Android Version: 4.4App: My Child Lebensborn
Release date: May 7, 2018App Rating: 5
Author: Sarepta StudioCategory: game simulation
Name: My Child LebensbornExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Polygon: "My infant Lebensborn tells a disturbing story about innocents in the aftermath of WW2” LevelUp: “The strongest release experience that I have ever had.” My infant Lebensborn, now out in Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Korean! You adopt a young Lebensborn infant in Norway after WW2, but parenting will be intractable as your infant grows up in a hostile and hateful environment. See a diverse side of the war, inspired by the authentic stories of the Lebensborn children. find how hatred of our foes continues to initiate victims, even after victory. Discover their past and aid them in the present. You should balance your time and resources to supply for your child. You will discover answers to the intractable questions; about their history, the hatred, bullying and the passing of blame. Can you rescue Klaus/Karin cope with the grand inheritance of the German occupation, so they will discover their place in a country that is celebrating its freedom. You can execute the difference. Key Features: - Influence the child’s feelings, personality and worldview across your choices. - Look for the effects of your choices in your child’s expressions and body language. - examine a gripping storyline based upon authentic events. - Earn money as you work, then cook, craft, forage and play. - avail your time and poor resources wisely. - Adopt a lad or girl, and aid them across a defining year of their life. Warning: This release is based on difficult and grand topics, not suitable for young children. For technical support, please reach us at [email protected]



Rosie Funburg  12-17-2020
This release is pretty and heart wrenching and definitely value the money. It's a tale that, absolute of love and sadness, everyone must know. I wish there were more releases out there like this one


Danwen Huang  12-17-2020
One of the most emotional and thought provoking experience in any release permit along mobile.


Bailey McDonald  12-14-2020
I love this little boy... I wish the tale had more outcomes and recent content.


Alyssa Presswood  11-28-2020
Loved the concept of the game. could love to see more like it! I wish you would raise the infant across to adulthood.


shy gur  11-11-2020
This release was extremely unique! I'd like to see more releases like it. I was absorbed in the tale and felt the stress of trying to execute ends meet and do exquisite by the infant in the game. It was difficult but not impossible. (Slight spoilers) I was worried it was going to maintain spiraling out of my control and there wasn't a idea to gain a delighted ending but that wasn't the case, and this made me happy. For me this release was value the money.


Shiann Necole Paulo  11-9-2020
a extremely short you can complete this storyline in 1day lol dont buy this game, waste of time


Rita Tkalics  11-5-2020
Nagyon jó játék! Gyereknevelő manager játék. Néha nehéz, érdekes helyzetekben kell tanácsot adnod gyermekednek és nézheted, ahogy fejlődik. Nagyon jó még nem játszottam ki. Kíváncsi leszek van e vége. Én nagyon élvezem,


Gemma Bassom  11-4-2020
excellent game, but disappointed by length and replayability


Sumi Swain  10-25-2020
extremely sobering tale but one that needs to be told. tale narration and progression made me invested in the infant I was raising to the point of getting emotional at their pain and thinking intractable how I prevent them from losing faith in everything. If I had to nitpick, it could be that that aren't dozens activities/mini releases to do with the child.


Tia Calkins  10-24-2020
pretty release


_AutumnMaple_  10-20-2020
An absolutely wonderful gameplay experience. I really cared for the infant I was raising, and I felt the struggle of trying to treat my child, and maintain them fed. It was heart wrenching.


Wxtermeløn Shxkes  10-12-2020
Ok so this was excellent but, I'm kinda outraged. I distress over this kid, someone pees all over her, and I discover out that it ends in one whole day. I hope you execute a second part of her teenage years.


Peachy Haley  10-12-2020
Absolutely amazing, this release is gripping, heartbreaking, and you can't rescue but love the infant you're caring for.


CC lemon Mon  10-10-2020
It's really outstanding release and it makes me cry. I really love this release


Lizzie Waugh  10-9-2020
i have never spent money on a release - but this one is 100% value your money! the quantity of emotions i went across in one chapter of this one is crazy, it's a extremely well written story! i love it so much, and if you have the money, definitely gain it!


