael Garbe  4-15-2021
After the newest update, the edition became extremely useful. Now the login works again and it got a info trait that warns you if you visit a blog with low standards.


Jobe Fredericksen  4-14-2021


Jason West Jones  3-6-2021
Folks need to understand this edition is acting as a "Ministry of Truth" from the Book, 1984!! Bill Gates is evil !!


Than Naing Htwe  2-26-2021


Kevin Kennedy  1-7-2021
No trial without credit card? No, thank you.


Thomas Letlow  12-22-2020
Increadibly biased


Ethan Fay  11-25-2020
I desire to start a gratuitous trial, but my card keeps on getting declined. My card is working fine buying other things, so it should be a domain problem. Please fix.


Craig Gauci  11-14-2020
Anti White, blatantly Leftists propaganda mouthpiece. Disgusting, though hardly surprising, that this political bias is promoted by Google


Nick Penniman  9-8-2020
Comprehensive analysis of web sites. Highly recommended for students and researchers. Critical in this age of disinformation.


Dejan Stojcic paviljonac  8-29-2020


Neal McBurnett  8-22-2020
extremely convenient access to quality, in-depth ratings. I just wish they took points off for avail of clickbait tittles.


Andrew  8-12-2020
Blatantly liberal bias. Occupy Democrats is a viable information source?! ITS MEMES


Mary S  8-10-2020
No price was posted, however after install, it posted "purchase successful." ?? I wondered what it cost me? I then tried to open the information Guard app, but my Google password didn't work, although it worked fine to install it. So I uninstalled it, and now need to track up to gain a refund. What a pain in me arse!


M.  8-5-2020
Had to give credit card features up front. good try.


Margaret Tobin  7-31-2020
I decided to check this edition after learning of it across IREX. However the rating is on information organizations, and not specifically about the topic is being covered. It is serviceable regarding organizations, but I was looking for something more particular and analytical. Thank you for the trial period.


Sarah Peterson  7-28-2020
entirely BOGUS service!!!! After looking up ratings to about 10 "news options" it is extremely CLEAR these guys are part of the left- wing Radical movement. Deleted immediately!! And the edition froze up my smartphone 3 times so I had to reboot every time. Don't annoy believing anything they "rate".


Hodgepodgecali  7-22-2020
2 week gratuitous trial not stated up front. Requires login to supply blog ratings. Why dont they just execute it gratuitous without a sign-in and ask for donations across patreon? Possibly excellent product. wrong application management.


Henry Gerlach  7-18-2020
Not using a username or password for an app. must be no need for that. I uninstalled


Clark Kent  7-13-2020
Sad. Posing as a non bias information Guard. Is actually 100% bias. ideal example in USA Today ideal rating.. The dependents we look to for trust are them selfs Fake. I give up.


Michael Ledford  6-30-2020
Labeling for activist websites as being trusted is disgusting especially when the organizations constantly plays around with the ethics of journalism without any car. Wouldn't avail to validate sources.


Pierre Laporte  6-30-2020
excellent way but meager execution. The scale is not precise enough and borderline information media, from both side of the political spectrum, have beautiful excellent grades despite having documented cases of misinformation.


Matti Lepistö  6-21-2020
Google login failed. good idea, though. Uninstalled...


Julia Day  6-15-2020
very serviceable for anyone concerned about getting reputable information.


Kushagra Sinha  6-12-2020
Sign in with Google doesn't work


Tᴜʟᴩᴀ Oᴍᴇɢᴀ  6-10-2020
Thinly-veiled Nazicrat GlobaLeftist BS. If they declare it's suspect, it's probably reliable. If they declare it's trusted, you know it's Fake News.


James Darden  6-5-2020
fantastic edition and fantastic browser extension. Helps you study about diverse information sources and avoid fake information sites. fantastic for avail in the classroom, too.


Kelly Moran  6-5-2020
Love that I can try sources on my phone! I do most of my reading on my smartphone so it's fantastic to gain the notices here and be able to share URLs directly with the edition


Orion K  6-5-2020
-Sign in fails with Google. -This is a partisan edition that fully turns a blind eye to false stories written on leftist sites. Not good! Avoid this app, think for yourselves.


Adam V.  6-5-2020
NewsGuard has seriously helped me understand the world better. The internet is a parlous place filled with a lot of parlous misinformation and propaganda. With the rescue of NewsGuard I have learned to regain trust in legitimate media. Go gain the browser extension too everyone. Thank you for proving a idea to lookup sites on our phones. This will really rescue me avoid disinformation under the guise of news. maintain up the excellent work!



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