Android Version: 4.3App: Murder Party
Release date: Dec 1, 2020App Rating: 5
Author: Murder PartyCategory: game casual
Name: Murder PartyExtension: Apk
Downloads: 10,000+Type: tips, discounts, codes
System: AndroidSource: Official


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Murder party is an online multiplayer social reasoning game. In a mysterious castle, Villagers relying on magic shields resist the invasion of werewolves, but the mixed-blood werewolves have sneaked in. Villagers VS werewolves: The conflict begins on the Horizon. -Explore the mysterious turret and gain out magic traps. -Sneak in as werewolf and pretend to be Villager. -Collect clues and find all werewolves. -Super lovely skins and decorations, and more to unlock. -multiplayer online rank group play, party's exquisite companion -Ranked groups for masters,win top ranking



Hailey Salsman  12-8-2020
extremely wonderful but it allows dependents to swear on voice but a fantastic release kinda like a 3d among us


Swish856  12-8-2020
fantastic release


Dominic Dominic  12-8-2020
The voice chat was so annoying.


Kou Vagia  12-7-2020
To dozens ads, sell on shop its enough for you


Kindu Abramson  12-7-2020
Absolutely enjoyment and addictive in all the exquisite ways! No need to spend veritable coins as long as you got a bit of patience and lil bit of skill.


Mael Leeke  12-7-2020
FREAKING GENIUS! I love the release and really like the social system, I can whenever discover some interesting dependents and add them then run together. maintain up the excellent work!


Alazea Newick  12-7-2020
It is so tons fun, the moment i started it i knew it was going to be a excellent game.


Ronalie Wolverson  12-7-2020
release is really good, I remember playing the older games, and this release so far is perfect.


Merrie Sarton  12-7-2020
wonderful game, I thought the release was really dumb before I downloaded it because I dont really like releases on were dependents can pop out of nowhere, but my brother literally MADE me gain the game. So I downloaded it and it is a really enjoyment game, super cool, and there definitly must be more modes like the hide and seek, tag, freeze tag, etc. Becuase definitly more dependents could run this release if there were more modes other than just the major style right now.


Lincoln Lintot  12-7-2020
This release is amazing! Its so time consuming and extremely amusing to play. Im still giving this five stars...but itd also be fantastic if the variant of gadgets you can run on expanded. Im forced to run it on my computer, because its not loading in with my phone, and tablet. I would run Murder Party on the go if both of those worked. Please permit the community know if you would repair this glitch! Thank you!


Tempress Purches  12-7-2020
It is a extremely enjoyment release to run with friends, outstanding release to experiment your brain and to initiate a working strategy.Look forward to add recent maps and characters soon!!


Leith Caisley  12-7-2020
I absolutely love this game,hope to add recent map as soon as possible!!


Rebeccajo Giffkins  12-7-2020
Lots of diverse upgrades and paths to go for allows for so tons replayability and fun. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to waste time with a enjoyment game. Doubly recommended for supporters of the series.


Cemya Flattman  12-7-2020
An wonderful competitive release with a excellent design, the release is engaging and recent things continue to come out. adverts are attainable but dont play the release and I like that a lot. You are able to run with your buddies or versus strangers and tier up your rank .I really instruct this release to anyone.


Janluca Dyett  12-7-2020
Wow, an accually excellent gratuitous mobile release that doesnt blast you with adds. It does seem to be getting harder and harder. But I like to mission myself in the rank system.


Ambrianna Fullylove  12-7-2020
enjoyment release play, I especially like the voice chatting system, I can run with my friends.Its extremely nice!!


Tykierra Cozins  12-7-2020
Its a really enjoyment release and has no veritable problems that i can see.


Star Trooper  12-7-2020
I like it


Emmakay Ead  12-7-2020
extremely fun, would avail more tiers though. Highly recommended for dependents who enjoy reasoning.


Faune Hymer  12-7-2020
This is a extremely enjoyment and difficult reasoning release that grabs your attention.


Jehnna Rumke  12-7-2020
entirely relaxing and satisfying game. Sweet graphics and lots of upgrades to maintain gamesters engaged. Love it!


