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Release date: Jul 24, 2013App Rating: 5
Author: Malauzai SoftwareCategory: finance
Name: My CU MobileExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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With My CU Mobile Banking edition you can safely and securely access your accounts anytime, anywhere. Our mobile edition is gratuitous and allows you to: • View your balance • View account activity • Transfer funds • Locate a branch or ATM • reach our client Service • Share our edition with buddies and family • Deposit checks More details are coming soon! Security Security is our priority. relax assured that your personal news is kept safe! Contact Us You can reach us at 626.444.1972 if you have any questions about the Vons Credit Union Mobile edition or the self-service registration process.



Michael Di Donato  6-20-2021
straight and convenient


Maria Mendoza  6-18-2021
Love it conivenant


Ty Spangler  6-16-2021
extremely pleased with the edition


Sophia Castaneda  6-10-2021


Frankie Montes  6-3-2021
Love It!


Veronica Mojica  6-2-2021
fantastic App.. usufructuary friendly. I will give it a 5 star once there is an ability to transfer/pay outside the network. Like Zelle!


Chris Haggett  6-1-2021
Handy and straight to avail saves time


gilda Morales  5-26-2021
Life is excellent with my credit union


Patrick Raissi  5-21-2021
The edition has worked really well with my needs. The transfers are speedy and easy. Depositing checks is also extremely easy. This edition is smooth too; I never transaction with too tons lag.


Elena Sanchez  5-14-2021
love it


Sporty  5-12-2021


Angel Rincon  5-2-2021
this edition is such a flop sometimes , only some functions work properly . lately this edition has been getting worse and worse across my experience and needs some genre of upgrade for both functionality and usufructuary ability


Patricia Maricovich  4-30-2021


Louie Armas  4-28-2021
extremely practical and straight to use.


Steve Cecala  4-19-2021
fantastic edition 👍 meets all my banking needs.


laguino molina  4-16-2021
fantastic edition


J.C. Villarreal  4-16-2021
excellent job..... Guys and gals..!!


Gloria Avila  4-13-2021


Maria D Salguero  4-7-2021


Narrissia Wilbert  4-7-2021
Love this edition 👏😍 better than online


Craig Martz  4-5-2021
Doesn't work without wifi.


tania cisneros  4-3-2021
Just perfect! I love the app!


Marisa Stock  4-3-2021
Getty up boys! Love it:)


Jake w  4-1-2021
excellent works excellent


Bob Greig  3-24-2021
Transfer shares between accounts


Eddie Reyes  3-18-2021


Leinaala Furtado  3-10-2021
The edition is super straight to navigate. I love it!!!


lee wood  3-10-2021
This edition has been broken force while, repair it


EdiSand Hern  3-4-2021
fantastic app, works swift and readily


Mike Insomnia  3-3-2021
edition is ok but Hey... i have to log in, my fingerprint is essential for this. Itd be good to be able to access my absolute account notification so when I have to set up direct deposits, for work, I don't have to wait till stupid buisness hours to call or hope the ONE branch in San Diego is open. My only frustration.


Rickie Norris  3-1-2021
I have been using this edition since it opened straight TO USE, straight TO UNDER STAND. ALL THE news YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR...


Formula Del Norte Music  2-28-2021
extremely serviceable but sometimes is slow or have another issues.


Charles Brand  2-23-2021
Works extremely well 🙂


Michael Maure  2-17-2021
Unable to login


Kellan Mayeski  2-14-2021
straight to use!


CMDR Romero  2-12-2021
fantastic app, my only motive why I didn't give it 5 stars is because I wish you guys could upgrade the ui.


Richard Purcell  2-8-2021
Getting better. Now I can add to my Google Pay Wahoo


Daisy Burgos  2-5-2021
I love this app. I can avoid rushing to the bank and long lines. extremely convenient during this pandemic. From, try deposits to transfers and tons more. Highly instruct it 👌


kathie swenson  2-1-2021
straight to avail


Juanita Ceja  1-28-2021
good and straight to use!


Linda Snow  1-27-2021
So straight to use, convenient, saves stamps and having to wait in line


Frank Nolan  1-8-2021
edition has difficult time finding clear screen of front of chk...have to avail marker to endorse...will not accept/recognize ink pen...even with bold marker...need 3-5 pics before accepted


Bernardo Rodriguez  1-8-2021
Banking made easier across the app. The one step that makes the Vons credit union a move above some of the competition. It's enjoyable to have to transaction with certain banking aspects of life.


Curtis Rogers  12-31-2020
ideal ideal ideal thankyou


Kevin Brown  12-21-2020
straight to avail gets the job done simply.


Juan Jon  12-18-2020
I like it.... Simple


Via Clemmeons  12-11-2020
Been with this bank since I was 15 VFCU was what is used to be called now its CFCU. Love this mobile edition its swift saves me lots of time and extremely usufructuary friendly. fantastic job on edition 👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👍👍👍


Robin Shahan  12-9-2020
love it's the exquisite


pantalion amaya  12-9-2020
extremely practical and convenient


steven dallape  12-8-2020
Smooth and secure


CannaMama Breathe  12-8-2020


Larry Paxton  12-3-2020
Gets the job done.


