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Author: Kimberly PrattCategory: social
Name: Natural KaosExtension: Apk
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I'm Kim Pratt and I love being able to troubleshoot skincare at home. Thank you for joining me at my little corner Kim xoxo



Danielle Day  6-4-2021
I was skeptical. notification is requisite before a price is unveiled. Truly, $10 isn't tons risk when you can annul anytime for what is possibly there. The policy and conditions is what got me to sign up. Please read them. An hour on this edition has taught more than my weeks of research online. You have to study how to avail the app, but once you do the floodgates pour information. I understand hesitation, but I'm telling you it is value your $10 if DIY is something you're truly considering for yourself.


catherine mcdonald  5-31-2021
I love this edition and the community who avail it. Can't rate it highly enough


linusdacat  5-28-2021
For all the Ex FB testers coming here, why don't you all just contact out to every other on FB again? I mean that was the gist of it; dependents just sharing experiences and knowledge with every other right? I came here to gain this edition but the complaints about payments, canceling, and unresponsive client aid for such issues, has given me hesitancy.


agntpickles 007  5-27-2021
Charging for Giving solution with no certification whatsoever. Uninstalled


Robin Yochum  5-23-2021
I absolutely love the fact that I can Share my DIY trip without judgment. If you are looking for a safe place to up your ๐ŸŽฎ give it a check ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿฅฐโค


S T  5-17-2021
I like her YouTube clips and appreciate that she shares all the knowledge she's gained. She's made it extremely clear that she is not a licensed esthetician. I know she's been harassed by the pro's who claim she's teaching dependents how to do things to them selves. I applaud her efforts. HOWEVER, when she starts charging her viewers a subscription fee, it starts to blur the line for me. If she's not a professional she can't legally sell her knowledge. That's what it looks like she's doing. I pay less for a subscription to have access to another YouTuber who has been a LICENSED ESTHETICIAN for more than 20 years.... I think I'll pass on this one.


TALKCalgary  4-9-2021
Scam. BEFORE you can even avail or see what this edition is all about or has to offer you are requisite to enter your credit card details.


Nereida Ammari  3-29-2021
Asked a question on FB. Auto response said to access edition to contact. Downloaded and then was hit with a request for remittance notification for $10 monthly fee. Um, no. $10 monthly in perpetuity for asking a question? I think not. If she desires to charge to respond questions, then she must do just that.


Carolyn Collins  3-7-2021
I highly instruct this edition to anyone interested in upping their skin and beauty care. I have been a member for a few months, and I can honestly declare I have learned so tons from this App. My skin is loving this Tribe๐Ÿ˜˜


Kimber Hering  3-3-2021
fantastic team of ladies


rox camden  3-3-2021
One of my beloved editions available! straight to navigate, consise and has all the news I'm looking for. A+++


Andrea Belala  3-3-2021
LOVE the edition and all that goes into it! For the cry babies- the edition costs money for several reasons. One, humans are actually working on the edition and researching content for your cheap little eyes. Time is money. It's also proven that humans discover more worth and appreciation in things they pay for. Guarantee majority of negative review is from somebody who did NOT join the app, therefore have ZERO way what it contains. I love it and I appreciate all the content in it! NKT โค๏ธ


Sophie Luce  2-1-2021
Uninstalled! Unsubscribed! Unimpressed!! I understand an agree that its so incorrect that youtube won't allow only u to post particular content and remove only ur content as well as facebook removing ur team was just disgusting but attempting to force ur faithful tribe to pay for it in the hidden sum of $10 a month is shameful!! I've watched an adored u for 5 years Kim but this went too far. exquisite wishes to u and ur boys and in ur skincare journey!


Alison  1-26-2021
Even if the content is unbelievable (I'm sure its good, I loved the fb team and youtube) there is no possible idea the exorbitant cost would be justified. You're going to supply content of suchlike quality/quantity as my comparably priced Netflix subscription? I dont think so. Even a one time remittance of $10 could have me side eyeing but $10USD a month? I'm actually outraged by the arrogance and deception.


My cats  1-24-2021
It takes monthly fees from your bank account please dont not install!


Cindy Little  1-23-2021
value each penny and addicting!


Hasya Jansen  1-23-2021
I absolutely love Kim and this pretty community of kind, courageous people. I study so tons here and highly instruct this app.


