Android Version: 6.0App: Neko Samurai
Release date: Mar 5, 2020App Rating: 4
Author: Bit Egg IncCategory: arcade
Name: Neko SamuraiExtension: Apk
Downloads: 100,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Become the fabled samurai cat and chop down infinite tides of frog ninjas alongside with your exquisite moew companion! Neko Samurai is a fast-paced arcade release about slashing foes and deflecting shurikens. Don't blink! One mistake and you would be a cat ghost! === details === - brawl across infinite tides of foes with simple intuitive controls - magnificent hand-drawn 2D animation and backgrounds - pick your beloved katana and gravestone! - Customize the background to suit your style! --- This release is not intended for infants and has turbulent materials. Please see the release rating for the appropriate purpose audience



Scratchy Editz  6-15-2021
This release is intractable to play. Although when you can play, its a excellent time killer and can be really fun! For a challenge, avail the elements above wooden sword and Cardboard box.


Crazila Archive  6-13-2021
Please add more japanese dialogues in brawl ,and some quotes need from neko samurai


Andal  6-3-2021
This is fun! This can kill my bordness when I have nothing to do on my phone.


xkabut0  5-19-2021
It is a simple, yet enjoyable game. fantastic time killer.


why zed is better than u  5-13-2021


NIHAN  5-12-2021
The motive why am I playing this release cats are lovely 😙


Eduard Stan  5-11-2021


Big Domino  4-30-2021
It's a extremely fantastic release


CoryxKenshin  4-8-2021
It restarted me


Draueben  4-5-2021
The graphics, gameplay, and animations are beautiful good; looking forward for more outstanding stuffs.


Daeshaun heslop  3-19-2021
excellent art enjoyment gameplay and no bugs not to mention the constant try ups to execute sure that recent details are actually desired plus minimal adds its clear that these dependents poured they're hearts and souls into this release


Marchall Lee  3-7-2021


Andy Farez Shahrizal  3-7-2021
Really addicting game! Super enjoyment especially with the subtitles if you miss🤣. I really like it and I think it's a excellent way to ask the gamesters after a few releases what they prefer. As for me, I could like it if there are more katana, tombs and background. Overall it's a really good game. good work👍


Fred Hartley  3-3-2021
I can't gain past the tutorial. When the two foes jump at me, the one on the right isn't as close as the one on the left so it doesn't gain hit by the sword and so the release beautiful tons soft-locks


Solace Jones  3-2-2021
fantastic game. Can't wait for the sequeal


jacob  2-27-2021
nearly a nostalgia trip. The edition itself has an essence of earlier mobile gaming editions from 2007-2010. Simple, engaging gameplay in a single player, non-online medium. It's beautifully designed and clearly an edition with tons investment and care by its developer(s). It captures a productive item that's been lost over the past decade by edition developers and edition development companies. Definitely something I've missed.


A C  2-25-2021


vishnu marcuelo  2-23-2021
excellent release ngl, beautiful addicting also, character design are good, the animation is good but i just dont like when you hit a frogger you pause for a sec so you cant attack swift enough to deflect the attack, i accidentally deleted the release and reinstalled it, it's good that you give us a headstart with a 500 gold Thank you with that, the elements are not that dozens but it will give you advantage and disadvantage, overall need excellent game, need more elements and a tale if possible, Its a slight release yet excellent


destroyer o melon  2-20-2021
fantastic release not mutch adds and challenging gameplay


Diu Dery  2-17-2021
fantastic tap game😁😁


Denis Blessy  2-17-2021
So good hame


Romen P  2-13-2021
good visuals, sound and gameplay a ideal release on my smartphone 😻


Kashka Oribe  2-12-2021


Croaker  2-11-2021
Literally perfect, I love this game, no complaint at all. It's like you guys read my mind while making this.


Enslaved Water  2-10-2021
Im not gonna lie, This is probably the exquisite release I've ever played, and THANK GOD it doesnt spam you with ads, The adverts are Optional, The guys who made this, honor man, The music, the gameplay and the character Design.. Its just beautiful.


