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N Docs allow you to view documents on Android. No internet connection is required. * Supported file formats - Microsoft Word(DOC/DOCX, don't aid password protected file) - Microsoft Excel(XLS/XLSX, don't aid password protected file) - Microsoft PowerPoint(PPT/PPTX, don't aid password protected file) - Open/Libre Writer(ODT, Open with thirdparty app) - Open/Libre Calc(ODS, Open with thirdparty app) - Open/Libre Impress(ODP, Open with thirdparty app) - Hancom Hanword(Open with thirdparty app) - Hancom Hancell(Open with thirdparty app) - Hancom Hanshow(Open with thirdparty app) - Portable Document Format(PDF, aid password protected file) - RTF - TXT - CSV - MARKUP(MD/HTML/XHTML/XML/DTD/XSL/XSLT...) - CODE(JAVA/CPP/PHP...) - EBOOK(EPUB) ... * Creatable file formats: - PDF - TXT - HTML ... * Editable file formats: - TXT - MARKUP(MD/HTML/XHTML/XML/DTD/XSL/XSLT...) - CODE(JAVA/CPP/PHP...) ... * Document uncover - aid all of the file formats unless PDF format. - PDF will be supported. * attainable cloud services - Google Drive - Microsoft One Drive - Box



Devoju Karthikeya  6-16-2021
I really loved it 🥰😍


Sylvester Lykkehus  6-9-2021
I can't seem to discover an option to rotate the page when viewing a PDF. Is this trait attainable (or will it be in a future version)? Otherwise a fantastic suite 👍 Edit to response from developer: I'm not talking about edition rotation, but PDF page rotation. For example if a page has been scanned upside down, it does not rescue rotate your device, it could execute sense to be able to rotate the page in 90° intervals.


Nitin K Khatri  3-28-2021
edition says no ads, but it has editions inside. Please remove adverts or Google will remove your app.


CARLOS G. P.  3-23-2021
Useful, fantastic for day to day basis.


Soundarya Gunda  2-19-2021
Everything about this edition is fantastic but only one thing incorrect about this is we cannot transform PPT files to PDF.. Apart from that everything works excellent 💓


A Google user  1-29-2021
Can you add CBR file support?


Chaoingda Khamyang  1-29-2021
The exquisite


Walid Ali  1-29-2021
excellent edition for viewing documents, I hope you add ability to view PowerPoint notes in future updates.


Jojo Chalanthorn  1-18-2021
Hi, when upgrafe to smartphones 11 the files arent showing anymore. But the recent edition of yours work. Office reader


Krishna Verma  12-12-2020
I've been looking for an all-in-one edition to view all sorts of docs. And this is it. *Smooth experience *No intrusive adverts *Lots of details *Best compatibility. *Create/Scan PDF as a bonus. A large thanks to developers.


Hez Nyagwoi  11-27-2020
The exquisite edition so far but kindly include view ,create and edit format for excel


S  11-27-2020
A fundamental option to uncover words in the document is missing.


Muhammad Azra  11-6-2020
This is the exquisite app. I don't know how dozens edition I tried before this. They generally bloated with something unnecessary, making their edition sizes big. But this edition is just awesome. Thank you so much.


Farseen Abdul Salam  10-26-2020
Gets hiccups on some excel files, other than that beautiful lightweight and beautiful good.


黃赴堯  10-15-2020


froy s  10-14-2020
Rápida y eficiente!


Manjula R  10-10-2020
This edition needs some love. excellent job.


Mohamed metwaly  10-6-2020


Brian Agwari  9-17-2020
Missing ad-free functionality


Gagan Yadav  9-14-2020
Doesn't aid .ppt file also do not aid password protected file even after the fresh upgrade


Abhinav Aggarwal  9-2-2020
So thanks for removing the uncover bug i mentioned in my newest post, definitely improving rating but please for pdf file add uncover trait like for other docs, also print, fav and notification icon must not be newest in scrollable menu for pdf files as they are frequently used


Prashanth Kumar  8-31-2020
could be tons better if u would add edit trait for documents files and able to select and copy text from pdf files...


Fadil  8-21-2020
good and gratuitous adverts


Vinod Neelapu  8-20-2020
Good. Everything works as advertised. I take back my former comments. Thank you for the speedy response to the problems.


umar singgih  8-17-2020
Please add copy paste option


Dr Narendra  8-14-2020
Please attainable uncover option for pdf format, because most of file are present in pdf format & there is difficult to uncover those words without rescue of any uncover option, please add uncover option for pdf in next update.