Spect.  10-8-2020
Love the story, but the release feels buggy at times. For example, I caught 2 fishes, but none appeared in the kitchen. Also, pressing the lamp take around 3 clicks.


Kayo Jane  10-4-2020
This gameis extremely enjoyment and interesting, HOWEVER it is not just about bullying as description says, but focuses on infant abuse including rape :(, so if this triggers you, you have been warned.Loved the story, as it shows a part if history we rarely hear of. Hope the developers do a delighted sequel though, to execute the occasions a little less unsettling.


mhm  10-4-2020
The first time I played it, I would NOT maintain my eyes off of it. Playtime was about 5-6 hours, so it's definitely value the money. Made me feel less lonely, I really wish there was a second release though! It was so unhappy to feel all the emotions these babes felt and having to supply for your own, making the choices on how to raise them. Ya know? Addicting. Overall, I've played this about 3 times now, and I maintain on coming back! Please execute a second game!


Sara F. Smith  10-3-2020
value paying for it! It really is a amazing release that has meaning to it. I've just completed playing with Klaus, I'm looking forward to playing again with the little girl.


Katie Chamberlain  10-1-2020
extremely emotional i loved the edition extremely much!


Mahi Sathsarani  9-29-2020
I've never been more attached to infants in my life. I played with the female infant and each mood she experienced, I felt it as if she were my own. But right at the end there...with the replacement teacher...what do he do to her? I have my suspicions but I seriously desire it to be wrong. Can someone please confirm? Other than that, overall the release was wonderful in policy of graphics; gameplay was enjoyment although it was also limiting and repetitive. Wish there was more replayability.


Cat T  9-29-2020
extremely addictive and was a hauntingly pretty story. Definitely gives you something to think about. could instruct this to anyone!


Chelsea Estuart  9-26-2020
extremely emotional story. 😢


Andrea Meléndez  9-21-2020
wow, just wow.


K S  9-20-2020
WOW! 🤯


A Cheng  9-17-2020


Blue Rose  9-15-2020
miraculous and educational :)


Delaney Stevans  9-15-2020
This emotionally demolished me. 20 out of 10.


TheCatsMeow PrettyHorses  9-11-2020
cant you execute either the day longer or execute where we can do more stuff before times up and its bedtime? like more than 2 things maybe 4 or 5


Liz A.  9-8-2020
It's a fantastic release at first I was extremely skeptical about releases I have to pay for but this release is fantastic 👍😁 it's extremely meaningful and it's a authentic tale


Mackenzie  9-8-2020
large feel


Krystal  9-7-2020
This was the most sweet and emotional experience I've ever had with a release like this in a while


Rosie Civetta  9-6-2020
I've never cried so intractable at a mobile game. You're meant to teach your infant lessons all while learning yourself.


Shafiq Nayan  9-4-2020
Thumbs up!


Angel Zhang  9-2-2020
wonderful release but i got too unhappy and cannot finish...


Sophia Lambchop  9-2-2020
The release glitched near the end of the release where the cake wouldn't be added to the inventory after you made it. But fantastic game.


Laura Dixon  8-30-2020


Lianasa Creato  8-30-2020
I love the release because I run the demo release before but now I can buy the original version one. I love the infant who should be protect. Even I was young. It execute me screen and study the parents live.


Mak Bailey  8-27-2020
I.... Just.. gain the game. It speaks for itself. I don't have words to express the love I have for this experience.


Solosparkle gmail  8-26-2020
Kept waiting for something to happen but after hours of playing it just turned out to be a PSA for conflict children. No ending.


Karly Leavitt  8-25-2020
It's heartbreaking. The release is extremely well made and it breaks your heart thinking about what this babes had to go through. It's also extremely educational.


Jo Lee  8-24-2020
This is such a excellent game...very unhappy 😭😭


PDP  8-23-2020
Absolutely boring


Raychel Anoe-Paloma  8-23-2020
I was invested in this release from beginning to end. I could discover myself thinking about it at random moments throughout the day. There are small glitches here and there, but overall a extremely enjoyable and educational experience.