Zoey The Woofer  2-8-2021
The release run is really fun. Its straight to study intractable to expert alright, and the art mode is beautiful good too. All in all, fantastic game! could entirely instruct to anyone who desires a enjoyment little hew game. It's also super lovely so yeah lol


Dan Zen  2-3-2021
beautiful smooth


Xephas's Lore master  1-26-2021
It's got excellent gameplay which is extremely straight to understand fantastic animations you feel like you're playing an anime and it a excellent time Killer but the ideal hit they are satisfying to hit but if an foe comes from behind then you're genre of locked in an animation and don't have enough time to react to the foe behind you


Ega Karunia  1-16-2021
Simple lan seru. Angel lek arep ideal


a small youtuber  1-15-2021
I love this release so tons I really desire a tale and more details so devs pls execute more


name  1-2-2021
the release is really fun, but it pisses me off that although I turn off the vibrations, when the frogs hit me it still vibrates


Moni Holovach  12-31-2020
execute like more release modes, if y'all understand what I mean. wonderful release though 5-is listen 4-(same if not.


Shrimp Daddy  12-31-2020
Probably one of my beloved mobile games, graphics looks cool af, gameplay is smooth and challangening, even with the release not having a tale style nor a campaign yet


Izayah Johnson  12-26-2020
Your release sucks


Chicken 1738  12-26-2020
fantastic game, hope to see more done in the future


Austin Keenan  12-20-2020
The release is simple to run but difficult to master. You need to discover a rhythm to gain a high score. Overall, I feel as though there isn't enough to do with all of the money you earn (yet. Maybe in the future?) The edition did freeze on me at one point. It didn't lock my device, and the house button took me out of the game. But there are some minor bugs still.


Mastah Yuri  12-19-2020


Sarika Rai  12-9-2020
This is really outstanding guys excellent job i am wauting for more releases like this from you


the photographer  12-4-2020
In the cutscene after you resurrect, the blue highlights of the eyes aren't erased or shaped properly, they overlap the relax of the eye.


Bruh Star  11-20-2020
Wooooooooooow this release is so excellent


Eitan Elran  11-20-2020
The release is extremely enjoyment and look's so great... But! A few things I'd like to see being added to your game: recent mechanics (story style would be cool too) more playable characters and weapons, and maybe even customization options.


GhostHydraGames  11-14-2020
wonderful release


anime 12  11-12-2020
wonderful release but it needs an upgrade


MT2015  11-10-2020
Really enjoyment and challenging game. Wish the retry was lot quicker.


Shaheem Gray  11-7-2020


ƖԼӇƛM ӇƛMƁƦƲƊȤ  11-6-2020
excellent release dude, maintain working


Wati Watz  11-6-2020
The release is excellent but when I miss the frog jumping and hit me the release is like...a....pause..


Pedro Lombardi Luz  10-27-2020
The release is extremely excellent an beautifull, but now i can't run it, because the release just freezes on the menu.


cristi popa  10-25-2020
LoVè the release


legend gaming  10-20-2020
Thanks to supply me this release


Promo Promo  10-15-2020
I love the charm of this release with the art, characters, and just in general likeability. The gameplay is simple and addictive with a good progression of difficulty. The only idea for this release to gain better is by adding more characters, items, foe variations, etc. Love it!!


Saki Yoshida  10-15-2020
Love it Sure its good to be a gamer in this era


Roland 13  10-10-2020
fantastic concept, boring release play. audio is not good. would be so tons better


Максим Чичкан  10-9-2020
Not adopted to 18:9 smartphones


Wiramahari Arika  10-8-2020
I like this release


Ulises Gasel  10-6-2020
It's such a pretty release with crazy animatioms. A shame that it doesn't have tons more content or variations of gamemodes, though. More tale and depth to the characters could execute it mlre exciting by far.


Carl Vincent Bragais  10-4-2020
extremely good game, The Animation is so outstanding as well as the sound fx. Though things gain boring after playing it for awhile. I think you must add alot more into the game, like having the ability to step freely, more techniques and moves that would be obtained or bought, more characters, more weapons, more enemies, other release modes, maybe an animal companion too and finally what you realy need, A tale line. It'll execute the release so damn perfect. Lease ponder my suggestions. excellent work devs!


Mary The Anime Adict  9-27-2020
I love this release my sis run this cuz she hates frugs lol and i like it


Oleksandr Myshchenko  9-27-2020
extremely like it!


Matthew Jacob  9-16-2020
lovely as hell slasher game. Slightly idle, will also send you slightly into cardiac arrest once you gain invested in tricking your kitty cat out with gear and cuteness. It will leave you frustrated with frogs.


banana bread boi  9-14-2020
The release is really excellent but i wish it had a tale style also theres a bug that the guy that throws the health at you is invisible and kills me because the sack is also invisible


Big Ben  9-12-2020
Can't even gain past tutorial. It freezes always you have to kill the 2 frogs.


