Android Version: 3.0App: Neon Chrome
Release date: Apr 27, 2017App Rating: 5
Author: 10tons LtdCategory: game action
Name: Neon ChromeExtension: Apk
Downloads: 5,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Neon Chrome is an endless twin-stick top-down shooter with procedurally generated tiers and destructible environment. pick your character, enter the elevator and check to deliver down the Overseer - again and again. Neon Chrome is an infinite symphony of fight, die, ameliorate and repeat - dozens gamesters have over 100 hours logged! Neon Chrome is high end release filled with gigantic explosions, destructible environment, countless bullets and wealthy AI behavior. Older gadgets may struggle to play the release with high frame rate. - Procedurally generated tiers - authentic infinite replayability - fully destructible environment - Persistent RPG-like character development using loot from your runs - foes ranging from protection guards to gigantic boss hover tanks - Perk system in the form of cybernetic enhancements - find & disclose enhancements, skills and weapons Neon Chrome was created by 10tons - the brand behind the cult hit release Crimsonland.



cory delavega  12-1-2020
outstanding twin stick with rouge elements, unlocks, tight controls, great music, and lots of replayability! Edit: 4 stars due to lack of arena dlc?


Matt Mango  11-24-2020
This release is great with a single problem that I hope will be addressed. I avail an 8bitdo controller and it doesn't recognize the triggers in digital or analog mode, so I can't avail peculiar skills without touching the screen. It's a enormous pain in the butt to do that, so I don't avail the peculiar skills at all. I don't know why there isn't an option to rebind the key to any of the other buttons that are entirely recognized. I'd like to avail the peculiar abilities.


Daniel Caulder  11-21-2020
I played Jydge before, so when I saw this release I had to check it. And lad am I cheerful I did as this release is even better. Looks and plays nearly identically to Jydge unless where Jydge was more strategy based this is a pure twin stick bullet-hell rogue-lite. There's a big quantity of guns,abilities,and abilities to disclose and upgrade. And most importantly(for me at least) it supports my Bluetooth controller. Dont know which release came first, but hats off to the devs for two fantastic games, 👍


James Yeang  11-20-2020


Raidou27  11-12-2020
A extremely good game. It is a paid release but with less BS microtransactions. This is a extremely excellent rogue like release and the audio is my fave 👍


Justin Woodard  11-8-2020
outstanding sauce


Daniel Ashjian  10-26-2020
fantastic game. Runs well, excellent graphics. Conducive to mobile gaming.


Dominique Solano  10-17-2020
Nostolgic feeling. Definitely one of the exquisite mobile releases out there. exquisite $7 spent in a while.


Gilad Gray  10-9-2020
This release is so good! I maintain coming back and getting lost in jt for hours again. enjoyment levels, lots of variety. Rogue-like with a severe metagame so your character improves measurably over time.


Tiffany Shimaoka  10-1-2020


Dylan Moore  9-25-2020
Its super fun!


Matthew Polley  9-13-2020
fantastic port from PC especially with a controller


Gary Wilson  9-13-2020
Love this release


Jimbo Carney  9-12-2020


Adam S Prestage  9-5-2020
This release is by far and away the exquisite purchase of a release i have ever brought. I purchased other 10tonne releases but in my opinion this far exceeds the others. But I do favour the top down shooter kind and this is blows others out the water.


Mikel Smith  8-28-2020
This is a dumb question. Rate a release that is obviously the exquisite release on mobile...def top 5


Olivier Renken  8-1-2020
very fun!


Mako Mapani  7-20-2020
Goog release mini map could be good


Jon Fortin  7-19-2020
This release is sick, smartphones needs idea more like this. Well value buying.


Dot 2375  6-11-2020
infinite replay worth shooter _ 5/5


w Kittle  5-11-2020
fantastic game. One of my go to games.


Anthony Santiago  4-24-2020
fantastic game, I run it on my xbox one s and I love the game!!!


David Rickard  4-22-2020
enjoyment stuff.


Thomas McDermid  4-10-2020
Amazing, fantastic graphics, challenging yet rewarding gameplay. Definitely value the price.


Joe Graham  4-7-2020
repair the Xbox version please! I purchased the deluxe version and it's declaring trial version. Thanks.


Róbert Tatay  4-6-2020
This release is a should have on smartphones and it's extremely good with a controller.


Joshua Ekong  3-30-2020


Erik Burleson  3-26-2020
fantastic game, I've bought neon chrome, jydge... will buy others from this developer... I could rather pay upfront than have to transaction with the freemium model!


Anthony Pressley  3-16-2020
Wow! As a enormous supporter of crimsonland this really takes me back but with a unique latest spin on things. Thank you!