McCFaith  8-23-2020
A bit laggy, but the tale makes up for it. It's so unhappy to see such a sweet babe turn bitter and sad. I did my exquisite to execute him delighted tho.


Priya Mosur  8-23-2020
Wish it was longer. extremely moving


Woodengamer6868 RBLX  8-22-2020
A extremely cool game. I gain to rise my own infant in this game. A extremely unique tale extremely cool release I love the chapters, no advertising which is extremely fantastic and this release is extremely addicted when I started playing a extremely fantastic release


Hmm whatever  8-21-2020
This release is so good, but you need to add few more variants for us so we can completely enjoy this game.. 1st option is permit us enter in the school because I can't tolerate the ugly behavior of recent teacher and the dumb kids, I desire to teach a extremely excellent lesson to that recent ugly fat teacher, how can he pee on Klaus😤 2nd option is add clothing and shoe store.. But definitely add school option I will beat those bully babes and teacher 😠😤 I desire to give all category of felicity to my Klaus 😇


Mii Milkshakes  8-21-2020
Honestly i don't know how you guys did it, but you made a non-emotional person very emotional. Klaus was literally the exquisite infant ever and you guys (the devs) really helped execute a connection between us to, it felt like he was really my child. I can not EXPRESS how tons I love this release and how tons heart was put into it. I hope that a lot more dependents run this, it's really a melt your heart wholesome game.


Betty Phage  8-20-2020
This release is incredible.


B w  8-19-2020
it can be tricky to properly ration the coins you have, but it is more difficult to know how to properly avail your time. i rarely spend money on releases but the tale of this really caught me. it is a pretty and tear jerking game.


Alif Aiman  8-17-2020
In the end of the game, it nearly brought me to tears. good tale and the characters' facial reactions was splendid as if they were alive!!! fantastic job devs for making this game. TBH I loves releases which has historical troubles within. maintain up the excellent work!


Avery Heinen  8-17-2020
I actually teared up a few times while playing through. There are so dozens times where there is just no excellent respond to a problem, just like in life. must I send my infant to school knowing he'll be bullied or maintain him safe at house but at the expense of his education and future? must I work more hours to gain that donation or spend all of those evenings with my child? must I respond questions honestly or lie by omission to defend him from things he's too young to worry about? fantastic game!


Sherun KD  8-14-2020
I can't refund ?


Magda  8-13-2020
extremely entertaining, emotional experience!


Kate Lee  8-13-2020
The Saddest release Ever


Techno And Corpse Simps  8-11-2020
What a freaking wonderful game, but I'm still wondering what the devil teacher done to my infant


อิสรีย์รัช ชวาลรัตน์  8-10-2020
Feel like raising veritable life infant in intractable time but I was a little dissatisfied about 1 ending no matter what.


Crystal Brickland  8-9-2020
Its extremely excellent and I enoy it so mych. Wish we would continue it tho as I dont desire it to stop 😔


Richie Linsalato  8-8-2020
Beyond what I was expecting. This release captures the heart and the imagination. And it's tale is powerful, and needed to be told. I couldn't put it down. An wonderful experience that I will enjoy again and again.highly recommended and I will be following this edition developer waiting for there next release.


Gregory Barlow  8-8-2020
1st of this category of release for me. Well value the ticket to ride. Recommending it to my wife who works with preschoolers...gonna break her heart. If you like nurture releases this is a excellent one. Only trouble is it was short. Take the time to read everything.


david holmes  8-8-2020
excellent unhappy enjoyment


Chanara Anderson  8-6-2020
Wow, downloaded the release and completed it in one go. I couldn't put down the game. This release has certainly captured my heart for the protagonist. The ending made me cry. I definitely learnt something from it. Thank you!


Ivah Ely  8-5-2020
This is my first time purchasing a mobile release and I'm not totally sure what compelled me to do so but what I am sure of is that my money was well spent. The connection the usufructuary builds with the infant and the want to defend the infant felt real. Kudos to the group behind My infant Lebensborn


Alex Haskin  8-5-2020
I cried when I completed this game. the art is beautiful, and I felt connected with the infant in this game. I could rate 6/5 stars if I could.



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