Hassan Qozman  9-9-2020
enjoyment and addicting the animation is anime like and I love it, if only you would add skins like cat furs and maybe his nervous assistant can join the brawl and sometimes nyanjero helps him. I instruct


Neil Paulo Buan  9-8-2020
fantastic timr killer release


Flunderwunder  9-5-2020
Sekiro : cats kill mice


B E A N  8-30-2020
I think the animations and the gameplay in general is just beautifully made. I could instruct that in the store you would have outfits to buy. If you see this please ponder my recommendation.


Lambert boy  8-19-2020


michael herridge  8-6-2020
There is a bug at the begging when you have to hit two samurai at the same time the action preforms but ot kills 1 but score says x2 and the samurai on the right dosnt die no matter what but ive played these categories of releases befor there outstanding please repair this bug so o can enjoy your release il give 3 starts il update it to 5 stars if you can repair this, i also have picture proof if you need it


DanielOmarss  8-2-2020
I like this release but I feel like it's a bit short... What I mean by that is you can't do tons in the release after a while it gets kinda boring and I feel like you must talk us why are infinite frogs trying to kill a samurai cat.... And I feel like there must be more characters.... But it is a enjoyment release


Fareed Ayob  8-2-2020
A really excellent release for those who like a swift paced game. excellent animation and soundeffect. straight mechanism and really challenging.


Matthew Blackclaw  8-1-2020
There is a glitch in the trick where if you slice both foes the right side is stuck and you can't move, until they repair this bug I will not run it


Maverek Velasquez  7-31-2020
After dying with the vampire blade, with it's abilitiy activated in the bamboo forest the red eyes stay.


Believer  7-26-2020
i love this release we can see behind this release a clever and a tired developer wich we know the effort that they put in this release however if you add more gore more animation and more mode and tackle it will be more valueble to us and more injoing ... thanks for a release , i will share it (promise) ❤


Henrique Melo  7-23-2020
I'd love have a one-hand style and cloud saving.


I like Boku no Pico  7-22-2020
Indeed, it is extremely fun. wonderful gameplay, the release runs smooth on my phone, doesn't have any problems. I do have a complain tho and wish devs could see this. After playing several hours, and have unlocked all things in the shop, the release will, for me and atleast to some players, will be boring. The quantity of content is so limited, just infinite slashing. I wish you would have added more animations, modes (story style etc.), swords, weapons and costumes to atleast execute gamesters still entertained.


Ben  7-22-2020
Incredibly fun, but when I open it it's just a black image for a while


Marlow Phillips  7-18-2020
I love this game; the animation is beautiful, the gameplay is simple yet challenging and the unlocks are balanced and you feel like you genuinely have to think about which weapon/gravestone you choose. The only gripe I have with the release is the ideal strikes as they seem slightly inconsistent as the fade outcome of the light doesn't represent what time you must tap extremely well. Other than that the release is impeccable, I highly instruct :)


riddim master  7-18-2020
fantastic release pretty art mode and good animations


Rania Almadi  7-11-2020
showed it to my cat and my cat turned into a samurai so i love it


Aref Bahrami  7-4-2020


The Hill Family  7-3-2020
It is fun. the animations are great. the art stlye is amazing. But i wish the aperince of the sword could change based on the seleted sword. But other than that it is great.


Nic Urton  7-3-2020
Gameplay is swift paced and fun, but you'll probably be able to disclose everything in about one hour of run


I am small  7-2-2020


Horusura  6-28-2020
The heart thing was too swift


Astitav Sharma  6-18-2020
It's an okayish release but definitely needs some improvement. foes gain idea too tons swift as the gamester progresses further. Maybe little bit more comabt variant for the samurai himself coz otherwise it is just a speedy time occasion kinda game.


Dr Groovy  6-15-2020
wonderful release either idea and a fantastic idea to past the time but it could be super lovely maybe sorta kinda cool....maybe....if there was a tale or something the cat who throws hearts at Neko Samurai could be his lover...."long tale short" maybe hes trying to defend him...something to that nature....but it'd be cool have them be lovers...dont judge me...😖😖😖😣😣😣 (Still looking the idea HE does...hint hint nudge nudge....)


Maru Tora  6-14-2020
extremely addictive and relaxing at the same time.