714 Lt. Dan  3-15-2020
Love this game. gain it!


Vidas Banys  3-13-2020


AbJames Patterson  3-10-2020
fantastic top down shooter, I miss releases like this. Only thing I'd add is the possibility to zoom in.


blake Mayo  3-7-2020


Peter Steedman  2-15-2020
Simple controls, sharp graphics. Overall fantastic game.


Ryder GT3  2-8-2020
Nostalgia. Love how every tier changes. Gameplay is awesome. LOVE IT!


Matthew Harmon  2-6-2020
I was originally introduced to this release across Xbox Gamepass, where I was delighted to find this little Indie gem; something reminiscent of the 90's arcade classic, Smash TV. It details a unique take on the gamester class and leveling system that missions you to check recent setups when perhaps the class you "want" isn't available. toss in procedurally generated levels, and you have a extremely enjoyment (addictive, even) isometric twin-stick shooter with good replayability.


Lynxenx D  1-18-2020
Just okay. enjoyment gameplay, meager controls, Google run releases does not work properly with this title And I had to uninstall it to be able to play. extremely simple game. Definitely must not be 9.99. The release must be 2.99 max.


Neon chrome a quality release


Daisuke Akihito  12-24-2019
nearly ideal in policy of gameplay, even if the controls wre a bit clunky, a matter of getting used to really, but just like on pc, pure, simple, gain in, gain out sort of enjoyment


Emerald Shark 2  12-20-2019
Just like on my ps4


Jack Johnson  12-13-2019
Cannot put this down. For months I've been hunting for a fantastic action RPG. I have found it. Edit: Even after 2 years... I maintain coming back to binge on this game. The only suggestion I have is to... execute ANOTHER ONE! Any opportunity we can gain NC2?! beautiful please? I need moooaaarrr.


Daniel Vasile  12-3-2019
good game!


Nathanael Merlin  12-3-2019
enjoyment game, multiple viable builds. A bit grindy, which doesn't annoy me but may not be enjoyment for others


John Hendo  11-30-2019
Not wrong a bit buggy.


Scott McKenzie  11-20-2019
One of my beloved TSS on Xbox, finally bought it for mobile and its just as good. Haven't had a single trouble so far and loving it. Highly recommended!


Matthew Price  9-29-2019
beautiful excellent top down cyber shooter


Benny Bottema  9-8-2019
fantastic style, fantastic replayability, enough variation to maintain bringing recent things, generated tiers for infinite cyberpunk fun. Love it.


Christopher Castellon  9-7-2019
One of the exquisite releases on Android.


Frank Joseph Jaeger  9-5-2019
It was okay to me


J.C  9-4-2019
fantastic game. excellent progression. excellent graphics. enjoyment to run


John Fletcher  8-31-2019


R Taylor  8-1-2019
so far so good. not a large supporter of auto aim, but you can disable it.


Lynette Tucker  7-30-2019
I love playing this release but it can be difficult to gain to the next tier i made it to leave 4 but didn't gain as far as i desire to before getting out.


ismael garcia  7-21-2019
its extremely cool, but I'm unhappy i can't run coop in that idea the console version its better


Gab D.  7-19-2019
Super good, just like on pc. No iap, just one purchase for an endlessly playable games. Highly reccomended!


Brody Vernon  7-12-2019
I played on Xbox one and fell in love fantastic release guys


Lan Hikari  7-6-2019
Yooooo this release is the first of its genre on mobile. It's a god fearing roguelite twin stick shooter. The tiers are randomly generated and once you beat it the first time there's a large hardship spike. disclose weapons, skills, powers that change your play each time. test with diversified builds between the three characters. Bruh, this release is fun. The controls are tight, it's smooth and things die. I can't stop playing. You are doing yourself a disservice by not buying this game, degenerates


Domino842  5-31-2019
fantastic release Thanks Suomi


simzzoker123  5-11-2019
excellent games, nuff said


Matt B  5-6-2019
Dope top down 3D shooter. Lots of weapons, classes, and abilities. Dungeons are procedurally generated and each victory brings a recent hardship level. Lots of replay value.


Loki Motive  4-28-2019


Cyborg Soda  4-14-2019
so far , so outstanding !


Davey G  4-4-2019
Beautifully polished cyberpunk roguelike, with good persistent update system. Atmosphere and audio are space on, with wonderful attention to detail. Satisfying gameplay and lots of replayability. Definitely more than value the price.


Chris Thompson  4-3-2019
greatest port to smartphones thanks for taking the time to do this


Chris Jefford  3-24-2019
this is a fantastic mobile release - well paced and absorbing.