Grey Barton  1-19-2021
I was in the facebook team for a long time (when it was free). I'm disappointed that it has to cost so much. I can see a one time payment, or even like $5 a month, but $10 is just not value it. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ


Stacey  1-16-2021
Loving the recent NK APP! If you are a DIYer you'll really love this App. ๐Ÿ’ƒโคโค


Cindy Lugge  1-11-2021
Fantastic!! Love that we have our own place for the stuff we do & to encourage every other!


maya persad  1-8-2021
Hi Kim I love you channel it is so extremely interesting and i will really like to join your personal team but dont know how. help;


Despina Alves  12-26-2020
I've been in edition for a month, I am an aesthetician who has a slight room performing microneedling.I avail a application that I love in my treatments.I thought the edition was for sharing news regarding beauty secrets and techniques.When I posted about the serum that I used,I was messaged that I was self-promoting my business and if the application isn't vetted by them you can't discuss.They abruptly blocked me out of my account.It seems that this edition is only for discussion of sponsor products.


Albert Kopp  12-25-2020
Makes you sign up & then directs you to her domain to input credit card notification & requires you to subscribe for $10/month to avail this app. You must be upfront about this in the description BEFORE the sign-up process.


Judie McRae  12-18-2020
She's extremely knowledgeable about what she does to herself gives me courage to do it to myself and save my money from them elitist doctors who think only wealthy dependents can have cosmetic disclaimer done


Vicki Steege  12-10-2020
It's a monthly fee... And you don't know that until after you sign up. :( There's no idea yo annul your account.


Mars Queen  12-9-2020
Why will someone pay for an app. Truly disappointed was a member of fb tribe and a subscriber to YouTube for years. And this edition is charging you monthly fees and you gain nothing out of it.


Mylife Scam  12-9-2020
unlawful app. must not be rated for teens. Google must take this parlous edition down. How is this even legal to charge money for dependents sharing their experience performing parlous disclaimer on themselves. In no idea must this be rated Teen. Google needs to investigate and ban. Also Kim is getting plastic surgery disclaimer and acting like it is all DIY to sucker in aging ladies to buy the applications she gets commission from. This will all seize up to her eventually.


Julie Albrecht  12-4-2020
I belonged to the FB team before it got shut down. A couple of things, it shouldn't be rate for teens. Secondly, why could anyone pay for a edition just to watch someone gain gratuitous stuff and avail it???


Helens_skinJourney  12-1-2020
This edition & especially this wonderful team are my escape & i love you all. I highly instruct this edition to anyone who loves Kim & diy skincare. it's absolute of a amazing team of dependents that Kim has brought jointly which I personally am so extremely thankful for ๐Ÿ™ its a safe, welcoming, loving, sensible & wonderful team of like minded dependents โค who have all come jointly to share their skincare journeys, troubleshoot devices, rescue & advise every other on diversified diy procedures. Thank you Kim ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜


Chad Marcus Whyrick  11-15-2020
She was kicked off Facebook for posting and encouraging parlous medic disclaimer and now she is charging $10 a month to watch her reviews of disclaimer and applications she is getting a kick back from. Shameful.


no name  11-9-2020
Was in the Facebook team from the beginning, having to pay 10dollars a month to share experience with others is simply ridiculous and a money grab


Transformationallyjo  11-6-2020
I have not been able to avail the edition and I have paid my 25$ fee. I apologize for leaving a discontented Reveiw but I need to gain your attention somehow because I cannot even send an mail to the developer to repair this issue. I have requested assistance in the past more than once. would someone please assist me?


J M  11-2-2020
This is my beloved app! Sharing with others, learning and growing, you can't ask for more. If you desire to take your skincare into your own hands or just become knowledgeable in understanding how things work and what they can do for you this is the edition for you. Come join us, the tribe is great! ๐Ÿ’•โ˜บ


LuvCurls777  11-1-2020
Loving ๐Ÿ˜ this edition as well as all the awesome๐Ÿ‘ skincare info. And ๐Ÿ˜Š happy to be back. Thanks to all


hez  11-1-2020
I love this app. If you are a diy-er. This is the place for you. The tribe is amazing. Its our second family. We share everything.,especially knowledge. There is plenty of education, knowledge & how-to's, to become better at your skill or beloved beauty treatment. You'll likely travel into areas that you never thought you'd go w/your beauty. But don't fret. We got you!! We're all here to learn,learn from one another, gain validation, aid & critique-Impove our skills.


Angela Thomas  10-31-2020
Love this spot for all the aid for DYI beauty with no censorship. I've learned so tons and its helped me be able to research and grow. To be honest, the exquisite part is all the positivity! It warms my heart! โคโคโค๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜


Sean Moore  10-23-2020
great skincare app. Love the tribe and support. DIY and self care. I love it.


Laqunna Stone Garrett  10-23-2020
Love everything about this app! ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’‹ Skincare and more! To study and share with other genre souls is absolutely the best! You'll love this edition if into all things skincare too!



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