Mohammad Khosravi  6-12-2020
wrong wrong wrong


kai cheng pu  6-9-2020
I desire to understand why I already contact 1007 score but cannot disclose "the veritable cat" trophy. And I also gather 100 cash but can't disclose " I'm gonna be rich". Disappointed


Joe Joseph  6-8-2020
Regardless of the simplicity it is extremely intractable when it starts to speed up it's really like a scene from one of those karate films I just wish they had more like more weapons diverse attacks and a few more backgrounds but overall this is a amazing release


K M  6-7-2020
This sucks period


What_I _Think  6-5-2020
Everything overall is great. Although it needs a tale and more swords and tombstones. And maybe missions to obtain a swords or recent characters.


M O R A Q I  6-2-2020


ThatRasgulla Guy  6-2-2020
A really fantastic time passer. Although I hate those shuriken guys !! Nonetheless an outstanding game.


Edmund Chan  6-1-2020
Seems like a fantastic game. Hopefully more foe varients and other content will be added in the future.


xx RaM gaming YT  6-1-2020


Bhoop 2003  6-1-2020


Evan Montoya  5-30-2020


Anne M N  5-28-2020
It's swift and engaging. Achievement humor is great, the characters are likeable and graphics are extremely fitting.


Tokinada Tsunayashiro  5-28-2020
I hate the control of this release the release run is grate but the control it's sucks when i tap some times the character will miss it and then when there is two foe and then i tap two times the control was like hanging


Francine Togono  5-27-2020
needs more content, but overall a extremely enjoyment game! no complaints


Larbington  5-27-2020
It's fun, but it gets beautiful repetitive after a bit. It needs something, a tale could be good but anything recent that isn't just some element works.


Siocomical  5-26-2020
It is a really fantastic release everything about is awesome, especially the art style, however it just needs more cool backgrounds. maintain up the excellent work!


Aa  5-26-2020
Yo!..kudos to the artist👐.the artwork is damn excellent yo..the release was extremely humorous and at the same time filled with action.i Just Loved it.but .can u guys put on some more variants for image resolution.for bigger size image phones,.that could be really nice..and also...theres no quit button quit release and to quit tutorial..(incase i have accidentally clicked on trick button)..and lastly i could be cute if u guys add more characters with diverse weapons and killing styles.


S l I O T H  5-26-2020
I don't know why but there is a release breaking bug that won't permit me go across the tutorial, It happens when I'm about to double tap the two enemies, the left side will gain hit but the right side will not, also the release often freeze.


Anna Lillian  5-23-2020


Teo Kon  5-21-2020


Aditya Sugandhi  5-20-2020
enjoyment little game! Stringing hits feels satisfying😗 I just wish there are more variations in the gameplay like diverse modes, challenges, characters etc. Kudos devs!


Matheus Faustino  5-19-2020
I loved the release but it put a ghost in my smartphone and now it's HAUNTED!!!! ...


Nadhirah T.  5-17-2020
I love this game. It's nearly like Shadow Ninja, but cute. However, I feel like it's rather intractable to control the game. It froze rather frequently. But overall, this is a fantastic game.


Bằng Nguyễn Danh  5-17-2020
excellent release


Emerson Williams  5-16-2020
I haaaaaaaaaaaatttttttttteeeeeeee iiiiittttt


ImJndn  5-14-2020
fantastic game, just wish we were able to customize the major character.


jack rayner  5-14-2020
Love it but words cannot describe how tons ninja frogs piss me off


Noo doo u  5-14-2020
I desire katanaaaa!


youssef ibn seddik  5-14-2020
beautiful excellent animation quite addictive, only problem is there are some glitches that happen, sometimes you gain hit after killing the frog, and sometimes Nyansuke shows up and disappears forthwith without giving me the herb drink


Amar Lata  5-14-2020
exquisite release ever


Ram Paorco  5-10-2020
good but lack some details , im getting bored if i played multiple times, but good background 😍


Seigfred  5-9-2020
no adverts but kinda boring so thats why i gave 4


Chandrakant kumar  5-8-2020


Aaron Robledo  5-6-2020
I love the release and the animations, ideal time killer and fun. I especially enjoy the japenese mode of combat. The only thing that I could recomend is costumization at the beggining of the game, like choosing the cats face and little stuff like that. Over all it's a fantastic game.


John Matthew Teh  5-6-2020
good graphics, art stlye, animation.


Surya Kiran  5-6-2020
Really excellent but I could propose absolute image aid for bezel less gadgets and more characters



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