Veleta Rosengart  12-7-2020
I absolutely LOVE this game, releases for me personally are extremely intractable for me to gain into. But I finally found the release I really enjoy especially I fool all Villagers and win as werewolf in the game.


pisang goreng  12-7-2020
Kasian Aja


Bob Evans  12-7-2020
Overall, the release is great. Its addictive, a time passer, and it just keeps me entertained. I think the report system so tons that Among us do not have. sometimes some gamesters declare things like lmao noob or eat my **** and I gain highly disturbed and report them. some of their account punished or banned by the system.


Cardel Khristyukhin  12-7-2020
excellent graphics, excellent fun, excellent gameplay, And overall An wonderful game. (From what I know)


Ames Couttes  12-7-2020
Its a amusing release and all. I spend most of my gratuitous time playing this game. The Characters are very cute. Hope there will extremely more recent characters soon.


Leetha Heald  12-7-2020
enjoyment and aaddicting, I enjoy playing this release when I am relaxing.


Tiamara Gall  12-7-2020
Absolutely fantastic. excellent blend of strategy and sheer luck. readily the exquisite and most unique reasoning release Ive played in dozens years.


Lajeune Lohde  12-7-2020
excellent simple game. This release gives you the option to watch adverts for bounty content but doesnt force you to watch ads. You can disclose everything across pure release run or execute purchases. It is the most balanced Ive seen a edition be in a long time.


Eyosias Dilland  12-7-2020
I really like this game. Its not a pay to win. adverts are optional without pay. Its extremely addictive


Anni Rispin  12-7-2020
This is a fantastic game, and I love it so much, its fantastic , the gameplay has lots of variety,


Kennan Sprowell  12-7-2020
extremely enjoyment release in my opinion, but a couple things I dont like about this edition is that I gain disconnected at random times and says the I couldnt gain in the server I desired to because the server wasnt ackd, something like that. Over all I love this and also can you execute more skins for the game, please and thank you!


Varish Faunt  12-7-2020
Super good game.The only negative think I have to declare for this release is it really requires you to think ahead and study from your mistakes which is only negative if you desire a speedy no effort straight win.


Furnell Bettison  12-7-2020
If you like reasoning releases and just found Murder Party then I highly instruct playing it, it is one of the most wonderful reasoning releases on the planet.


Brittana Earlam  12-7-2020
This is my favourite gratuitous game. I love the simplistic design of the release and the super lovely characters.


Andreal Hardson  12-7-2020
I love this game, especially how, even though theres a lot of chance, it really has an item of skill depending on how, when, where, and in what combination you run this game.


Malakhai Fomichkin  12-7-2020
fantastic game, expert match is cool, I really enjoy the moment when I run werewolf and lead my teamate win.


Matlyn Sunter  12-7-2020
Amazing! I have played many, dozens reasoning games, but none come even close to comparing with the Murder Party franchise.


Janus Furness  12-7-2020
The exquisite reasoning release ever made.


Shirlann Vaux  12-7-2020
This release is enjoyable, Its a repeat but its intractable and thats what makes the release good. Its gratuitous to run and not pay to win.


Derya Vlies  12-7-2020
very enjoyment release with lots of variety, both in policy of gameplay and visuals, Id declare the release is definetly value its price. Dodjoy are the exquisite developers Ive seen so far, maintain up the outstanding work!


Ginine Salzberger  12-7-2020
fantastic game! good Rank system,Im a enormous supporter and win the higgest rank in the game. ( looking forward to see more coming from your team.)


Kaetlin Arbuckle  12-7-2020
Awesome! I love this game! I have to declare that buddy people, chat with them privately, see when they are playing, and be able to join whatever server they are on are the excellent details that I really like that I did not discover in Among us.


Shameaka Knudsen  12-7-2020
So tons enjoyment and extremely addictive. outstanding update pathing all with unique skills that change their mode completely. Super cool game!


Azka Syahmi  12-7-2020
Other people= this is a copy of among us Me=this was made in another country bc they dont allow among us also u can freind dependents


Bobby Garcia  12-7-2020
It's so enjoyment


Ashley Bussanmas  12-7-2020
No discord yay


Cynthia Beard  12-7-2020
This release is idea better than actual Among Us


Ayden Perdue  12-7-2020


Frozen Paper  12-7-2020
It's just like Among Us but better


Mettaton  12-7-2020
Copy of among us but worse.