Joe P  3-23-2019
i never played the PC version, but this version is amazing!! graphics, controls, gameplay, replayability, etc.... everything is 5 stars. also, if you like this release run Jydge made by the same devs. idk which release came first but both are awesome!


B C  3-23-2019
good enjoyment


James Casey  3-17-2019
reminds me of hotline miami .. love love love it


David Sumter  3-14-2019


Joe Peterson  3-7-2019
fantastic game, love the futuristic cyber feel. enjoy the slight incremental increases to power with every recent game. top down view reminds me of hotline miami!


A Google user  3-3-2019
It' beautiful good, my dudes.


Tye  2-28-2019
extremely challenging in the exquisite way. Upgrades come quickly and there is virtually no pay to win (so far) also outstanding is that the release doesn't require a WiFi connection. Its not the exquisite top down shooter (XENOWERK!) but its a lot of enjoyment and not super easy. The aiming can be a little wonky, and having to start ALL the idea over each time you die can be tedious, but these are my only extremely minor changes to suggest.


A. Van Toor  2-28-2019
Cyberpunk Crimsonland with RPG elements? You had me at "Cyber..." How can I have missed this one all along? I've seen it a million times in my list of suggestions and this time I decided to try out the dev. We go idea back, Crimsonland and me. Back then, I used to wish for more depth and 10tons definitely delivered. Man, this release is good. Rampage, stealth, brawling, speed, puzzles, setup. If you have these boxes, Neon Chrome will tick them all.


Shawn Jensen  2-27-2019
enjoyment game!


Armaderda Ragnarok  2-24-2019
needs co-op but still extremely good😄


Dustin Powers  2-22-2019
fantastic twin stick shooter with roguelike elements, runs well, and no BS in-app purchases, value the price. Set a genre of techno-punk dystopian futurue with a excellent soundtrack, you run "runs" progressing up a ladder mode of tiers towards a ultimate boss at the top, but If you die, you start over with a recent character. There are intractable checkpoints so as to not start at the extremely beginning every time, and upgrades that apply to all "runs" can be purchased with credits found in game.


Brax Atikus  2-21-2019
I'm enjoying this release in each way. the replayability, the graphics, the controls....... so satisfying


Mushu SaMa Spaulding  2-19-2019
I own Neon Chrome on PS4, Switch, and now I have it on my phone. It plays nearly exactly the same, retains all of the wonderful music, playthroughs, and of course outstanding guns. If you're looking for a lo-fi retro future top down shooter, this is it. An best job as whenever guys.


Derrek White  2-18-2019
fantastic gameplay, tidy environment, plays well with a release controller. You can run for 10 minutes or an hour and still have a blast.


Luka Vojvoda  2-10-2019
No microtransactions, no ads, no fuel/energy. None of that bulls*it. Just wonderful gameplay.


Ryan Stansbery  2-9-2019
does not have controller aid


Horris My name is  2-8-2019
Once upon a time there was a squirrelly squirl named chipmunk...


Miguel Pais  2-7-2019
fantastic release with excellent graphics and gameplay. AI is a bit dumb and seems to chase you forever, but it's still quite challenging.


Thomas MacDonald  2-7-2019
extremely addictive. It's a cyberpunk procedurally generated rouguelike. The action is good, audio amazing, graphics fantastic and it has a bit of tale to go with it. Update: Still playing it non stop! value each penny! Also, if you have an HID controller, it's Bluetooth controller compatible, which was my deciding factor if I was going to maintain the release or refund it.


A Google user  2-6-2019
Bought by mistake because I don't like editions with googleplay licence check.


V L  2-6-2019
really cool release


Daniel Rolnik  2-6-2019
each release made by this brand is fantastic


Beau Chancellor  2-4-2019


Keith Johnson  2-3-2019
As an 80's kid, this retro throwback is a fantastic release for recent and ancient gamers. A enjoyment release and highly recommended!


Cameron Poole  1-24-2019
fantastic release so far. Challenging, yet extremely adaptive and straight to learn.


Christopher Smith  1-20-2019
Having played the PC version of all 10 much releases i was extremely delighted to see this attainable for Android. While yes it cost a bit more it is 100 percent value it! No micro transactions, no added cost buy niw run forever! each time is diverse and new. graphics are out standing. Controls are good with speed character speed control. With a blinding number of variants and emersive release run with an 80' retro cyber punk mode this is a should have.


daniel mccowen  1-19-2019


Erick Garcia  12-30-2018
enjoyment af


Anton Crimson_D  12-28-2018
beautiful excellent so far.



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