Phil Martinez  12-2-2020


Veronica Mosqueda  11-30-2020


Gabriel Viramontes  11-29-2020


SAGA ONE  11-28-2020
straight to avail and to send and receive money


Griffin Hunt  11-21-2020
outstanding makes life straight


Norma Sevilla  11-14-2020
Taking a pic of the edopsit ck is flawed as concentrate needs to be fixed. I whenever struggle w/ this & it takes a long time to accept! I have an account at another bank and it is Flawless how straight it is to e deposit a check!


Mike : )  11-8-2020
👍 👌 👍.


Morgan Kirby  11-1-2020
usufructuary friendly!


Adan Zavalza  10-29-2020
Love how I can access it so fast. execute transfer. And maintain up with my deals


L Reiners  10-22-2020
extremely straight to avail edition


Lupe Villarreal  10-18-2020
straight to avail


Elite Expectations  10-15-2020
I love you. That's all 🥰💘💌


Elisa Hui  10-1-2020
whenever trustworthy thank you


Bill Stuckey  9-30-2020
Mobile try deposit went right across a guy who's not high tech


oscar segura  9-28-2020
It's okay as in that I rated 3 stars because it is not related with zelle or coins edition but as far as cashing in checks checking your accounts transferring money from accounts it's a it's beautiful good. Today was the first time. edition did accident had to wait a while for me to be able to log in


Mack McRodgers  9-23-2020
Does what I need it to


Richard Arellanes  9-21-2020
I love it this is only idea i do banking.


Erica Lagler-Ferrez  9-21-2020
extremely straight to use!


Man Owns  9-18-2020
Love the remote deposit. edition needs more features and options. Please execute better! Please!


Tracy Quesada  9-17-2020
I avail this edition daily. It's extremely reliable.


Emily Coleman  9-16-2020
outstanding unless extremely slow at times


Remmic Flores  9-14-2020
extremely straight to online


Md Cooper  9-10-2020
Credit Union is wonderful. Any problem they right away


Kendal Carden  9-3-2020
The exquisite


Catrina Bettencourt  9-1-2020


Terrie B  8-24-2020
This is my first time to avail online banking. Setting up the account was quite readily done. And now another first, I'm depositing my first checks done online, I hope all goes smoothly. The online process itself was straight to track and I appreciate that. Thank you


dago4skin  8-23-2020


Rod Dennis  8-23-2020
speedy and easy....


Joe Cordero  8-21-2020
Super straight edition to use, and convenient with so dozens details like pay your bills, transfer money, deposit checks; anywhere anytime! Love My Bank!!


PeeJay Johnson  8-14-2020


mark matoi  8-13-2020
straight to avail


Created A Madman  8-12-2020
Can't avail flash on my camera when taking a photo of a try for mobile deposit. Keeps declaring it can't detect an endorsement. Wonderful, amidst all this covid BS I now have to deliver my checks out to the bank to coins them.


Jovita Alvarez  7-30-2020


A Google user  7-27-2020
swift and safe.


Karen McCraw  7-25-2020
I try it everyday.


Tyler Pace  7-25-2020


David orozco  7-25-2020
been a menber of thisbcredit union for years and the online banking edition is one of the exquisite in all aspects


Linda Garcia  7-21-2020
fantastic App.


Joshep Palmas  7-17-2020
Everything is on the top of your finger


patty &val  7-3-2020
Overall fantastic app, sometimes slow to load however extremely convenient.


Mary L. Hines  7-3-2020
I love having the app, but could like to see my balances w/o having to enter the password (like boa). And is there any idea to direct transfer between banks?


Joshua Luna  7-2-2020
excellent app. Had it for over a year now with zero issues.


Arturo Dorame  7-1-2020
Can't log in 75% of the time. Keeps declaring edition not available.


adrian campos  7-1-2020
Luv the online banking


Jesse Hirsch  6-26-2020
excellent credit union


M Bowes  6-25-2020
Out of date. Please upgrade and execute it accurate


Johnny Angel Hernandez  6-24-2020
excellent for a speedy review


Lee Strom  6-22-2020
Effortless idea to bank online. extremely pleased.


Yolanda Herrera  6-18-2020
extremely contented in the ability if completing all my banking deals via this app.


jamell carter  6-16-2020
fantastic and fast.


Pete Macias  6-15-2020
straight to avail


Taryn Ellis  6-13-2020
Super straight to use. Love it!


Saul Sevilla  6-10-2020
wonderful and convenient


Anthony Gordon  6-9-2020
SUPER EASY! I'm IN LOVE with my CU, and the edition just made it 10 times MORE LOVE! Thank you guys!


Nina Bibii  6-8-2020
fantastic edition straight to avail ,doesnt work at times


vincent fontes  6-3-2020
edition is straight to avail , just wish I would gain the names on try transactions. It could execute it alot easier to remember every action.


Michael Godson  5-25-2020
There is an error with my online product im unable to retrieve my account onformation.


Jonathan Garcia  5-24-2020
fantastic app. extremely simple to use.


Matt Black  5-23-2020
Sometimes works. Member to member never works.


Alex valtierra  5-23-2020
I love this edition



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