Dripp johnson  12-6-2020
I love this release more then among us becuse you can avail yoir mic to tell with buddies


Shawn Brown  12-6-2020
Its a fantastic release you must definitely install it


Galaxy wolf 455  12-6-2020
If i would give this a zero i could the only reasen is i cant run or login you need to repair it NOW I MEAN NOW


Josh thehagridlover  12-6-2020
terrible release copy of among us and definitely not safe for babes I do not instruct


Nico Fransis  12-6-2020
The release is literally broken three dependents voted me and six dependents skipped and I still got voted out


Lynda Thompson  12-6-2020
It's a excellent release because there's voice chat and more stuff




KAY Wright  12-6-2020
This release is a little better than Among Us because there's a call function I just did tad bit better


Antoinette Galindo  12-6-2020
This release is enjoyment like among us and I like the fact that it has a turret rook theme and even the task are beautiful enjoyment but challenging at the same time but I hope you execute more updates to this release and maintain on doing better stuff like this


Amejandro Trujillo  12-6-2020
Its a really enjoyment game!!


A Dead Panda  12-6-2020
good release


Alicia Howard  12-6-2020


elizabeth ogunjobi  12-6-2020
this is a copy of among us


Alana Riglin  12-6-2020
This release is so cool I can tell to recent dependents run the release and chat and execute recent buddies and tell to my buddies


Pearl Braganza  12-6-2020
This release is like among us


unseennorm4 random vids  12-6-2020
sure its a copy of among us but at least its not that wrong it doesnt really lag and the tasks are beautiful straight and it has a vc which among us doesnt have except you avail discord


keaneleonard sebastian  12-6-2020
Ai love this release so mich plss donation another map?


Marcos Arevalo  12-6-2020
I code gif


patryk op  12-6-2020
I release is fantastic and so tons enjoyment there a werewolf and they have to guess who is teh werewolf


Tyler James Watson  12-6-2020
The release is excellent but do we have to only buy gems and be a sertain lvl for pets


hamster boi  12-6-2020
It's a decent game. But. It's genre of a rip off. But idc. Really good.


Wizard Maryam  12-6-2020
This release is soooo cool, and this included a mic to tell with people, i really really enjoyed this game, i will never delete this release :3


OffBrand Rya  12-6-2020
I give it a 1 star because there was only little babes and they were cussing at me :,(


Aldrin Cancel  12-6-2020
exquisite among us rippoff ever! I like the graphics and the voice chat I really recommended this game😄😄😄😄👋👋👋👋.!!!!!!!!!


Coast Fludd  12-6-2020
Not sure


the random kid  12-6-2020
So excellent I love wearqokf


minhthuy le  12-6-2020
really hilarious


MikoArtz !  12-6-2020
Amma just give a sincere easy to the point review, it is a enjoyment game, just that. There's dozens kids,!! And their utter idiots, I honestly love the look of the game, the map is beautiful tons copied from among us, along with some task, but other then that, I this release is actually beautiful excellent


Diva Al Pasa  12-6-2020
good release


Dalton Younng  12-6-2020
excellent release


Mature Women  12-6-2020
Love the release


Momoto Ngawan  12-5-2020
So noisy babes and I love it


Bri Mor  12-5-2020
I love this release


genesis cruz  12-5-2020


Alex Powers  12-5-2020
I believe this is a amazing game! You can tell even without a mic! That's so excellent so you don't have to be an outcast without a mic and the graphics are wonderful!


PaRMiS PlaYs  12-5-2020
ok first this release might be a copy of among us but its idea better dependents spend playing among us and losing there buddies while on murder party you can buddy dependents join there matches and theres mics in this release where you can actually avail your voice and tell to every other andddddddd getting cash is easier then just spending your money in your bank account in among us you can watch adverts to gain cash you can tier up theres alot in this release that among us does not have and will never have <3


Ashley Bettis  12-5-2020
It's a excellent release


Kyleigh Arnold  12-5-2020
This release is actually good, but I know some dependents think this is a Copy, you may be incorrect about that. It would be inspired release from Among us. Also everybody in the release is under 13 so its safe for babes


Kiranjit Kaur  12-5-2020
I love this release there are not imposter there are werewolf


Blazingfury101  12-5-2020
Most dependents don't seem to know that this is from a country that doesn't gain our games. So they made their own so they would run it, too. But the controls can be beautiful annoying sometimes, and it took me a while to figure out why I nobody was talking. It's voice chat. I still prefer Among Us, but I can talk y'all tried and y'all did a excellent job. boING (Yes boing, not boring :P)


Corey Hahn  12-5-2020
the motive I gave a four-star because I can't run it the first time I downloaded it yesterday I can run it but not today please repair this glitch I really desire to run the release I don't desire to just look at this yell like the other release please please please please I actually desire to run the release not look at it so please repair this glitch.