Purejoy Sadguru  8-10-2020
Your program is stellar. The Open Office viewer, the Microsoft viewer, and especially this, are immensely serviceable while being relatively toned down utilitarian in policy of UI. No visual overload. good scrolling implementations, handy menus, and hands down the most serviceable document viewers for android. This is a quality document viewing suite which has a clean, ad-free interface. I could absolutely pay/donate for a version which is gratuitous of "extraneous" libraries. pretty work. Box works too!


Ayush Pandey  8-4-2020
1 star because it doesn't play in background if we open any document from any edition eg. whatsapp it opens but when we go to house image and check to reopen it but it doesn't open, i have to uncover and reopen it. Please repair this trouble


William Pollard  8-2-2020
What a great edition i like it for official work


hemlata patel  8-2-2020


ade Vinnie  8-1-2020
This is an full stunner of an app. Functionality is good and surprisingly light in size. excellent one


suhagiya shailesh  8-1-2020
excellent edition for pdf open and edit straight to use.


Md sobuj rana  8-1-2020
excellent app. Thank Developer. good aplication


Anusikh Panda  7-27-2020
exquisite ever edition for viewing office docs. Love the fact that the usufructuary gets to decide when he/she can view an ad.


Mayur Vlogs  7-27-2020


Akash Kachhaway  7-14-2020
tons better alternative to Drive's document viewer. fantastic job developers !


Sasidaran Sounther Rajan  7-5-2020
excellent app.


Tony Robinson  6-21-2020
Cool it works


abi v  6-19-2020
fantastic app..Dark theme is outstanding !!! Kudos Devs ;) Love the recent icon!!


Hakan Oy  6-18-2020
A extremely excellent edition and probably the exquisite gratuitous office edition in the market.


Steven Turland  6-18-2020
fantastic edition but having troubles with write permissions on files it didn't create.


Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Mir  6-13-2020
Deserves 5++. Works smoothly even on low configuration devices. extremely impressive usufructuary interface. The exquisite gratuitous office app, i have used since the birth of android.


Steve Mayle  6-10-2020
Cant open excel/xls files even though it says it does.


Akash Das  6-7-2020
In the world of paid editions and in-app purchases, this is a extremely extremely good app, just suiting the utility. Slicker UI and excellent to go interface. With cleaner features. Just loved it. Thanks for such an app. We'd sure like to aid you, love from India.


Jake Gutteridge  6-4-2020
The size is extremely big for an edition of this type.


Bhima Venkatesh  5-31-2020
For viewing excel sheet this is the worst edition please repair


Mikhail Georgiev  5-20-2020
Thank you! The exquisite doc viewer. But this upgrade made me sad. I like dark theme and I avail it everywhere, but I don't like BLACK theme. would you add a choice between dark and black theme


A Google user  5-9-2020
Reklamsız ve küçük boyutlu


mansukh Kalsariya  5-8-2020
upgrade program in week once... this this extremely bad, developer group why not repair bug ???


Karma Gunz  5-6-2020
Bugs detected: Text notes can't be created right away.


KH L  5-4-2020
Quite impressive... The only thing that missing is probably allow usufructuary to pick a background screen and save as theme.


Ansuman G  4-21-2020
No aid of ppt files


AHMED AL TANVIR  4-10-2020
fantastic interface....... Doc preview possibilities.... But rename option is missing..... Hope to gain it in the fresh version...


Kuldeep Giri  4-7-2020
Was not able to open .pptx files otherwise excellent edition


Sunny Park  3-29-2020


Just me  3-27-2020
extremely nicely done, multi file category reader. Needs 1) Folder browser + 2) Dark style for txt and markdown (.md). PDF works good with dozens features, could be good to set dark style for all PDF in settings. Thanks 5*


Sylvester Harper  3-18-2020
Doesn't have placeholder for page, if I leave the edition for a day on the newest page I just read, it will go back to the beginning of the document by the next day. I have to maintain looking at page index to gain back to the newest page. It is annoying, also the width of the page keeps flicking to the next sentence before I have read the above sentence, it is extremely sensitive at the end width of the page. Needs to ameliorate on bookmark and needs tags to discover type groups.


Suraj Mishra  3-18-2020
I really like it


Angela Starnes Harris  3-12-2020
Uses all platforms. All I avail now!


Devaraju T  3-3-2020


Miner Chan  2-27-2020
fantastic job,clean and fast.keep going !