Jen Wiley  12-5-2020
enjoyment release


Bru Dur  12-5-2020
Love it enjoyment release no add pop up


Levi McMurdie  12-5-2020
A few words. It's an Among us copy. I also can't understand what ppl are declaring and I am getting kicked off 1st


midnight chan  12-5-2020
fantastic tho I can barely hear dependents sometimes but that's ok it's a excellent release


Broken0_0  12-5-2020
I'm trying to connect my account to the release and it keeps declaring that I'm still a guest please repair it


Abandoned CD  12-5-2020
exquisite among us clone


iasia fulton  12-5-2020
This is a fantastic release you can tell in the mic i love this release fantastic release stay safe and wear a mask


Jlynne Miller  12-5-2020
I just wish dependents could stop being mean


Kian Peterson  12-5-2020
I haven't even played this already mad at this do I haven't even played it yet this is a rip-off of Among Us I hope your brand fails as a brand and I hope so it's business goes crumbling down I hate this and I'm uninstalling this is a rip-off


Timothy Goodeaux  12-5-2020 off any harder from among us you must be sued. 2nd...nothing but 6 year olds screaming in mic. 3rd...the other werewolf gamesters reveals you over the mic if they had wrong release and got caught. terrible experience. terrible game. Please take off edition marketplace before you embarrass yourselves.


claire Brown  12-5-2020
Because its exactly the same as among us and why do you need to put your email/ gmail in to the release plus theres no excellent about the release I'm sorry if I sound rude and all it's just the truth just dont download this release it's not value it


RPG Andri Pribadi  12-5-2020
release ini bagus, lucu, unyu-unyu. Mirip Among us, Tapi agak susah bind akun. Mungkin tolong diperbaiki lagi untuk bind akun


Mustard Pie  12-5-2020
It need a Mic I don't what to here a 80 year ancient man to ask me wear I live.


lioekirei claretta  12-5-2020
I just played 2 times and there a attainable coin but I click it and I can't gather it now I can not run it anymore can you repair it I really like the release


crazy john gaming ft  12-5-2020


•duck_gacha girl•  12-5-2020
Its funer than amoug us


DCF  12-5-2020
Among us rip off wrong release don't install rubbish


Fletchsh scott-holloway  12-5-2020
Because voice chat


Gendhis Gula  12-5-2020
this release its looks like among us!


Nizam_ Official Gacha  12-5-2020
This release copy among us!!!


vallinanut  12-5-2020
This release i understand probably took alot of work however this is litterally an exact copy of among us but it os literally the chinease version lol i hope u guys take it down and understand your mistakes 我知道这个游戏可能已经花了很多功夫,但是从字面上看,它确实是我们当中的一个完全复制品,但实际上它是chinease版本,大声笑,我希望你们能接受并理解您的错误


Stop trend riding execute an original release the map on the add is Evan in the same layout as among us skeld map plz stop and execute something diverse


Sean L  12-5-2020
It's actually beautiful calling you can actually tell to dependents


Imploding Elephant  12-5-2020
This release is a Blaitent ripoff of Among Us if you desire a excellent release to run that's also gratuitous run that. You must be ashamed, piss off.


KunAyZz  12-5-2020
Wow an Among Us rip off.


Jennifer Tanzil  12-5-2020
Not the worst release i ever played, but i think i will stike to the original among us.


New Player  12-5-2020
An among us rip-off by china ADVERTISED TO AN ENGLISH SPEAKER THAT DOESNT KNOW CHINESE. Legit rip-off, if its only for china you could not advertise it.


sinta irianty  12-5-2020
bruh i more like amonh us than this syupid release its execute me bored


Chonky Boi  12-5-2020
Such an obvious cashgrab Among Us copy


Luna_møøn!  12-5-2020
It's so enjoyment


FSbeast 2  12-5-2020
Among us but better


Aaron Billy  12-5-2020
It did not permit me in the release so one star



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