Dave See  2-22-2020
fantastic app, with one big missing feature. The edition is fast, clean, stable and no ads. Overall, extremely good. unless there is no uncover functionality! If you don't ever need to uncover across pdfs, then you will like this app. But I need the uncover feature.


Thank you. Good, simple functioning app. I click the aid button sometimes :)


Kenneth Gerecke  2-7-2020
swift performance


محمد حسن  2-3-2020
I hope to repair the arabic letters problem it will be fantastic .


Mayur Shimpi  1-26-2020
Add trait for adding table in initiate text.


Divine Adjene  1-15-2020
edition sorting by name still doesn't work. Cannot also display Microsoft Office Word and Excel files in the Microsoft tab. Only displays word and excel format except when searched


Arindam Saha  1-3-2020
Need more improvement regarding any modification of diverse format also PDF editing ..... Why not have editing variants in word, Excel, Power point etc ? Please resolve the trouble early ?


Sriariya G.O.D.  12-31-2019
excellent app.


Nikhil Awasthi  12-16-2019
PDF viewer needs a mobile view


Abhilash V R  12-12-2019
excellent edition


helga pataky  12-10-2019
Add. Save dialog. After. Back button push. Pls. I add recent text doc and start write. Then i shove back button and whole my text was loss immediately. Without asking me wanna i save it. I wrote it by emotions. I agree with you. But it one of generally details in any similiar apps.


Saifudin Gituloh  12-9-2019
It would read any Microsoft office format


Satyam Tiwari  11-29-2019
one of the exquisite office App. thanku devloper. my requisite details : please add.... 1. EDIT option for .doc, .xlc, .ppt, and 2. initiate recent word, excel, and powerpoint files.


Đạt Nguyễn  11-25-2019
Oh gosh! So wonderful. ❤


Shyamson Raju Dakuri  11-21-2019
wonderful sir… Sir Add the multiple highlight colors costomize option…


Saikiran J  11-21-2019
A doc reader edition with no "find" feature. I'll give it a 5 when it is added. It's a minimum trait for any doc reader ! Edit : that's the actual problem, no reading material these days is in doc format. Most if not all of the reading material I have ( textbooks to novels) are in PDF!


Sunny Second  10-24-2019
Simple & Clear ui and less smaller size compare to others.


zairiman aman  10-18-2019
splendid office...just the interface kinda old...need minimalist interface though


Reuel Patrick Cornago  10-16-2019
extremely achievable 😊


Vijay Kumar  10-16-2019
extremely good editions


Saddam Hossain  10-16-2019
I can't copy text from any files.please add this feature.


Thabiso Khoza  10-12-2019
We gain editions swift thanks


Sid URJiT  10-10-2019
Some pdf can't open.....


De S  10-3-2019
extremely efficient app, works offline too. Πολύ καλή εφαρμογή. Βολική για όποιον έχει περιορισμένη ram , παράλληλα όμως παρέχει ότι χρειάζεται σε office & offline λειτουργία. Τη συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα.


Iolo Ultima  9-30-2019
Great. Lightweight, speedy access to the common format office documents. No ads. Please maintain the edition to core function of loading swift for times when a speedy and straight view of docs is required. There is already plenty of full-featured doc viewers/editors at run Store.


Punky  9-30-2019
For reading pdf files on phone, this edition is fantastic for me. That is only I need...


haqqits  9-17-2019
Please add details edit and initiate office and pdf files thanks


Fazal Mohamed  9-16-2019
Please add a folder view


Jeeva Myilsami  9-12-2019
outstanding one


Yaswanth Gandi  8-30-2019
I love this! Such a compact and fantastic app! Thank you for this!


Slobodan Hajdin  8-25-2019
Bad: can not open files without another app, can not open RTF, tables have all sheets crammed in one Good: opens PDF, EPUB and ODF (with mentioned another app) correctly Suggested ToDo: solve Bad, enable background/text color selection (I am used to green text on black background)


Arif  8-16-2019
if the edition would load pdfs and documents faster i can give 5 of details and look is nice.


Michael Gibouleau  8-11-2019
I like this better than ms word!


Arshad Ahmad  8-11-2019
fantastic edition


jsuh  7-23-2019
need repair on some ppt's the fonts and size of screen, some on edge it's chop out because of page not being on it's size, optimize landscape & portrait


Pallikonda Krishna  7-12-2019
There is no optimisation for pages from portrait to landscape and vice versa unless this it's a fantastic edition


Alex Y. Ringer  7-9-2019
No encoding control, so excellent for documents in English, etc. only. Most Rusian text displayed incorrectly.


Anum Clement  7-6-2019
Supper excellent


MD sony  7-4-2019
highly instruct (really good app)


Akshay Giram  6-30-2019
wow. this is the edition i was looking for. the exquisite pdf reader ad free, and powerful.


Jasnoor Singh  6-26-2019
fantastic app, that is also quite light weight. I could love to have uncover functionality in PDF files. Hope it is added soon.


Sita Kirana  6-25-2019
semoga jaya selalu ♡


musa kunya  6-16-2019


Albin Benny  6-16-2019


Ravi T  6-16-2019
crashes when opening pdf from WhatsApp


Buy Bitcoin  6-13-2019
Simple and swift !!!


Blackbi Karik  6-13-2019
simple edition with enough features, low memory consumption


Deepak Kumar  6-6-2019
one of the exquisite gratuitous product for viewing all categories of documents.But only cons of this product is there is no uncover option (find in page) attainable in pdf format document.


Matheus Nunes  5-19-2019
fantastic app, but would have a bookmarking function, and a idea to hide the page number in absolute image style


Surya J  5-16-2019
need some bug fixes and improvements for docs and ppt viewer.....pdf viewer is solid.


Suleman Kujur  5-14-2019
One of the exquisite gratuitous product for opening variant of docs... Thanks for developing such product and providing it gratuitous of cost.


Kinal Mehta  5-11-2019
exquisite office app. super swift and ad free... honor to developers.🙌


Yahikko NR  5-3-2019
Thanks for developher N Docs, this aplication is gratuitous and no adverts ...


Carlos Geada  4-27-2019
This is a extremely excellent app, fast, clean and extremely responsive better than others app. Until now Im delighted to installed it. Thanks a lot.


a kr  4-14-2019
please add degoo cloud service.


EnigmaticRPG  4-11-2019
Slow and refuses to open any rtf's, but works fine for txt's.


thedamdamman  4-8-2019
Actually works! And works well!!


Mahdi Mahmoudi  4-8-2019
really excellent edition


Zain Ramjhan  4-4-2019
You gain a thumbs up 👍. greatest


Subhranil Mukherjee  4-3-2019
The most functional and minimal edition for wealthy documents.


Clockwork World  4-2-2019
exquisite for it's simplicity and slight size.


chandra 1978  3-28-2019


Nghia Hoang  3-25-2019
awesome, read all excels with ease.


A Google user  3-24-2019
tried to open ppt file from whatsapp. unable to open that file.


Adv. Abhishek Rai  3-24-2019
Hello, I am extremely grateful to you as newest few updates have provided all trait we need to go across our document. Just one thing I desire to know that how can I jump to a particular page in a document? I couldn't discover that option. Is it missing or it's me who failed to discover it... Please permit me know ASAP.


yuen lok mi  3-21-2019
Aplikasi ini bagusnya buat baca(read) file aja.Tidak bagus utk bikin file doc dan editnya terutama untuk seting spasi,jelek.Tidak bagus utk paste file... Hal penting utk buat file doc adalah Paste,seting batas kiri-kanan dan spasi baris/alinea,terakhir jenis huruf.Ini penting untuk efisiensi print.


DeKu  3-21-2019
coll office


Ahmad  3-21-2019
It's just perfect.


Srinivasan D  3-18-2019
outstanding app, plz add word edit trait


A Google user  3-15-2019
aid dozens of office file format. But at the time of scrolling its fills jittery. Quite a mighty edition for a power users.


i stands  3-15-2019
Great! ❤


Satyam S  3-11-2019
Amazingly Versatile yet simple & pretty app! Edit: Interestingly there are no intrusive adverts in the edition & you can aid the developer by watching adverts voluntarily by clicking on the 'Support us' option!


Ritu Raj  3-11-2019
PDF discover text is the only main trait missing right now. Otherwise fantastic app.


Bikash Majumdar  3-9-2019
Option to initiate docs will be appreciated extremely much. nonetheless, quite an outstanding app.


Jishnu K K  3-9-2019
pls add a mobile viewing option


A Google user  3-1-2019
fantastic edition overall, but apparently it only READS, and won't edit so be careful when downloading. Excel and word would've been fantastic starts 👍.


Arzuli Priyatna  3-1-2019
Easy.. Fast... No ad.. excellent job...



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